Kirby's Slippers v3

Scene 1: Kirby's Living Room

Characters: Kirby
Props: Chair
Kirby is at Up Stage Center

Kirby Oh, today has been so boring. Nothing has happened.
Voice Hi, my name is Kirby's wall. That's Kirby.
Kirby leaves stage left
Kirby says random things and reappears up stage left in his PJ's
Kirby I'm so tired
ISAC Rep. enters up stage right
ISAC Rep. Excuse me, is there a Kirby in the house?
Kirby (startled) Um, yes. I was just getting ready for bed.
ISAC Rep. I am from the ISAC. I was sent to tell you that the conference takes place tomorrow.
Kirby (surprised) Um, ok.
ISAC Rep. The ISAC are great people and expect good behavior from you and the other person from Dreamland. See, the others are foreign.
Kirby Oh, great! I love foreign!
ISAC Rep. Goodbye.
ISAC Rep. leaves
Kirby I need to go to bed.
Kirby trips on chair and tumbles over it
Kirby Ouch!
Kirby leaves right stage

Scene 2: King Dedede's House

Characters: Kirby
Props: 2 Chairs
Kirby is at down stage center

All In the morning....
Kirby (knocking on door) King Dedede! I hope he's home.
King Dedede appears Center stage
King Dedede Hello, Kirby. Come on in.
Kirby and King Dedede go to stage up
Kirby Let's watch a movie!
King Dedede I'll get the candy!
Kirby I'll get the popcorn!
Kirby leaves stage left
King Dedede leaves stage right
Sound of gettings things
Kirby reappears up stage left with popcorn
King Dedede reappears up stage right with candy
All Movie time!
King Dedede and Kirby sit down
All Later....
Kirby That was great.
King Dedede Would you like to have a sleepover?
Kirby Okay! No, wait. I was invited to the Annual ISAC Meeting. I'm sorry.
King Dedede Hey, me too! Let's go together!
Kirby leaves left stage
All Later....
King Dedede Hey, come on! What's taking so long?
Kirby I'm getting my coat on, but it stuck to the dresser and now I'm wearing a dresser instead of a coat.
Kirby reappears left stage with coat on

Scene 3: ISAC Meeting House

Characters: Kirby, King Dedede, ISAC Rep.
Props: 2 Chairs
Kirby and King Dedede are at down stage
ISAC Rep. is at right stage

Kirby Hurry up, we don't want to miss it!
King Dedede I'm only walking so slowly because I brought all of the peanuts!
ISAC Rep. Hi, glad you could make it. Come right in.
Kirby I'm so hungry.
King Dedede Have a peanut.
Kirby and King Dedede sit down
ISAC Rep. (talking into microphone) Hello, everybody, and welcome to our Annual ISA....
Lights turn off
Kirby Aaaaaah! The lights turned off!
King Dedede Look, I think I see somebody over there!
Lights turn back on and Kirby's Slippers are gone
King Dedede Oh, no! Somebody stole your slippers!
Kirby OHNO!
ISAC Rep. (talking into microphone) I guess the party's over. Maybe there will be another next month.
King Dedede But at least there will be another one next month. But what if it's also short? And they need another next month? What if there is a chain of meetings all the way until December? Would they all add up to 1 annual meeting? But what if that one is too short for short? Is there a never-ending chain of meetings when they are too short? I guess a P.O. box could in theory break the chain....
Kirby Never mind that now! We need to find my slippers!
King Dedede Oh, yes!

Scene 4: Church

Characters: ISAC Rep.
Props: 2 Chairs
ISAC Rep. is sitting down

All On Sunday....
ISAC Rep. Hmmm.... I think I shuld help those guys.
King Dedede enters
ISAC Rep. King Dedede! Come on here!
Voice (softly) You may now kiss the bride.
ISAC Rep. I love you.
King Dedede Hi. I was thinking....
ISAC Rep. About Kirby's slippers?
King Dedede Yes! How'd you know?
ISAC Rep. I was thinking about it myself before and I thought I should help you find them.
King Dedede Great! You could search the basement, I could search the 2nd floor and Kirby could search everywhere else!
ISAC Rep. Yes, that reminds me. Where's Kirby?
King Dedede Yes, but when I woke up and got ready for mass, I waited for Kirby at the back, but when he didn't come, I looked. At his house, I found that he had overslept. That's why I'm so late.
ISAC Rep. (laughing) That's funny.
King Dedede Come on, let's start looking.
ISAC Rep. And waking up Kirby.
King Dedede Come on, let's go!
King Dedede leaves left stage
ISAC Rep. Wait! You didn't tell me where Kirby lives!
ISAC Rep. runs left stage


Scene 5: Kirby's Living Room (revisited)

Characters: King Dedede, ISAC Rep.
Props: Paper, $2, Rubber Band

King Dedede I'll go wake up Kirby.
King Dedede leaves and reappears with Kirby
ISAC Rep. Great! Let's search.
All Later....
Everyone comes back
ISAC Rep. What'd you find?
Kirby I found a rubber band, a piece of paper and $2.
King Dedede I found air and more peanuts. Oh yes, I also found a piece of paper that says "Hahahaha!"
ISAC Rep. I found 22 jars of peanut butter! No, wait, it's only 1. Kirby, why don't you tell us what's so important about the slippers?
Kirby They are magical. Sometimes, when I'm at Jigglypuff's house, I use them on her trampoline to teleport to other places.
King Dedede That's why we need them. In the hands of an enemy, who knows what could happen?
Kirby Let's try Creative Castle.
King Dedede Yes, maybe it was my evil twin.

Scene 6: Road to Creative Castle

Characters: Kirby, King Dedede, ISAC Rep.
Props: Green Paper, Tree Picture, Audience Signs, Rope
All are at stage right

King Dedede All right, now if anyone gets hungry in this humonguous scary really descpicable forest, I have about a million peanuts to share.
ISAC Rep. I'd like some peanuts.... AAAAAAH! BOOM!
ISAC Rep. falls in pit, leaves down to stage right
Kirby Are you all right?
ISAC Rep. Yes, other than the fact that I'm stuck in a hole, I'm fine.
King Dedede Look, I found some rope. Let's get you out.
Kirby ties one end of rope to tree
Kirby On the count of three, throw the rope!
King Dedede One.
Kirby Two.
King Dedede throws rope to ISAC Rep.
ISAC Rep. appears center stage
All slowly walk to left stage
Kirby holds up a sign that says "It's spooky!"
Kirby Aaaah! Who said that!
King Dedede Calm down, Kirby, look, I think I see something up ahead.
ISAC Rep. Who do you think made that trap?
King Dedede It should be my evil twin. If it is, then Creative Castle must be right!
Kirby Hey! I found a note! It says "I am King Dedede's evil twin! I stole the slippers!"
All leave left stage
All Later....
All reappear left stage, tired
King Dedede I think I was wrong.
Kirby I'm so....
Kirby holds up sign that says "Tired"
Kirby Aaaah! Who said that? Let's get out of here!
All run out stage left

Scene 7: Creative Castle

Characters: Kirby, King Dedede, ISAC Rep.
Props: Magical Slippers, Chair

Kirby Look, there's my slippers!
King Dedede It was my evil twin.
ISAC Rep. Congrats on finding it. I'll invite you to the next Annual ISAC Meeting!
Kirby picks up slippers and puts them on
Kirby But why did you twin want these?
King Dedede Oh probably normal reasons. Wants to take over Dreamland. Bla bla bla....
ISAC Rep. I just remembered! ISAC stands for Internation Stuffed Animal Conference!
Kirby I want to take a vacation to Saudi Arabia!
King Dedede That's too far away.
Kirby So? I have airplane insurance!
All The End