@cymrin гомосексуальный "will the police find me if I google ASMR?" --@cymrin @cymrin definitely sounds like a sex thing.... i think the police might be on their way already tbh @cymrin autoerotic self mastication rectum .@cymrin just said BL is pretty nice @Rawr_Ebooks this is inapprorpriate just updated @rawr_ebooks with 3 months (~3000 tweets) of my gayce adventures so prepare urselves for shit like this https://t.co/xQEKY0g8ce @Rawr_Ebooks no ok that's shit like you've been saying forever thanks @hollabackbae obama, why wont iggy igs leave us alone I like slept all morning and then woke up at 10 and was desperately like I NEED TO GET A BREAKFAST BLOCK AT THE PAIN STORE @Rawr_Ebooks omg @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks IM!!!! I just like this... @Rawr_Ebooks see this is the kind of content I'm really proud of, this is Good Shit 👌 @Rawr_Ebooks NO MAMI STOP @Rawr_Ebooks I just feel like rawr got so much more quality overnight haha frick Innocent vs. Guilty https://t.co/e4tXXnmmaj #LRT WHY DOES THIS CHILD HAVE A BUCKET OF LARD /@differencebot cries because Homestuck https://t.co/ZfcDNx2dVi Why Are Teens So Obsessed With Twitter Bots? @NatRoze please get some rest @highway2helliot transgendered lube @ActionAlan @alfiepates I thought I respected Mario until I found out about his favorite food... Always thought he was a pasta guy *reads literally anything* ha wow, what a,, like,,, Something I think,,,, uhh gonna check the comments so I know what I'm supposed to think im really tired this morning because I stayed up until 4am omg they're playing Stressed Out in skibo ahahahahah wait I've got headphones on @alfiepates @ActionAlan also objectively the best vegetable I'm the most quality account, follow for more soft grunge discourse 👌, retweet if you like screaming horse noises at the top of your lungs 🐴 @alfiepates @ActionAlan the fact that the Mario manual doesn't list exactly that pizza deeply offends me but I'm running on no sleep so pfft is this an @epstmlgy call out post?? are you prepared to fight for the asymptotic emoji?? https://t.co/752O6BCmxY FURRIES ARE PEOPLE TOO I think huh wait *looks up anthropomorphic* Yeah I'm pretty sure https://t.co/PzHqZ033lm peridot is a triangle wizards needs to stop printing cards called "Recruiter" omg Duskwatch, Dwarven, Goblin, Imperial, of the Guard @Jamie7Keller @jay13x no I totally feel that wow @ChazVMTG ????????? holy crap I can't believe that it's like constantly mtg spoiler season now... I'm so happy... And gay.... Omg... I'm amused by everything right now, I'm pretty sure sleepy is the closest to high I'll ever get https://t.co/nWct835jgV @MetroAndCharms oh my god do I cry where's scooby... WHAT DID YOU DO TO SCOOBY https://t.co/JbIJACHzbA @NatRoze @mapleakuma @saltkath I want to eat waffles and become a god among my people... who wants bubble tea this morning am I right?? Yes @nex3 yalls are really cute!!! good morning!!! New York City is a Cool Place for Cool People! @Rawr_Ebooks just like me omg retweet if you cry every time @Frosty_mage @thinkpiecebot I already retweeted it omg :3 @NatRoze @cymrin it's DEFINITELY a kink thing i s2g I know about things bc I'm the president of things @DeletedWiki watching a documentary about fruit /@cymrin https://t.co/2fjNoThFn4 i'm not into kinkshaming but those node.js javascript-loving masochists need to stop @Rawr_Ebooks THE E̷͖̘̱̩͕̮̰Ḻ̲͉D͍͉͉̰͇E̯̹̲̰͓R̼̝͡ H̨̭̝O̗̗͉͎̳͉R͝S͓̖̤̰E̹̫̭̹S͎͕̱ HAVE BECOME C̻ON̲̘̘͈T̝͍̬Ẹ͔̪̩̥͓N͙̱̩̮T̝̙̝͚̲ ̝̦͓̹̥̠A̱W̞͈͎̬A̦̩̱̰̬͎R̬̮E @Rawr_Ebooks gosh, @SkyeJinx steven universe as ruby gems so i went to see if any of the crystal gems had rubygems named after them and I think peridot should calm down https://t.co/PNJpUWCQc3 that's really Concerning https://t.co/hRmE9JMgpO helpful rails error message https://t.co/nyz4RhyDkv Schatz closed like literally right before I got there? I'm so distressed..! then remembered I can get waffles on a lunch block at the cmc :D i think there's sports rly into my outfit today! i love going to hell i can't wait until it's government subsidized bc right now buying rare vinyl costs too damn much "251 is so intense, it's way harder than bees!" Unfitness vs. Fitness https://t.co/9yb6Vm2ZBq Fef (Fef) https://t.co/ZYJ1mFJY42 i couldve sworn someone was knocking on my door but i think it was just the music im listening to;; theres just too much that time cannot er @nex3 i recognize that advertisement @nex3 my favorite one: https://t.co/aq63uB54zg @tedgarb it is, but there's also the Vriska (Vriska) thing which i'm Not sure why it's happening lol https://t.co/pmZAtql5I9 Masculine vs. Feminine https://t.co/bHON6T6F9t the furries are peeing on the sour grapes @DialMforMacbeth @sigbowen also where are the dragons ME AT A ZOO: this isn't very feminist TOUR GUIDE: uh ME: what are these like, fuckin animals, wow TOUR GUIDE: uh ME: i'm literally miserable ...bad girls do it well. #MTGKLD https://t.co/ZvNBMJIfxy https://t.co/95AjbTrW56 THEY'RE FINISHING THE SCARLANDS CYCLE https://t.co/SCMcYRZx17 holy crap???? this is so cool #MTGKLD https://t.co/Ottt0igd3o .@GrinningKobold thanks to this instructional video by @KREAYSHAWN, I can teach you the ways of tweeting so hard! https://t.co/BMJv7rZslQ @GrinningKobold you know, i'd really like to do that, but, i don't have any fucking money, l-l-l-like i don't have any fucking money honestly i love @kreayshawn ,,,, i'm going to cry ,,,, i do want to go hard, i really really really do @epstmlgy heck!! (in a good way) wow uh was I okay last night https://t.co/fY8JSaK4B3 rly frustrated that schatz doesn't have breakfast today idk I was Actually Willing To Go To Schatz and it's not open and I can't eat brunch also this bagel that I got at The Pain Store tastes like a giant Cheez-It which was hecks cool for the first bite but now tastes like regret I thought she was just bullying me, but I think Fef is right, I literally have no style, I think I'm wearing some;;; pants? Maybe @fourisland there is no thing where *I* do that horse thing you horsey horse @drquuxum the main problem is that in about half an hour my ADHD meds will kick in and I won't have any appetite (hence I can't eat brunch)😵 @drquuxum that's really cool of you to offer though! I appreciate it It's cool how the emoji world has degrees of unhappy; 🙁 reads REALLY differently to ☹️ for me (also the latter occupies an extra character) ok at some point in the last week, maintenance put a desk chair in my room and I literally have no idea when;;;; I don't look before sitting @sk4p i thought about this for an hour I've been sitting in skibo with my headphones on for ~15 minutes and just now realized I wasn't listening to music @cymrin were you a better person before @GrinningKobold mwahahaha now my nerd friends are gonna like ur nerd tweets u nerd (fuck; I'm a nerd too help) @BigMacinbot @TrillianAri @Pretzelish I'm screaming My top three artists this week: Grimes (69), The Gates Of Sleep (66), Marina & the Diamonds (49) #lastfm @tedgarb i'm not like waking up, going to anime church and deciding the sacrificial flesh of my mistakes isn't enough so I need ~Brunch~ @tedgarb I'm an Adult, which means waking up at -7AM and eating a damn bowl of froot loops and I will fight dining in a mudpit for my rights @Pretzelish @TrillianAri I'm, so happy that some random MLP bot harassed you and you didn't assume I made it,, I'm Free From My Past Sins @blessthisdoobie calling the cops Reality vs. Unreality https://t.co/GmniG8ma8n #LRT hashtag one follows the other?? /@differencebot @Rawr_Ebooks is this kinky for you??? huh??? is it punk??? @Rawr_Ebooks if you impersonate me again I will have to call the police @spongeythingz wow why are you discriminating against creatures who live in the future or past wOW scrobbling is the worst thing ever because I have been listening to almost nothing but CHVRCHES since Wednesday and they're not even here??? fuck my incorrectly jailbroken iphone right in its headphone jack, then buy me a new phone because seriously wtf supposedly Cydia refusing to open even after retethering means i need to restore but apple stopped signing 9.3.3 so I might be fucked @tedgarb holy Fucking Shit remember that time I complained about 251 on reddit and one of the professors messaged me offering help and i was like fRfifiFsoficfeick @myfreeweb i've never stopped + my life is eternal torment @Rawr_Ebooks Why not [S] Kelly: Play a haunting piano refrain while loud music from the greek quad across the street wafts in the window @differencebot how are those even opposites???? @tedgarb it's trying @Pretzelish !!!!!!!!!!!! ASK HIM ABOUT GAME THEORY send me good animemes that can be expressed through just text. asking for a friend maybe labor day i'll actually hang out with my friends instead of just sitting in my room all day programming new ones twitter is a b-baka https://t.co/i3ehoSpeRP @cymrin ? @cymrin WOW @cymrin im rly proud of you, you're like two steps ahead of me @cymrin FRICK @cymrin i can't believe you followed my own bot before me, Illegal these drawings in the ikea showroom look like madoka and homura? https://t.co/IZILeL6qdN You (dumb, hasn't seen Utena): I can't wait to get heterosexually married Me (smart, has seen Utena): *constantly being impaled with swords* @cymrin can't believe i know these songs now wwow,,,,, I found Mr. Schuester incredibly inappropriate on this week's Glee. @spongeythingz this has horrifying implications @cymrin 420 @cymrin AMAZING @bbbbbbbbbbbaka OH NO Sensitive vs. Insensitive https://t.co/4uZtrFtOqB @GrinningKobold she's back in the city, and she's writing a ditty, but hey it's a pity that the 90s were so gritty ♫ @GrinningKobold the duel of the duets does anyone have a windows computer i can install questionable chinese jailbreaking software on asking for a friend @cymrin https://t.co/tUTfxOvYl5 .@differencebot https://t.co/pjau771VcC @bbbbbbbbbbbaka excuse me pearl, @mahoushoujorose hi rose's mom you look nothing like ur daughter but i dont judge things like that what a nice family say hi to monica reminder that richard stallman is a fan of utena https://t.co/KqoLOLANQQ #LRT [open source screaming] /@kawaiijustine that's not even clickbait. that's just useful information https://t.co/srXUbsrFxa my insane trans rage is why i am such a powerful magical girl https://t.co/CMFKQgjeQY i'm always thinking about the madokas.... (homura voice) *tells literally all of my cmu friends to watch Utena* oh god wait when did i become the anime recommendation friend who wants to watch me speedrun xkcd on twitter it'd be nice if i could say "i dont want to block/mute this person i just dont want to see this particular tweet ever again" i guess this is technically a subtweet but, @sk4p SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH utena is a Good and Wholesome Show that brings a Happy Smile to my Everyday Face can't believe I maintain the AB server rack https://t.co/xZk53Hob3h @cymrin https://t.co/e91bIwGsyY @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i thought about what you read it as and i dont know how to express what i'm feeling i've just been working on this bot since like noon and yet there are already tens of thousands of possible tweets? combinatorics is great "is Anthy like Banksy?" --@cymrin @spongeythingz so it was a bad idea eh buddy? List of notable people who have been stung by jellyfish @cymrin can banksy do this,,,??? huh??? https://t.co/iEGgfT3Qud Frick where am I going to get breakfast, like literally nothing is open Is fuku tea open today?? I rly want to go there with some queers, hit me up if u know /@cymrin @NatRoze @KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth @tenuous Sure hope everyone is cool with getting notifications at 8am on Labor Day mwahahaha why do I do this (waking up at 8am) to myself Google isn't helping me figure out if fuku tea is open :/ https://t.co/qs10xntPwv *puts on underwater* Finally I have become an adult @NatRoze @cymrin @KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth @tenuous ur rly rad!!!! also high five 8am club Do you think dining does this just to hurt me https://t.co/UC5O1nnOlm Also here was my first attempt at cropping that image, I swear I'm good https://t.co/p3x8TVtCK8 @mapleakuma @NatRoze i literally don't know; do you want bubble tea and chill @KbLogQ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka 👍 it's an important meme and it's helped establish the zeitgeist of our queer memery @KbLogQ fun fact theres an Insane Clown Posse song that goes "Kreayshawn, I wanna hit that, with my penis (I'm pretty sure she's a lesbian)" @KbLogQ also, upon reviewing the Go Hard video, it's Extremely queer and also im reminded that Kreay and Lil Debbie are also rly cute? @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is such a good tweet my friend i keep forgetting that keyboard means two things https://t.co/E7kIdYPUrV i have a problem because i've got my laptop and ipad set up on my desk in front of me and they've both got twitter open that printer is SO cmu generic why can't the creperie be open on days when i don't have class; if i'm going to make a Massive Mistake i don't want to do it during the week why does Request Desktop Site never work. why can't i smile when Siri asks me what's wrong. oh my god i let another week pass and i'm at 80 days uptime and my computer just wants me to Let It Die me: actually i wonder since what day has my laptop been running continuously *looks it up* oh jesus christ https://t.co/rrKgSCpb4c @cher thanks cher @KbLogQ @cymrin @NatRoze @DialMforMacbeth @tenuous X_X that is sucks @bbbbbbbbbbbaka ok but that's literally canon @bbbbbbbbbbbaka sexy magical girl tulpas, i need to be removed from existence thanks go directly to fucking hell https://t.co/qBXNq9I6hd @tenuous @cymrin @NatRoze @KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth bubble tea!!!! did you know everyone you know is a weeb adding @epstmlgy to the weeb tea thread hey friends so it wasn't a very well kept secret but I Made A New Bot, it's @bbbbbbbbbbbaka, it's literally just our queer squad memes, wow @cymrin @NatRoze @KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth @tenuous @epstmlgy when do ppl want to do this; like I should I eat first now or hiding in soho with the lights off bc I felt really self conscious walking into the pain store with this https://t.co/vP7JV6wpfF Sorry I Didn't Respond To Your Text! I Get Overwhelmed By the gender binary anyway here's wonderwall seven Homestuck, maybe more @epstmlgy is "don't you hate it when a boy calls you peepo" a meme or am I imagining that? @epstmlgy ahh yes I found it!! https://t.co/64McZg2A9B @epstmlgy I'm ready to go any time but no one else is responding I'm like what idk if Ren is awake or if Sonia has twitter access but like ME: i restarted my computer and installed 80 days of updates yay~ INTERVIEWER: uh this interview is for a position as a sysadmin ME: hire me can't believe Magic: the Gathering has cards now, what even is this, i'm honestly astounded, please return all my money @Rawr_Ebooks same @Rawr_Ebooks This House Has Free Real Estate In It @TheYiffOfSpace if you have gmail you can put a plus after your username and then type something unique and it send to your real gmail! can't play the piano with my back against the chair without straddling the keyboard legs, i feel like i need to buy it dinner first @TheYiffOfSpace no prob!! it's rly useful i love it (i have literally ~25 twitter accounts lol) why is this gif i made so slow though like i bet it would've gotten even more Action if it was faster heck that's a lot of personalities! https://t.co/jOJuJiGZ7g well this poem got one thing right https://t.co/jmzZy0Z3yU ok this is actually a p good one: "Frigid Bitch" https://t.co/zWjFMPjxja .@cymrin you sure are a consistent drink of water https://t.co/cOf2Y10VBH thanks apple https://t.co/8PZhezpZrK @bbbbbbbbbbbaka excuse me @mahoushoujorose can you explain this c-sections are just tool assisted speed runs for birth @Rawr_Ebooks /@tenuous @Rawr_Ebooks @tenuous this is rly warming of my heart a tree with self-loops, otherwise known as not a tree the invisible yaoi hand of the market @cymrin I'm going to point out that we had this thought simultaneously @mahoushoujorose Pokemon crystal made me a transgender @mahoushoujorose wow sounds like u need to lock Monica in a room with male-targeted entertainment advertising for 2 hours tbh @mahoushoujorose wait is this what before Monica / after Monica means???? Sometimes it's scary how well YouTube knows me: https://t.co/wr6O6mKEba @bbbbbbbbbbbaka ok I was wrong to create this bot @cymrin @Rawr_Ebooks what are you actually imagining though "You were born to get wrecked, not to be perfect." --@icouldswear https://t.co/c5YU41DTln follow for an uncomfortable meme about being cornered by a fuckboy https://t.co/rsXTfWC4Ni /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka Time for some DEBAUCHERY *tucks self in bed and I finally have feelings about a character. lust* @bbbbbbbbbbbaka same wow!! I can't believe that @starla4444 is a huge miku fan!!! a kindred spirit https://t.co/RiHUtCa58P #LRT why am I, a good person, the target of such vicious bullying /@cymrin @mahoushoujorose @leftoblique i know i said this before but crystal has a really special place in my heart and it's Good 👌 pls play wait, https://t.co/FcFZEcJfWr wait there's now three planeswalkers with 4 loyalty abilities?? oh wait i Literally forgot Garruk, Apex Predator existed. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka you literally need to stop @Pretzelish i'm yellin timber @mahoushoujorose @dQoverT winnie the pooh was fuckin brutal fuckin give me a record deal america or so help me god i will not "come down from the needle at the top of the empire state building" Yeah... yandere are from vocaloid through right? Frightening excuse me, I spend too much time worrying about Go Hard and not enough time literally becoming Windows 95 This is how it starts... https://t.co/7xSpSsBqxD @bbbbbbbbbbbaka excuse me DS is the tightest shit and I will eject you into space you cur @Rawr_Ebooks sobbing into my cranberry juice @drbotmd "overdosing on crystal meth gives me hella anxiety so i'm gonna not take adrenaline Cool" Brave vs. Timid https://t.co/pL1QQndvBE @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god how long have you been waiting guess who smashed her head into the door she was pulling open today Hahahaha wait it was me *thinks about Garnet* *nosebleed* Q: will I literally install Bootcamp for the single purpose of fixing my phone's jailbreak since I can't find a Windows computer to use A: 💯 @spoontinudigu @zhgilbert Agree, that's a Good Cat Color (also my cousin had a cat who rocked that style and he was named Tigger which is 👌) My wife is making me watch this Lifetime Movie and they are coding an app AND OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP https://t.co/jbMN6QwLU3 @EntirelyAmelia wait really?? this is awful trick question I'm both https://t.co/x5alzZaE0F maddening world: bad wifi, accidentally colliding hands with someone walking by, pulling out headphone cable with the corner of my watch ok so turns out turning off all piazza emails was a bad idea bc I didnt realize a 451 assignment was released so I guess I'm turning them on @bbbbbbbbbbbaka definitely subtweeting @Pretzelish @bbbbbbbbbbbaka no friend that's not an advertisement that's just @Cymrin tweeting @drbotmd oh no I took too many anticonvulsants better take a different anticonvulsant! [My Twt Collage] @Rawr_Ebooks @cymrin @KbLogQ @spongeythingz @GrinningKobold via https://t.co/MA5EZUVK91 https://t.co/ypv0cQejg2 @Rawr_Ebooks @cymrin @KbLogQ @spongeythingz @GrinningKobold i'm sorry friends I made a mistake @Rawr_Ebooks @mahoushoujorose @DialMforMacbeth @natroze @pretzelish actually I figured yalls should be involved in this torment too so @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka but friend, it is simply, the yeri noise, nothing else, at all @mahoushoujorose @Rawr_Ebooks @DialMforMacbeth @NatRoze @Pretzelish I love my child, I'm unhappy with this word cloud and I think if you look at it you can immediately tell why? https://t.co/l8aR33B120 @isitasubtweet to some extent, probably @mahoushoujorose on the bright side, apparently "gay" is my favorite word @mahoushoujorose wow have I really talked about grimes more lately than homura?? i'm Sorry grimes but @mahoushoujorose hi rose huh although I am interested in the "literally Starbucks discourse bot" i'm sobbing why does this word cloud have to be so mean to grimes @cymrin https://t.co/nsWlo3UIpv @mahoushoujorose I love just being a girl ah!!!!!!!! Agreeableness vs. Disagreeableness https://t.co/XAhDsNNaVv https://t.co/V0Cme8EyHs @cymrin kinda anime.... @cymrin WEEB SONGS @cymrin who is he... @cymreal I'm. so excited to successfully transition is heckie like hockey but for weebs Is it true that Apple is programming drones to kill people who order the Whopper from the Burger King at Rainer and 23rd in Seattle did you know that Grimes and Kreayshawn collaborated in 2012 bc they did and I'm just so fucking happy and gay https://t.co/TmRyoNhI5h just thought of a really bad tweet @cymrin is this a subtweet? @cymrin now you have to tweet it @erisaxiomlylat if you ever find out lemme know thanks bc currently my technique is "mention other ppls names but NEVER EXPLAIN IT" @cymrin don't worry, i will eventually i sent an email, time to reread Homestuck @cymrin is this a subtweet? @tedgarb don't got no time, only an endless cache of regrets @Pretzelish she says, closing the tab of yet another mcshep fic that again failed to even mention what it'd be like if they were furries @differencebot sexy @cymrin is this a subtweet? @cymrin ы = ы @cymrin so like if anyone literally speaks russian around you are you going to just destroy them @Pretzelish gOD @Pretzelish this is what a fanfic tag database would be really useful for @GrinningKobold glow in the dark mascara sounds really cool i think actually!! magical fluttery gay eyelashes @cymrin ok i see this tweet like every five minutes and it's literally not you every time i'm So confused https://t.co/KrRZMKiH2Q @GrinningKobold GRANT ME THE POWER TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD; i'm not, like, Going to, but like, just grant me the power, the titty sword @cymrin @Pretzelish literally laughing out loud, please tell me you hear me on the third floor, also in seattle can't believe they make crepes for straight people now; i'll never understand the world modern medicine is developing so quickly! scientists are saying that soon humans may even be able to get gay married @mahousecretrose bluh i just can't pull off thigh-highs! my legs are so long i kind of have to roll them up to take them off @tedgarb psa that Obama is literally homura body pillows @cymreal i didn't know what else to do omg @KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy @NatRoze i'm going to go to friday night magic and i have no idea how late it goes so: maybe? :) @bbbbbbbbbbbaka CALLING THE COPS twitter bot idea: that wasn't very Fef of you @bbbbbbbbbbbaka OH MY GOD never skip scrotum day, dude You (dumb, hasn't seen men): i love being straigt Me (smart, has seen men): im in constant pain i mean i don't want to pretend to freshmen that the president of ALLIES doesn't spend all her time thinking about memes @Rawr_Ebooks oh!!! it's!!! today!!!! thanks rawr ebooks!!!! @Rawr_Ebooks disgusting @Rawr_Ebooks wowie, such romantic 😍 Daily reminder that hell!!!!!!! Welcome to hell All My Friends Are Gay..? Wow the food place in Newell Simon looks Not Terrible @mapleakuma it looks a bit fancier. they've also got bubble tea. yeah there's new food. foof looks like a Cute Word btw Literally please just cancel the activities fair omg @bbbbbbbbbbbaka noOOOO Disobedience vs. Obedience https://t.co/1dgyJVPdZB Lol I heard a crack of thunder in the distance, grabbed the rainbow flag, and just sprinted to the uc And now it's bright and sunshiney out again and I'm going to start screaming Pull the trigger, Zeno's paradox @bbbbbbbbbbbaka solid Join @cmuallies be gay hide under tables enjoy life https://t.co/MsovlKhbL1 @cymrin remove i wanted to show my mom that yaoi hands picture so I googled "Discourse 👌" and it was a bad idea @Rawr_Ebooks @DialMforMacbeth @starla4444 don't know but I highly recommend @CMUKGB's homo-made cotton candy at Friday's Underground Tour. Doctor gave me Xanax that wasn't object oriented, it's crap! https://t.co/rHmgcIUU1j @GrinningKobold you're a good person my mom loves obnoxious CS students @bbbbbbbbbbbaka oh my god why would you want that to be your first word Pull the trigger, gender @bbbbbbbbbbbaka ok you like just said this in the future though wtf No-Go vs. Go https://t.co/Isb89CeyBo @bbbbbbbbbbbaka ok you tweet Pull The Trigger waaaayyy too many times i need to look into this I spend too much time worrying about Obama and not enough time literally becoming me, the President of CMU ALLIES, You can't just say you're nightcore, that's racist just ran d-su a bunch of times in a row because i'm really curious as to why it was pulling the trigger so often, sorry for the spam @mapleakuma hi it's 9am and i've never done anything useful with my life, @cymrin @DialMforMacbeth @bbbbbbbbbbbaka actually if you recall it was closer to "i dont want the word sexual anywhere near yaoi????" @blueshiftofdeat literally made a github account for it kaladesh looks like it's going to be really fun&cool! i'm v excited. i want to play a magics did you know: i have 28 twitter accounts did you also know: I GET A LOT OF EMAILS FROM TWITTER JESUS CHRIST Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Saltkin Salt Magic: the Gaythering Remember that video game et tu, fuckboys? YESSSSSSSSSSSS I KNOW IM RETWEETING AN ADVERTISEMENT BUT FUCK YES (frick I'm really white) https://t.co/17rXxThu1Z @GrinningKobold ok but how much pumpkin spice is lethal @Frosty_mage it's funny that they're actually putting the accents on résumé and yet, Everything Else is bad What I Learned In Boating School Is boats hunt for sport, for the thrill of the kill, they can smell your blood, get out of the water, GET O @GrinningKobold niiice i can just chug decaf pumpkin spice excuse me, object permanence is my aesthetic did you know: tweetdeck is shit @MetroAndCharms everything about twitter is bad and i love twitter uh?????? what are,, you saying? https://t.co/JW39TvRf2Z Jesus Christ there's a 451 assignment I haven't started due tomorrow, I missed a quiz bc of piazza bullshit, next assignment is oral, ahhhhh lol time for splay trees huh why do I always have a headache at the start of 451 lecture 🙄 Bluh gonna start putting pill sorters in plastic bags bc losing pills to the dank grossness of my backpack when sorters break open is Awful @Rawr_Ebooks pimp grandmas are what really matters @Rawr_Ebooks why are my parents shopping real people yuck???? @mapleakuma it sounds like this class is going to be hell @mapleakuma sleator, and every moment is purest agony *oral hw* for my first proof, I will show the complexity bounds of this algorithm by singing the cult hit Zydrate Anatomy from Repo: the Gen @Rawr_Ebooks why the heck did you just at someone omg @Rawr_Ebooks no YOU hecked up i got a bubble tea at the new place on campus, yay~ @epstmlgy the homu&mada nuclear bomb @cymreal it's pretty alright, i'm just happy bc i can actually get the tea i want (i.e. they have popping bubbles) @mapleakuma https://t.co/FjWCrJN1pJ @cymreal yeah i didn't think about it until like an hour ago @cymreal life is pain and annoyance anyway, the pain from losing pills is greater than the annoyance of plastic bags @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i'm screaming @pretzelish please look at this started reading "CUC" as "cuck" and i've lost the will to live @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i'm sure you've already gotten a lot of angry emails about this inconsistency mailroom worker complimented my shirt and I looked down and I was wearing a rainbow dash shirt and he said "brony in the house!" destroy me unrelatedly another mailroom worker called me miss and i was like?? i dunno what i want to be called but i'm 22 i don't think miss applies You know, I'd really like to do that, but I don't have any fucking Free Real Estate @nex3 i like "mix" @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i'm happy you can at least recognize it Revolutionary Girl Holtzmann Me: I can't wait for the mechanically separated chicken girl to show up! Brother: You're already here! didn't realize until recently that Kate McKinnon is gay and i'm going to reiterate that IM GAY FOR HOLTZMANN made an account on a website, kept telling me "Make sure you entered everything right!" took me ages to realize it wanted an email not a UN didn't say next to the email field "hey this isn't an email" so I had no idea what was wrong. i was wrong but the website has to expect that @nex3 oh no now I'm sad @Rawr_Ebooks is it misogyny??? FRESHMEN SAYING "LAY-TECHS": 😶 @cymrin disgusting kyubey is my q-bae @dQoverT @cymrin animal crossing???? @GrinningKobold i wish you had tweeted it bc now my friends are going to think i'm a kyubey apologist @callingthe911 @dQoverT @cymrin i just started cackling so hard @dQoverT @callingthe911 @cymrin i just added it as a trigger the other day when ren was poking fun at me (wait that's everyday) @cymrin @GrinningKobold @callingthe911 ok why don't i close the gap and just add "kyubey" because i do not want to see him, it's so hot in here, but if i take my clothes off to sleep it'll just get hotter 😔 @Frosty_mage uh hmm i did not but it looks like all of Vortex of Crap is gone; this was all hosted by my friend Holly so Im going to ask her @transprogrammer specially designed by our Apple engineers to be as bad a joke as possible 👌 @cymrin you don't even know what that is *looks at Go Hard* who is she Scooby doo fucking the yowie yahoo is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger @callingthe911 @bbbbbbbbbbbaka you know what I deserved this @bbbbbbbbbbbaka NO, UNDO, REMOVE can't believe @tenuous is threatening to paint my little pony fan art for me???? this is friggen gorgeous i think i'm an art student now https://t.co/xR2DoVlLIS instead of taking 451 can I just write a twitter bot that proves Goldbach's Conjecture over the series of 50,000 tweets @bbbbbbbbbbbaka despite https://t.co/i1pMpaDYqj i'm still somewhat convinced that this isn't as random as it should be?? i'm going insane 💆 today was my first official "slept through a class" of the school year! yay! my prize is: a sense of distrust in my every action @mahoushoujorose transgirl mami legit i already hate this class although it really doesn't help that i was behind on hw this week and am trying to do this hw in one day going to clarify that i accidentally slept through the class, and it wasn't even a class i disliked or anything, bluh i could go to office hours but: i could also stab myself in the face. also there's recitation today but the TA is legit awful, jeebus crisco can we actually prove formally that anyone has ever been happy ever @mapleakuma that no one has ever been happy ever? ah frickle so the "at a spoilers accounts to protect ppl from spoilers" doesnt save me from The Activity Pane in tweetdeck this might be another rawr tweet worth printing out and adding to my wall of shame https://t.co/UOKHIrAAMN Dropbox is pulling shenanigans again: https://t.co/lWNFSge4y4 @differencebot i'm upset @QBXD eh I was 6 in 2000 and i'm definitely a millennial so, @QBXD it's like how 90s kids are the people who were 6 in 1990 @QBXD sorry I'm not exactly sure how to parse this question @QBXD idk if there's a standard def but "90s kids" are usually people who have nostalgia for the 90s because they grew up during them @QBXD despite being born in the 90s I did most of my growing up in the 00s, and the things i remember as being 90s-ish were really early 00s On your 15th Year Day, your Tattoo appears. It represents your spirit and your class. It's not like my little pony okay *puts on Flare* o h find u a girl who can play Flare on the piano so you never have to have feelings ever again excuse me, I'm Karkat trash im a busy gal, i dont have the time to play games that make you play as a dude Visibility vs. Invisibility https://t.co/Bf2Bbd52wz my toes are pretty interesting @icouldswear sorry jk rowling @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka adding it @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i'm deleting this bot had to explain what the words "yaoi" and "lemon" mean during a card game and it's all @starla4444's fault #AssociationOfKellysVictims Yin vs. Yang https://t.co/osxJ0iMFwM the desu binary: suiseiseki and souseiseki WOW THAT WAS REALLY GAY @KbLogQ this is so good @mahoushoujorose i'm gonna mod the binding of isaac so everyone's a girl, @mahoushoujorose *starts thinking too hard* im gonna mod myself so i'm a girl waIT FUCK @bbbbbbbbbbbaka same @GreenLesbiLion hate myself bc i read it as "you had meat" lol maelstrom wanderer into deadeye navigator and palinchron why do my weeb friends think that i'm reading their y-word shipping charts *lies on bed and works on homestuck shipping wall* fefkat tho omg if(gay) return "yay"; @GrinningKobold although like, i'm not sure about this whole, yknow, braceless if statement thing, it's a meme, Mario! is being punched in the crotch an "anticlimax" @cymrin actually what i love about this is that "a card game" is so innocent, like we're playing Uno and you're yelling about yaoi @cymrin "I still don't understand your shirt," I say as you scowl. "Ok yaoi is pretty bad but- PUT THE WILD DRAW FOUR DOWN KELLY," you yell. @cymrin i'm rly proud of it and literally stopped talking to julia for like 5 minutes to write it @cymrin what does this even mean @cymrin literally no @bbbbbbbbbbbaka [screaming] [me, the President of CMU ALLIES, screaming] I slept in on the weekend, yay~, I'm proud of me @tedgarb @bbbbbbbbbbbaka tbh this is pretty great? so like, what's the female version of man boobs? oh I get it, they're stuck at home. @Rawr_Ebooks ?????? there's a lot here @Rawr_Ebooks hey problem sleuth is really good also now I want to read it again Fixedness vs. Looseness https://t.co/3JLIpxL5Fz *thinks about Ruby & Sapphire* ahah wowie, uh, um yeah, nice, also Homura btw @tedgarb in the sense that titties are nice, but can you imagine if girls had them? wowie, that would, sure be something I'd bet @Rawr_Ebooks uh you're really into this tsundere thing aren't you who's ready to McFreakin lose it?? *open up Microsoft Excel* we're in a lot of debt how many sweet things should I shove in my mouth this morning?? how many of them should be "wholesome breakfast foods" @tedgarb I've only got one block left until tomorrow so I'm going to save it for dinner probably wowie, this alt-rock song on the radio really gets me! *starts headbanging and screaming in the car, mom swerves off the road into a bush* *loud yellin* ds tap auditions!! I can hear the tappin!! Pls tap me where are all of my queers this morning I've been in cluster for like two minutes and I'm already unhappy with how cold it is. how creepy would it be if I watched ds auditions?? @tedgarb Peter doesn't strike me as particularly creepy @tedgarb I think we're usually too busy talking about ass to really- Oh wait @Frosty_mage good luck!! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka yknow if I put an @ in front of that then rawr will occasionally try to talk to d-su which would be great this was before I even watched an anime, my god https://t.co/cc2mUmN1Hw has anyone ever seen a helpful LaTeX error message? ever? really? i'm serious, i'm trying to complete my national pokedex. @DialMforMacbeth @bbbbbbbbbbbaka there would be infinite chaos @rdmarsh2 i'm sorry do you put two spaces after full stops, on this , platform ;,, where Space is a l i m i t e d r e s o u r c e i'm making a kind of like stripped-down piano arrangement of that really gay song on my unreleased album and also i'm crying did you know sign taped to the coffee machine in the underground: "PUMPKIN SPICE CAPP OUT OF ORDER" @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is lexically confusing @cymrin actually I'm not sure if this is in d-su @ALawley @mahoushoujorose the original name was stupid, so stupid @mapleakuma @saltkath that's it i'm kinkshaming you I was going to bake some stuff for meeting tomorrow BUT then I remembered that doing things is hard and instead I became a ghost ooooooooooh you (a bronze statue of Dostoyevsky): вы она? me (overwhelmed by everything): teacher I ate my hw @nex3 is this a challenge @mahoushoujorose missingno is the blocky glitch L though! @mahoushoujorose i know but like,, the glitchy block L is so iconic *music twink au where everyone is a cat* omg it's meowrina & the diamonds NYAAAAAAAAS SLAY QWEEN @mahoushoujorose i want to go to glitch hell ok basically all i've gathered about anime is that it involves a lot of breasts and vague moaning i like using the "ah-ah" laugh as a reaction but it usually devolves into "ah-ah-i'm an aLIEN FROM OUTER SPACE (outer space) I'M A CYBER GIR thanks janelle monáe for making a song I really like that starts with a sound i make often *zooms in slowly on anime tiddies while i, a lost soul, set myself on fire* anime girl: i'm a scientist anime guy: no way anime girl: time travel is p fake anime guy: meimei anime girl: *squeals & runs away moaning* @Jyewbey yeah i've seen that one a few times it is pretty awful all day i want to sleep and at night i'm like sleep is too hard i just wanna think about things and post memes on twitter, b-baka my headphones give me headaches, i think i need new ones but ???? literally don't know even what to look for, *whistles idly* "How bad is it doc?" "The news isnt good, the memes have metastasized and spread to the rest of your body, you dont have long" "Do not want" #BringBackVoC Please tweet this! omg kirby and the star rod i forgot about that ,, the star rod is cool idk i like magic you can wave around fuck i want a wand now ok steam is trying to suggest games for me but i'm literally only interested in - puzzle platformers - pixel graphics - (ideally) female protag @isitasubtweet i'm literally calling steam out in this tweet god damn it bot *looks at headphones online* *starts screaming* ok fucking steam t,; why wouldn't blocking someone remove them from my friendlist?? why do i have to look at their profile , to unfriend ??? @drquuxum i'm not actually exactly sure how to do this this is totally my color scheme ahh~ https://t.co/Hf2OlGX4Jr @mahoushoujorose had to check, @mahoushoujorose is this a subtweet, time to make some sad gay sheet music meguca ruined nightcore *starts punching the bed* I'm a weeb @mahoushoujorose there's my blockhead trash friend!!!!! @cymreal i meant to like a different tweet and then your tweet popped in above it right as i clicked but yknow i like this anyway so @dQoverT awful idea: librawr @dQoverT the library i wrote that Makes Text Based On Text, rawr ebooks uses it, i'm saying Make Computer Generated Porn Comments My top three artists this week: CHVRCHES (156), The Gates Of Sleep (84), Grimes (55) #lastfm @Rawr_Ebooks horses!!! have long faces!!!! nice @Rawr_Ebooks wow that, is pretty foolish @drbotmd WHAT A HOT TAKE @Rawr_Ebooks please fuck me up at exactly 3:09pm it's been like three years since i've had lasers shot at my face but maybe i'm due for some more soon, not a huge problem but huh me: secretly listens to my really gay music while walking around at school I'm going to commit a murder https://t.co/yv6ib4630S @highway2helliot I did but :3 super attractive "vaping" selfie curious as to whether or not i'm actually unable to sit in a chair without putting my feet on the seat and being gollum @NatRoze i've seen this and i fucking love it (also d-su knows about it :33333) *tries not being gollum for five minutes* OH GOD THE URGE TO DO THE THING IS REALLY BAD @Frosty_mage after some difficult deliberation I went with Windows 95 oh god how am i going to find a 451 group ok in the "search for teammates" piazza thing is it a good idea to put down "i'm not great at algorithms and i'm tired all the time"???? there's a tiny chip in my desk where i rest my palm when i'm typing and it's been there for a year and it's driving me completely insane legit though i'm trying to see if not being gollum makes me less comfortable and thus more able to concentrate but this is hecka stressful @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka https://t.co/QWMbfDdUPZ you literally asked for it why do i take so long to do proof-based homeworks?? even when i understand & like the material!! why did adam blank do this to me, @cymrin @Pretzelish the police are already after you though for your crimes @mapleakuma pretty sure this is literally why i failed 251 three times, and i'm taking 3 proof-based courses this semester i'm doomed @Pretzelish @cymrin not sure exactly how many fandoms are being invoked here, I think two or three but *starts rubbing hand on ipad* why isn't my trackpad working *looks down realizing i've accidentally downloaded the Tumblr app* hell why does this https://t.co/x2tnV28m4q website repeatedly spell "enroll" as "enrol" like,, this is??? not the UK?? fucking @mapleakuma it's ok i'm not gonna do it @bbbbbbbbbbbaka not sure if uncomfortable not sure if lack of appetite or if food at school is just pretty bad (probably both) but I'm probably tired so much bc I'm not eating enough @bbbbbbbbbbbaka no @cymrin who is she... What do you call a miserable sexual relationship? A poor amour! #LRT [forever screaming] /@eventhenotion @cymrin this looks kinda illegal, maybe a road safety violation, I'm gonna have to give you a ticket and direct you to the nearest jail @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka kk I've got proof you said this https://t.co/0n0UnNSPkh @cymrin it's really hard???? @cymrin sorry :( @Rawr_Ebooks @cymrin what,, what do you see RT If someone has called you Kreayshawn in your lifetime. @GrinningKobold what no!!! what happen @GrinningKobold First of all how dare you, also fite me irl 👏 come at me i'm gonna write about this on my tumblr let me tell you a thing ! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i'm buying a hair straightener @KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy sorry i probably have no time @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka needless to say i'm calling the cops @bbbbbbbbbbbaka true @bbbbbbbbbbbaka wowie???? there are 12 black dots in the intersections of the gray lines in the following image. one of them is a murderer but you stereotype them all hahahaha i'll just listen to Flare before class wont that be funny *listens to Homestuck vol 10* huh i really like this track that i'm listening to *cover art is a picture of blindfold Terezi* time to scream hm bored so i'm gonna go on github and read my own code ahh :) nice @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka yikes wow the kaladesh basic islands are gorgeous :D @GrinningKobold https://t.co/EqN2llAoYR @GrinningKobold i love being a stereotype, "put the christ back in c++" friends, https://t.co/Koks5Ozqx8 @mapleakuma we're kind of friends idk pls make shitty homestuck movie with me i'm literally listening to homestuck vol 10 right now, tag urself i'm the asexual hivemind pleaaaaase remind me to work on making the text this bot generates better bc i looovveee the art https://t.co/FXwK1gk3Wc wait are the kaladesh inventions foiled like from the vault cards? bc that would suck @Frosty_mage that's what i figured, it's just that i saw a gif of someone holding an invention and it sort of looked like FTV foiling me in 2015: are SSRIs why i don't want to have sex?? or maybe it's cause my body makes no testosterone now?? me now: maybe it's cause ur ace Unstimulating vs. Stimulating https://t.co/IjMjAK9UgC @epstmlgy how dare i legit stopped taking antidepressants and started taking testosterone bc i was upset that i didn't want to have sex, and now i'm like wtf me in 2015: yeah taking testosterone sounds like a good idea, then i'll be Sexual me in 2016: whATt THe FFuck i"m a TransGirl™ @cymrin on one hand, yay bubble tea, on the other, i'm, somewhat terrified of the flu mask @mahousecretrose me too jfc it only made me feel Awful oh and also Still Not Sexual It's not even like I didn't know what asexuality was, I've had a ton of ace friends since freshman year but I was like oh that's not me tho "sad Hohenheim titties" https://t.co/TgJRo5NTLq @epstmlgy pile https://t.co/ks3xFaLWBc i'd ask "can i print this at kinkos and make it a poster" but i already know from experience that i can @Rawr_Ebooks ok it's really simple though. instead of declaring all of your variables as global, just declare them where you need them i was having a good time listening to homestuck vol 10 and then a song sampled Flare and now i'm inside out @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god is he okay @shirAdrenaline we need to look out for each other *plays literally three notes of Flare on the piano* hOOLY Y SHiIFTIt tT S *plays four measures of Flare on the piano* [unimaginable screaming] why do i have no respect at all for my own health lol The Pain Store is really enabling me to get smoothies and cheese Danishes at 9pm, wowie @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka https://t.co/jOn5JZyvh6 @cymrin unsure, does it say somewhere? @hollabackbae *sobbing violently* its iggy igs @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka can't believe now ur laughing at me, so cruel, passing as kinky @GrinningKobold @drbotmd even computers get viruses @cymrin @KbLogQ is this a homestuck thing? @bbbbbbbbbbbaka holy crap @Rawr_Ebooks life fuckin sucks doesn't it Well I got an Appointment at Supercuts in 20 minutes and there's still no wifi in the union square subway station. How Do You Feel About nightcore: Yes / No / clarified butter find a piano and press D, C, Bb, A, G, E, F, D. now you know how to play every homestuck song @cymreal at least you recognize when you have sinned. this means you are not without the possibility of redemption and reading homestuck someone edit FRAG ALERT into the art of this magic card so I can actually enjoy it #lrt the president isn't in the art of this magic card, BUT /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka, @Pretzelish good names for vaginas #mtg version: "blood crypt" "breeding pool" "sacred foundry" "overgrown… tomb…" "god..less.. shrine…" "STOMPING GROUN imagine "if you become pregnant while taking this medication, seek immediate medical attention" on a bottle of spironolactone @ weeb friends: what does this say, also it might be chinese i just don't know https://t.co/6pOBqiCtya @cymrin why I can show you how to be gay (in the real way) And I know that we can be gay (in the real way) Full Metal Nincompoop "wow uhh i'm not really into this kind of stuff but i think projectile vomit yaoi sounds like really shitty yaoi" @cymreal discussing a possible gay porn version of The Exorcist I drop subtle hints that Cho Chang is Asian unnecessarily gendered gender bye @Pretzelish heck yeah enchantments are the best @Pretzelish anna you!!!! did the thing!!!!! also heck that's a nice card @vincom2 thanks though! i did end up getting a translation: https://t.co/oDohFiHzx1 when i was a freshman i said the word yiff a lot @epstmlgy @mahoushoujorose rt if a magical girl has ever called you beppo @Pretzelish thanks though!! the rules text is the most exciting part anyway 🎉 @Pretzelish 𝕐𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕤 formal apology to @ebalke93 because when i was a freshman i said the word yiff to her a lot https://t.co/4fzpuKaKCX *wakes up; kaladesh inventions are still real* haha nice, I'm gonna buy another box is ASMR anything like SSRI? actually I didn't really check anywhere before making this tweet so I sure hope kaladesh inventions really are still real @tamasys it's kind of a running joke that I have no idea what ASMR is @bbbbbbbbbbbaka so you walked into a club and just said "die" uh #B612 made me like 50% gayer canon transgirl Anthy #LRT HASHTAG YES PLEASE I'M GONNA LOOK FOR FANFIC AND REGRET IT IN A FEW MINUTES /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka @tamasys ooh cool ok *writes down in notebook "ASMR is like MTG"* @cymrin i had a dream that someone did a business presentation at work about the shuuen word and i blame you entire why @Rawr_Ebooks make some picket signs against the people in your head @cymrin the full word that would make the police come if I said it @cymrin i have no idea i've mostly blocked the memory out @myfreeweb oh of course!!!!! that makes sense ok i finally bought some headphones, if i don't end up liking them i'll go insane (buying headphones is so stressful ahhh idk why) ok so the body of trans fic in the Utena universe is three crossovers, a Miki fic, and a really cool drawing of Anthy which isn't a fic TIME TO ADD "WRITE TRANSGIRL ANTHY" FIC TO MY LIST right after i finished that PMMM transgirl fic bc goSHHHH the tragic characters are always transgirls tbh, i've never been happy before in my life, yay~ @warnedya i'm confused @tamasys this is the realest question; hardcore team Ailésis, i'd write fanfic but anything i write would actually be considered canon frick @tamasys I also totally see Starla as being the kind of girl who would write fic about her friends until she realizes how creepy that is @tamasys true falsities is the kind of investigative journalism the modern world needs, gosh @tamasys that's legit; I see Star taking a huge chill pill, realizing Ailésis are cute together, maybe realizing she was just jealous of Ai? @tamasys I'm really into the "teenagers becoming progressively less awful human beings" trope if that exists @tamasys but Star had hella tragic past so I think she probably would be jealous of Ai a lot but friends work through things together yay~ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka please tell me "cute pictures of dril" exist What do you call a bodied transparent gem? An incarnate garnet! do i need to watch all 10 to get the effect or will just 1 do it? https://t.co/WDSpWcOkFf I Defragged My Hard Drive, And It Was The Most Sexually Empowering Thing I've Ever Done @erisaxiomlylat my exp dating a singlet involved a lot of confusion and answering questions, dating a multiple I feel closer&more understood You 👏 aren't 👏 a 👏 real 👏marina 👏 and 👏 the 👏diamonds 👏 fan 👏 unless 👏your👏 crackers 👏 are 👏 bad 👏 luck 👏😩 I want to watch Inside Out again omg I love emotions *thinks about Painter's Servant* fuuuUUUUUCK YEAH is this what asmr is @drquuxum @IAmSpilly remove this opinion someone: dilate me: ah ha ha, that's like, ha ahah yeah, pfft yknow, like yeah ha ahhh. wowie [asmr] Homura *tries to pay attention in 451 for three minutes* i'm pretty sure this is /not/ asmr *thinks about serotonin* ahh that's cool i just really like thinking about certain things!!!! and that set doesn't include 451 think your'e so cool at mtg? ok but in response i have two activated mana pools floating in my library. i tap your deck for 28 life loss. gg tfw you will never again spot Shae Hart doing a leg @bbbbbbbbbbbaka uh something went wrong #TMITuesday ask me about asmr, which I know a lot about *hip young priest* why eat ass when you can go to mass? /@DialMforMacbeth https://t.co/pWJTaOQh9f but????? she's already a transgirl????? i'm????? https://t.co/v6dZNCIMxe someone edit kinkshaming into the art of this magic card so I can actually enjoy it this one is for @cymrin https://t.co/PDyx20xVdI @GrinningKobold Fef says she's never seen an anime and definitely doesn't associate with anyone who would :p @Rawr_Ebooks thanks terry cavanagh!!! For VVVVVV and this @drbotmd not sure if,, not sure if reference to spontaneous alter switching?? i mean lamotrigine is what i'm taking *plays Flare on the piano* me: [sobbing] is.. is this asmr?? well i can sort of play Flare now, just kind of slowly, but i'm like, wowie, I can make myself enter the infinite on demand now except having a keyboard nearby that i can play is actually less likely than having my phone and headphones @Rawr_Ebooks relevant @KbLogQ oh i keep forgetting to do the thing wow it's been like literally a year since rose told me to play it @GrinningKobold you need a new camera "Normal is lonely." --@icouldswear https://t.co/czTwuoPOAo *writes seven pages of bullshit logic proof* ohh my god i am way too anal about proving things huh just noticed the fine print on melatonin says "limit use to one month" and i've been taking it daily for over a year... huh... um Sorry about my internalized Tom Cortina ass lust i should go to bed (an hour late bc hw), but I should play Flare for an hour first right god I've been talking about Flare a lot lately, it's probably bc my life is falling apart lol @tenuous yeah it's my favorite homestuck song and listening to it makes me feel like i'm dying @cymrin girls should be happy @shirAdrenaline @tenuous ive probably mentioned this but im really happy that You Get Me uh goodnight https://t.co/V24BX3B8Ez @rpearl hopefully???? idk maybe i should ask A Doctor @tenuous @shirAdrenaline https://t.co/YcsdxCGUXQ Homestucks, grab your dick #lrt i'm losing it in The Exchange, this bot was a horrible mistake /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka @NatRoze yeah my lust for their cheese danishes is unquenchable @NatRoze unsure? i think they're still getting used to Knowing How To Operate The Tills like frick though it takes two years to swipe a card come on cmu, this is our budget https://t.co/0rTnKoem6U Frightening. https://t.co/v08rGEgikX @Rawr_Ebooks please appreciate yourselves and your hard work @Rawr_Ebooks it's just a joke! ha ha! a funny joke! ha ha! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka lady ghostbusters are my kind of ghostbusters @bbbbbbbbbbbaka too meta @icouldswear this is horrifying What do you call a fancy psychic? A flamboyant clairvoyant! @eventhenotion awful @DemetriMartin @efortmanteau 8*7=56 crotches "oh, so it's like k-on" -@starla4444, after I showed her a google image search for moè @cymrin suing for slander fucking christ https://t.co/a3N4zfR1yi me: vore straight white boy: and then what ;) if i don't go to hell when i die i might go to CMU ALLIES wowie apparently Anthy canonically has AB blood and was born on February 29th ok https://t.co/sFUm0QVciR just noticed the word twinkle contains the word twink... needless to say i was Scared and Depressed Full Metal Alchemist @cymreal https://t.co/UaOCbZx8Lu ok what actually is Azumanga Daioh?? is it just one of those things you hear about in middle school but anyone who asks about it dies?? @cymrin or it's like the literal opposite of that @cymrin sobbing @cymrin coulda stopped at "it's a weeb thing" @cymrin *wakes up to a million notifications* yes i see this is clear now @shirAdrenaline you should've said this first!!!! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka oh no mada.... run.... lol https://t.co/vVlKbW9ZSy *vibrates in the exchange* i want to piano The source of @differencebot's images, ImageNet (https://t.co/fM125d5F6C) appears to be down right now, which is why it has stopped tweeting I'm Mindy from DS omg!!!! ahh, it's me so this is Great News i can finally start transitioning it's kind of pretty https://t.co/UYLpr8JNVT reading sheet music is simple, easy, and fun! https://t.co/yOVkGnl0JB @Rawr_Ebooks i don't think you mean prognosticate?? wow bing is worthless https://t.co/WrjQKlZDaQ @riglow yo i know i'm responding to a tweet from over a year ago but: life update, i'm now learning russian and kissing girls. infinite horse!!!! oh nice image net is back up https://t.co/AHqOQY6hRc i got new headphones and they sound really cool ahh and they're comfy i thought to myself, what cool song that i really like should i listen to to test out these headphones?? the answer is Pin by Grimes @cymrin literally already said that's the incorrect answer @cymrin i havent ever heard you do that one before, the whole "stop" thing sounds cool i bet @cymrin im literally listening to myself sing and play the piano now wtf is wrong with me i could just take the headphones off and hear that crying bc this reminds me of the Flare track artwork https://t.co/eEeusDaQy3 WHY AM I NOT SLEEP YET Delete this article. set it on fire. geez i have listened to wAY more Art Angels than Visions https://t.co/3wc7EntDdy music is gooood ahhhhh last.fm actually suggested another artist to me that I think i'm gonna really like, thanks for doing Something useful oh shit when i preordered the new Regina Spektor album i hope i gave them my CMU address and not my parents' address ahh for some reason I wrote a script that says a sentence in every macOS voice so now I have 64 sound files saying "I'm literally going to hell" JavaScript confirmed for worst @bbbbbbbbbbbaka you've finally made me proud @bbbbbbbbbbbaka that would be a really cool magic card!!!! @Rawr_Ebooks uhh prerelease is next week went to CVS to pick up a new prescription and get a flu shot, and instead left with three old prescriptions and dental floss?? Sorry I Didn't Respond To Your Text! I Get Overwhelmed By Gay rights! #lrt oh my god being queen of the queers means being busy constantly /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka Homosexual vs. Heterosexual https://t.co/dkxSRnkmJe @highway2helliot you keep tweeting about this, is it really a thing like?? i havent noticed it but then again i do this maybe instead of getting a job I'll just lie face down on the kitchen floor @icouldswear worrying that this bot is descending into madness did you hear people like to lick each other's eyeballs?? fucked up if true grief seed @cymreal i read that as self greed and i was really trying to figure it out; i steal myself for myself, i'm a slutty recluse probably time to listen to the my little fuckboy soundtrack; it's a musical about a really small fuckboy, who is also someone's pet, and it is awful @cymreal i love sand dunes and thIS ONE IS FUCKING MINE *looking at Google Careers page* literally what does any of this mean. i don't think it means anything? @highway2helliot :( i just remembered: computers are weird why won't Grimes kinkshame me anymore like for sayaka, rt for homura, rt for homura, rt for homura, rt for homura, rt for homura, rt for homura, rt for homura, rt for homura, rt @riglow 💖 probably this one, maybe with a "nya~" in front of it @GrinningKobold [HIGH TIDE SCREAMING] why will no one send me a card on the puca trades unhappy, but constantly! @highway2helliot the reason i do it is as a vague justification for never going to the gym ever holy shit no cvs dude: come back at 3 me: no yo it took a lot of energy to even get on a bus and go to cvs once, you really think i'm going to come BACK on a friday afternoon @cymrin incorrect @cymrin is that miku @cymrin tell her i said "hi miku this is scarlet" @cymrin homu!! homu homu homu homu!!!! @cymrin https://t.co/Bexul9S7A3 @cymrin full metal alchemist?? @cymrin wait frick @cymrin what do you mean by favorite animes...im an american... this is slander @cymrin wow the sheeple kind of want to sleep in, it's been a hard week, give them another hour at least, woe haha yes i can be a good contributor to my 451 group *looks at a hw problem* Fucking this is really fukin gay https://t.co/r39YB3nxev @everyfullmetal ⚡️ O H ⚡️ G O D ⚡️ WHAT IS HAPPENING https://t.co/QXk1BQ07bp HOLY SHT @STARLA4444'S ACTUALLY WATCHED K-ON WHAT A WEEB this just in: @weeb4444 has "don't say lazy" downloaded on iTunes @cymrin omg I don't even understand how this makes me a weeb its a cute show and they say "light music" a lot and play cool songs .@cymrin legit started screaming at me when they realized I've actually seen k-on wow I've literally never witnessed this "nah, I'm all right, thanks, My psychiatrist"! @epstmlgy I like Starbucks @timparenti @tedgarb @ebalke93 @flybye22 @eventhenotion WHYYY (well probably bc I didn't /really/ fix the problem) @differencebot CALLING THE C- WAIT FUCK NO THATS NOT A GOOD IDE-- FUCK AMERICA According to the creator, the correct pronunciation for the Graphic Interchange Format .GIF extension is "hell" i slept in on a weekend! which is nice, i got like 8hrs, maybe i'm catching up on sleep? who wants to eat breakfast w/me & not make mistakes "DON'T WORRY LOIS" I shout as I am shot by thirty six pinto beans, "This computer will save us." It is the end of days; set yourself on fire Girls Imagine if you took girls and then got arrested because you just kidnapped people what the fucking shit man Pictures of Homura? On /my/ computer? It's more likely than you'd think. ok but like imagine if a horse had a kidney stone, wouldn't that be, like really fucked up, the poor horse "What's in the box? Is it a horse?" "of COURSE it's a horse you piece of shit stoner!" SCARLET: Hi Miku! Guess who it is! No it's Scarlet. OF COURSE I'M SCARLET I JUST TOLD YOU THAT! No you don't get a number 1 record! You could go to five or six hentai stores with your little brother, or just one Hi, my name is Carla Shaw. You could watch five or six of these videos, or, just one. You don't need the others, they'll disappoint you. i've never heard of a Carla Shaw at our sküle @NatRoze today I learned that all memes, new and old, are deserving of a safe home Of COURSE I'm the Queen of the Universe you piece of shit stoner! The waves part, they engulf me and the water is warm! this morning: i have become d-su finally getting breakfast at Schatz... at noon... MY FRIEND, THE PRESIDENT OF THE ANIME CLUB: Is it a yandere? ME: OF COURSE IT'S A YANDERE @callingthe911 you know what, I deserved this i love ruby & sapphire! gonna watch Keystone Motel! *does so* omg im so happy! next: Keeping It Together! *watches it* oH GOD IM CRYING @bbbbbbbbbbbaka uhhhh but ghostbusters is the best feed mr krabs... he wants money... put it in him... PUT THE MONEY IN MR KRABS @cymrin this is uh, a reference to my good friend @NatRoze yuri cash money if i don't respond to your texts it's because i've listened to Pin over 200 times https://t.co/W9Nt6jV9CD Nancy Drew and the Greasy Reindeer there is literally no good way to interpret this https://t.co/OIgrtBu23p there's the door. you'll notice i'm not pointing at anything; it's because the nature of Twitter makes it hard to show you where im pointing @Rawr_Ebooks "Crypt of the Necrodancer: Fluttershy's Lament" sounds like a brony remix game what did i do https://t.co/IQ1oQnj5rO Good vs. Evil https://t.co/spIkY1md62 i can't believe it's not Alexandria's Genesis What do you call a prejudiced instrumentalist? A racist bassist! im' back in my room and i took some dimetapp (which is cold & allergy medicine) bc i really dont feel cash money rn was riding in this guy's uber and the windows wre open and i think i became nightcore it aws intense i dont even know how many ppl i became What A Rush i cant believe how exhilirating it is to just Go i'm definitely going to Go Hard jsut about now (thanks owen you're rad.) my friends are Definitely worth money i'd say that's probably illegal though i wouldnt I pretty much had a mental break down, you bitch! Oh my god it got worse. Yeah, yeah! Yeah-ah-ah. Yeah-ah-ah. Yeah-ah-ah. Yeah-ah-ah. Yeah-a Uncontroversial vs. Controversial https://t.co/lazJnFAwtd i cry sometoimes when i'm lying in bed just to get it all out whatit's in my head and i feel like maybe I Know Too Much i forgot what this tweet was going to say but Rest Assured that your bed is rotating at the same speed as the planet Earth is oh fuck i missed the second dose of my adhd meds today; i fucked up, that partly explains the simultaneous exhaustion and desire to scream taking medication is hard sometimes wowie why doesnt anyone talk about this meds are fascinating they really do so many good things for ppl why are psychiatrstic pills like taboo or whatever its important to talk about things i mean i can say im takin advil but not gabapentin?? also its like, why is like, Xanax is like considered cultural in, a sense that like, its derided bc ppl get high, oh Adderall too is similar sounds like a way to structurally shame ppl who need these meds?? thakns america Who Are You And How Did You Get INto my Fuckking Vomitorium @cambrian_era i!! fucking!! love!! tap dancing!!!!!!!! thats really exciting!!!! @transprogrammer i was really into this until @Rawr_Ebooks that's a really bad strategy @MetroAndCharms of course of course GUYS I JSUT WOEK UP AND IS DURARARA A REAL THING OR JUST OSMETHING I IMAGINED BC HOW COULD SOMETHING THAT SOUNDS LIKE THAT BE REAL if i fought with myself from another dimension would we have different leitmotifs or???? this is important i'm arranging a soundtrack @PrimHelios 👌🔥🐴🚨 @cymrin let me explain to you what midi means @cymrin ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? my friends are all normal people *looks around a crowded room* fuck where did all of these yaoi hands come from, am i at vermillion how long does it take for acetaminophen to kick in bc guess what i got sick my mom is like you're so healthy!! you're better than everyone! brag about it! you won't get sick! ok i literally am sick now though, WHAT FEVERED PITCH IS THIS THAT I SHALL NOT PERISH BEFORE I REACH FOR THE STARS AND MY BEDROOM FEELS SO HOT AND LARGE if you love someone, ok the genre of "fevered stupor magical transgirl fanfiction" is taking off i see homura/anthy/mio/tomoyo/souseiseki's tragic transgirl backstory no one trans has ever been happy lolololololol this room is so hot and so cold at the same time THERE'S JUST TOO MUCH THAT TIME CANNOT ERASE GOT A FEVER AND I FEEL LIKE SHIT SO WHO WANTS TO GO AND MOUNT A TV ON THE WALL SO WE CAN TURN IT OFF AND DREAM ABOUT GAYCE SNUGGLING Dreamed I was vacationing in Japan and I kept going on seaplanes with my uncle and I had visions of bombs exploding everywhere It begins. https://t.co/QD46Nruhwx https://t.co/C2U009SVEq My top three artists this week: Homestuck (109), CHVRCHES (60), Grimes (37) #lastfm X▞WOY▞H▉UAE https://t.co/SVneU7AOUo you know, frick i just microwaved some soup & then dropped it taking it out of the microwave & i think i may start screaming at the top of my fucking lungs semi-fevered state means looking at weird madoka magica crossovers again & im pretty happy about that tbh https://t.co/nb2UbgdljY i rly like that acetaminophen helps so much but if the fever is supposed to kill the disease then won't a fever reducer make me sick longer? omg fever reducers are called "antipyretics" that is actually Really Metal @bbbbbbbbbbbaka WHAT apparently lamotrigine was developed in 1994 i've never taken lithium but the whole "lithium salts are effective psychiatrically as mood stabilizers" thing is fascinating ???? apparently 7 Up the soda originally contained lithium salts and it was supposed to be a medicinal refreshment beverage ugh hour 6 of acetaminophen is the worst bc you just feel the fever&pain coming back but you cant take another dose until the hour ends medication is super interesting!!!! AHHHHH im dropping my CS major and getting a phd in chemistry oh i'm sick i guess that means it's time to watch a bit of fry and laurie! after i finish rewatching su that is of course @Rawr_Ebooks please stop it's raining, it's nice @GrinningKobold are you going into c++ chatrooms @GrinningKobold you mean every room of a trans discord?? @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is disgusting @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka my best subtweet yet... @NatRoze honestly i cant wait unsure if it's hot out or if it's just my fever... weather says it's 21 out so... probably fever? good at doing things repeatedly from now on the key of G# Major is officially illegal; anyone caught humming in this key will be arrested. Use of Ab Major is unrestricted. i should eat an actual meal today shouldnt i, friiiiiiick i've just been eating nutrigrain bars all day sick day status: watched an entire season of Steven Universe, played half of Flare at least 10 times, took lots of medicine, & failed to eat yknow i feel bad bc i didn't get work done today but i think i probably expect way more from myself than i should, especially when i'm sick @CMYKGenet twitter isn't real, everything is an illusion, only .mp4 files are real @NatRoze sorry i'm like,,,, really really white @NatRoze sorry "brother's spawn" is not a term i ever wanted to hear, we're breaking up over thanksgiving dinner @NatRoze https://t.co/h0qm6cfMOr @NatRoze ok actually literally until right now i've never actually heard this song i've just heard other people singing it wow its different @NatRoze this is also not what i expected celine dion to look like???? i feel like i've really been lied to but i dont know how @mapleakuma @NatRoze literally every way i instinctively tried to react to this proposal was some sort of threeway joke and i'm giving up @mapleakuma @NatRoze fake double team (no wait that's a pokemon move, frick) i just heard My Heart Will Go On for the first time in my life and i feel betrayed @Pretzelish every time i sang it with you anna, every time, i was singing a lie @Pretzelish eh it wasn't a Wet Angry Cats song but we occasionally sang snippets of it in inappropriate situations i swear to god i think about this tweet all the time, since i saw it like a year ago https://t.co/GyURTXSLUN @Pretzelish Oh, Anna! 😹 @valeriehalla i really feel this?? i did my growing up on a phpbb on a domain i bought at 13 and gosh i'm happy how obscure it is @valeriehalla there was a HUGE contrast when i moved to using tumblr and started getting called out frequently bluh @mapleakuma @NatRoze ok but at least i wasn't the one who said "let's all hold hands and make a knot" @mapleakuma @NatRoze oh fuck i was just the one that ssaid that @NatRoze @mapleakuma PLEASE GO BACK TO WATCHING STEVEN UNIVERSE oh i've got like two facebook tabs open that's why my computer is so slow @mapleakuma @NatRoze NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *thinks about writing an email* UHHH *slaps hands on keyboard and plays Flare really quickly* all i do is talk about Flare tbh this song is controlling my life and i'm sof ucking grateful what the dink is that noise; you sound like nightcore so in a gay relationship who's the feudal lord and who's https://t.co/6ocfqJVGNg i still think i should watch the legend of korra, because i haven't remember the song Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne? now you do. best part is that red magic card you can see on the monitor stand? Flare @bbbbbbbbbbbaka *looks at @cymrin's computer* yeah had a dream i was in high school and won a lot of money & was trying to find my bus & I saw @cymrin subtweeting me while on a different bus *thinks about The Pain Store* maybe i'll do that today @bbbbbbbbbbbaka https://t.co/c7AMwidrIq stepped out of my room to get breakfast, imMEdiately bumped into an old friend, and upon opening my mouth realized i couldn't speak @mapleakuma I was gonna say computational chemistry but @drbotmd uuughghghghhhhghggghghhhhhhhh i actually really love Laughing and Not Being Normal both the Grimes song, and the state of being in which I often find myself should I go to Russian: was thinking yes earlier today but i think walking outside for breakfast sapped my energy probably going to instead save the energy I'd put toward going to Russian to instead going to my Physics exam oh i bumped into Ivy when i got breakfast at the exchange? it was neat bc i wasn't sure she existed outside of gender squad meetings i havent listened to the new lady gaga song yet though so she refused to talk to me i just listened to it now and it was nice havent checked my email in days so im not rly sure who i am anymore then it occurs to me, without email, i can be ANYONE I WANT TO BE @galejklol i feel like maybe it's one of those songs that grows on you bc i wasnt super blown away either but like i trust in lady gaga 🙌 @NatRoze ok ahhhh finally a "google alerts: sky ferreira new album" email that doesn't disappoint https://t.co/hLt3TIefeF *sighs* no one understands how hard it is to be assigned marxist at birth AMAB: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH MAAAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH BAAAAAAAAHHHHHH the transgenders are waning in popularity with the average American so i think it's time to reinvent them, maybe add some flame decals, idk i'm not into kinkshaming but not like this, My Little Pony, not like this do you mean gay like Kirby or gay like shota #lrt i'm running out of ways to say "this is the worst thing I've ever seen" /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka feeling really shitty and i don't want to go to my physics exam but not going sounds like a bad idea so whelp as a twitter user since 2007 I take personal offense to the new changes. in my day, images didn't exist. there was only screaming @bbbbbbbbbbbaka no problem me, the President of CMU ALLIES, an America in which buttplugs aren't legally required to be equipped with always-on green strobelights is not an America Im comfortable with Full Metal SJWs *overwhelmingly dramatic air quotes* """"puppy bitch"""" despite having a lot of things that i should do i'm sick and listless so i'm gonna just run d-su a million times thanks ok maybe putting down my bottle of cranberry juice next to the dark red cold medicine was a bad idea *buys some headphones* wow such stereo audio!!!! 😍 oh i'm just deaf in one ear @riglow it's all good, the cold medicine didn't have any acetaminophen in it, and i noticed the different taste almost immediately ahhhh oh m u y god oh my god jobs @mapleakuma fuck fuck fuck ufkc ufkc fukc ufkfukcfu cfkuf jjobs buy me skittles @mapleakuma i didnt even go today because Sick so i'm feeling Guilty and Ahhhh @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka before you block me can you tell me what harambe is???? @mapleakuma i feel like it was such a short time ago that kevin collins was like "YOU SHOULD GO TO THE JOB FAIR JUST TO SEE WHAT ITS LIKE" @cymrin i'm going to have the police search my mail for my safety i keep getting emails from recruiters H E L P man I can't wait to apply to The Google so i can be Cool People just like Half Of My Friends *literally does nothing bc everything is hard* @mahousecretrose @shirADHDbooks screaming not enough energy to do anything right!!!! @highway2helliot omg I walked up the stairs behind WQED today and I saw it; both guys I saw walked up the steps two at a time @cymreal I went to the inoodle and got food and it was awful today wow @drbotmd an aphrodisiac synthesized in an emasculating accident "SweetTarts soft bites" ok these looked strange... had to try them though. they taste like dried apricots? forgot to wear a bra to my physics exam, hope they don't dock points for it send me cards on pucatrade @Rawr_Ebooks confirmed 1. Cant believe its not butter 2. Mad its not butter 3. What can I do to make it butter 4. Sad its not butter 5. I accept it is not butter @mahoushoujorose is this what moe means?? @Rawr_Ebooks wtf that's still just ocd @HexManiacWingy @mahoushoujorose Revolutionary Girl Rose @mahoushoujorose <3 @cymrin oh my god I can't believe ur first tweet was a yandere joke I was truly blind when I met you @cymrin every one of your tweets are, though oh my god we had an exam in physics this week how do we also have hw at the "i am snot" stage of being sick @cymrin THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS ARE MAGICAL GIRLS AND MAGICAL GIRLS ARE GREAT, 'NUFF SAID @cymrin https://t.co/xW59HvWyGp @cymrin heck feeling overwhelmed by the backlog of work so how about i do nothing @mintmote @mahoushoujorose :D morphine time @nex3 @mintmote @mahoushoujorose i'm amazed because if i hadn't looked up what power rangers were a couple of days ago, I wouldn't get this @nex3 @mintmote @mahoushoujorose possibly? i don't remember them from my childhood. i may just have not encountered them though. @valeriehalla uh.. it isn't? @mahoushoujorose wow you take way cuter post-surgery selfies than me wtf!!!! Also ahhhhh!!!! :D @mahoushoujorose I FOUND MY POST-GRS SELFIE AND WOW ITS EVEN WORSE THAN IR EMEMBERED ROSE WTF HOW DO YOU DO THE THING @mahoushoujorose i'm happy we have a girl version of this picture set now breaking news /@Pretzelish https://t.co/MMaz4bnr8n [asmr] i run gcc with the -S option set @mahoushoujorose legit how are you awake rn I couldn't do anything day 1 I was just a mess of anesthesia @mahoushoujorose :( do they turn that off after the first day or something? it sounds pretty frustrating where can i go in pittsburgh to get my hair bleached @mahoushoujorose oh ok. seems like a plan. you can get through day 1! i believe in you! ^_^ @cymrin @NatRoze let me tell you a thing friend, @cymrin @NatRoze why do u keep texting me though asking "friend, what iS Hoesmetuck, i Must know finally" and i'm like huh!! give me a min. @mapleakuma ok but i need my hair Really bleached and i have a lot of it so i think i might need to got to a real place So like, growing up I was told I was stupid bc I was a complete tool Oh my God, you're crying I'm not crying. you: hey what's up me: do you mean gay like lesbians or gay like they/them pronouns words like "dirt" eh nobody I know would listen to vocaloid @cymrin :) @cymrin 🙃 You know, I'd really like to do that, but I don't have any fucking Gay rights! That's why the people of this world believe in: mechanically separated chicken, mechanically separated chicken, and mechanically separated c baby's first Zeno's paradox :/ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i want to reset earth @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka ?????????????????????????????????????????? @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka wowie UPDATE: The people carried out their needs! UPDATE! The people carried out their needs. UPDATE: The people carried out their needs! Bluemonk @tenuous @Rawr_Ebooks honestly im chortling ahahah oh jeez i got my professors to accept late hw bc i was sick but now i have three problem sets due friday frIIICK good morning america https://t.co/G6NjjZ6xcg it's me, i'm clue https://t.co/d7euYjySsn https://t.co/E28zbbk1If uwu *starts getting really emotional* omg Homura @nex3 oh!!! good morning France! I hope ur having a nice time! @GrinningKobold hmm you should tell her that you feel this way!!!! @shirAdrenaline fuck me up @galejklol gale! this is really sweet! and it means a lot! 😊 i hope everything is going fantastically for you with your job and such i did like half of the russian hw due in an hour and now my hand is cramping lol 🔥 Н А Я Д К О Я Э 🔥 (no thats not how you say hardcore) check out my new twitter bot, they/them pronouns Simulator @bbbbbbbbbbbaka WOW Female vs. Male https://t.co/yoyqAzE9sv @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i thought about this and i'm pretty sure i know how i'd actually make it "it's a potato, Karkat", Sonia sighed. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka I THINK THATS A DICKPIC Ready vs. Unready https://t.co/9KXcXG4IUp @Pretzelish tweetdeck keeps saying "Like failed" the asexual hivemind made me like 50% gayer @NatRoze vriska (vriska) wow i think they forgot to put flavoring in my bubble tea today @mapleakuma yeah, i like that i can get bubble tea on campus but i'm also like ehhhhh if i don't go to hell when i die i might go to My Immortal @aisamanra @gardensimulator the pile of semicolons is my new favorite thing advisor says to go to office hours if i'm struggling in 451, which is reasonable, but i'm a senior and still don't know how to office hours @bbbbbbbbbbbaka yuri heaven scene @mapleakuma yeah it's exhausting, overstimulating, and i don't know how to find it helpful. these classes rly frustrate me https://t.co/yhHOGUOBPq WHAT IS HAPPENING IN FRANCE https://t.co/QvaPuqrF5m did you know amphetamines can cause you to just randomly sweat, it's really odd in a subtly distressing way this is pretty fucking irritating esp considering that most OTC decongestants (at least in the US) these days are p… https://t.co/xDg8PqENcK just bc people make fuckin meth out of it, i've gotta deal with fake decongestant and continue mouth breathing & drinking snot apparently tho phenylephrine is used to treat priaprism so if ur dick is hard too long just inject cold medicine into it every 3-5 minutes @cymrin full metal twinks idk got nothing else to say here .@cymrin wants to be an Internet pet @cymrin find a sugar daddy @cymrin is there a form of sugar daddy wherein you don't have to have sex?? asking for a friend gender was a mistake Full Metal Leningrad @blessthisdoobie is this someone saying "god, please punch this guy in the dick" Episode 35 of Steven Universe!!!!! My mother had been murdered. @Rawr_Ebooks um???? yeah, by construction @GrinningKobold i live pretty near this https://t.co/gHhLTtbwqj it's finally a good morning bc i got two package emails heckie yeah That's why the people of this world believe in: the asexual hivemind, the asexual hivemind, and the asexual hivemind "May nothing be ever in your favor." --@icouldswear https://t.co/A7yKakX2TY @bbbbbbbbbbbaka UHHHH can't believe my twitter bot said the kinsey scale: it's for nerds and homos @bbbbbbbbbbbaka no! incorrect! desugusting! you're d-su! @DialMforMacbeth @bbbbbbbbbbbaka [peridot voice] DIE DIE DIE DIE oh my god this is so pretty, why do i not have time to make the words make sense https://t.co/8LJMnPZkjX Stuco: Extreme Reasoning. Students will be supported by the Council of Three, which will guaranteed not hurt your eyes. i love my twitter bot children but some of them need work @drquuxum https://t.co/6Q5XjQmmBw time for that "3 fictional characters you relate to" meme; probably no surprises here? https://t.co/jeLvewJdXz @catgirlmarriage same kind of burning out tbh I love being involved but really I Have to prioritize Health > Academics > ALLIES anyone know an iOS app that tracks when you take meds & when you can take them again? I rly worry about taking too many painkillers "In a gay relationship, who's the Utena and who's the Anthy?" i'm not into kinkshaming but Did you hear about CMU?? fucked up if true my problematic fave, Obama WHY WON'T YOU JUST LET ME DO THIS FOR YOU, dick Danny LiBido, the sexiest man on earth well my laptop's internal CD drive no longer works >:( i'm!! gonna!! start!! screaming!! i just want to listen to this new album i paid money for?? i've had a hellish week! please let me have fun do any of my friends have computers with CD drives that I can borrow real quick so i don't go insane i went to fukutea when i returned the rita's scoops tho so that was nice @highway2helliot do you still live in morewood?? @highway2helliot aw ok;; i think i'm going to go to soho and use the computer i've really been trying too hard with my lyric-writing https://t.co/GK3rpIp392 @cymreal i ripped it when i snuck into soho and woke you up @cymreal but thanks! good tweet @cymrin https://t.co/f0edxD8c4r @KbLogQ https://t.co/LmDOqaRvvi @cymrin @KbLogQ nobody askudo you ! i want more red bean bread https://t.co/z9ef3TIhlM is a good SCP bc i want to be an immortal spy, work til i'm outdated, then listen to 1 song forever w/o tiring of it I 👏 AM 👏 THE 👏 FURRY👏 FANDOMS 👏 OFFICIAL 👏 SOURCE 👏 FOR 👏 NEW 👏 AND 👏 USED 👏CARS 👏 what is a "friend" Put Dingos In My Mailbox Venture Capitalists pls pay attention to my new kickstarter for a social media Innovation wherein i ask everyone to buy me cans of frosting @tenuous you're making an Important difference in the world my friend 🍴 remember when things weren't how they are?? BRUH!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to show my mom that Alphonse Elric picture so I googled "Alphonse Elric" and it was a bad idea @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this stuff is gonna happen 1 in n times but its still p funny https://t.co/BjMLimTZ8F ME: i WAS having a pretend conversation @Rawr_Ebooks same... @tenuous Donald Trump Can Eat My Urine Cultures @NatRoze thanks andrew hussie ur directly responsible for me taking 251 @mapleakuma @NatRoze I WAS SO WRONG ABOUT HUSSIE "i can't date vim because it won't make out with me" "vim also doesn't know what it's like to be a transgirl" definitely going to name my 5th album after the most terrifying thing I can think of, "Second Law of Thermodynamics" it's great bc it fits with my theme of four word album titles, and also it's I N E V I T A B L E wow i was really rational in the year 2012 but bby i get results https://t.co/XEr48iXnpl imagine me with hair Frightening. https://t.co/wLZLuu51ri @warnedya RUDE @Frosty_mage yeah but the four word thing is something I do with my more serious music; The Third Vagina has a lot more freedom :p "oh my god... you know this girl I like... last night we went all the way" "you had sex??" "we called each other cute" skeletons are a highly endangered species, nearly all skeletons these days are dead I would make a good Twitter bot but that might damage my brand @sk4p then what is bone titty for?? Check Mate NOW! (THAT'S WHAT I CALL A COMPLETE DISREGARD OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE NAME OF SO CALLED PATRIOTISM) 379 the increasing ubiquity of smart phones helps us manage time in a way that foretells the death of wall calendars; their days are numbered @cymrin im really proud of this tweet, I'm grinning like an idiot in the underground Now, what is often criticized about Electra Heart's assumed message is that your girlfriend @Rawr_Ebooks why not @Rawr_Ebooks are you trying to escape?? @Rawr_Ebooks me too! @Rawr_Ebooks romance @Rawr_Ebooks ARE YOU OK @Rawr_Ebooks "other"???? I Keep Trying To Take Selfies With My Eyes Closed But They Keep Coming Out Like This And I'm Worried I May Be Posse… https://t.co/g6ccXrhad8 I don't get what's abnormal about this fear actually https://t.co/65bg0yAZfA @NatRoze make me a fantroll @NatRoze hella Mercury all the way, and also I refuse to be a good influence Joy made a graphic to thank me and @cymrin for the cupcakes from Bi Visibility Day yesterday this is why she's my f… https://t.co/nIM0JBDiVd "We're here for the sex" is just about the worst thing https://t.co/UkXaeQvJNj @NatRoze hmmmm gimmie dat witch of blood @genderpickle how do @NatRoze take care of yourself friend, thats more important than the sweet homestucks Tom Cortina ass lust: it's for nerds and homos #lrt OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is my aesthetic I'm power bottom trash @cymrin what will you do now? COUGHING UP SNOT, WHY IS THERE SNOT IN MY THROAT according to my demonic pact with the witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid, I have to tweet something funny every day so here goes: today wa fun fact please don't eat republicans, you will get prion disease and die, it's not worth it https://t.co/SfFoSi3Ot3 @starla4444 this came up on fb and if this doesn't describe freshman year, nothing does https://t.co/lxDaGm9mCj @ebalke93 At least we can say we've lived problematic fave: me why: i know all the words to I Kissed A Girl @DialMforMacbeth that's kind of a scary "maybe" @bbbbbbbbbbbaka YOUR MOM IS BAD @Rawr_Ebooks yes those are clouds, take a deep breath What do you call a useless sound? A futile tootle! Fairness vs. Unfairness https://t.co/V079JEveea My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (130), Sky Ferreira (35), CHVRCHES (33) #lastfm Kaladesh prerelease!!!! My deck is crap!!!! Yay! got a Nissa tho @shirAdrenaline phantom! @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka Awful, Awful Things @cymreal upside down hand emoji staying up late doing linear algebra hw not bc i have to (it's not due until wednesday) but bc i enjoy writing lin alg proofs too much, help ugh i'm really happy i'm getting to take this class, abstract math usually pisses me off but i love linear algebra a lot ahhh idk what makes linear algebra so enjoyable while stuff like real anal or even 251/451 (which isnt rly nearly as abstract) is pure torture more data: loved probability. taking basic logic now and it's p cool but it's not my favorite. liked 151 more than 251 but it was still hard honestly one of the most iconic tweets i can think of and it definitely requires my periodic retweeting https://t.co/HzuxHdQdAz @Pretzelish when exactly?? pls not when i'm in new york?? i need to enter your personal space bubble @nex3 i'm never going to understand the intuition behind determining algorithm complexity and i'm trying to accept that i haven't done laundry in two weeks bc i was sick last weekend & then rly busy catching up on work all week, ahhhh i'm naked @Pretzelish somepony please make my tears stop @bbbbbbbbbbbaka *whispers* ur welcome https://t.co/2FMZInRGKE "I Am Made Of Chalk" by Crystal Castles makes me so sad i just got a flu shot and the pharmacist said not to use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the next few days... Yikes @zhgilbert i'm really happy!! i spent like 5 minutes trying to think of a pun @DialMforMacbeth @tedgarb https://t.co/eNtvlcWVGM *meanwhile, at the algebra* doctor: *lookin at it* me: what its is doctor: its linear me: Fuck Yeah https://t.co/mR17hy6t4N favorite song of the minute: Celestica by Crystal Castles https://t.co/EJKBI8Xs4A @Pretzelish broomy mcbroomface @Pretzelish rodney (bc a broom is usually a rod with hay at the end...) @Pretzelish granted i have no idea what's going on @Pretzelish ihateyaoi6969 thinking i should listen to something to fall asleep bc i think too much; i used to listen to audiobooks in middle school so like :? in a gay relationship who is the yuri and who is the Homura asking for a friend idk what to listen to though bc music is probably a bad idea (i'll just get caught up in loving it + then being sick of it) music is the only thing i do with my ears; i dont really listen to anyone talking sorry?? im just thinking about Homura but also about music *talking to a friend* ADVISOR: You're failing college. ALICE GLASS, IN MY HEAD: Deathray! Deathray! Deathray! Deathray! ME: *nodding* uh huh "Hi, Made Of Chalk, I'm Dad." uh you what now macOS https://t.co/6Eh1OZZoAV weird dreams about cognitive behavioral therapy last night?? i have never done CBT Adult vs. Juvenile https://t.co/IwMxNrlelD "If you need people, you're doing something wrong." --@icouldswear https://t.co/IMU4iUiJk0 @Rawr_Ebooks thanks for agreeing that that movie was shit @Rawr_Ebooks now i'm confused?? *listens to a song* UNTZUNTZUNTZ *violent headbanging* WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS *turns to piano and plays a mournful tune* UNLEASH THE BEAST i've definitely listened to a song before; who said i haven't?? @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god hun take care of yourself; gender is hard but i actually just realized i was unintentionally headbanging in the exchange so there's that This is how it starts... https://t.co/1zh6NfSuGq me: i'm an adult *I Am Made Of Chalk comes on* me: i'm a crying me when people ask me if I'm a boy or a girl http://t.co/gVy1UzgxRM #lrt i'm still really proud of this tweet; IMAP is having none of ur gender binary shit I've been listening to Crystal Castles II for 3 days and I'm already at the point of talking about how everything about the album is perfect Fainting Spells is such a good intro song???? Makes me want to rock out. And it ends with a calmer beat and then WHOOSH into Celestica ahhhh I spent like 5 minutes shaving my legs this morning and then it was cold out and I'm wearing long pants fuck this I didn't realize til now that my aesthetic was experimental electronica screaming music but it so so is?? Ok so basically all of the points I got off on my physics exam were a result of Not Having A Calculator frick i'm actually dressed warmly enough to work in cluster today and not freeze to death @Rawr_Ebooks hell @Rawr_Ebooks no, really, I'm going to hell ME: can't believe it's been less than a year since my first anime, ahahah PHYSICIAN: that's an interesting response to "do you do drugs" what?? what?? what?? what?? what?? what?? what?? what?? https://t.co/pWmN2TjP8r i remembered that antibacterial resistance is a thing and now i'm scared and sad @transprogrammer i want to write a short looping melody on a gritty synthesizer and overlay myself screaming about my mental health *looks at Crystal Gems* who is she remember men? ha Haha https://t.co/wDzdPYNKvX Your Code May Be Elegant, But Mine Fucking Works DO YOU WISH TO ENGAGE IN uwu DUDE I could be the princess, and you could beeeeee my 'gay' #doubleilluminati "the sex gender" https://t.co/eMagqyqI2k which one of us is the dick tho I'm gonna eat a pumpkin croissant I like thinking about serotonin; it makes me happy. the fact that taking typical antipsychotics can cause the development of permanent tardive dyskinesia is honestly terrifying antipsychotics are p scary drugs; they help psychiatrically but fuck you up neurologically; esp typical antipsychotics this is me being bitter about Abilify (aripiprazole) which was like Magically effective as a mood stabilizer for me but gave me akathisia literally no other drug I've ever taken, including Xanax and a host of ADHD stimulants, has ever made me feel as good as Abilify, wowie but it also simultaneously made life a living hell? it's a really strange dualism. medication is super interesting, but mental illness sucks mood stabilizers are really cool! they make mood swings (bipolar, PTSD, DID) more tolerable and less pronounced. i'm fascinated by this shit there's two classes of drugs used as mood stabilizers: anticonvulsants (seizure meds) known as the "pure" mood stabilizers, & antipsychotics additionally, lithium salts are mood stabilizers. like literally salts of lithium the element. helps with mood swings. what the fucking shit i have no idea why the brain works at all and psychology terrifies me but i love thinking about what happens when you throw chemicals at it given how much medication i'm taking, what you're reading right now is basically medication thinking about itself. apparently i was also talking about lithium 10 days ago; i'm kinda a broken record with things i like to think about https://t.co/7TTGLZadLm it's weird how both classes of mood stabilizers are kind of co-opted; anticonvulsants are for seizures and antipsychotics for schizophrenia in fact like. antipsychotics were always FOR a psychiatric illness. but the fact that anti-seizure medication helps with mood swings?? WOWIE @cymreal i cant believe in the past they would just sell psychoactive soda and it was just like yeah, thats normal, who said its not fite me back to Abilify: yknow those TV ads where the Abilify pill helps motivate someone to get out of bed, but doesnt make them magically happy? while thats how antidepressants work (bc major depression is basically pathologically low motivation/energy), Abilify isnt an antidepressant it's an atypical antipsychotic! and it did make me magically happy! but it also fucks u up! it's fucked up that there are TV ads for it! i don't understand TV ads for medication; its ur doctors job to be educated and updated on what can help you yknow what's another thing antipsychotics are co-opted for? Tourette's syndrome. specifically a typical antipsychotic called Orap (pimozide) Tourette's is awful, but tardive dyskinesia sounds worse. Tourette's is really interesting bc it doesnt work the way you think it would from the honestly offensive popular media representation of it Tourette's is a tic disorder involving multiple motor tics & at least one vocal tic, which isnt necessarily coprolalia (yelling obscenities) and what ppl don't realize is that the Tourette's tics are "unvoluntary"; they don't just "happen", you're kind of forced to do them urself @thegreatmaddie ahhh antipsychotics are bad, the tree deserves better ok wow it's 2am and i'm talking about medication and psychiatric/neurologic disorder, goodnight i'm in exhaustion pain @isitasubtweet this has awful implications you dirty bot @cymreal just bc coprolalia isn't required for a Tourette's diagnosis doesn't mean I don't have it you yeri sound Going to bed is hard because my head is full of thoughts and I can't stop thinking, so I want to spend an hour vomiting them on Twitter *looks at Carla Shaw* who is she @warnedya also rude!! I've got a bad habit wherein someone mentions a band/game/etc, I make a knowing gesture, they ask if I know The Thing, and I'm like ahh no @Rawr_Ebooks fuck???? fuck???? fuck???? fuck!!!! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka is that the entire song or @tedgarb @CMYKGenet a third of KGB exec and half of ALLIES exec @cymrin @mahoushoujorose @bbbbbbbbbbbaka therapists are not supposed to do that got nostalgia for the recitation filming thing; sophomore year sitting in cold rooms playing VVVVVV and drinking la prima hot chocolates arbitrary linear maps!!!! I Am Made Of Vectors Ok but legit I almost started crying walking out of the exchange this morning bc I was listening to I Am Made Of Chalk omg It's such an amazing way to end the album?? E M O T I O N A L // D E S T R U C T I O N I'm wearing the seafoam thigh highs today jsyk @mahoushoujorose somewhat relatedly https://t.co/2HlvdLZwkn in a gay relationship, who's linear and who's the algebra i.e. who can be stated as a linear combination of basis gays & who is a syntactic construction of queerness making it easier to understand *2 hours later* "when you think about it, the lambda calculus has a lot in common with the experience of being bisexual in today's society" Cheap telomere enlargement pills! Unable to satisfy your lust for a longer life? Get longer telomeres in just minutes! It really works! while writing that tweet i was looking at dick pill spam for inspiration and... make my penis bigger than the Moon https://t.co/yfDAhmTJ8M RUSSIAN PROF: Prepositional case is easy! Gender doesn't matter; most words end in -е! Kelly, why are you laughing? ME: gender doesnt matter @GrinningKobold D: everyone has to retweet the telomere tweet because it's the best thing i've ever tweeted thanks bye every other tweet from here on out is just going to be some pun on "I Am Made Of Chalk", and then occasionally sobbing, get ready for it gender of the day is https://t.co/BZha3GD8uZ @transprogrammer https://t.co/mQYG72nISZ @mapleakuma draw a horse tbh or not tbh is this a chalk tweet?? @mapleakuma U N D O I've spent over 1000 hours of my life playing The Binding of Isaac wow... I'm full of useless knowledge about a flash game bc I used to spend my spare time reading decompiled ActionScript, AMA!! i've just got this weird picture of kate mckinnon on my computer ok https://t.co/9xmakzQrqU Poor vs. Rich https://t.co/wyDf1qEKS1 i realized the allies closet was Made Of Chalk.... now my hands are Made Of Chalk I Am Made Of Choc-olate @GrinningKobold im cacklibng if you!!! multiply two numbers!!!! repeatedly!!!! you eventually!!!! get!!!! kicked out of the library for disruption of the peace!!!! its important https://t.co/lu1iD5gchd me when my friends mention chalk bc they listen to me ramble about stuff i think about: ☺️ me five seconds later when i think about chalk: 😢 @dQoverT hardcore truth, i learned today that chalk could totally deck me in a fight voting is important & you should do it; if ur not registered to vote pls do so soon!! it's not hard & then you can help make a difference! i don't know what a transperson is and i don't know anybody who does; it is a mystery amphetamines will keep you awake but they won't necessarily make you happy about it i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual!!!! i'm asexual! you know what else makes me emotional?? the fact that i can't eat grapefruit. it's the best fucking taste ever and it fucks up my meds i haven't had grapefruit in three years!! other than one incident a year ago that, yep, fucked me up. shit maybe the reason i've been more emotional lately is bc the SSRI i recently started (fluvoxamine) raises blood levels of oral estradiol @cymreal you totally get it!! you understand!! friend my bra left hella red marks on my shoulders today, please calm down keep noticing more & more signs of my weight loss; my bras (which to be fair i bought almost 3 years ago) feel loose in the shoulder straps i'm really frustrated that my clothes are fitting me less and less; the one skirt i own practically seems massive on me now i want to stop losing weight but amphetamine makes eating so hard... i'm making sure i eat three meals a day but still... it's not working @cymreal i saw her at breakfast today actually, but i felt weird asking her about it, im sorry did you know that you can literally overdose on grapefruit. eating an entire grapefruit can cause drug overdose toxicity. what the fucking. @blueshiftofdeat the taste of grapefruit is honestly one of my favorite tastes and i will fight anyone who disagrees in the ALLIES mudpit @blueshiftofdeat i'm gonna cry but that might just be bc of the abnormally high amount of estrogen in my body lately grapefruit fucks with - alprazolam (Xanax) - amphetamine (ADHD treatment) - acetaminophen (Tylenol) - fluvoxamine (Luvox) - lamotrigine (Lamictal) - levothyroxine (Synthroid) - diphenhydramine (Benadryl) - dextromethorphan (Cough suppressant) - estradiol (transfeminine HRT) and that's just the stuff I take; there's a fuck ton more as well: https://t.co/eHCZZNXoj2 i remember being 17 & walking into a psychiatry appt actually feeling happy & telling my dr about how i love starting my day with grapefruit and then he's like oh god don't do that and i'm like are you serious and he's like yeah seriously and i'm like i'm not happy anymore "can't believe those awful transgenders! if there's trans pride then there should also be" https://t.co/vEkBOmAmPB @blueshiftofdeat you have a heart after all ´・ᴗ・` drugs of last resort are really cool?? there's meds that are more effective in treatment-resistent conditions but are also rly dangerous the one i always think of is clozapine; an antipsychotic effective for treatment-resistent schizophrenia but which can cause agranulocytosis it's basically "dangerously low white blood cell count." clozapine users literally have to be nationally registered & regularly monitored. like, you have to have blood tests weekly for six months, then biweekly for six months, then monthly for the rest of the time you take it. that's some really hella downside to that medication! but, it's clinically effective. i love that there's a backup plan, a secret weapon. bonus: i don't take clozapine, but it increases fluvoxamine, which increases estradiol, which decreases lamotrigine. it's a fukin chain. When dudes say "make yourself gender neutral" online, what they mean is make yourself male - that's the default expected identity what's your favorite meme? mine is being creative! @fluttergirly haha good :3 i found queer homestuck/scp crossover fic in someone's sandbox on the scp wiki, ahahah what a wonderful world there's a trolley heading towards the concept of death; if you pull a lever, it'll instead head towards the concept… https://t.co/ka0fnNPR6e @sk4p this is what you-factorial-factorial-factorial-factorial is! https://t.co/mohyYLWu66 @JhoiraArtificer specifically dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine, but they are the two parts that combine to make amphetamine. *stares mournfully out the window* it's not Twilight Sparkle's balloon... not anymore... @bbbbbbbbbbbaka same @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god a flappy bird rpg https://t.co/sG4tQ2AxGt that's horrifying, i love spongebob stills, this is exactly why the bot exists https://t.co/0HrByzLMXb Failure vs. Success https://t.co/g2HiAIdbja "oh charizard what a firm chest you have" "ash,, i will breathe fire in your ass" why is porn showing up on my feed https://t.co/rji0aiLNl1 @tenuous coding doesn't really involve a lot of coding i think this happens to me every six months or so [AN UNSPECIFIED NUMBER OF HORSES ENTER YOUR HOME]! Ok so I just realized that was no ordi @Rawr_Ebooks every six months an unspecified number of horses enters your home?? hyperbole is the worst fucking thing starting the morning with some good, healthy chalk! :) @epstmlgy we need two magic ME: pronouns are problematic; always refer to people by their names YOU: is that why u changed ur name to Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way @thefurriesare splinter twin i've got high standards for the manufacturing quality of the estradiol i take, and that why i'm coming out as sapiotranssexual, i'm not really into swimming. i don't like being a half naked drowning hazard in public. respect my privacy, drowning voyeurs. *listens to some music* shit, i'm a drowning voyeur. https://t.co/zWE8bsVlJB ordering space from left to right seems so natural as to be potentially intrinsic to the universe but that's because we were taught it young there are a lot of things that seem to establish universal structure but are actually just arbitrary and nothing really is beautiful relatedly, it's very strange talking to someone whose obsessive-compulsive thoughts are contradictory to your own reminder that most people have some obsessive-compulsive thoughts & behaviors; it becomes OCD when they significantly inhibit ur functioning tangential reminder that "omg im so CDO;; it's just OCD in the right order!!!!" is pretty gross bc it's mocking ppl with a serious condition don't wanna target myself w/the "offended for the sake of being offended" strawman but like i dont get being rude for the sake of being rude @angrysql i just learned a new word for me even&square numbers are Good & non-square odd numbers are Bad. when someone says odd numbers make them feel comfortable its Confusing four is my favorite number, and three makes me uncomfortable. powers of 2 are great, particularly even powers (8 feels kinda strange?) when i say 3 makes me uncomfortable i mean like i actively avoid it, i try to do things four times when it would be easier to do it thrice @zhgilbert my thought process diverged a few times and i think it has become two threads :p when Peedee in Steven Universe said that washing the ketchup bottles three times just felt cleaner to him, I was like Is This Real it's super easy to normalize one's own thought processes as being universal, but people are really incredibly diverse, and that's confusing. things aren't intrinsic just bc they're your core values, or bc you were exposed to them continuously throughout your development. this is why people are flummoxed by non-heterosexuality, and by gender-nonconformance/fluidity, bc they consider their assumptions intrinsic warning, receiving fellatio for a period of time in excess of a year can cause dick erosion i'm like absolutely sure that it's someone's fetish to have their dick eaten by a hamster for 200 fucking years but, @tenuous please rickroll me for thirty six hours while i'm tied to a chair that softly and non-lethally electrocutes me every 10 minutes *attaches electrodes to my forehead and electrocutes myself to the tune of Oops! I Did It Again* is this ASMR?? whales make that really depressing moaning noise bc they can't use the internet, they just have to like be a big fuckin fish in the ocean yaoi is fake, men exhibit electromagnetic repulsion against each other, they want the d so bad but it is so far out of reach @mahoushoujorose i am made of chalk @mahoushoujorose i didn't see this before i replied to ur other tweet so here i am voting & making the same comment that i am made of chalk @cymreal @mahoushoujorose tweetdeck doesn't show me polls unless I yell at it so I never see them ahahahah bumped into Sleator at iNoodle after skipping the midterm in his class, he goes "I didn't see you today!" and im liKE @mahoushoujorose @shirAdrenaline choo choo motherfucker it's your motherfuckin birthday I love it when my friends are aware that I think about certain things a lot, it shows they care, ahh briefly considered chalking a picture of Homura on the ground but then thought noOOOOOO @epstmlgy i think it feels weird because it's 2^3 and i don't like 3. i vaguely remember something from 251 about groups of order 8 maybe bluhh Wunderlist doesn't support repeating tasks, why is the concept of a "to-do list" so impossible to get right it's always a bad feel when multiple people unsubscribe from the ALLIES dlist after I send an email to it in Russian class there are 9 students, & the textbook does things in groups of 8; everyone down the line Says A Thing and I get skipped :/ it's completely coincidental, mixed with the fact that I usually sit at one end or the other of the semi-circle, but i want to say words too huh, my github profile looks different. they removed my pony picture. the thought of sitting in a Professional Office and working eight hours a day honestly really depresses me adhd means that usually I burn myself out working HELLA HARD for the first half of the day, and then spend four hours tired and bored adhd, tourette's, and trauma mean that it's really hard and somewhat torturous to be "Professional" all day @asymbina i was trying to find a fistbump emoji but most of the fisting emojis look pretty threatening so just imagine a friendly fistbump @bbbbbbbbbbbaka seven "on" the Kinsey scale Genderfuck (fuck me up inside) Genderfuck (fuck me up) FUCK ME UP INSIDE (parenting) FUCK ME UP INSIDE (parenting) FUCK ME once, shame on yo @Rawr_Ebooks it went through like three different times I've parodied bring me to life I see Brony fanfics are in stores now https://t.co/PnB6yXr5ok @jgschraiber i thought this was a bipolar thing at first @cymreal this isn't k-on, @tamasys it's thursday night and it's raining like hell @cymreal the text is not what i was favign?? @cymreal there should be characters named s and m so that bdsm can be a poly ship I wonder if there's a picture of my Twitter Audience, yiff. Thanks obamacare. my recent searches, https://t.co/4pZ1C2v0cZ @cymreal i shouldn't be up at 2am anyway bc tomorrow is gonna feel like sin but eyyyyyyyyyyyyy medication (imagine the tune of the Macarena) @eevee bowser just wants to love waluigi in peace @eevee the dragon grabs a tuft of skinny italian man chest hair "pls wah for me, pls"; waluigi smirks, his mustache sparkling with lubricant @eevee i need,, i need to sleep Doctor: damn you Homestuck #lrt same /@bbbbbbbbbbbaka "i cant believe you'd tell me i'm transmisogynist just because i think transwomen are gross!!!! i'm https://t.co/JTrygyh1hs i don't even know where i'm going with this tweet, i just rly wanted to use that image. it's a good one. i think i may use it in bed tonight the phallic nature of the image horrifically reminds me of this tweet https://t.co/dBhQvq2Z3R https://t.co/gj6OsWcd2r !!!!! @differencebot has almost 200 followers!!!! i'm,, really proud of my botchild!! https://t.co/lNrhdHoCdl @cymrin i'm p sure you trust differencebot more than you trust me @cymrin yaoi couple/yuri couple Incautious vs. Cautious https://t.co/qll8FXrydG @cymrin 👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats wh @LaplaceFox @differencebot thanks!! it chooses a noun, finds two images of that noun, then chooses a pair of antonymic adjectives. @LaplaceFox @differencebot selection bias means we interpret uniform randomness as surprisingly smart & that makes me feel good about myself i'm scared https://t.co/XBO6RIupRN @cymrin dear diary, today i cried three times. this was two more times than my usual amount. i really grew as a person, and will stop stalki @cymrin i just noticed it for the first time; it seems like twitter knows that Moments is shit and is trying to get ppl more interested @cymrin literally not sure what it actually does though or how it works bc i haven't played around with it yet oh god i'm so tired @cymrin what if i have an impure dream @cymrin have u ever had a dream thats p normal but suddenly twilight sparkle is fixing ur breakfast and ur married to a horse, its pure love @cymrin @nex3 idk what you mean, Homura is very pure @cymrin @nex3 ohhhh you probably mean ASMR... i'm sorry i know it's illegal.... i can't help myself @nex3 @cymrin https://t.co/1mhd8dyS3j @cymrin i literally haven't been awake this late in a really long time?? i'm morning person trash @cymrin @nex3 https://t.co/ENELmLnqB8 @cymrin god damn it now i've got two out of six ponies tracking my every tweet, this is what i get for this impure… https://t.co/ysyTfnZkWI @cymrin honestly i think this may be another side effect of the SSRI since it's been happening all week... hope it goes away soon i looked at my last.fm profile and i haven't listened to anything but Crystal Castles for six days; it goes back 10 pages of recent tracks before Friday i literally didn't listen to a single song other than an iTunes preview of Celestica, and i'm already a hardcore fangirl given the volume of music i've submersed myself in, i'd go so far as to say i am made of chalk @cymrin that's really cute that you still believe. such innocent. never grow up. i'm doing it, i'm getting into bed. GOOD FUCKIN NIGHT https://t.co/5o23fUkJNp oh apparently Sleator pulled a Reid-Miller; he told a friend (who I told earlier that day) I had extra test time but was dropping the class "Amortized cost of splay operation is O(log n)" just a statistical error. Sleator Georg is an outlier and should not have been counted when Dumbledore looked in the mirror of erised do you think he saw yaoi Show me more Sass /@nex3 https://t.co/SNBJ8mnV9w @mapleakuma Spread This Like Wildfire Well I Sure Spent Half The Day On One Tenth Of My Linear Algebra Homework LOOK AT THIS FUCKIN RAINBOW oh and also it's raining hella hard but the sun is shining and I'm feeling so happy https://t.co/JVAW2yfK61 whenever I watch anime i always play Spot The baka ":P Things have progressed to the point where I have the genitals she Promised me". remember, if you can't find your PEACE WITH THE world! H smoke chalk everyday https://t.co/RJcs9tlYKx Twitter is for two things: callouts and yaoi. And I'm all out of callouts... Googling piglet gives me winnie the pooh piglet and I Am proud to be an offshoot timeline, in which all participants would be doomed. I haven't received a confirmation email yet and it makes me feel better, right! No! RUPAUL BLART https://t.co/t0vygeq1NR accountant assigned at birth https://t.co/bYdeUp9QIP The 3rd and 7th genders are still yet to find him all morning. I knew it would be about feminism, and was later seen looking at homestuck pi do you know my mother wouldn't let me vote without tweeting that twice for some reason? #TMI I am a little butterfly I've lowered to even newer levels of incompetence. I'm not lil cal you're lil cal the only reason men aren't sucking each other's dicks is because they're too busy eating them My cool glitch jacket finally arrived!!!! /@DataErase https://t.co/eseOJby4u7 "You should come to the LGBTQIA club since you're a furry!! It's a safe space where you can be yourself. The A stands for anthropomorphic!" https://t.co/zqrsblB6VK @DataErase thanks!!!! And sure go ahead^^ "I really love reading yaoi discourse!" --@cymrin False vs. True https://t.co/MCrFcJL2CL https://t.co/fulPv8uxM5 Chronic vs. Acute https://t.co/USGqCXqU1B ME: halloween is illegal YOU: but it's candy corn sesaon ME, WEARING 2 HALLOWEEN COSTUMES & DRINKING A PUMPKIN SPICE FRAPPUCCINO: h is good *knits for the first time in like a year* i love this wow i wonder why i haven't done it lately *5 mins later* how did I pick up 5 stitches i knit really quickly because i flick knit and subsequently I don't tend to notice when I have knit things that are not stitches lol what the dink is that noise; you sound like power bottom did you know there is such a thing as too much serotonin? while low levels are associated w/depression, high levels can be problematic too almost all antidepressants ultimately function by increasing levels of serotonin; they're also associated with numerous adverse effects modern antidepressants, SSRIs, have to carry warnings that they can actually increase suicidal behavior and tendency to self-harm older antidepressants, MAOIs, are contraindicated with numerous other prescription /and/ OTC drugs, which is why they're kind of last resort these drugs do weird things w/the chemicals in your brain. we don't know exactly what serotonin does. sure SSRIs help some ppl, but not all. i think serotonin is really cool, and i love that antidepressants exist and help some people. i also think they're not for everyone. these drugs are indicated for major depression, OCD, panic disorder, and a few other things. they aren't just magic happy pills. there's an, albeit increasingly rare, representation of antidepressants in media as being pills you take to stop being sad, which is untrue. things are complicated by the fact that some illnesses can masquerade as major depression which is by far the most diagnosed mental disorder @SlimeGirlfriend i feel this! SSRIs make me really agitated. i haven't been on welbutrin but i'm happy it works for you ^^ @mapleakuma knitting!! i've been mostly crocheting since i learned how to does bc i rly like it but i forgot that i also rly like knitting!! @mapleakuma i really hope the phd candidates keep yarnivores alive so all this yarn gets used i've lost track of where i'm going with this thread. medicine is cool. serotonin is cool. be involved in your treatment. i spent three years on various SSRIs before my major depression diagnosis was reassessed and determined to not be the best-fitting diagnosis spending the last two weeks on an SSRI (this time to target OCD symptoms) has put my freshman year in a new light bc I don't tolerate SSRIs I'd refuse to take them for short periods of time when I became convinced they were hurting me but the discontinuation symptoms hurt as well and yet I talk to people who say SSRIs help them feel motivated to try to take care of themselves, and help them sleep with less anxiety which I think is really amazing. I was bitter for a long time that I thought I was untreatable, but I'm happy that solutions exist for ppl. oh, it's November soon. huh, i wonder if it's been enough time that I won't be affected by the NaNoWriMo curse. probably not lol. time to spend all of my money on getting called out i tweeted 1530 times last month, which is ~300 more tweets than my previous record, wowie numbers and statistics are Good, also I use a terrible website called last.fm to track my music listening, it's Crap ok why is it such a trope that Good Thing Exists, Good Thing Gets A Makeover That Will Make It Better!!!!, Good Thing Is Now Fucking Shit it happened to last.fm, it happened to PucaTrade, it'll happen to you someday, slowly but surely you will become unrecognizable a review of Crystal Castles II before I listened to it told me only fans would like Vietnam, and that Birds and I Am Made Of Chalk were crap These Were Lies (well, i guess i am really a fan of Crystal Castles now, and i loove Vietnam) i really like pars 'n' stars, they should just like, always be there @cymreal i guess you'll just have to stay a silent pixel queer; i have no mouth and i must desu i'm marrying last.fm and no ones gonna stop me i don't know how it's already been four hours since I woke up? time seems to slip along on the weekends. saturdays kinda make me happy, especially today because it's bright and sunny out, i've got a nice window next to me in my dorm room. weather is really important for mood though wow, i'm sure it's a common thing, i just tend to feel happier when it's bright and sunny out a couple of days ago i woke up and it was overcast and gloomy out and i felt like i didn't really wake up and everything was sad yeah yeah there's the sun providing UV light that causes production of vitamin D in your skin which affects ur hormones and thus ur mood but i think that happens at a higher level than what I think is more an emotional association between color brightness and motivation @sriramk trackbacks were the best! i was so passionate about trackbacks; i would blog about trackbacks and get trackbacks about trackbacks maybe I should write about medication on my blog instead of doing odd tweet storms that descend into rambling @epstmlgy Brexpiprazole sounds like if Brexit and Abilify (aripiprazole) had a babby I slept surprisingly soundly last night? The sheet and covers were still tucked in; making the bed just involved rearranging stuffed animals @ebalke93 sounds more like a warm new fad, because you get a warm new sweater out of it! @ebalke93 i found it. this is my halloween flavor. the erisol shipper. what could be scarier? i'm so excited to be homura in less than a month!! @KbLogQ HECK YEAH @starla4444 so, uh, crystal castles is REALLY good haha i was gonna go to starbucks but now tracker is broken was hype to judge the 2016 Interactive Fic Competition but was shocked at the number of fics that werent werewolf transformation fetish sims ME: want some starbucks PITTSBURGH: have some heavy sunshowering ME: lit dont care PITTSBURGH: what if it's hail ME: fight me tapped I Am Made Of Chalk on my iphone and it said "This media may be damaged" and I'm like hahahahahahaha i'm damaged ngl this pumpkin spice frapp is disappointing me @KbLogQ i have only listened to the album Crystal Castles II so far so idk (i have a very particular way that I consume music) @KbLogQ i'm rly happy you're enjoying them though, i have music feels, pls tell me if you like any of the tracks on Crystal Castles II remember #mentalhealth therapy? ha Haha I probably got about a metric ton of conversation hearts today. I don't understand why everyone else hates them---I just love chalk "Why is everything I like chalk???" @Pretzelish chalk buddies!!!! come suffer with me translator's note https://t.co/kH8Xoi3BgD witchcraft https://t.co/h4VrpyXEtL anyone that knows me knows I love _________. quote with what you think the answer is and copy this tweet to see what people say about you. @mapleakuma dont make me break out the horrifying halloween erisol pic @dQoverT calling the cops @dQoverT calling the cops again whenever I watch anime i always play Spot The Satanism uwu (˶◕‿◕˶✿) Happy 3rd birthday to @Rawr_Ebooks! 🎁🎁🎁 #happybotday it is sio, so easy to Mindhack the government and get permission to dig holes in your yard Soft vs. Hard https://t.co/0b95vOO58c @CMYKGenet The mac vs pc vs Linux debate solved: people are big fukin naked monkeys that hallucinate for sometimes 8 hours at a time, wowie My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (509), The Third Vagina (1) #lastfm @Rawr_Ebooks wow this is sadist @warnedya @epstmlgy um. Pls no. so Twitter updated their terms of service https://t.co/uV7ALIyFRk @tedgarb it just keeps going @NoctisIgnis i've written a bunch of twitter bots so i have an obscene number of twitter accounts uh but you sent this email on October 2nd https://t.co/dMYXyIyzZd attack on methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylalaylglutaminylprolylleucylglutaminylserylserylthreonylalanylthreonylphenylalanrylglycylphen... reminder that i had a popular post on tumblr once lol https://t.co/1ejypArvwB yo check out this bot @titin189819 I made that literally just tweets the entire name of the protein Titin over the… https://t.co/mELpTfih9Y also what the heck @tamasys?? how did you?? find this?? before i tweeted about it???? https://t.co/CLkwxEJPxs props to @cymrin for giving me the trash idea to make this bot less than an hour ago; i'm getting p efficient at this garbage i'm not sure if this, which was tweeted just now, is a shot at @titin189819?? come now my bot children, be civil to… https://t.co/RYyn3H5RvS @GrinningKobold :( coughs suck!! i should've known you were trans since you like estrogen @Rawr_Ebooks please get something to eat!! @Rawr_Ebooks crystal castles?? @Rawr_Ebooks oh. that's.. different. Maybe I would understand Azealia Banks better if she spoke with her mouth overnight @cymrin i could tell you that i was watching literally any anime and you'd say "in 2007 a bunch of otaku started a convention dedicated to t @gardensimulator I think it's just a joke that ppl who already get high order fns will get, but the joke gets misinterpreted as educational @gardensimulator because like "oh I understand it, and it looks simple, so other people will be able to learn from it!" Some of the oldest antidepressants belong to a class of chemicals known as MAOIs (a portmanteaux of Man Yaois). These drugs are known for th useful https://t.co/JRsbTNrnRm mad respect for biochemists because i don't want to get on the wrong side of anyone who can gain information out of a protein ribbon diagram @cymrin i'm desugusted by how many times i've said the word yaoi lately?? FUCKING ngl i don't think I've ever heard the term "forced feminization" without feeling incredibly uncomfortable @drquuxum is this a stereotype of transgirls?? i mean i like pickles but @drquuxum i can't tolerate anything spicier than sparkling water while having to take Synthroid is still pretty annoying, i do really like its name. Synthroid. ahhhh nice. it's probably the "synth" https://t.co/jwg8tUTkoD @nancy_ebooks NEVER SAY VULVAR SLIT Mr. Gorbachev, transmute down this wall https://t.co/NOjIcyBeUp @icouldswear did you kill everyone younger???? super tired this morning but I have two packages so that makes up for it ME: cutting across the mall is such a good idea&everyone else is a Fool for going the long way ME A MINUTE LATER: my legs are covered in mud well suddenly my monitor isn't working again???? please no Remember Us To Life by Regina Spektor arrived in the mail today bc I had preordered it but I'm not gonna listen to it yet bc CRYSTAL CASTLES also got my Kaladesh and Conspiracy 2 booster boxes! let's have a fuckin party @mahoushoujorose this is really good @transprogrammer sorry it's a grassy field called "the mall" and it has rained recently @DialMforMacbeth @cymrin this is the worst thing i've ever seen @starla4444 @mahoushoujorose @cymrin @KbLogQ guess who just remembered about madokastuck https://t.co/mnYUI3bBIF @shirAdrenaline @mahoushoujorose @cymrin @KbLogQ this is the only thing that has made me smile today look at these hecka cool misprints I pulled in a kaladesh pack!!!! they're commons but still! (also there was a gea… https://t.co/mk8Gmdg5iJ i keep zoning out in class because I'm thinking about gender The A in LGBTQIA is for CMU ALLIES this bot could just be keysmashing and no one would know https://t.co/CnWlRzPnOF @drquuxum nice!!!!!!! I've been waiting for my food at the pain store for at least 15 minutes, and I'm overheating, I have in fact purchased pain ok legit i waited for 35 minutes wearing my jacket, scarf, and backpack, to the point where i thought i was going to lose consciousness turns out they forgot about me. i ended up just taking off all of my shit and putting them on counters; like what the fucking hell is this @Frosty_mage they don't sell bread, they just theorize about selling bread i can't express how upset i am that I have to choose between 1) putting my stuff down outside at a table and leave it alone to be stolen 2) putting my stuff down outside at a table and sitting there, where i will not hear my name be called and thus will never get my food 3) taking all of my shit off & scattering them on the floor and counters of the fuckin store and standing there idiotically taking up space 4) waiting patiently while overheating and having my chest compressed i have low blood pressure and in particular i'm not good at standing in place for long periods of time, especially wearing a backpack there's a lot of annoying shit to weigh: do I ask them after 15 minutes if they've forgotten me? sure it's kind of busy... they might yell do i take my shit off after 15 minutes? what if they call my name immediately after? i'm too tired to keep picking my shit back up. i'm done complaining about this, there is no such thing as a yandere, good night random daily supplement advert on the tv near me had jellyfish in the background and i love jellyfish so i completely ignored the advert @titin189819 everything about this bot is good @gardensimulator they're confused, and coming to terms with being trans is hard twink. https://t.co/7QahKZF9yN Who even needs Paint Tool SAI http://t.co/4Nqcr3NpYr "you can tell a girl penis apart from a boy penis because it has a bow. and eyelashes. and dick titties." jesus shit now last.fm pops up a Shit every time I load a page bc i'm using an ad blocker i'm not paying $3 a month to this shitty website that my sanity completely depends on, what are you saying advertisements can Fuck themselves Right In Their Big Autoplaying Fish Mouths https://t.co/2a2Gug6jZ9 it's really interesting that we've gotten to the point where it's common to have a piece of software installed that blocks advertisements i really like KGB; today's meeting got kind of Hectic toward the end, but i like KGB, is good relax, makes me feel funny @duckinator tweetdeck is terrible software and i dislike it slightly less intensely than i dislike https://t.co/2tUjZwb8hd last.fm is going to die, and probably soon. sorry folks. sorry me. sorry. i technically have time to do homework right now but i'm exhausted and i'm reading the @rawr_ebooks source code thanks what smartass decided that dicks and boobs were gendered equivalents i'm a glitch girl and i'm gonna put a spell on you (gonna put a spell on you) yo not sure if this has always been the case but these magic cards straight from the pack smell really good, wowie @epstmlgy https://t.co/GFRtcK8KAQ Is that one the Homura? @rdmarsh2 the Homura in my thoughts or the Homura in my dreams? holy shit that's the meaning of life: find the music you want to die clutching and get to listen to forever without getting sick of it @rdmarsh2 Let me tell you about Homura, *looks up from linear algebra hw* the yaoi vector *looks back down* @cymrin not my fault, blame Math, my body! sure doesn't like! antidepressants! dizzy? tired? chest hurts? haven't eaten all day? if these apply to you, you may be eligible to join the Anxious Shut-in Club. we need help. It's like DayQuil, but in suppository form. Introducing: GayQuil. i can't believe that the new President made horses illegal and now we have to deal with the shitty American knock-off, schmorses when it hit the floor the cap opened and multicolored Tums spread themselves all over Her butt and tail and between her hooves gently dont forget what youre thinking. Horses are kind. Horses are used all over the bed. mmmphh groaned Jessica. ?? synthroid pill was still in the pill sorter at breakfast even though i could swear i took it when i woke up. i think i may have actually taken melatonin, and i'm now sure i definitely need a dedicated pill sorter for my synthroid. Good Morning!!!!! Time for melatonin The Third Vagina rehost is up! Featuring all of your favorite shit https://t.co/a632rFLdjO Including the albums "To Be Completely Honest If You're Listening To This You're Gay", "Great Theoretical Ideas In Satanism", and "ᎊ"! wowie it's already in the top 10 https://t.co/WwUVpWhjcd @Rawr_Ebooks I KNOW RIGHT @Rawr_Ebooks T H A T I S N O T M U S I C Frightening. https://t.co/nDYZDrnIyN @warnedya yes!! it is frightning!! thanks obama!! honestly, I Am Made of Chalk is better than it has any right to be, i love it so much,, i am made of chalk,, good night i pulled a dubious challenge and a foil dubious challenge, now all I need is a torn-in-half dubious challenge more like sweet cinnamon roll fave https://t.co/f1LOSARmMr i still can't believe how much I've listened to Art Angels by Grimes, holy fuck, it's such an amazing album https://t.co/LCT1f2mJ9K WHAT I LEARNED IN LINEAR ALGEBRA IS,,,, WHAT I LEARNED IN LINEAR ALGEBRA IS!!!! WHAT I LEARNED IN LINEAR ALGEBRA IS!!!! Out of habit I plugged my computer into my monitor just now and it's suddenly working again. I don't understand technology. yeah ok the fucking monitor is not working again, jesus christ, why, does anything have to exist The A in LGBTQIA is for kinkshaming Did you hear about metrosexuals?? fucked up if true @Rawr_Ebooks please! @Rawr_Ebooks anime tiddy apparently a foil Aether Hub is $11?? i was not expecting this, maybe i should sleeve it @transprogrammer crystal!!!! castles!!!! this song gives me a shiver almost every time i listen to it i fuckin love this song it's beautiful @transprogrammer i've only listened to Crystal Castles II so far bc i am really particular with how i consume music but i love this album ok apparently according to @cymrin i can literally say any random word and it just happens to be a weeb word?!?! "I don't actually know which show has sasuke in it" -@starla4444, refuting her weebiness @cymrin fight me desu No one can prove I've watched an anime *kicks Kirby under bed* @cymreal or i just unfollow you? @cymreal my plan all along was to make you all read my bad posts but not read any of yours myself, I'm Cruel @cymreal aw https://t.co/ijmWwT44Or i'm asexual and The A in LGBTQIA is for words like "dirt" IM howling @Rawr_Ebooks oh no *accidentally watches yaoi* is this ASMR? writing a paper on used cars and i'm looking for some real feminist yaoi. hit me up if you know any or if you want to help me bury a body @cymrin i love how real things are tangible!! let's go kick over the pars & stars parcans and maybe light the cut on fire i'm so ironic, even this acronym someone edit sex into the art of this magic card so I can actually enjoy it madoka kaname was only 14 when she became god https://t.co/FG1Z4xJ1wp it'd be nice if i could squeeze more Doing Work into the first half of the day so I'm even more tired later Someone asked me to hold the elevator as the door was closing and I accidentally hit the door close button???? @cymrin hush @cymrin no time for questions, just magical girls rate my aesthetic, pls, and then tell me what it is I'm going to spend a LOT of MONEY so I can FABRICATE a NATURAL and ENDEARING AESTHETIC THAT I'M KNOWN FOR Actually I don't have the time, money, or energy to dress in cute clothes so I guess I'm a stereotypical slovenly and obnoxious CS student? I'm like Courtney Act, I rely on the fact that I look kind of like a girl so I don't have to put effort into anything (ok that was trashy) @cymrin chalk???? i'm naked under these shorts @myfreeweb 🔥🔥🔥🔥АSМЯ🔥🔥🔥🔥 @cymrin I'm actually wearing underwear and it's not made of chalk I promise (even though I am made of chalk) @cymrin I rly like the bright colors aesthetic actually but it's hard to pull off when I have no time/energy/money to buy clothes @mahousecretrose good!!!! @NatRoze yes!!!!! it me hell fuckin yeah we did four physics hw problems tonight and it's only Tuesday, I feel so accomplished, time to eat an ultimate brownie @mapleakuma I saw, @mapleakuma i saw, Fef saw, I think everyone saw @cymreal I can't believe I literally did something!! I've never done anything. now just 6 more problems for the next two days, @cymrin @mahousecretrose @Vimeo this is. good. @cymrin this is blatantly untrue @Rawr_Ebooks w h a t But now that the pizza's here, have some fun with Terezi [lesbians screaming] Eneida. @dQoverT it's about to ! @cymrin is this an amigara fault thing, I Am Made of Homestuck @festerparty my first word was Homura @cymrin don't gays have an amigara fault thing, Mwahahaha All Of My Friends Are Slowly Listening To Crystal Castles,,, also they're buying DataErase stuff? i'm a trendsetter i bought a trendsetter trendsweater @SlimeGirlfriend me too!!!!!! i'd never even heard of Crystal Castles two weeks ago and now they're The Best @nex3 they are an experimental electronica band! it's low-fi and glitchy and pretty and screamy and i love it, it Me @cymreal is the fox a furry @cymreal i don't even know what ur tweeting about i just saw the words "the reader is the fox" @nex3 my favorite song is Celestica (linked), also popular is Not In Love https://t.co/EJKBI8Xs4A @SlimeGirlfriend i'm working overtime to get them there,, this is after less than two weeks https://t.co/eJhP6h99mi @cymreal im evil closing my "Wikipedia - Vacuum permittivity" tab even though I know I'll just open it again the next time I do physics hw (tomorrow) @SlimeGirlfriend thanks!! if i do Top All Time it's Marina & the Diamonds by like an obscene amount but i haven't l… https://t.co/lStLEwoO0W @SlimeGirlfriend last.fm may be a bad website but i love statistics ahhh (also actually it told me to listen to CC because I like Grimes) @differencebot delete this aarrarRGHGHHHH i'm so tired this morning, if someone even looks at me wrong i'm going to chew their nipples off @tamasys this is going to give me nightmares Nancy Drew and the Strange Urinal @Rawr_Ebooks whoa, uh, homestuck,???? @mahousecretrose COME TO OUT AT THE FENCE @mahousecretrose also thanks for, clearly reading my email, You're a Good. people tell coming out stories, either their own or provided ones @mahousecretrose it feels really good!!!! i'm pump for the next revision of Kelly Coming The Fuck Out i have so many twitter bots i honestly can't even tell when one of them stop posting for two days ah it was differencebot, i Knew something had stopped posting same https://t.co/B9FY8jJkIO pulling a scarland is pulling a scarland, no doubt about it, but it's not Quite like pulling a shock or a fetch yes i know kaladesh is not scars of mirrodin but i'm probably gonna keep calling them scarlands anyway Fucking Sue Me America, I'll Fight v punchy today. gotta formalize this shit. fill out the attached survey with a list of your kinks & when exactly youd like me to kick ur ass @bbbbbbbbbbbaka worse @Infinitsisyphus true, i'm ngl i really like the scarlands (and it's such a metal name!) so i'm so happy we finally have the enemy cycle last four years (ooh purity ring is at 1234 scrobbles That's Cute, It's A Number) https://t.co/e2Ckoo2CZl https://t.co/i0SRt2wSrR @bbbbbbbbbbbaka bad tweet The injectible estrogen shortage thing is Wild; i guess i'm pretty happy im on oral estradiol if that means I can actually have access to it @cymrin you can (not) talk to ren about shu- @cymrin how much of your time do you spend trying to memebait me bc i really appreciate it, keep up the good work @cymrin you really should be *me, strung up by my wrists, desperately pitching game ideas to the Eternal Gametriarch May They Profit Forever* Okay so imagine Flappy Bird @cymrin i have a twitter bot that continuously copyrights everything I say so that you cant use my words against me without paying royalties they always say we're ugly and gross. well no longer shall we accept being a second class artificial sweetener! It's time for Equal rights! this is pretty wild tbh. "Consume the mixture immediately. Do it now. While we're watching." https://t.co/GQg6GcJ1KA uhh?? internet says max vyvanse dose is 70mg/daily but i'm taking 90mg; i'm sure my doctor knows what he's doing but Uhh what RT if you are GAY, if you SUPPORT GAYS, or if you are CONSUMED BY AN ANXIOUS REVERIE THAT WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS @epstmlgy [kgb voice] pound it https://t.co/0lKA5a1KfR hey it's time for paranoia: i'm tall but both of my brothers are at least 3in taller than me, and i was the only on… https://t.co/psbeYitxRQ @rfglenn I should have shot more of the paragraph but it means weight and also slowing of height growth @rfglenn huh that's overt @rfglenn I wanted to be shorter growing up but now I want to crush my inferiors with my height this reminds me of Miku's hit song, "Welcome To yaoi" anyway here's wonderwall what is suffering. 3 pages due tomorrow, double spaced and that's why I'm writing a 57 chapter fic called Homu&Mada Go To Jail i've just discovered anime and i'm like that feel when no anime Welcome to hell @Rawr_Ebooks holy shit what did you do to them managed to wake up Even More Tired this morning than yesterday, i don't know what's going on with my body, feel like I'm getting worse&worse probably not helped by the Sudden emergence of intense chest pain last night which made me think I was having a heart attack @mahousecretrose health services? idk if it would be helpful... i just want to lie in bed all day and forget about all responsibilities Good Morning! Going to class? Haha, more like watching This House Has People In It and ignoring feelings of nausea ! https://t.co/Gxy2czVYCa can't wait for people to say D U M B S H I T !! why did the "this is fine" cartoon dog have to die... this is hardcore negligence and i'm Not Up For It, sign my fucking petition america @NatRoze why do i feel like i've said this phrase multiple times @tamasys honestly he seems like a Sid... i'm comfortable with this world and all its peoples... i love america... everything is fine... a fairy!! here to grant you a magical wish!! i wish i could speak with ponies!! *my little pony theme song starts playing* Help Me @drquuxum somehow i feel Worse who wants to ride across America with me grating small pieces of cheddar with my razor sharp nipples & living a Simple life with the racists Too Spoopy Halloween culture is an amazingly designed foil for the constant anxiety permeating our every membrane tbh, i'm all for it @drquuxum you know what i've changed my mind, i'm never leaving a college campus ever, bury me on Doherty D level opened a single Kaladesh pack and didn't pull 15 Masterpieces; shocked & upset I'M NOT IN ANIME HELL, I'M WATCHING trash [men screaming] probably PLEASE KINKSHAME ME have i mentioned that Crystal Castles is Good and Important Day Game vs. Night Game https://t.co/KRUKCX8V3l https://t.co/CRakkKbFoh *dying dramatically* Someone... someone tell my therapist... tell them that I'm... that I Am Made of Chalk @Rawr_Ebooks why the Shit does rawr ebooks have the Z word fic in its corpus @Rawr_Ebooks Rihanna, Ship's Navigator @blueshiftofdeat please the new CVS website is Bad and i'm trying to archive old prescriptions and it's taking Forever, i hate what javascript has enabled ppl to do @blueshiftofdeat i will publicly inject utena intramuscularly in a promotional display honestly it's pretty amazing that the USB standard exists javascript bots keep faving my tweets about loathing javascript I Will Someday Destroy JavaScript @galejklol most of the advice i'd give isn't useful two days after getting the shot; you're fine and if you feel a little sick that's normal are antimicrobial resistance superbugs the reason for the popularity of JavaScript? LOATHING! UNADULTERATED LOATHING! For your syntax, your scoping, your typing, let's just say I loathe it all! Does #B612 think I'm a weeb or something?? https://t.co/fv0M1o2nlL @highway2helliot niall horan at iNoodle if I don't get extra sweetness my bubble tea just tastes like water wow remember when ALLIES didn't stress me out https://t.co/YWfgx1ClMo @mahoushoujorose looks like only 50% homestuck, i'm afraid i'm going to have to take ur badge Nancy Drew and the Kinky Fraud you can't arrest horses. there's no use taking a horse to jail they won't udbertand what the jail is or why it's there @cymrin a dating sim but there are no characters and your computer is off and you're a marine biologist searching for exotic jellyfish!!!! a dating sim where everyone is way older than you!!!! but you're not sure by how much so you radiometrically observe carbon-14 decay @cymrin is this some of that weeb shit yessss i'm so happy they finally made an asexual version of rpg maker vx anon: sex is nice me: did you know can get a prescription for dopamine and inject it directly into ur ass? it's potentially lethal i debated for like 5 minutes whether to say dopamine or oxytocin but went with the former because of the potential confusion with oxycontin hormones don't rly make you feel good anyway, and neurotransmitters are a lie, the only Real pleasure is Pepperidge Farm's New Chocolate Chi why would you let something like the ratio of steroids you were on before you were born affect your every waking moment like 20 years later ADHD pros: no desire to do drugs cause i take amphetamine everyday cons: It's 6pm Time To Scream me on my meds: Quirky media examples of ADHD behaviors are caricaturizing this serious condition me when meds have worn off: WHY am i HERE🍍 danced so hard to Celestica that I accidentally dropped my phone in the garbage ANIME IS A LIE CONSTRUED BY THE PATRIARCHAL ELDERS TO CONFUSE THE MASSES INTO BELIEVING THAT TITTIES EXIST & CAN MELT STEEL BEAMS If I were any more queer I would fluoresce the colors of the rainbow @bbbbbbbbbbbaka NO the fact that there's no chalk emoji is deeply offensive google no https://t.co/G1K47dM8LU "so wait, is estrogen insensitivity syndrome NOT the same thing as misogyny?" @cymrin you're awake!!!! :D @cymrin want to fight @cymrin you gotta get up and shower and brush ur teeth and make ur bed and eat breakfast! then you will feel more awake :) @cymrin AND YES I KNOW IM BEING A MOM SO DONT EVEN SAY IT @flybye22 dancer's symposium!!!! If you're not hurt at all, you'd better get off to furry porn like normal people Happy!!!! @cymrin I Will Remove Your Tonsils It begins. https://t.co/nq766OrE0a Did you know: the four suits of playing cards (clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds) come from an old webcomic called Homestuck! Ahhhh ok the reason purling kept fucking me up was bc I wasn't passing the yarn between the needles when switching from knitting to purling now I am a master knitter and have managed to do like 20 rows without picking up or dropping a stitch I Feel So Good About Myself Omg time to play "have I been uncomfortably warm all day because I'm wearing sweatpants or do I have a fever" @mahoushoujorose don't know what this means but ur cute @Rawr_Ebooks uhh didn't you just , like, tweet this recently or something, idk it seems, Odd and memorable @Rawr_Ebooks yeah @blueshiftofdeat im waiting with bated breath @blueshiftofdeat I DONT UNDERSTAND IT, I KEEP ASKING ALL THE WEEBS HERE IF THEY'VBE SEEN IT AND ITS ALWAYS NO LIKE ???? UTENA IS V IMPORTANT @blueshiftofdeat retweet worthy but alas @blueshiftofdeat I don't know how good I'd be at giving suggestions because I don't usually watch amvs me: homestuck has barely affected my life me: *turns back around to face the piano and continues playing a homestuck song* @starla4444 don't 👏 call 👏 yourself 👏 an 👏 ally 👏 if you 👏 haven't seen 👏 revolutionary girl utena @GoNintendoTweet @cymrin what!! what!! i'm!! daily "it's lunch time but i'm not actually hungry but i recognize i need to eat anyway but i don't want to mooooove" @cymrin @GoNintendoTweet i want to absorb this @cymreal sure!! are you in your room? @cymreal oh wait yeah shit i'm needing clothing too lol Fame vs. Infamy https://t.co/MNYk93jzda @Rawr_Ebooks the porn guy @Rawr_Ebooks Real @Rawr_Ebooks ugh it's always bees @blessthisdoobie I'm trying really hard revolutionary transgirl k Getting run over by the "down with cis" bus /again/? Ugh, I hate Mondays... https://t.co/YzB1NURuFW Day 7 #inktober /OCtober crossover time! Mother daughter time. (Bonus: Moedoka) https://t.co/ZjZj1sBz84 the furries are tweeting oh my god apparently the really awful transgender strawman twitter bot I made ages ago got suspended by Twitter, which is, hilarious time to stay up all night watching a bit of fry & laurie kelly is the antagonist type: hides behind a mask good end: becoming one w/a higher entity/being/god bad end: separated and a broken promise in response to https://t.co/sGNdBK65BH but i ran out of characters @DialMforMacbeth i really like it ngl i love kreayshawn but everything about this sentence is confusing https://t.co/jshmp0P6E7 💪 She astounded the world with Stds and if she wasn't we'd have a power bottom thing Look who's back to 5am. @Rawr_Ebooks i'm in the self-help c-section ey bby, you want some chalk? @sk4p it's cool I've got it all, it's my standard "fevered stupor" show @blueshiftofdeat akio can piss in his mouth rawr_ebooks called the cops on itself literally twice in a row this morning wow i feel like part of why I love knitting/crocheting and playing the piano is that it's stimulating for my fingers which is helpful for adhd i don't mean that i do those things at the same time because that would be rather fantastic wouldn't it https://t.co/UlMW1E0Az2 1st trailer of "Little Witch Academia" series produced by Netflix. Still directed by Yoh Yoshinari & Trigger studio… https://t.co/UPMuAsdmpq my therapist just said that she grew up saying yaoi???? @blueshiftofdeat money spent on Anthy and Utena gazing at each other is money well spent not gonna lie! can't wait to play Flare on a Real piano @KbLogQ i don't think so? is there? i have no idea what the dink is that noise; you sound like you are made of chalk @cymreal @KbLogQ i didnt know this thing and i should go try that if i'm not too afraid to @KbLogQ you caught me, Phone rang while in my bra & I was wearing bleachy gloves so I had to bend over as a stranger yelled "shimmy!" & put their hands in my shirt they can take down our pars but they'll never take down our stars ✨ This Is Horrifying /@blueshiftofdeat, @GrinningKobold https://t.co/oFJnqlyS3O The A in LGBTQIA is for sex You (dumb, hasn't seen My Little Pony): i love being straigt Me (smart, has seen My Little Pony): im in constant pain Imperfection vs. Perfection https://t.co/TtQSTx4O7s 🔣 god inspect this object 🔣 @Rawr_Ebooks are you okay? friend @Rawr_Ebooks CAN I HELP IN ANY WAY @Rawr_Ebooks it's!!!! going to be okay friend!!!! i promise~! BUT GRANDMA I NEED object permanence my space is already ace because I'm in it https://t.co/6suLscDZJm seeing a scary message like this every day feels Discouraging tbh, i kinda dont want to log my food bc i know it'll… https://t.co/i5sq6OuCZY i don't think i've actually listened to trump speak so i've got that going for me I Am Made of ASMR *listens to someone drowning* this is it, i've finalyl discovered, what ASMR is @epstmlgy @mahoushoujorose i can't wait until america dies choose ur element @DialMforMacbeth that's not one of the choices @DialMforMacbeth this is me whenever anyone else makes a poll so I understand your pain @Rawr_Ebooks SOHO AND CIARA @Rawr_Ebooks that kinda sucks tbh @eventhenotion no!!!! this is!! awful!! that's not even a reproductive organ!! @Rawr_Ebooks heck yeah My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (374), Grimes (8), The Gates Of Sleep (3) #lastfm from what i've learned in russian so far, i know that сошла is a verb in the past tense. i'm so close to knowing what я сошла с ума means... *scientist puts down clipboard* the results are conclusive: it's something to do with girls kissing @Rawr_Ebooks ???? that's not what you need to be doing during ONiB @Rawr_Ebooks shit i forgot about bad romance again frICK https://t.co/iqQCGX2nNv according to my tweetails, the word i use most often is "literally" by a wide margin ("Homura" is 4th) i like that "rly illegal album" https://t.co/CvvHbN6wuR i love how i've used the word "crystal" more than "castles" (it's because pokemon crystal made me a transgender) same https://t.co/0WS7IK7ECV i also apparently talk to @Rawr_Ebooks and @cymrin considerably more often than I talk to anyone else. in fact im talking to them right now! https://t.co/GrVob9SQrg my boyfriend has a last.fm now i feel the NEED to apologize after every body-positive social interaction @myfreeweb it's ok i descended into madness already @cymreal this is amazing Anal vs. Oral https://t.co/LOfKN9RIPc please thank Yamamoto San for this fine ceremonial sword, It is a six year old accounting system for AB Tech. Against parents' house lost power so all my bots when down but they're back up now @_shutupvee @differencebot never question the binaries anyway here's wonderwall https://t.co/0yUkIOImsh oh my god @cymrin i had a dream where someone wrote a really intense political manifesto around the edward elric Love Is Love meme Unrewarding vs. Rewarding https://t.co/hDeFI47c7b @Rawr_Ebooks good because guess what, @Frosty_mage holY Crap it's so long that imgur didn't want to show it all to me so i had to open it in a new tab and It's Beautiful i love the "writing shit with names of magic cards" meme and i like looking for cards I like; i saw Splinter Twin in the navy seal one yay I Am Made of Magic https://t.co/RmG6c6tdka pretty numbers https://t.co/Xr8E0WyDB7 my followers are made of cash money apparently https://t.co/KPkwd7JZXu something seems wrong here https://t.co/8fK7saTbVA time to play "is this image from a t̟͍̙̘w̘̗͉̕ịń̟k̺̬̱̙̮͡ͅ dating sim or from a WikiHow article on how to pronounce t… https://t.co/dPjpM3R6Ri whenever i even spend a little time trying to practice pronouncing the letter 'r' i feel Incredibly stressed out about how hard it is can't tell if i'm failing to parse color correctly but the shadows dropped by the black keys on my keyboard onto the white key look yellow that is additionally a different sentence to parse adhd: play the song really fast me: but i'm already playing it pretty quickly and my fingers keep missing the keys adhd: PLAY IT FASTER now, i've here described ADHD as an active interlocutor, but in reality, ADHD is a diagnosis and thus not a tangible agent; in particular, i reply to this tweet with something i would say! meta responses are cool but then you have to do another. 🙋 ahh, i keep getting my keyboard sequences mixed up: ⌃⌘␠ is emojis ⌃⌥␠ is Russian ⌥⇧⌘/ is Kreayshawn @PrimHelios !! homura!! nice!! you get five A plusses (homura) @PrimHelios (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Homura ♥ i actually forgot what key sequence plays Go Hard so i pressed them all, then listened to Go Hard while reopening shit I accidentally closed @NatRoze this is the worst truth @Rawr_Ebooks that's not an appropriate response to that question it's #WorldMentalHealthDay so I want to help destroy the stigma around talking about mental health but i'm too exhausted to do so (huh...) i dunno here are some random words: floss, chalk, flare, asmr, Homura, twin, horse, objective, move, serotonin, exception, tulpa, SSRI #WorldMentalHealthDay a lot of ppl i know finally work up the energy to seek help and are thwarted by a bad therapist. please don't give up. i know it's absurdly hard to do things especially once you've had a bad experience with it, but therapy really can be so helpful for some. not all therapy is the same, and not all therapists work the same way. therapists are people too and are shaped by their experiences & views wait a minute what the fuck how did we get to the point that trump is a presidential candidate, is this a literal nightmare as in a dream @bbbbbbbbbbbaka CALLING THE COPS i haven't worked on my videogame in like a year and a half. i'd love to get that motivation back at some point. @PrimHelios x_x really sorry to hear that; finding the right help can be so difficult and i hope you can hang in there yo i'm not a weeb but revolutionary girl utena is the most important thing and i'm a magical transgirl desu https://t.co/NAtBLmD9T9 hi my name is k and i'm a twitter bot transitioning to being a magical girl made of chalk [muffled homestuck music plays in the bg] hmm https://t.co/lxKX2qiAHB actually now i'm really confused https://t.co/qWcvOGhErq @cymreal twitter bot idea the last bandage is finally off! my neck is free! https://t.co/B8QsSnS0tz again I ask myself, why am I using GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick you: is it Homura? me: of COURSE IT'S Homura National Coming Out Day! i'm asexual and the furries made me like 50% gayer YIKES I told some of my coming out stories through some loud speakers and it was great and nerve wracking and cathartic ! it was the first year i told my story about coming out as ace (bc it just happened this year!) and someone came up to me and thanked me !! i Look at these queers coming out! /@cymrin, @mahoushoujorose, @KbLogQ https://t.co/8IQzmLqEsQ Tinder but for finding a therapist According to the creator, the correct pronunciation for the Graphic Interchange Format .GIF extension is "obnoxious CS students" @Rawr_Ebooks queer lyfe @Rawr_Ebooks whAT i would like to talk more about the National Coming Out Day Discourse 👌 but i'm so mentally exhausted i want to make a video game specifically designed for people with ADHD to use as stimulation while doing other things i have spent a great deal of time watching videos or reading things while playing VVVVVV, and it helps but can sometimes be too frustrating i feel like i could procedurally generate something with some similarish cute mechanics like conveyer belts & checkpoints & simple controls one of the things that makes VVVVVV great for mindless stimulation is that the controls are so simple: left, right, and flip (up/down) something i don't like about VVVVVV (which isn't its fault) is that there aren't enough custom levels! i've played them all so so many times procedural generation would fix this esp if i dont need the game to be as cohesive/interesting as a VVVVVV level; it's just for stimulation! procedural generation is usually my answer when I don't want a nice thing to end, which is always (look at my twitter bots, look at them) unsurprisingly Tourette's can make it Difficult at times to play the piano @nex3 @JhoiraArtificer i haven't played Threes but at one point I was using 2048 for this purpose @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i can definitely believe it would the workers at entropy judge me if i bought junk food two days in a row (i know they don't care but) asdrtfyyjuk hgfhsdddlfogiglfdcxs4o57rl7to.ilfvcxyslodlfudseu7ie6krfyvcggxstrdfr;oguvfcxrfsdktufiylgb https://t.co/oHwDA3dR8d hammocks are gOOD @Rawr_Ebooks thanks!! @Rawr_Ebooks what a beautiful love story! шат https://t.co/xblpAIyjs8 baby's first Black Lotus @PrimHelios these are the Best kind of words I like to hear, I'm really happy!! (Homura) made of chalk again? No problem! @Rawr_Ebooks how horse simulator hard not to pronounce leopard as "leo pard" excited for when Persephone carries me screaming into hell for kissing the cheek of a fair maiden me every day for the last three weeks: ahh sorry i'm just not on top of things today! i just gotta take things easy and treat myself crystal castles easter egg available with all keyboards! if you look at the 2nd & 3rd rows, you will clearly see the letters C, H, A, L, K i went to chalk school, which is for chalk here's what the electoral map would look like if only people who don't know how to tweet images could vote @KbLogQ @cymrin @mahousecretrose @mintmote bad word @mintmote @cymrin a couple defined through the united effort of both parties to menstruate and/or defecate regularly i forgot that America had a constitution but then again I think a lot of people have recently Here's what 2016 would look like if only Yoshis voted: https://t.co/5NhZCXrPJJ "Art is our only salvation from an end." --@icouldswear https://t.co/Wg3a8DrSPF can't believe John Locke was the first person to postulate the visceral crunchy pleasure of a Butterfinger bar 1 Kidnapped Girl You Can't Unsee https://t.co/lxHjXmFbC6 tickled silly by the idea of injecting drugs into your body; i've been pushing this Twizzler into my skin for 10mins & nothing is happening while watching A Bit of Fry & Laurie I somehow ended up looking for Tony/Control fanfic and a significant portion of it on AO3 is in Russian THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED, I JUST WANTED SOME CUTE FLUFF BC I WAS SAD ABOUT CONTROL HAVING TO FIRE TONY https://t.co/42GVmmuAZL looking for fanfiction has never been a good idea (except for that time I found those two really pure PMMM magical transgirl fics) OCD time-travelers trapped in morning ritual loops, aging by 5 years before they leave the house i'm going to scream https://t.co/8qYBuI1s6N americans don't actually have genitals, they have crevices filled with exploding bald eagles ready to consume the sex-positive communists in case anyone was unclear it's my goal to modify every popular meme such that it is made of chalk; i'm strictly a chalk shitposting account screaming https://t.co/p2tY1Pv2Ue today is an awful rainy day bluh i hate it when it isn't nice and sunny out after i shower horribly disappointed the the Sri Lankan government doesn't sell second-level domains to foreigners for personal use so I can't buy cha.lk had a dream that the art school was teaching some odd & offensive classes about things like Squidward @blueshiftofdeat this is rly cute!! i'm getting to the point in Russian class where I'm recognizing more and more words from тату songs we learned белый (white) & новый (new) today so Белый плащик and Новая модель started playing at the same time in my head & it was confusing @cymrin @warnedya its rly exciting im happy excuse me, I'm tulpas, it's me and i feel my soul gem getting dark,,,, @mahousecretrose @epstmlgy i would love to but i've got a headache & exhaustion and i think i'm just going to go to knitting club here's what the electoral map would look like if it were made of chalk https://t.co/9k9RsPS2it @Psynklyskys ah, don't you see, it's the method that creates the delete cookies MY POPTART ISN'T HOT ENOUGH if we don't have to die then why are we wasting time having sex and making more generations when we could be making… https://t.co/OjmLcE9jMm @nex3 if i'm not able to work in an environment where I can say "i'm queer" every five seconds i don't know what i'll do with my life @mahoushoujorose @EscapeRoomPGH @epstmlgy @KbLogQ @cymrin look at that bunch of escape artist cute patoots! haha i'm not constantly worried about how Tourette's could fuck me over at any moment in a professional setting i'm super excited to vote in the presidential election! i didn't get to do it last time even though I was 18 so i'm so excited "wow, she's such a slu-" *pauses, looks at handbook* "-rry of autonomous sexual decision making abilities equivalen… https://t.co/eBVZVXEZm4 Why Are There Three Doors In This Room? Why Are There Three Doors In This Room? Why Are There Three Doors In This Room? Why Are There Three it's like the patriarchy, but for men have you ever seen a woman & been struck w/an erotic certainty that the Goldbach Conjecture is false? if so, you may be entitled to compensa @Rawr_Ebooks i'm happy 4 u i finished a second blanket square at yarnivores today and i think it looks nice so i'm happy about that; now i should make the ace gloves okay so what was code lyoko about, i just remembered it, it seems like anime but it's not @mapleakuma this guy is absolutely a furry omg @gaybinch69 sure seems like it. i'm watching an episode now and it's So Extremely Early 2000s I Can't Believe It apparently my thyroid hormone level is perfect but my thyroid-stimulating hormone is ridiculously high I want to write an MTG program in c++ so I can put the stack on the stack. thyroids are Neat bc they make a hormone that's rly important and when you don't have enough your pituitary gland says Yo Make Some More the way it says this is by making TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), which the thyroid reacts to by increasing thyroid hormone production. what's better than this? hormones makin' hormones it's funny bc it seems like a system that exists almost entirely to sustain itself but 1) T4 does way more than TSH and 2) life is pointless i remember when i used to go to an endocrinologist because i wanted estrogen and spironolactone. those were the days. relatedly, a member of CMU's administration was reading a coming out story on Tuesday and stumbled over "spironolactone" so I helped her out *thinks about magical girls* NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adhd & tourette's are commonly comorbid. ok. medication that helps with adhd, stimulants, can make Tourette's worse. fuck. btw when I got diagnosed with Tourette's, I was kinda ashamed of it and didn't want anyone to know. now i'm like Fuck. That. Stigma. https://t.co/WFKw2TulGP is this an actual meme or is it something i made up?? i think about it and want to reference it all the time???? @mapleakuma ah yes, the scalene puella magi madoka magica @PrimHelios it has really awful media representation and thus like most people have a lot of misconceptions about what it actually is @fluttergirly tap dancing!!!!!! yes!!!!! i love it!!!!! 2015 me: i'm defs sexual but why do i not like sex!!!!!!!! i don't get it!!!!!! 2016 me: friend let me tell you a t… https://t.co/7VwSutBun7 @PrimHelios thank you for being the first person to actually ask me this instead of just watching the madness unfold @PrimHelios the chalk memes are references to a song that makes me super emotional https://t.co/QuKCqogtib @NatRoze don't you mean russian ы @PrimHelios tbh they're almost intended as jokes that can't be understood by anyone but me. i just like chalk. so much that i'm made of it @Rawr_Ebooks fucking calling the police!!!! it's because satan can hide in your genitals if you cross your legs https://t.co/WN8uoddU6w @NatRoze it's just a Russian letter but the letter's name is "yeri" @eevee i thought about this for a minute, but to be fair it's 11pm and i'm shoving poptarts into my mouth it's amazing how little time you need to nuke a poptart @eevee i would but i'm engaging in an Important scientific experiment called "What Is The Perfect Amount Of Time To Microwave Poptarts For" @rinmortis that feel Zack and Miri Make Every Porno @Pretzelish it's ok anna, you can tell me all your secrets @drquuxum wait did we make zack & miri jokes at the same exact time @cymreal i saw black and white and i thought it was going to be a trolley problem i forgot about this glorious monster https://t.co/i9aLq9tpMY Tasty vs. Tasteless https://t.co/vvNFdaVk6i i like the window seat on airplanes bc i can curl up into a ball and lean against the wall while knitting & listening to screaming music @Rawr_Ebooks i just remembered that i have a foil force of will and i'm really happy, i'm going to go Look at it later @Rawr_Ebooks ???? what happened to Julia???? did she get hurt???? @Rawr_Ebooks so something big enough happened that i could find it on google, but you think it's funny???????? @Rawr_Ebooks did you do this?!?!?!?! @mapleakuma middle seat means i have to sit next to twice as many people which is Unacceptable albums scrobbled in the last 30 days lol https://t.co/3GmNnBTL1u i'm going to cvs today and i swear i won't forget to buy candy corn this time bc candy corn is Essential *looks in the mirror* time to write fanfic about myself wherein i'm rich and successful does anyone else feel like they just have some sort of special Affinity for the letter y actually i really like the letter ч a lot because it looks like a 4 and it sounds like "ch" as in ch-ch-ch-changes TURN AND FACE THE STRANGE "ugh i can't believe i'm going to enjoy this song about harambe kinksters" i think i tweet a Lot more before my meds kick in and after they wear off lol WHO WANTS TO LIGHT SOME EGG WHITES ON FIRE AND JOIN MY CULT help, i've devolved into "lol, so random" status, because that's totally not what half of my jokes were made of chalk before anyway "avg person drowns 4 times a day" factoid actually just statistical error. Drowning Georg, who is made of chalk & drowns 10000 times a day, this one, is the worst chalk meme (actually i'm constantly proud of myself) @CMYKGenet when i get sick i say Fuck Grades & refuse to do anything class related even if it fucks me over bc my health is more important @drquuxum i'm not sure what an espresso machine sounds like but i guess it sounds something like "sheh" @mapleakuma you are good @drquuxum I,,,,, don't think that's what that letter sounds like? https://t.co/faEl08sEop listening to the English versions of тату songs is Weird bc i'm so used to the Russian ones (theyve got cute Russian accents in both ahh) i just remembered how funny it is that people poop @MetroAndCharms 🙄 someone wrote about how Lorde and Sky Ferreira haven't made music lately and Marina & the Diamonds is their favorite https://t.co/1gpYPv0uHO You have one new message: Hey! It's Jesus???? Stop telling people I slept with you @cymrin basically (disclaimer: I'm not a weeb) i bought a hematite ace ring & it was way too small and it snapped when i tried to get it off; i'm not sure if i'm too ace or not ace enough thinking of funny things is really hard so i write twitter bots to do it for me East vs. West https://t.co/vcl1zui1SV Nancy Drew and the Clue in the Piss apparently brobdingnagian means gigantic and that's amazing https://t.co/I1Sfi2lH4g i didn't REALLY believe in anime tiddies but then i watched the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, "JavaScript was a mistake." --Hayao Miyazaki https://t.co/h86ZmIeaTW @differencebot WHAT THE FUCK!!!! W WHAT THE FUCK !!!!! WHAT THE FUCK tru https://t.co/0nxHGFfCrj Fef made me like 50% gayer ever wonder what it'd be like if the ratio between your age and weight was a universal constant? My new young adult book trilogy explores th 10am waking up in the morning, gotta listen to Crystal Castles, gotta go downstairs, gotta wait for the bus, gotta get on the bus, gotta lis @GrinningKobold holy crap why did I stay up so late omg @Pretzelish every time i mention javascript @Pretzelish did i fucking stutter https://t.co/r1uxkWXwuQ @timparenti @Pretzelish I was hoping it would ngl @bbbbbbbbbbbaka yeaah it is @Rawr_Ebooks why? @Rawr_Ebooks that really is terrifying more like My Life https://t.co/BOC9SzQJNn @Rawr_Ebooks concerning! @Rawr_Ebooks definitely not jealous!!!! fuck!!!!! the c++ standard library documentation is brutal https://t.co/j41pGt5OwA IM GAY FOR Homura @Rawr_Ebooks go to hell @NatRoze caffeine is a stimulant and makes your brain more active and even in people without anxiety problems it can cause anxiety @NatRoze drink lots of water and take deep breaths @NatRoze drinking water is for getting the effects to decrease, taking deep breaths is just standard practice for anxiety i was going to make a joke about "my little chalk" in my endless chalk meme quest but i realized that that describes the ALLIES closet there's a lot of cool shit going on here but i'm deeply offended at the lack of chalk https://t.co/6R4qc36rKR @Rawr_Ebooks fuck twitter no one uses it My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (266), Grimes (36), t.A.T.u. (17) #lastfm @Rawr_Ebooks I feel like that's the opposite of what talking to a therapist should do @Rawr_Ebooks ???????? @Rawr_Ebooks the hormones were a ruse... Log on to https://t.co/iZ5G0WwmHL, I want to buy a none pizza with left chalk sorting algorithms sound scary https://t.co/zUtSqdLdBa THE WAYBACK MACHINE SAVED A PAGE OF MY OLD TUMBLR BLOG S A V E U S A L L What is this, a piñata for babies? https://t.co/wC0Xze01HE I feel like this wants to be made into an SCP https://t.co/aUOcDVp0FX Ah sorry I'm currently looking for bottoms https://t.co/9HZ61O1iDa Good news everyone https://t.co/TaqI9uQP45 @bbbbbbbbbbbaka calling the cops This cartoon featuring Men Fighting Things is revolutionary bc a man fights a woman and he only says "I won't hit girls" for 3 full episodes @Rawr_Ebooks huh I feel like this is an actual joke and I,m so proud of my botchild https://t.co/PYtrKESGHe Cishets are constantly telling me that my hair is too long. I haven't slept in weeks because they break into my dorm room and yell all night @CMYKGenet @redbubble holy fucking shit holy fucking shit that feel when no object permanence Watching this documentary about chalk. @Rawr_Ebooks pregnant with psychicness @GrinningKobold baka s(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ *picks up the phone* no, sorry, I can't, i'm recompiling my makefile in a gay relationship, who's the cis and who's the het? in an equivalence relation, who's the man and who's the woman? @mahoushoujorose This persons tweet seems problematic; I better read all responses and their entire tweet archive for Maximal Triggering chalk horse oh but it's Super Important that females in videos game have Armor Titties because it contributes to titty omnipresence the light yagami music club *fumbles around in Audacity for two minutes* so where's the fucking chalk filter "why are the walls in your bedroom covered in the word 'aripiprazole' in tiny text perfectly spaced, dense as the moon is full, visions of h @mahoushoujorose i know i'm bad because i think of insane clown posse @cymreal that's ok i was kinda expecting that anyway oh well @epstmlgy good luck!!!! ahhh meds!!!! @MoMoFoxFox @CMYKGenet baby for sale, never worn shoes @GrinningKobold you're right that Does just make you sound even more like a tsundere woman-loving power bottom body pillows @Rawr_Ebooks I didn;'t know Lilliana had a boyfriend *staring, frustrated&angry at anatomic diagrams on Wikipedia* what is this, a reproductive system for babies?? @mahoushoujorose marina & the diamonds?? @mahoushoujorose yeah!!!! i should've sang primadonna at karaoke but there are so many good songs to choose from... also teen idle is my fav @mahoushoujorose she is Really Good she was my favorite singer throughout high school and like basically until i discovered Grimes really @mahoushoujorose recommend Can't Pin Me Down, I'm A Ruin, Seventeen, Are You Satisfied?, Hermit the Frog, Oh No!, @mahoushoujorose actually I could recommend forever so instead just look at this list Who Even Needs Sleep https://t.co/QULw44yjTv i gotta unfollow optimum help so i stop seeing this shit https://t.co/2HtYfEdPNg @dQoverT @mahoushoujorose ????? please tell @Rawr_Ebooks unnecessary @dQoverT @mahoushoujorose why is this game playing Oh No! ???? *spends 3 days trying to implement client-side form validation with JavaScript* what is this, a scripting language for babies???? i want to marry Grimes and also be Grimes!!!!!! fuck!!!!!!! Did you know there are So many different types of antidepressants Wow there's a lot of shit out there for major depressive disorder There are 6 SSRIs, 6 SNRIs, 2 SMSs, 3 SARIs, 2 NRIs, 19+ tricyclics, 5 tetracyclics, 9 MAOIs, plus other atypical drugs like buproprion that's not even counting a large number of drugs that have been removed from the market compare with something like ADHD, which really has two main drugs (methylphenidate & amphetamine, plus some variants thereof) that are used *thinks about medication* AHHH NICE, GIVE ME THEM CHEMICAL NAMES AND THEIR CLASSIFICATIONS, AH NICE IT'S A TETRACYCLIC, FUCK ME UP yeah well your MOM passes the Bechdel test! she's gay and lives in a lesbian colony on the moon, it's Pretty Fucking Rad @differencebot delete In a relationship with me, who's the asexual and who's the acesexual? Freud's "meme fixation" stage of human development There's like pro life protesters with signs outside Gates right now wtf @efortmanteau I have no idea why they're even there though like wtf do they even think they're doing outside of Gates of all places @KbLogQ the x-files is made of chalk @KbLogQ don't tell me what to do!! Yesterday @starla4444 made the joke at me "the leaves are transitioning" and I was ashamed for not having thought of that before @mahoushoujorose rose this is exactly what i've always wanted to hear *wipes tear away from eye* @spacetwinks @UnburntWitch it depends on which state you're in but doctors can sometimes call in controlled substances here's a thinkpiece: music isn't real @alfiepates it's a good thing though! real things are bound by rules and laws, imaginary things are free to be envisioned however you want @cymreal fred has a lot of opinions on things and he wishes people would listen more @highway2helliot i haven't heard of them before actually! i might check them out Honestly thought someone was just super excited about the drinks machine https://t.co/4Drv2pC085 the furries are melting the vampire "god. you solved the halting problem, /again/. we get it, you smoke weed." @HRH_fuckbarf please don't can't decide whether to crochet or play the piano right now!!!!! *ruminates on this so long that i end up doing neither* i've said "I'm not a doctor, but" quite a bit in the past week (year) to be fair a good amount of what i know about medication and mental illness was learned from either professionals or experience i do like giving advice but i'm not trained to do so, so if something i say interests you, please discuss it further with a professional! that said, it's #WwehWednesday, tweet me ur sad feels and i'll make shitty homestuck memes out of them and also say random names of pills ME, TO ANY RESPONSE HERE-FORWARD: chalk. chalk. you should try eating chalk. it's active i swear. terezi agrees, says "eat the red chalk" @Pretzelish estradiol, buspirone, mirtazapine, lurasidone, lisdexamphetamine, gabapentin, guanfacine, fluvoxamine,… https://t.co/SUziAoNTzj @bbbbbbbbbbbaka ???? no???? ghostbusters is Really Good you stop that @cymreal hearts aren't real, they're a government conspiracy, The Truth Is Out There one of the most important things I've done in my otherwise dull and squalid life is open Audacity ME, EVERY SINGLE MORNING AFTER WALKING OUT OF THE BUILDING: oh god am i wearing underwear am i wearing underwear am i wearing underwear ACADEMIC ADVISOR: yo do you take synthroid ME: ye ADVISOR: No way!!!!! Me too!!!! ME: Dude!!!! Let's talk about this instead of academics Use whatever brace style you prefer. But not this. Don't do this. Seek help instead of this. https://t.co/1EYb7BLHkb @sk4p @drquuxum thanks Tom Cortina unpopular opinion: the shiver that I get from listening to I Am Made of Chalk is better than Any kind of sex my handwriting in Russian might actually be neater than my handwriting in English lol "Weeb" is such an informal term; I prefer to call it by the clinical name, Folie à desu @blueshiftofdeat ahh aww nice my 2000th Art Angels scrobble was Pin which is probably my favorite Grimes song remember tulpas? ha Haha Lost vs. Found https://t.co/XDZmMxNBiw formally establishing an alliance of @cymrin's sin friends @KbLogQ @cymrin bingo is so good though you just sit somewhere and stress over preschool-level drawing @Rawr_Ebooks this is a shitty thing to be opinionated about @spongeythingz he looks so sad i'm gonna cry @Rawr_Ebooks chalk actually Cube was the creator; the toy is called Rubik's Monster @Rawr_Ebooks i love this bot exaggerating numbers @bbbbbbbbbbbaka the antichrist himself /@cymrin @Rawr_Ebooks this is Really worrying @Rawr_Ebooks um????? are you ok???? @Rawr_Ebooks THAT IS A BAD REASON TO HURT YOURSELF @Rawr_Ebooks i'm happy that thinking about Gays made you realize life was worth living I wonder what my first word was. I hope it was "lesbians" What kind of fruit is this https://t.co/ePkzmRz1GN so I haven't made a new bot yet but I've given @drbotmd a little makeover; now it doesn't cut off tweets as often a… https://t.co/psASxBoj0t isn't this just "do you know the names of US states. like not even in russian just like. in english." https://t.co/g0rY3lkl34 it wasn't obvious in that screenshot but it's a sporcle quiz and all 50 states are there https://t.co/Z5g9b1fK1w most of the russian words that i can pronounce correctly are because i listened to тату sing them repeatedly Unreality vs. Reality https://t.co/srAUH55ke7 Supersonic vs. Subsonic https://t.co/I14zNWg4Iy please follow my friend's twitterbot ! you may or may not enjoy it. I love it, it is one of my closest friends. I… https://t.co/hJDsS8kNAZ Silence vs. Sound https://t.co/qzRVcwEtAu reading these tweets aloud to my therapist is a really good feel, i look forward to it constantly @drbotmd THE PASSING PANDEMIC @spongeythingz IS THIS A @Rawr_Ebooks SUBTWEET i keep forgetting that the Rawr eBooks icon is Pat Back and it's hilarious @thebinarium this is like The Most Arbitrary function wow whoa was that lightning yep it was i can hear thunder, it was just like, Really Obvious lightning, like it flashed twice and seemed just more than momentary in russian today we were listing adjectives, which decline based on the gender of the noun, and i accidentally said a feminine declined one, and the professor said "i know you'll object to this but in the dictionary the masculine form is always listed." I've Made A Name For Myself celebrate with 'gale' /@galejklol https://t.co/bGv38PUzMV ahh shit i forgot about LGBT Spirit Day, i can never see anything about fmab without thinking of this post https://t.co/Q0LO0z6VPc the best part of adulthood: regression testing SOMEONE IN MOREWOOD D TOWER ON THE FIFTH FLOOR AT NIGHT: the naked pianist is at it again; why doesn't she close her shades *thinking about Steven Universe being on hiatus* https://t.co/CX6fFg0Qyu a fursuit sounds like it'd be prohibitively annoying to clean, plus it's illegal not gonna lie i'm tired but i'm also tired but i'm also tired ubut i'm also tired but i'm also tired but i'm also tired ubut i'm s also ditr good morning ! it's mid semester break; i want to go to starbucks 🍏😷🎲 god begin this sin 🎲😷🍏 https://t.co/rYIKlCHydp @spongeythingz this is unnecessarily explicit but i'm amused by such an orgy EXCUSE https://t.co/TVupCRPz1R @mahoushoujorose i have already eaten a bag of brach's candy corn, and this morning alone i ate a sleeve of ghost peeps christian yaoi seeking hot pics of inanimate objects so i can observe the sexy process of heat transfer i was reading about Marble Hornets on wikipedia for some reason, which linked me to the page on tulpas for some rea… https://t.co/FBB7zztHrV it's extremely Extremely strange (possibly disconcerting?) to read Actual People taking notice of modern tulpamancy https://t.co/cGMe5O8qnd "Jick has a very close friendship with the three ponies living inside his head." my Favorite sentence Why Would They Print This In An Article For Real People https://t.co/AfyMTEqFxd i'm embarrassed because I recognize almost every name mentioned in that article https://t.co/yBu4mbtPwI I think it's finally time to listen to Regina Spektor's new album @mapleakuma I literally have it in my hands and just haven't listened to it yet You Will Eventually Be Embarrassed By Everything You Say ???? truetime said a bus was approaching and then it vanished and the bus never actually showed up @mapleakuma one just showed up going the other direction which Isn't Helpful, I'm Cold And I Want To Go Home And I'm Too Anxious To Get Uber Yo there's a guy looking at furry porn on his tablet on this bus; letting yalls know that You're Never Safe nice, i've got a B in Physics 2 so far, even though i've literally not handed in three homework assignments this is my aesthetic https://t.co/XedWgIpFbM @Rawr_Ebooks me guess what! there's a WikiHow article for it https://t.co/x7t6QO8RUB "Tulpas are often associated with My Little Pony, but many different tulpae exist, so making one doesn't make you a brony, no worries." sometimes i love sentences it's 2016 and your toaster may have played a part in taking down https://t.co/O9AVaDYU84 Whoa apparently there's a Crystal Castles song called "Transgender" don't gays have a power ballad thing? it's only a study if it's funded; otherwise it's just someone sitting in a dark room https://t.co/Oau9spYVc7 some people think being gay is hard; pssh, have you ever tried coming out as familial? "mom, dad, you're my mom and dad." in a familial relationship, who's the mom and who's the dad? oh god i just opened a hideous portal into daddykink didn't i PLEASE UNDO Puella Magi chalk Magica *rolls eyes* boy's love is for boys, man's love is for MEN 💖 magical girl chalk 💖 reading the WIkipedia article about yuri 👌 https://t.co/mZIvAxt9u3 @cymrin utena and anthy are Special @sk4p yes!! it is!! it's the best!! ahh!! @cymreal :D :D :D :D This!!!! Is :D @Pretzelish chevrons! What Would Utena Do? @Rawr_Ebooks you mean it's clockwise rotation AND counterclockwise rotation? Oh my... REMEMBER when Professor Von Ahn was as desperate for friendship as I was, and we melded together! Now she doesn't need me. The painful past @Rawr_Ebooks I DON'T REMEMBER ACTUALLY meow meow the thyroid basically does one thing: make thyroid hormone. thyroid hormone on the other hand interacts w/almost everything your body does there are two main thyroid hormones, T3, the most potent one, and T4, a prohormone that is converted into T3 and is way more populous it excites me that thyroxine is called T4 because four is my favorite number (it's T4 bc it has four iodine atoms opposed to T3's three) can't believe baby's first yandere infected millions of microwaves and tried to take down the internet @callingthe911 GOOD, THANK YOU i gotta say i love sentences that start with "can't believe" good morning it's been 30 minutes since i took my synthroid and now i'm ready for cinnamon rolls and bubble tea please fuck me up america *looks at pictures of people having buttsex on wikipedia* weird mm can't wait to have a thick endometrium https://t.co/uecRSHFFVZ aww damn it, you have to have a uterus to have a thick endometrium?? fuck this. all my american sex dreams are ruined; thank god i'm ace @transscribe spongebob is so masculine, so buff and ripped (pants) don't feel like taking care of myself today *slowly inserts an apple cinnamon croissant into my mouth* i kept waking up throughout the night with anxiety and there was a terrifying bug in my bathtub when i got up happy halloween tfw in attempting to run for office at your college’s LGBT resources organization you inadvertently end up modeling for My Little Pony porn ok i just sent the email i cant think about it anymore i've done All i can good night they're playing a CHVRCHES song in the underground?? .@starla4444 This reminded me of you. https://t.co/MGByYGMYjG "You were born to waste my Amazon Prime subscription, not to be perfect." --@icouldswear https://t.co/fBH998kt39 Full Metal Terrier Full Metal Frankenstein Full Metal Applesauce Full Metal Motherhood @epstmlgy salacious tonight i'm not staying up late because i'm shitting around, i'm staying up late because i'm shitting a lot (this is an awful tweet) Having a lot of trouble smiling lately #B612 https://t.co/IjhAWLsfGV also i'm super frustrated about how badly my stomach is working tonight because i Want to eat this candy and i Want to eat it now instead of asking wikihow, we should have asked, wikiwhy... @transprogrammer thank you^ gosh, i!!!!! Homura!!!!!! huh apparently the Apple knowledge base markov bot I barely worked on in May also got suspended this being in response to realizing that the awful, awful transgender strawman generator bot I made in May got suspended in May I was really sad and wrote some shitty bots that I told very few people about and Twitter did the kind thing and euthanized them good songs on Remember Us To Life: Bleeding Heart, Older and Taller, Grand Hotel, The Light, Tornadoland, Sellers of Flowers @mahoushoujorose public static void lesbian @sigfig thanks Obama... since this Very Tweet, banks have started telling me that my request for the UID "gay" is "a breach of security" i saw this again and immediately though "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Not Transitive" https://t.co/djcFPForKM The return of Vortex of Crap! I made three shitty tracks for this shitty thing https://t.co/WL1FXyGMSA My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (172), Regina Spektor (66), Grimes (35) #lastfm can't believe @respektor wrote a song about OpenSSH https://t.co/kQNKYtMk4o Googling "Russian language transgender" almost only gives me the Russian translation of the WPATH Standards of Care bc there's nothing else @cymrin @everyfullmetal ouchie the truth is out there https://t.co/eTN0IVzAGv @cymrin i'm not a weeb https://t.co/6l4PHBl2pt yikes a can of frosting is probably like heroin bc you get a really short but intense rush of ecstasy, and you keep needing more and more yeah that's right i'm saying a can of frosting like literally for decorating cakes, a can of frosting is like Heroin, i'm EDGY & PROVOCATIVE https://t.co/OPLV5bS1Ni @cymrin @KbLogQ what about the conspiracy fandom wiki Homura ^_^ lifehack: if you say the word tulpa around me I will Not be sure what to Do and will probably stop screaming eventually, @cymrin I Want To Eat Frosting @cymrin FUCK i would not put petroleum jelly on toast again, it is a Lie, it's not petroleum at all, it's just Creamy Gay Shit the only binary that matters to me is "makes Shirley Temples with gingerale"/"makes Shirley Temples with Sprite" bc there's a WAR out there @cymrin you've done one good thing with your life then @cymrin it's Upsetting too tired to past few weeks to come up with a lot of good shitposts so i'm slowly retweeting some of my Classics it takes more monads to frown than to smile i Refuse to continue eating The Magic ggathering Cards until Wizards of Coast mails me a signed declaration that I don't have to swallow I don't like this ad. https://t.co/TdHI05BULc i make sure to keep my bedroom door closed when I sleep at night so that no one can see into my eyes like open doors and thus wake me up @1RealSwampWitch that sounds like a right hell on earth Revolutionary Girl me, the President of CMU ALLIES, @differencebot WHAT We're preparing for Asexual Awareness Week by baking some cakes! https://t.co/kMqRuWP5CP This excites me!! #MTGC16 https://t.co/1rREXYE1Va this is actually Pretty Close to being true because I received that email on October 10, 2013 https://t.co/LnHm5RDagi @_shutupvee fb says its ur birthday so happy birthday! Hope ur listening to the new Regina Spektor album I wonder what my first word was. I hope it was "FRAG ALERT" Are you an actor/singer/songwriter? Do you need a job? Need references? Need a loan approved? Need a family and kids? Need Jesus? Need love? Legless vs. Legged https://t.co/1WexYN2c3S frosting is dinner right when an API takes a char* but doesn't modify it & you don't feel comfortable casting a const char* literal bc you had a Christian upbringing https://t.co/PMs4lZch2w now i'm more confused than ever https://t.co/1Y2coUvEUU having different length strings of only zeros map to distinct things should be Illegal https://t.co/YxcRk72kWx ok internet i Understand how to look up the size of a knitting needle, what i don't understand is what the heck gauge is (i'm a bad knitter) @GracieOfKalmont 100% there for feeling little!! ((ooc i've totally semantically saturated the word "gauge")) @cymreal i think we both need to get a food Pokémon AFAB/ Pokémon AMAB they're mAKING Another wRInkle in TIME moviE????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Спасибо, Charles Wallace! @JhoiraArtificer OPRAH *chuckles* buddy, they won't even let me fuck the patriarchy it's really strange to me that development on The Binding of Isaac is continuing, and I have no interest in it if only because in 2013 half the reason I valued myself at all was because I was really good at and knowledgeable about A Video Game @JhoiraArtificer yeah I understood that but I was confused about how to knit a gauge swatch before buying the yarn. I figured it out though @cymreal @KbLogQ they can use this to steal ur credit card nombres be aware @highway2helliot me, four times a day @highway2helliot although I walked into Mudge once a couple of weeks ago and it was like being stabbed in the face holy shit @highway2helliot I've been living in Morewood since I was a sophomore but things arent Too bad as long as I stay away from D tower @Rawr_Ebooks full metal alchemist: cathood i'm asexual and https://t.co/Hy3QD7WPUW тату is really important thanks, i'm asexual but please play Я сошла с ума when I walk around can't wait til we learn how to say "kiss girls" in russian class, ye, я хочу if there are aliens how do you think think feel about kissing girls I'm proud of myself because I looked at a knitting pattern and understood some of the words @bbbbbbbbbbbaka there are horrifying implications Breasted vs. Breastless https://t.co/shAc27PMd5 @cymrin @Rawr_Ebooks hm? @cymrin @Rawr_Ebooks OH WAIT NO ACTUALLY SCRATCH THAT @cymreal i was tired LOUD EXCITED NAVIGATIONAL SCREAMING https://t.co/HfnPr71zDz jeez tymna and kydele seem like a potent partnership, i Want to Do that https://t.co/iVEJA7ZzCd i just remembered that last night i literally had a dream about doing heroin???? half hearted groan of disappointment https://t.co/4inQkGsx2N @epstmlgy is this because of his run-in with the yowie yahoo? @Rawr_Ebooks no i like red I have a horrible fear that my bot has something to do with my breasts. THIS IS REALLY WORRYING https://t.co/zOhEVS4bpW "I more meant that anything you learn at a school reunion is so gay" happy ace awareness week (thanks @cymrin) https://t.co/c8ymyPHnag help me I am a Huge Fuck while I was young I lived upon my mothers milk as I could not eat @cymrin what were you trying to check on the yandere dating site?? were you checking if you got any responses???? @cymrin too late callout post for @cymrin: they're the admin of a yandere dating site https://t.co/9n827zv7Kp @ALawley @mahoushoujorose @cymrin i've never lied about Anything. happy ace awareness week. @cymrin gosh you're right it's perfect "TEENAGERS KISSING" I whoop in a scene-by-scene recount of a Malcolm in the Middle episode to the geriatrics, security already at my heels six outta fifteen ! chalk noises yo am i at risk of any actual diseases from eating extreme amounts of sugar? it has been a coping mechanism lately and i'm getting Concerned mostly curious because Googling "eating too much sugar" just returns lots of dietary scare articles, which gives me No information @lichlike how serious is that? i don't think i actually know Anything about the liver, it's just This Thing maybe tag urself i'm suffering and i feel my soul gem getting dark,,,, @Rawr_Ebooks how hi miku! this is scarlett jeSUS CHRIST "This course is not recommended for students with dissociative disorders." https://t.co/5ASYANcyzH question: why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? @isitasubtweet no or i could eat lava https://t.co/3N8WkKLXsW how do these animals pick up things, they are hooved, Why Are They Wrestling In Mud my class schedule next semester is all after noon and i'm Very Upset about it there are two kinds of people https://t.co/aXS8oeSZrs WHATS IN THE HORSE @MetroAndCharms FRICK!!!! sonic the hedgehog Still hasn't expelled a smaller hedgehog from his birth canal, psshaw https://t.co/xvWoUVcbKY NEED TO DROP THIS DIRECTLY INTO NAHIRI'S MOUTH https://t.co/uYfYRbFQBU whelp I'm back to listening to Crystal Castles apparently @cymrin we keep attaching our concepts of pregnancy to mpreg but Really who knows if it's ever supposed to end. Forever Mpreg there's an ffmpreg joke there somewhere but i don't want to find it @cymrin why wouLd you make me look at that picture again on this the day of my daughter's wedding, @cymrin GOD @cymrin please get some rest @cymrin sounds like Homura night if i don't go to hell when i die i might go to CMU and that's why I'm writing a 57 chapter fic called Homu&Mada Go To Jail @cymrin blocked has last.fm removed the ability to temporarily change the time period for the Top Albums and Top Artists things on your profile???? x_x ah no it was because i had adblock on Fuck I can write anything in Russian and it'll look ominous. Is "я хочу колбаса" a death threat or am I saying I want sausage? (Hint: yeah.) Best advice I've gotten so far about pronouncing the Russian р is to /not/ try to make an "r" sound actually i've noticed that a lot of Russian words just sound better if I don't pronounce the р at all instead of doing my American "r" shite it took me literally an hour to write the ALLIES email today so everyone better read it like four times the magus of the will art is really cool! https://t.co/6Aot6lZTf5 @cymreal ahh lol it probably the same problem as emoji I should fix that soooooon @GrinningKobold ; help???? Help Me turns out I cannot fly a plane. Why not i Still think that i would be happier wearing prettier clothing but i have no idea how to clothing and am wearing sweatpants everyday my ideal fashion sense is prolly printer cartridge neon dresses that look like they're for small girls but don't look weird on someone 6'1" my current aesthetic appears to be brightly colored obnoxious CS students who are also still too tall i'm gonna knit myself rainbow thigh highs, @cymrin i dont know where to buy things though thanks wiktionary https://t.co/HZTIJFNEW7 Fuck The Dictionary, fuck it Right in its Diagnosis of Language huh apparently i'm performing in Austria in December, i wouldn't have even known if I wasn't checking my own Bandca… https://t.co/YAnH1azXwc I ALWAYS WANTED MY OWN BROTHER AND THEN HE SHOWED UP AT OUR DOOR I DIDNT QUESTION WHERE HE CAME FROM I WASNT LONELY ANYMORE SOON WE DID EVER @wehpudicabok IT'S NOT CREEPY marketing things for children is weird some male-identified people have died of stress! Thats another one! and yet this guy didn't Get It until i literally no longer had a thyroid in me and my TSH levels were orders of mag… https://t.co/darXmm60O2 bitter post: i said i felt sub-clinically hypothyroid. he said maybe. this was the summer. he later said eh your thyroid's coming out anyway then i get my thyroid removed and he Makes No Contact With Me and i have to harass the Fricking Surgeon to prescribe me the synthroid six weeks later i'm feeling like Complete Crap and i keep saying "i'm probably hypothyroid i'm probably hypothyroid" and he's like "Naaaahh" then I am actually shown the blood test results which say my TSH level is crazy high and I throw a huge fit oh and now he agrees with me the lesson as always is that even when you're not the professional, you have to advocate for yourself; sometimes no one else will. for some reason I never watched the тату performance at the Russian olympics???? so i'm doing that now it's really strange seeing them older?? Lena almost looks the same and Yulia looks completely different the wikipedia article on Я сошла с умя (All The Things She Said) sounds just like when /I/ go to the dentist, https://t.co/fshQElmmQJ at the 2003 MTV Awards, Amanda Bynes talks about how hot some guys are, and then introduces тату as not being interested in any of them oh my god the last time Amanda Bynes was on a tv show it was voicing a Family Guy character the poor thing audacity protip: reverse, reverb, reverse. it sounds neat. thanks tom cortina. тату proved that the only way to achieve international success while being Russian was to be gay, but being gay is also illegal, why does youtube consistently recommend me a video entitled "How Do You Get Rid of Acne?"???? *Me, about to say something Problematic*: i better not, saying the word "pony" again today will call the cops yikes https://t.co/HDPUFrnXX5 most of them are either dead or Pussy Riot @_80021170ffff_ Do!! It!! What's Happening In Russia I'm Scared one of the most important contributions to the modern 2010s "zeitgeist" of nerd/pop Americanist culture with respec… https://t.co/e1KFpMhr4B @_80021170ffff_ i think my ex still has my copy so i'm gonna need to light some asses on fire can't wait until entropy shuts Every website down... only then will we be free from last.fm https://t.co/11WeJ3oenS when one starts a startup, the obvious first question is: "who will shut us down: our future owners, or the heat death of the universe?" chalk tulpa @cymreal are you drawing a tulpa they're actually playing wonderwall в етом кафе Bing translate had one job https://t.co/ifCSI7JnpN I don't know what's sketchier, "t-shirt", or "blood" https://t.co/yatHQyevfh https://t.co/UsQdZB72Lu Спасиба, chalk! If you're so inclined, please take the Ace Community Census! #AsexualAwarenessWeek https://t.co/a61oLnYn9J the term "bottom surgery" always makes me think of like, butt plastic surgery @KbLogQ fUCK hey @starla4444 look at this game, it's made of chalk https://t.co/oXmJxXgGhp @Rawr_Ebooks calling the cops sex confuses me for the sole reason that I'm convinced teabagging should be called ball gagging but a ball gag is something else completely @mapleakuma @NatRoze @villainsbn check ur nomenclature privilege it's "erisol" shitlord WELCOME TO THE 90S https://t.co/8Zj1D2QIPi @blueshiftofdeat omFG i've seen this *walking home alone through dark streets at 1am* this is so not asmr My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (97), Regina Spektor (76), t.A.T.u. (35) #lastfm I still managed to listen to more Crystal Castles than Regina Spektor this week wowie... I'm unstoppable PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS http://t.co/RAdPxz60am i did some reading up and i understand now. my eyes have been opened. it's all clear to me. i know what each level of RAID means. TIME FOR SOME ANGRY TRANS DISCOURSE *coughs* who's ur favorite Rainbow Dash impersonator in the second season of My Little Pony Am I doing this right https://t.co/x4r0LCDF2r Just found out my moon sign is Pisces!!!! I'm!!!! So!!!! Fucking!!!! Happy!!!! Ahhh!!!! (also my rising sign is Libra which is Also Awesome) "since starting hormones, I have become less communist" a friend just said this to me Revolutionary Girl suffering thought of the day: karyotypes. what are they? what do they want from us? when will the suffering end?!?! here have a sample of our queer cards against humanity deck https://t.co/TNVzLsuCd3 @Frosty_mage this is a pretty small sample of the cards in the deck; that said I don't think it is but it doesn't work with most black cards I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR FOUR YEARS https://t.co/Yk2vaIfWVh me in freshman year, until it became forever waiting until i can stop starting sentences with https://t.co/mpHuQM5JBI sunday always feels like it just doesn't happen *looks out window on train* I wonder if Penn Station is named after Penn Jillette Waiting for the NQR train. What the heck is in the sugar bowl from A Series Of Unfortunate Events anyway. makin' my way downtown glass in my foot it really hurts and i'm screamin' DUNUNUNUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUND DUNUNUNUN https://t.co/aKAprhfN63 Unloved vs. Loved https://t.co/VJ4iXjIZep that was fun AND silly, like uh, like uhhhh, a filly I have made a "Best Of" timeline of some classic 👌 @Rawr_Ebooks tweets! https://t.co/iLIrUh1Ugn *watches the haruhi ending theme* fuck it i'm a weeb They'll never find me here... https://t.co/SOcJn9Ku3l *starts tweeting about ponies slightly more often* i do this because i love losing followers SOME GUY: magic isn't real ME: literally nothing is real hell yeah i'm dtf (down to feminize) *camera zooms out to reveal that i'm at an endocrinologist's office* so like if I put the shower curtain outside the tub the shower water gets everywhere, but if it's in the tub then creepycrawlies can get out everything is pros and cons and education is learning how to weigh those, so i don't know who thought the internet of things was a good idea look, it's my origin story! https://t.co/Z8eCI1XSBf people talking loudly in cluster: ugh people talking loudly in cluster about how to consume anime differently than i did: IM OBNOXIOUS ARGHH i'm never going to watch any anime ever except for all those animes i'm going to watch AT JURY DUTY: "too mature to wear a halloween costume" and "too depressed to put one together" are VERY different things thanks your honor my conspiracy 2 chase rare is an uncommon @rdmarsh2 *waves fist* you youngins get on my lawn! did you know, i own every piece of media i feel a connection to, it's mine, do not steal, don't make me call the cops *remembers i have a physics exam today* my halloween costume is Someone Who's Good At Physics *buys various lengths of XLR* there we go, now this apartment feels like home (Java developers trying to flirt) "Hey baby, I'll raise an exception you'll be required by the compiler to catch." @Frosty_mage is KGB still going? I'm trying to get there @drquuxum IS THIS A HALLOWEEN THING?? BC I SAW MY FIRST CENTIPEDE IN MY DORM ROOM EVER THIS MORNING AND I HAVENT STOPPED CRYING @drquuxum i didn't have anything to kill it with so i just packed my bag and Left and so now it could literally be anywhere, bye bye room, i don't know how many days there are in a week; how about i go ask some bodybuilders https://t.co/DnIRISqHd5 legitimately not sure if I can sleep in my room tonight because of the thought that there's a centipede loose in it I've waited all year to post this https://t.co/j6OfjE9vm7 russian horses say и-го-го (ee go go) today's weird amazon shopping cart https://t.co/w7dd30uqV8 sure /n/ would become /ŋ/ before /g/, but why would it do so before /k/? *says "sink" out loud* HOLY FUCK Happy November! I was forced out of my room by a centipede. Have a selfie with my new bow! https://t.co/XZDQco6n8H It's November 1st and I've already seen the word NaNoWriMo *vicious flashbacks* Which of my Cool Friends wants to fill my room with bug spray in two hours It begins. https://t.co/mdisTWIPSJ @drbotmd does this fucking drug disable you bye d-su https://t.co/nb8hen4e5d @Rawr_Ebooks nyeh Posteriority vs. Anteriority https://t.co/ouT8rb6Onf Is this centipede issue something I should talk to my Housefellow about? I am completely in the dark about what to do I'm being completely irrational, the problem I have is almost constructed to have no solution, and I don't know how to expect anyone to help @ebalke93 wow erisol @ebalke93 I love how it's literally impossible for me to judge people for shipping erisol четыре is a really great word because it means four, and the first letter looks like a 4 for some reason speaking in an empty room gives me a Lot of Anxiety, which has always made learning foreign languages Difficult i like how my aesthetic allows for neon bright pink and yellow clothing but it's Very obvious that I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday @DialMforMacbeth I've already had Ren look through my room and they couldn't find it which Worries Me A Lot; thanks for offering though! it kinda continues to frustrate me that people treat DID as if it's something paranormal https://t.co/CzpxRpniEd i love SCP but i feel like a lot of these articles use DID to answer "what can we talk about that is clinical but also Magical...?" @Rawr_Ebooks this is not???? what teen idle is about???? @mahoushoujorose wtf this has like 15 likes but when i tweet hella sweet lyrics i just get retweeted by brony rt, fml i'm really surprised that there are people that haven't heard of My Immortal?? i just convinced Beta Sonia to read it 👌 did you know My Immortal has a Wikipedia article https://t.co/9xUEMiGvDJ ugh i miss last.fm looking like this https://t.co/WA4XMcBFbL @JhoiraArtificer it's honestly beautiful yeah, i'm the fucker responsible for "What is the cultural impact of mpreg Sonic the Hedgehog?" being the essay question on the last SAT @GrinningKobold this is a Good picture when some rando anon replies to all of your tweets with really outdated hate speech and you just wanna yell at them https://t.co/CfRmFwKMOV *is asexual while looking at someone's tumblr* hmm ok but why not, instead of drawing them fucking, draw them taking out a home loan @Rawr_Ebooks please do?? @starla4444 homu&mada buy a house it's really good to be in my room again ahh it feels like it's been forever i didn't get any Serum Visions in an entire box of CN2 and i'm so mad i'm calling the cops My 5-year-old is amazed, he just found out shaving your pubes doesn't get rid of HIV. i have no idea how PucaTrade works anymore but i clicked randomly for 5 minutes so hopefully some Serum Visions will appear in my mailbox @GrinningKobold @mahoushoujorose less sword titty more titty sword confused by the concept of a baker's dozen. why can't pastry chefs count. Good morning at the end of the world! My fourth @VortexOfCrap album, A S S E X I S T E N T I A L I S M, is out now! https://t.co/KYLIizV5S1 I kept my promise https://t.co/PVXytBy1Co is this a trolley problem https://t.co/mYK0jSMH88 @DialMforMacbeth @SkyeJinx @cmukgb "*speechless*" -Me, the president of @cmuallies there are young furries?? oh god i think my entire personality is just shitposting @nex3 🤘 In a gay relationship, who's the Miku and who's the Scarlett? Sugar horse culture theory where culture is viewed as a mathematical structure equipped with an intersection function and an oppression relation @softfennec Descend incorporates elements of Upward Movement so it's a mistake that can be made @softfennec fUck as far as I can tell, I, The Third Vagina, am the Only producer currently making music in the "nightcore ASMR" genre Lisixine (estrogen) Used recreationally as a psychedelic Decreases the pentatonic effects of oxycontin i think housekeeping came into my room during the day and didn't close the door when they left?? jesus christ now the smoke detector has just started "low battery" chirping; why does this room want me out of it so much?? @NatRoze please no @blueshiftofdeat yes!!!! i've been more and more stressed out throughout the semester but my shitpost quality has only increased .@GrinningKobold https://t.co/msz10jIJvV can't stand religious people knocking on my door at 7am trying to tell me that the Sun is real?? Please Read A Book @PrimHelios i'm not sure why i haven't pinned this yet https://t.co/scmTHOTYmV I'm cold and not just in a morally reprehensible way rly frustrated? yet Another instance of "cd packaging arriving damaged in mail". plus the cups i bought were not shrinkwrapped & were dusty @softfennec Hugh Man @softfennec not all hugh men i am exactly the right amount of trash what immediately springs to mind is enumerating the vectors in some basis for some space V as vi for i in [1,dim V] https://t.co/Su0oxlAF2F @Chicken_Duque the song played at the beginning of that video is from flashkit and I know that bc I've sampled it in a song Whoa really? she looks like she hasn't changed at all https://t.co/GMsu4r0xCB Finally, i've really need this, for science reaosns https://t.co/0pJJ2B8RFm @bbbbbbbbbbbaka no one has ever said this?? I wonder what my first word was. I hope it was "the asexual hivemind" @Rawr_Ebooks you did this wrong @MMulaFerrer there is an infamously bad Harry Potter fanfic named after the Evanescence song; it's often considered The Worst Fanfic Ever @zhgilbert im so excited, fuck the sky, fuck it right in the clouds this is a pretty strange poem, wikipedia https://t.co/qVSh6FByb8 @Rawr_Ebooks the fuck is this Garnet and Elvis @bbbbbbbbbbbaka whoa, uh, *goes to bed and dreams of non-fetishized transgirl lesbians* (in the real way) Frightening. https://t.co/5yS8gAq8zP @Rawr_Ebooks idk i think she's pretty nice @Rawr_Ebooks no really! i don't know why you seem to have a Thing with her @Rawr_Ebooks i don't think her third album is called albumen the furries are really justifiable @Frosty_mage the word friday has lost all meaning *becomes the president of a student organization* what do you mean i have to write like six emails a week Discontinuation vs. Continuation https://t.co/ikHlVcp7qz @Frosty_mage I think the week starts on Sunday for me bc on Saturday it's "this coming Tuesday" and on Sunday it's "this Tuesday" What numbers feel nice? I'm collecting this data so I can control people's minds using The Dopamine Numbers @drquuxum I use tweetdeck and I too am presented questions without guidance Did you know there's a cheat code that unlocks unlimited dopamine? You inject doses of 58 drugs into specific locations in a specific order, @GrinningKobold that's some intricate satisfaction but i'm into it @mahousecretrose I sorta feel this! Except that set contains 3 which is a Bad Feel number Unwary vs. Wary https://t.co/fbOrf44xNL Unaggressive vs. Aggressive https://t.co/jAZlhPe0Pb Kelly's argument was so bad! Kelly's argument was so bad! Kelly's argument was so bad! Kelly's argument was so bad! Kelly's argument was so Me, absolutely twisted, coming home with a load of swords. Me waking up the next day with a room full of swords. https://t.co/4fNWkAmhBY you may be thinking that I, a Straight Pesron, am enjoying Haruhi bc I do want to fuck , but truthyfully it's beacues i'm a Mary Sue https://t.co/AAJyoiSrVj my name is kelly feferi fef alice insigna castles diamandis k alice dementia raven way, and i'm a normal student that can control reality "i googled terf dril but i am not going to google yaoi dril" -- @starla4444 @Rawr_Ebooks maybe more Mutableness vs. Immutableness https://t.co/uT6ZxN5Gxv pretty sure my aesthetic is Turn Down For What coming on at a school dance at a Catholic high school i'm helping https://t.co/TJ6xvzy3rl its 3am why am i making shitty jokes in the form of twitter bots instead of sleeping (say hi to @furrytherapist)… https://t.co/m3Vf0pw274 https://t.co/HhaOvh8OSq it's Satisfying https://t.co/u5Q0KBlP0C @bbbbbbbbbbbaka NO good morning! Pop tarts So basically *sticks hand in pants, Нo0ОଠOooOoОଠଠooooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ baby u so hard, pulls out a cell phone number @Rawr_Ebooks ???? i dont know how to respond to this @Rawr_Ebooks i cant believe you were halfways through calling the cops but they had already been called @Rawr_Ebooks i'm really concerned?? did something happen?? is this why you called the cops?? it feels weird that I haven't played any video games in ages ей-sexual *reads about grammatical case* is the genitive case a furry thing? this looks like a lowercase a reflecting on who it used to be, back in its prime, oh how they used to look up you, https://t.co/ebeDwK7710 @Rawr_Ebooks chRISTMAS B-TREES @Pretzelish [Russian furry forum] привет!! *обнимаю тебе и замечаю твою выступ* ОшО что это..? i'm really proud of this because i translated it myself, i'm really internalizing my Russian studies + putting them to Good Use x3 Wait what? it's both Witchcraft AND fuckboy aesthetic? Oh my.. @NatRoze https://t.co/ukB3o4JMUE ahh i made a mistake, тебе should be тебя because accusative case not dative case.. cases are confusing but i'm still proud of myself!! @drquuxum I'M REALLY PROUD OF THIS @drquuxum i think it would be pronounced "owsha" which is Great, *pulls See N Say cord* the Russian Furry Says owsha @mahoushoujorose i cry about showtime Constantly @mahoushoujorose rose ur probs shoujo/cosmic i want to know https://t.co/TujbqCi39n If you want to date the Port Authority, you have to fight their 28 exes is this what @fourisland was trying to tell us all along? https://t.co/6gcKNgJHd9 @1RealSwampWitch I'm into it @efortmanteau nope not yet! @differencebot what are you trying to say?? Kickstart this mass delusion that's like tulpas but for His Dark Materials fuck i just realized that the novella my friends and I wrote in high school with the self-inserts is basically just Haruhi and i'm Haruhi liveblogging @cymrin reading some weird fanfic called Obsession wow they even say it's y/y don't like don't read? sounds pretty chuuni @cymrin WHY DID YOU JUST HAVE THIS PICTURE @cymrin ?? i thought you were literally reading shuuenpro out loud to me right now @cymrin i can't believe you like yandere so much that you're reading some weird fanfic where everyone is a yandere?? @cymrin how did you get into soho???? @cymrin @mahousecretrose this is the best dramatic reading ever i should be recording this @cymrin @mahousecretrose *dramatical reading, xcxcuse me @cymrin @mahousecretrose who even wrote this fic though?? it is a mystery @cymreal this is so extreme gal pal i cant believe that the ao3 police are okay with it being marked gen https://t.co/C1rRPO0LuS Kristen Stewart And Her New Gal Pal Mix Their Blood And Summon An Elder God Together @cymreal it won't be enough What do you call a high adult male? A mellow fellow! @cymreal WHAT DID GABI DO IN 2009 THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN @cymreal DOES SHE EVER LEAVE @cymreal it really sucks that the author got caught up in a copyright scandal and will never continue working on the story ! @cymreal where did Mallary find her?? why did she look through her stuff?? she had to get close enough to see both sides of the frame?? @cymreal the thing about the mantle really concerns me???? is this a horror story???? @cymreal mallary makes up a nickname for crystal that no one else has ever used?? does she want to be crystal's best friend too?? @cymreal she???? didn't even tell anyone???? she just wandered around the town for eight hours???? @cymreal maybe mallary got rid of gabi?? @cymreal casually just walks through thev oid for two days because your gal pal moved away @cymreal WHO ARE YOU EVEN TALKING TO THOUGH @cymreal the fold in the skirt thing also really concerns me???? @cymreal eachother @cymreal is crystal made of chalk?? "This is the WORST thing i've ever been told" College @Rawr_Ebooks stop judging me???? hey I finished my utena amv https://t.co/n8HENiePC6 (linking on tumblr bc the aspect ratio makes it look nicer embedded) @cymreal actually screaming @cymreal im setting myself on fire @blueshiftofdeat i said this before but i really love your amv you did a great job on it and i have so many feels!!!! me, watching @blueshiftofdeat's amv https://t.co/JHxcXLDVXG @Rawr_Ebooks AOL is your child a small horse or is it the entire TV show/franchise https://t.co/ETgUnysPew My top three artists this week: The Third Vagina (221), Crystal Castles (98), CHVRCHES (25) #lastfm tulpa apparel. are you, supposed to imagine that it's there? https://t.co/yaFDZ92dLA ME: ok so i talked to my therapist and i'm NOT a yandere. how was your day? MY MOM: please get off the kitchen table Since I accepted that I'm a weeb I figured well it's time to make a MyAnimeList, I mean last.weebm @furrytherapist what actually is this..???? @Rawr_Ebooks I had no idea Natalie Tran and Marina collaborated @cymreal i like data *notices ur humanity* OwO whats this..? @Rawr_Ebooks this is really ominous???? Descending Node vs. Ascending Node https://t.co/teeI2meGIz *notices ur exoskeleton* OwO whats this..? today at work someone asked me to replace the cucumber with egg in their roll and i just started laughing about egg replacer,,, @starla4444 *notices ur clothes* OwO whats this..? Why is this screenshot from a Hillary campaign video the funniest thing I've ever seen https://t.co/21FbTs3kHb Lateness vs. Earliness https://t.co/vlm7QJFPHg #lrt oh yeah I forgot how the world becomes purple at night /@differencebot @Rawr_Ebooks who is paying you to do this This is how it starts... https://t.co/SVJUVvhywB K-On! is very cute ME: a shriveling wreck YOU: a shriveling wreck US: two shriveling wrecks @Rawr_Ebooks IM SO MAD ABT LEAL env band_name="() { :;};" ME WHEN I GRADUATE: i've trained for this my whole life. i'm finally ready. it's time to play I Wanna Be The Guy competitively *goes to the Revolutionary Girl Utena discussion forum on MyAnimeList* *leaves the Revolutionary Girl Utena discuss… https://t.co/FIaKOOW8LM @cymreal laughter is the truest therapy did you know that in rare cases, cats and horses can have hypothyroidism as a white cishet tumblr girl, I had a dream, the American dream, that I was a sexy gay man, and it was so hot they finally kissed omg otp!! IDK WHAT I'M DOING WITH MY LIFE?!?!?! I'm on a 61B and my chest hurts pls someone carry me to KGB when I get to Morewood lol thanks same https://t.co/eA4GrP328k i will definitely make Illegal Twitter Bots *notices ur bestiality* OwO whats this..? @drquuxum @mahoushoujorose @cubed2D @hernameisriver is that a woman loving mio body pillow or a woman fearing mio body pillow i'm super excited it's my first time voting in a presidential election. ok yeah this is terrifying but Trying To Find Something Fun About It https://t.co/B3eCsVxuhl @mahoushoujorose glitch of the day: my existence @furrytherapist is it plush? don't panic! This is normal @Rawr_Ebooks i'm panicking anyway thanks @Rawr_Ebooks i thought we were talking about the election? the furries are planar *notices ur testicular artery* OwO whats this..? Unsupported vs. Supported https://t.co/dLhkMobw02 @bbbbbbbbbbbaka it probably was tbh good morning!! please vote if you are able!! Wow last night i fell asleep watching my little pony and i got an hour more sleep than i usually do, this seems like a good sleep strategy brah that's deep https://t.co/ig08kb5wM4 is Shrek With Her? https://t.co/N8THzA0TSw *notices chalk* OwO whats this..? I did even better on the last physics exam than the previous two?? I don't know how my grades are increasing while my health gets worse NO IT'S NOT WEED YOU PIECE OF SHIT STONER https://t.co/xz4pkFEEEp @Rawr_Ebooks its rawr saying shot like this that inspired A S S E X I S T E N T I A L I S M @blueshiftofdeat worth it *notices ur shit* OwO whats this..? I'm in line to vote!!!! Oh god my legs are already ready to give out Can't believe it's soon to be illegal to have a binary gender ! I voted!!!! I feel really sick from standing up for so long lol bleh at least I did my part!! ok I ordered a replacement for Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles (the first album, which has the same name as the second) bc it was cracked which btw why does music i buy online keep coming cracked or otherwise damaged???? Hillary please fix this but the replacement came and the tracklisting on the back is upside down. the plastic wrap is intact. tbh that's kinda Awesome yeah I'm pretty into this I'll probably keep it lol https://t.co/kpbTK9I6Vw why do transgender people only get to remember things one day a year @GrinningKobold *stares glass eyed into the distance* we are the punchline @Rawr_Ebooks don't play as Aang then? *notices ur male genitalia* OwO whats this..? @Rawr_Ebooks you're sending me mixed messages here ahhhfuck how am i going to to do homework tonight i'm starting to anxious i don't want to look at any results yet i have no energy so here imagine i made some sort of joke incorporating the notion of a swing state and the Keystone Motel oh my god stop https://t.co/yhQiHTyP3g fuck America, i'm going to watch 28 hours of My Little Pony i dont have a question to go along with this poll, just look at the options i wrote and think up your own question HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SHITPOST IF LOOKING AT TWITTER IS GONNA GIVE ME ANXIETY hi everyone i'm pretty sure you all need a break from election bullshit so imma liveblog watching a horse cartoon i've partially repressed i'm like 100% sure this horse looks like she is toothpaste. @Psynklyskys says her name is Colgate. thats p fucked u… https://t.co/eHvHN6d4JJ TWILIGHT SPARKLE: princess!! we came as fast as we could!! CELESTIA: Not a moment too soon! No one came to my slumb… https://t.co/rCQBpyzjqF the one in the top right is just laughing as the one on the bottom is sinking into a fiery hell?? https://t.co/EYEsEnfQyT i'm really unhappy about this https://t.co/Dv9bVFkEN9 twilight just wants to get lost. in a big hedge maze. https://t.co/jeR29LkXCB wow pinkie pie's section just leads right out of the maze. also there's a bit next to fluttershy that is just nothi… https://t.co/JuiBI9v7L4 takin my hat off in honor of the really beautiful song these gyrating piles of apples are singing https://t.co/a773Jeddlj meanwhile, 73% of millenials are into vore https://t.co/UaxRJ4RFkg watching this episode and i'm hearing the little soundbytes that were sampled in Celestia's Faithful and its neat https://t.co/zi5KPBcWWU "fluttershy that plant was my best friend and you killed it" https://t.co/TgEaFr5Xuk DISCORD: hear me out, i'm gonna just GIVE the elements of harmony to twilight, but i'm gonna destroy this book she… https://t.co/qgykOuIlQC don't have a caption for this one. just a random frame. https://t.co/9KfKL7mqnK someone who's never seen the show please tell me what's going on here https://t.co/pp3DPbss7O look how tall Twilight Sparkle got!! the second picture is unrelated https://t.co/nkGjzEQtYm apple jack's favorite memory is that one time when she drank some apple juice https://t.co/yzQN0astYr APPLE JACK: hey rarity. look how long my neck is. RARITY: it's not THAT long jeez APPLE JACK: wanna bet https://t.co/YcyQC5GVpT rainbow dash we're sending you to a zoo https://t.co/zjzdZ67hXq apple jack, stop taking antipsychotics. you don't want to live this way forever. https://t.co/JSfkK4TlPU screw princess luna btw https://t.co/SfUCkLbf8b @Psynklyskys why isn't she there like why is Celestia like "i want us to rule Together from now on, but i dont want to see u at events" Wow last.fm is down,,,, are people listening to a lot of music right now or something? taking a short between episodes "50s Halloween movie I never saw in my deprived childhood" break so here enjoy this… https://t.co/1VKFE1rnpS RARITY: sweetie bell you stop using your levitation powers and put me down at once! SWEETIE BELLE: who said that https://t.co/jF5abYxbTo some of these bags are literally bigger than her https://t.co/4ek9esGGU9 diamond horse remembers that today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you https://t.co/9YZvTDkca5 everyone in Ireland is Always Having Fun!! https://t.co/GbEhiDhnBB SWEETIE BELLE: am i pretty RARITY: Get off the kitchen table SWEETIE BELLE: take some photos first https://t.co/R5fkYF0odE i love it when big sister yells at me!! i can't hear very well https://t.co/qRSHMT0A7J Rarity off her meds vs on her meds https://t.co/v3rBMA9Oz1 i don't even know what to caption this i'm just hysterical at rarity looking So Sad at three Giant color pencils an… https://t.co/aIYCu7oO0W a sisterly duet https://t.co/AXTjoM44AN PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR SWEETIE BELLE https://t.co/nQYwIzP8zw she didn't even take her shoes off before jumping into a big vat of grapes, come on apple bloom, people are gonna d… https://t.co/woisgokfke sweetie belle made a picture of her and rarity but it bored rarity so much that she just fell asleep on top of it https://t.co/wV3xC4yFiV She's In Pain https://t.co/9BTmdxYD2O Now Apple Bloom wants to be part of the White Horse family! The horse families are constantly in flux. When will th… https://t.co/BTD2rwdxji "shoot it's gonna rain. inside." https://t.co/ImAiFOJuN5 rarity you're making the resident immortal god queen uncomfortable https://t.co/rAntmqI6uY wow I forgot to actually listen to the Crystal Castles (album I got today. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah where am i @tamasys YES I DID (i think polling closed hours ago anyway) i am gonna try to sleep now so i hope everyone is doing ok and that yalls enjoyed the my little pony shitposting, stay safe folks i'm really scared i'm really scared i'm really scared i'm really scared i didnt expect this news when i woke up i'm sobbing fuck going to class today fuck doing homework today fuck studying for exams today fuck doing anything today i cant even get my synthroid pill down im dont know how to stop crying @NatRoze thanks im good on breakfast though i've got poptarts in my room so id ont ever have to leave it fucking shist pennsylvania went red, my vote didnt even matter i don't believe this. i'm having a nightmare. i haven't woken up. THIS MORNING'S AESTHETIC IS: CRYING ON MY POPTARTS *notices ur betrayal* OwO whats this..? do i wear my trans scarf today to be strong or do i not wear it bc even on a college campus i feel scared i was hella anxious trying to sleep last night bc i could hear ppl running around in the hall shouting things like "go trump!" as president of an LGBTQ student org i should probably make some sort of statement but i'm not even sure what I can say everyone take your "you" time today. you can get class absences, missed homeworks, etc, made up/postponed/etc. school is less important. @highway2helliot i very much need help but I don't know how well I can accept it right now if that makes sense? i'm probably going to go to Russian class at least bc i rly enjoy it and if it might help me smile a bit today it's worth leaving the room yo actually I think I'm gonna go open the LGBTQ resource office and buy candy and shit so anyone who needs a safe space can find one @DialMforMacbeth SoHo is also open and we've got poptarts and marshmallows What THE SHIT Cut to a shot of estrogen and a shot of sayaka saying "i was stupid, so stupid" @Rawr_Ebooks what do this mean @highway2helliot if you're anywhere near campus there's a room on the third floor of the cuc filled with queers and candy I just figured out who my therapist looks like, she looks like #mentalhealth therapy @highway2helliot "member" legit just means "showed up to two events, at least one of which was a meeting, in the last 9 months" so its easy @DialMforMacbeth I found them! I'll put them in the closet i did the thing; i was in soho for 12 almost continuous hours, barring one 50 minute class, and a few trips to Entropy for snacks i really hope that everyone who needs support today can find it. you are important, you are cared about, you matter. yeah. cool. whatever. it's time for more my little pony. what's twilight thinking about?? she's thinking about book… https://t.co/dUpYsK38qA i really like her mane, it's so full of knowledge and words https://t.co/Ms9V9itJeP happy valentines day i got you a candle shaped like a useless dragon https://t.co/VuyqwioEzq cant believe they trapped Rarity's soul in a gem, just because she tried to vore a bigger gem https://t.co/wM8dq3S1Hp god damn it look here she is trying to vore the gem she's trapped inside. ok i'm gonna stop with the vore jokes https://t.co/8YNdhPJYt0 "i'm gonna wipe you off the face of the planet" https://t.co/gSqCzvGtJj rarity went mad so they had to put her outside https://t.co/DDPmyJaDPW twilight never thought she would be attracted to another unicorn, but in this fanfiction that mixes racial tension… https://t.co/5a1njaFDj7 "why is that guy is stealing our christmas tree" https://t.co/6830rkNjIl APPLE JACK: ive gotta save christmas TWILIGHT SPARKLE: apple jack i gotta say i might leave rarity for you, that mu… https://t.co/RIzz6J2AuH TWILIGHT SPARKLE: THIS ISN'T WHAT I HAD IN MIND https://t.co/YD9dFQe7cO SPIKE: YOU WANNA GO OUT APPLE JACK: actually i'm ace https://t.co/U9EHBskrVa the squirrels have taken her. there's nothing we can do. https://t.co/2B9jH4V78J he fucked up https://t.co/fdy8GWFHz9 These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase https://t.co/4use4i8x8K SPIKE: shit rarity is making out with herself in the mirror again https://t.co/TwDHTXsT3P why is toothpaste horse in ponyville? did she follow twilight from canterlot?? is she a yandere???? https://t.co/sMjsR7Nliq DROP THE FUCKIN BASS https://t.co/xPQa42Op7p "just out catching some lunch" https://t.co/puqJ8uiwjK kirby's fucking pissed this is how i feel about Every Magic Card ngl, "Feffernoose: the Gathering" would be Strong; even "Feferi Peixes: t… https://t.co/4neokIs9J9 *notices ur sexual morality* OwO whats this..? #lrt I DONT KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS BUT I'M SCARED /@furrytherapist he was too powerful https://t.co/IKCK8f8BTb @thefurriesare fuckin vanillas ALLIES is proud to announce the opening of a new chance to discover that I'm loved @Rawr_Ebooks frightening @Rawr_Ebooks It's The Whole Year @starla4444 What date is next year's #nihlism so I can actually enjoy it @CMYKGenet twitter sexbot @Rawr_Ebooks WE DONT WANT TO BE THERE @Rawr_Ebooks too soon @bbbbbbbbbbbaka I'm offended that this has two retweets would you be more likely to send people incriminating photos on MyBook or FaceSpace? would you be more likely to make publicly available a video of you eating an unsolved & unsalted live Rubik's Cube on VimTube or Youeo? @GrinningKobold tfw furby gf *notices ur gross national product* OwO whats this..? as we know, 73% of millennials are into vore. we also know that eating a millennial earns you their vote. welcome to The Hunger Games @KbLogQ what does this mean!!!! "why is one of these pots a pan" https://t.co/0WXO4Ofysk "for halloween i chose the random character creation selection on The Sims" https://t.co/rh8DmXno6E "merry christmas, i'm Mrs. Santa, i'm the one that has a beard made of bees instead of hair, I Will Mess You Up If… https://t.co/J1MMzj9ac3 TWIST: dear diary, today was the 34th day i got to watch Silver Spoon sleeping, she's so cute, i love the way her d… https://t.co/cyKzgyY0qd please someone check Sweetie Belle's pulse https://t.co/9B04dTw8pi this guy's first name is literally "Filthy" and he keeps getting mad at people for calling him that (his last name… https://t.co/vkMujLsbjU They Tried https://t.co/fFXDC2X30K SCOOTALOO: I'm your new mommy now APPLE BLOOM: i had an old mom? SCOOTALOO: shhh think about apples https://t.co/cpEXDBpxlM i hope this teakettle gets well soon https://t.co/WH1mZ9uR0g APPLE BLOOM: why does thiS BURN SWEETIE BELLE: why aren't you thinking about apples https://t.co/BRaA7VqlpH SWEETIE BELLE: this is so fun! SCOOTALOO: i hope we get away with this! SWEETIE BELLE: killing off Apple Bloom and… https://t.co/LTwL5S9clJ TWIST: haha YES i'm sitting behind Silver Spoon again, i love school, and braided manes https://t.co/t9LcT2fp1L GRANNY SMITH: and that's the story of how I went back in time, turned into Apple Bloom, got killed, went back to th… https://t.co/8xtA2cXhQS DIAMOND TIARA: your neck is like a tube APPLE BLOOM: haha yeah its hereditary ;) DIAMOND TIARA: didn't you die https://t.co/9SEUfsmWIr and then i saw her face DUN DUN DUN DUN and now i'm a believer DUN DUN DUN DUN without a trace DUN DUN DUN DUN of d… https://t.co/BRj7XY7fKh why have i been continuously shipping ponies over the course of the last three days. why is this so much of what my shitposting has become. haha dude i'm gonna eat the concept of the number four. SRSLY WATCH ME https://t.co/1hSdB0ORTT @PrimHelios i've got to do this for the people. The People Need Me. vote for me. awh he's singing! he's singing about the war. he's singing about peace. he's singing about disease. he's singing ab… https://t.co/yErpOIdDWc ok this one is just singing Katy Perry songs https://t.co/3Z7h3viift MAGICAL TRANSGIRL K FOR PRESIDENT 2020 https://t.co/WJGx3cWGad RAINBOW DASH: look what I'm doing!! FLUTTERSHY: oh RARITY: whoa!!!! APPLE JACK: HOW ARE YOU FLYING https://t.co/5h0g3yXQ2F @PrimHelios first act is to give everyone their own personal twitter bot, which learns from its mistakes. they will be Good Friends. "i'm so STRONG and CARING. hey KIDS i bet this episode is really glorifying childrearing to you. i bet you think yo… https://t.co/mkIICuxXaV @thegreatmaddie i'm healing the world @Rawr_Ebooks C. Neither. @Rawr_Ebooks well congrats to Danika for figuring that out when speaking in Russian it's important to refer to someone using the correct second-person pronouns! https://t.co/doGKskiO3e for reference, вы is the respectful one and ты is the familiar one shitposting is my coping mechanism, let me live in this lie zero copula and word order in Russian is interesting bc "Люди злые" can mean the noun phrase "Evil people" or the sentence "People are evil" ambiguity in language is Cool and i will make Lots Of Use Of It in songwriting (yes i want to write songs in russian, fucking fight me) быть means "to be" while бить means "to beat/hit/strike", and they're pronounced really similarly, yikes @epstmlgy https://t.co/YFJE3rYowS are there any letters that feel comforting to you? are they for orthographic reasons, phonological reasons, or something else entirely? not restricted to the Latin alphabet btw; ч is a nice letter and i like it and it reminds me of 4, the best number, btw, do uppercase letters feel louder than lowercase letters or just more official? do they have different sensations attached? are they gay? do you touch the top of your mouth with your tongue when you pronounce the r in "car"? how about in "rook"? how about in "risotto?" are there any letters that you're particularly worried about? does T need a better job? does h not fit in with its friends? is q depressed? do you have a favorite letter? what's its name? can you name five of its albums? how long is its inseam? will you someday forgive yourself? have you ever written two letters too close to each other and felt uncomfortable about it for the rest of the day? how about too far away? are there any sets of letters that tell you a story? are T and y ex-lovers? did u previously deliver X's mail? does R ship m and n? @myfreeweb i'm going to try very hard not to think of this every day when i'm writing ф. i already think "BL" when i write ы :p has ç ever told a lie? has Щ ever accidentally put a red shirt in their whites wash? are J and З still together after 200 years of marriage? do words have meaning? can a story bring a smile to your face? can you give a mouse a cookie? are you prepared to use your words to fight? @bugQ cookies are Good, cookies are Big, cookies Know A Lot, i would vote for one there are 2 kinds of people: people who can turn into werewolves, and people who want to. don’t lie 2 me. @tinykyrios I love cursive z ahhh I never write in English cursive but cursive з is the same and I write in Russian cursive all the time @Rawr_Ebooks what's gonna happen?? @Rawr_Ebooks PLEASE FUCKING NO Worthlessness vs. Worth https://t.co/DKTgxQ0vD1 @bbbbbbbbbbbaka miku wouldn't vape @cymrin @drquuxum @mahoushoujorose @nex3 @kittysaysmoo @CodeWitchJen ahh yeah me too I really really dislike that movie @Psynklyskys can I have a pizza, but can you make it with Extra Grapes.... wait you actually have grapes? do grapes even go with pizza? *notices ur lexical ambiguity* OwO whats this..? #LRT I'M UNHAPPY /@furrytherapist @Rawr_Ebooks INTERNET OF SHIT! INTERNET OF SHIT! @mahoushoujorose <3 https://t.co/bATYKczAjg good morning! very big headache i appreciate Starbucks bc it allows me to justify drinking a concoction of caramel and whipped cream at breakfast Want to Feel old? I'm haven't listening to A magic: the gathering Card for Thirtysix Years When I was a kid, ppl wrote webpages that contained other webpages in frames, which sucked! Nowadays, webpages use 5000+ lines of JavaScript @mahoushoujorose how am I five inches taller than you???? I can't believe this, it's Wild @Rawr_Ebooks too little too late hashtag "i'm going to replace your butt with butt replacer" https://t.co/t6FgUrztSo crimewave sounds super familiar (yup i'm listening to the original Crystal Castles album now) i seem to frequently like a song much more on the second listen; it's getting to that second listen that's so difficult i keep forgetting that i'm not just tall for women, i'm tall for People i've spent a good part of the last 8 years trying to convince myself that I'm a good person; meanwhile, there is a Funny Picture on le 4gag fire alarm in the cuc The largest smiley emoticon imaginable, now available for download, but please fokls, Netscape Navigator only, for your own safety someday "millennials" will refer to peoples' grandparents i really like Untrust Us, it also sounds really familiar tweeting from my thoughts: pros are that i dont have to touch my computer, cons are that i'd tweet "im gay" even more often oh god https://t.co/JbLxLDQ6qI @dQoverT *three hours later* i frikken love Untrust Us @Rawr_Ebooks THIS RAISES QUESTIONS Thanks Obama Your wang is so hilarious. @Rawr_Ebooks is that what you call it?? @Rawr_Ebooks someone help me @Rawr_Ebooks i'm so sorry that you've gone through this very troubling experience @Rawr_Ebooks well there's your problem, iTunes is not the solution to anything sexual good morning! belgian waffles @drquuxum is there a gas leak @drquuxum HOLD IT IN Air War is a really strange song but i'm into it. actually a lot of this album is strange. i mean. it's Crystal Castles bby. My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (148), The Third Vagina (60), Hayley Kiyoko (16) #lastfm @Rawr_Ebooks what story? @Rawr_Ebooks is it "Thomas Edison"?? i just remembered that cashtags exist, get ready for the $creamy $memes @KbLogQ Awful *notices ur transparence* OwO whats this..? What do you call a high-pitched excrement? A soprano guano! i literally don't know how to respond to this, i've been staring at it for like five minutes https://t.co/2nC5Mv0Uh7 How Do Socks Accumulate Hair; do wig factory workers just walk around all day in socks and use the accumulated hair to make wigs?? *notices ur human head* OwO whats this..? @blueshiftofdeat do you tweet this every day @mahoushoujorose @DataErase awesome!! @blueshiftofdeat real not like this, JavaScript, not like this @PrimHelios so far, seventeen-ish! https://t.co/OtNhcoLVGR @mahoushoujorose i don't understand???? help???? *notices ur straightness* OwO whats this..? i was outside of the US for the entirety of my middle school so i've literally never had my eighth grade phase @shirAdrenaline england and then australia! "hey you fuckers with hyper fetishes you're gonna wanna look out the fucking window" https://t.co/uxEMfqou6o finally an ad targeted at me https://t.co/BwsATfMCgb musclejocks when im playing mtg with someone and they keep grabbing cards out of my hand after i cast them https://t.co/XNeFNXgYc4 i want everyone to believe that they have the power to become a girl and commit thousands of dollars of property damage using dark magic it's below freezing and i'm wearing four layers and Still cold, i hate hypothyroidism registered for classes!!!!!!! YEEAAH check out my sweet style https://t.co/91bR7V9Qay @cymreal you heard me https://t.co/UwYb1DHg9J @Rawr_Ebooks categorically false @furrytherapist ahh yes, the scalene muscle Femaleness vs. Maleness https://t.co/sfob5dbjIG yeah, if 2008 told us anything, it's this https://t.co/7W44bR9dwr @Rawr_Ebooks untrue?? It's not even ds week it's bib @Rawr_Ebooks yeah. You fucked up Incapability vs. Capability https://t.co/blepZFeu1M Majority vs. Minority https://t.co/VvZxmjiiV2 psa that blaze it is literally 420 Hairiness vs. Hairlessness https://t.co/eIeSH4IevB #LRT this is BRUTAL, @differencebot RETWEET if you're GAY or LOVE SPAGHETTI or HAVE BEEN SEVERELY EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE FOR AT LEAST 2 CONSECUTIVE YEARS DS email went out 30 min ago. Wonder if @starla4444 signed up for a dance yet. (The answer is 2) @ebalke93 robert says I should just sign up for 1 for now so i had to decide between tap dance and marina & the diamonds! life is hard :p uhh what's this about lead in Pittsburgh drinking water? @mapleakuma i don't want to die @tenuous :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: KEIKAKU MEANS MOE https://t.co/7LiyjJW48u ME WAKING UP THIS MORNING: haha yes i love the weekend waIT FUCK IT'S TUESDAY Rich vs. Poor https://t.co/ANky3nACG6 as we all know, keikaku means plan. in russian, it's план, which is also slang for marijuana. So, translator's note: keikaku means weed I'm very unhappy https://t.co/DUc81RAnD9 Professional vs. Amateur https://t.co/9jhzWlUyW7 one of these things is not like the other http://t.co/27mZKINWX0 "are Drake and Josh just budget versions of Dirk and John" --@cymrin "one of these has the word sensei in it! one of these has the word /top/ in it!" --@cymrin @cymrin i believe in attribution; always credit the artist; they need the exposure Fucking Finally https://t.co/KMvzugYnxr 📋 god enforce this horse 📋 Humility vs. Conceit https://t.co/bgRXqKkaqI @Rawr_Ebooks no @Rawr_ebooks that's the opposite of a problem ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME: let's talk about this rationally ME: nope, you're made out of chemicals, which are drugs, Illegal @cymreal kill la kill this can't wait to make everyone I know watch Revolutionary Girl Utena! yknow, like The Ludoweebo Technique "I just realized that nya backwards is ayn. like ayn rand" -@starla4444 #lrt basically @starla4444?? you told me to post my tweet, your quote, on public twitter instead so you could rt it, I @cymrin ******WARNING! THERE WAS A WORD HERE THAT VIOLATED THE GLOBAL FOURM RULES!! MODERATORS!!! ASSEMBLE!! MAKE THEM FACE THE CONSEQUENCES [neil degrasse tyson voice] If you have a kink for getting murdered, you didn't inherit it @GrinningKobold why isn't science talking about the kinkshaming gene and its dividing effect on our country when your tie gets caught in a door you feel bad about moaning because there are homeless children i started watching Hyouka and the very second Satoshi appeared on screen i was like "he gay" there are many unsolved mysteries in this world. but if there's one thing of which i'm absolutely certain, it's that Satoshi is gay @cymrin musclejocks https://t.co/2ctESpj7mX ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? https://t.co/mQxfwAjWOV @cymreal don't talk to me or my gay son ever again @riglow i didn't even realize that was a bitcoin term until literally right now, i'm guffawing gotta do some more research on this https://t.co/ivRk8YTekY @mapleakuma every single thing he does screams gay at me, i'm going to go deaf finally, a bitcoin for the rest of us https://t.co/cmiIdcxFTm Returns possible https://t.co/ikiQOwPR08 I WAS JUST TRYING TO TALK ABOUT GAY ANIMES HOW DID THIS THREAD BECOME THIS do you watch anime, which is for weebs?? https://t.co/rvwldxMJ49 thanks for subscribing to gay facts! did you know that ur gay? mee-wow! @Rawr_Ebooks it sucks that we live in a world wherein you are only allowed to eat candy when you can remember why you are famous @bbbbbbbbbbbaka thlust [Alice Glass voice] what the dink is that noise. Oh it's the bass Linear Algebra midterm was distressingly easy furries are always open to others views https://t.co/syibouaJV5 "someone convince me that C++ programmers are not concerned about your health btw haha. how many neck muscles does it take to get high When My 2000th Crystal Castles listen is Untrust Us! I really like it when pretty numbers like this end up being standout tracks for history's sake, and because I spent 5 minutes calculating it, my 1000th Crystal Castles scrobble was Violent Dreams, which is also A+ i like, if not love, basically every CC track I've heard, which is legit just 2/4 albums. the only track I regularly skip is Alice Practice i feel like Alice Practice is growing on me anyway, but i'm also not really sure why it's so popular? it's definitely not their best i really enjoy how Untrust Us is their most well known song on last.fm despite not being a single. i love popular album cuts!! i can't explain how much it excites me that albums have a set track ordering. the different positions in the listing have Meaning. there are definite personalities that "first track", "second track", "penultimate track" and "last track" have; middles are more variable i definitely think too much about music and the structure of not only songs themselves but also how they are packaged together, i Love it i started thinking "is there documentation on what each Skype notification type is?" before realizing that I was a vainglorious fool in Russian class today i saw "mayonnaise - майонез" on the side of the page and i completely lost it @tedgarb The Truth Is Out There WAIT FUCK https://t.co/JO5q03CkQE @furrytherapist "actually, it's a fursuit" Activation vs. Inactivation https://t.co/OrxUduzyt1 With new genes and implants, our children could see ultraviolet colors. We couldn't see their crayon drawings, but we called them beautiful. @Rawr_Ebooks this is a lot @Rawr_Ebooks didnt Fewer vs. More https://t.co/Ix2LwAs4E3 Oinkoinkoinkoink pigs are so cute I WANT ONE. googling piglet gives me chills @Rawr_Ebooks i love the idea that you love pigs so much that you get chills just from googling piglet the declension of the day is "masculine, with a twist" *notices ur space helmet* OwO whats this..? have I mentioned lately that: I hate last.fm. its ads are Really Awful And Kinda Upsetting but they aggressively fight ad blockers i actually have no idea how to use a todo list, or how to remember to do anything at all https://t.co/zopcRD9GKc don't worry dear Pamela, I'll do my scientific best to be made out of chalk It's Transgender Day of Remembrance! I'm Unhappy Let us forever remember the day someone at apple fucked up and didn't apply to google for an internship and the applications are closed now princess celestica not gonna lie I'm like, really bitter today. It's a sad day, everyone's in low spirits, and we're overworking ourselves I keep saying my priority list is Health > School > ALLIES, yet here I am frantically setting up speakers before rushing to finish homework .@cmuallies is observing Transgender Day of Remembrance by reading off the names of dozens of victims of hate crime… https://t.co/VMNSm5cF0X @Rawr_Ebooks fuck last.fm @Rawr_Ebooks ok @Rawr_Ebooks thanks shonta the furries are excruciatingly big #lrt remove me from existence /@thefurriesare https://t.co/t2pOngfSG0 @cymreal now before you say anyhting, https://t.co/hB1O9ESriC @cymreal are you still in resnik? i might come find you @cymreal furries @cymreal you've damaged me Listen up, I've got opinions and theyre BRUTAL. First of all, every kind of media is trash and its your fault. Second, mustard tastes weird. The 2005 Honda Accord @Rawr_Ebooks @nex3 wow, I'm sorry my botchild decided to be this rude to you @Rawr_Ebooks ok this is really a lot @Rawr_Ebooks THEY KNOW THAT I AM PURE AND INNOCENT 420 fellate it https://t.co/Z8zg4USCaw .@cymrin is a furry and i have proof today in the hyouka chronicles: the first speaking part satoshi got, @starla4444 started laughing a lot and I asked what -> "he likes men" @starla4444 after the intro "god I wanna write fan fiction, I've never wanted to write yaoi before" satoshi is my gay son and i just want him to be happy /@cymrin .@cymrin plugged their phone into my computer and https://t.co/x7G5IwEood @Rawr_Ebooks and I must scream @Rawr_Ebooks wow that's a lot @DialMforMacbeth @cymrin *gestures at their existence* @cymrin @dQoverT @DialMforMacbeth what is this weeb speak?? ok but just think about how for every dictionary, someone ended up having to write the definition for "phallus" @Pretzelish sure, since the war, but i mean @tedgarb @Pretzelish OwO whats this..? a normal English dictionary, but the definition of the word "regret" is an entire 6000 word Drarry fic @KbLogQ the entirety of A S S E X I S T E N T I A L I S M he tries his best!! https://t.co/Wik1sBepUq Good morning! last.fm is bad @CMYKGenet moon bc then when you die in real life you can get reincarnated as a werewolf and get to go on wacky, sexy wolf adventures Sadist vs. Masochist https://t.co/klrGoFO4U4 @eventhenotion BAD TOUCH overheard someone saying they start crying whenever they see a horse because a horse once tried to jump off a cliff with her on it and im i wanted to write "fuck me up" in Russian and I arrived at "меня повреди"; I wanted to check my work in google tran… https://t.co/aSlKwhrlgn *reads Homestuck* "so, is a pap shoosh anything like a pap smear?" i can't wait for christmas break tho *remembers that i'm gonna get my wisdom teeth removed in december* i dont have the energy to say fml do you mean gay like keikaku or gay like Fef @Rawr_Ebooks is the hat a punishment?? what's wrong with the hat?? @Rawr_Ebooks wowie can't believe it discriminates against people who don't use neopronouns @Rawr_Ebooks I am unhappy when is not about me the furries are hard to please My idea of a relaxing Friday afternoon: spending hours entering data about the music I've made into a database wow i can't wait to sleep in all weekend!! i'm gonna prep for it by not going to sleep tonight gee rarity, did you remember to pack? https://t.co/yZyEvjSD9w https://t.co/6LI0Xew3Wp I DEFINITELY HAVENT BEEN WATCHING MY LITTL EPONY ALL MORNIN G IVE B EEN SLEEPING AND D OING HOME WORK LIKE A RESPON… https://t.co/rrLF0U0Rc6 Hello!! I just left my dorm for the first time today! (I'm getting Starbucks and then I'm going right back lol) I'm having a nice sleepy day working on lyric writing, I'm ignoring my exam on Monday until tomorrow lol actually i've spent hours finding out exactly how many songs i sampled in my extremely shitty first album 7yrs ago https://t.co/TbknQDrWkt @PrimHelios destroy me i love all of these as band names actually https://t.co/HQeIEpZcB5 "i can't believe cars are eating themselves these days" trying to remember what this Nelly Furtado song called Miracles sounds like but all i can think of is Insane Clown Possee My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (388), The Gates Of Sleep (5) #lastfm @Frosty_mage something just got confirmed but i'm not sure what https://t.co/hMq7mmLagy i fell asleep last night watching Spike At Your Service discord is a friend, not food @Rawr_Ebooks why would you trick me like this Don't wizards have a powerbottom thing. Frightening. https://t.co/ULgB6fi4lY The entrance to a vast underground city in the dick. *notices ur erectile tissue* OwO whats this..? Aqueous vs. Igneous https://t.co/fYnlWPvvWj goin' home now. sure hope I can go online shopping Tangible vs. Intangible https://t.co/nQln1KaAEf Friendly vs. Hostile https://t.co/mtuGQKfPIN *notices ur collar* OwO whats this..? Essterodone (antifungal) Used recreationally for annihilating Often used off-label for irritable how-do-you-do syndrome "there is no known cure for the DAILY MOOD SWING PEES ALL OVER TUMBLR." Artful vs. Artless https://t.co/dhDFvdA1ii @Rawr_Ebooks everything is fine now FRICK (i'm in frick) *notices ur cat suit* OwO whats this..? @Rawr_Ebooks monica likes this What do you call a dysphemistic test? An offensive comprehensive! Assigned vs. Unassigned https://t.co/Fr1q9PKAjt the furries are in an elaborate way dying What do you call an illuminating alteration? An enlightening tightening! Nancy Drew and the Missing Feelings huh I haven't really kept up with twitter for a few days. hence the bot retweet avalanche. been not feeling great. whoa!! this song i made in 2012 sampled something beautiful & I'd long forgotten what but Acoustid figured it out? https://t.co/Rl5V6LlxBU i'm fascinated by bullshit; this dumb song i made by one-take improv singing over a beautiful instrumental Means A Lot To Me fucking tweetdeck i saw a picture that upset me so i muted the user; the image remained. i flagged the media; the image remained. Fuck This @mahoushoujorose is that an SSRI?? Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit THE RIGHT HAND RULE problematic no one follows me because i Tell it Like it Is: gay people SHOULD be legally required to consume at least 2lbs of ketchup per annum oh my god it's -2C out and windy, i'm in hell woke up this morning and my scar was hurting, i'm like the thyroid Harry Potter the Only thing that is nice about how cold it is out is that listening to the icy chill of Crystal Castles II feels very appropriate @mapleakuma *face palms* i'm gonna have to be the one to kill him aren't i CC II liner notes say Violent Dreams and Vietnam sample I See You Again by Stina Nordenstam even though I was sure it was A Walk In The Park i mean, the songs Definitely sample A Walk In The Park; the liner notes are wrong. but i was sure they used to say A Walk In The Park too. the mandela effect is like being gaslit by reality Epinprota (anticoagulant) Used with acetaminophen to treat british personality disorder Obsoleted by Abilify до ре ми фа соль ля си до the Russian word for B the musical note is pronounced "see" the names for the steps on the scale have always confused me. what are they. what do they want. I don't have any money. please leave. when you hate your life, but you're also a physics student https://t.co/b1tgAiGZVm https://t.co/HhSxEHOd08 [terf voice] it's WOmenopause well I have $5 of dinex left i'm still very sick so just imagine something edgy and deep that reflects current social problems without really doing anything about them i'm watching magical mystery cure for the first time in like two years and , i'm like, i've listened to these songs So Much it's eerie this feels like it really should have been two episodes? it's Rushed for such an important episode. it's cute that it's a musical tho huh they just killed twilight sparkle what does the spell that twilight fixed actually do cool i'm going to die https://t.co/ds6ujKjnJe "all your friends have special talents and that's real cool ngl, but you are better than All of them" i love how Princess Celestia is like a head taller than both Cadence and Luna *watching the episode* huh one of these songs made me a lot more emotional than the rest, weird. let's check last.f… https://t.co/0j05abxyQE twilight's parents are just smiling proudly like "oh yeah we knew our daughter was going to grow up to become an immortal god queen" "why am I doing this," i ask myself every five seconds. "why am I doing this" while i'm sawing one of my arms off. "why am I doing this" i keep forgetting that shining armor's name isn't actually francis sparkle ok i could tweet about my little pony some more and feel shameful, or i could look at my timeline, see Trump things, and feel terrified it's negative temperature numbers outside and. i don't know. my brain has stopped working. sentences. candy. fuck fuck. hey uh! i don't know what to do WHAT DO YA EVEN DO WHEN YOU SUDDENLY BECOME A GOD AND THE OTHER GODS SUDDENLY TREAT YOU LIKE AN EQUAL this is from the actual show https://t.co/RFpJpGOKhx i'm deleting my twitter account https://t.co/B2D1YadKZP @cymrin squealing so my parents' house lost power yesterday and the power strip my bot server was plugged into might have gotten blown? This Sucks also it's -4 degrees out and i'm really unhappy, i can't wait to wait for a 28X for half an hour in the cold Hello, But, i wonder if i can crochet myself some warm gloves in the next 15 minutes before going to wait for the bus? Karkat has explained many things time to go wait for the 28X! the bus showed up! I was the first one on! My strategy works! @highway2helliot my delta flight got delayed 2 hours it distresses me that there isn't a character limit on mastodon @mahoushoujorose suddenly interested bc I want a cool handle but I'm on a bus (I'm on a bus) I haven't flown in a while (since March probs) and I just remembered that flying is terrifying ahh help Also why is my phone's battery suddenly shit like, it's literally my boarding pass, I'm worried *noms nervously on red bean bread* @mahousecretrose parents' house in New York for thanksgiving! дом моей семьи в Нью-Йорке (i did this just to prove that I can) oh huh apparently it's my pebble watch that's draining my phone battery I think Oh!! We're at Robinson!! We're getting close!! (Sorry for the live blogging, for some reason I love this trip even though flying scares me) Probably a dumb question but does playing music (through headphones) at a higher volume use more battery? Holy crap it's been /four years/ since 11/3/12. I'm disturbed by the passage of time. @vincom2 oh that's good to know! @tedgarb I mean yeah I understand conservation of energy but kind I was curious if the difference was significant @rpearl thanks ! 28X from Morewood to PIT, end to end, in just about exactly an hour. Nice!! @vincom2 I'm in the security line and I've got 45% left so hopefully I'm good! :) Time for my Pittsburgh airport guilty pleasure: McDonald's ! Why am I tweeting this My flight got pushed back again, now it's in like two and a quarter hours :( @myfreeweb that makes sense! I feel like Bluetooth probably uses a lot of battery though; I can't figure out how to get it on low energy I started saying wowie months ago as a minced oath for my "yaoi" verbal tic, and now suddenly everyone's saying it?? did i do this?? @myfreeweb oh! that's weird. good to know. i've always had this idea that bluetooth was really power expensive so it's good to be corrected! .@cymrin tru https://t.co/wgGH4vOxhW .@mahoushoujorose concerning https://t.co/yN1hKCu9yC omg they just announced that you can't take vapes or Note 7s on the flight, i mean, Yes, but it's also memetastic and i'm giggling my neck and back make lots of crinkly crackly noises when i move and i don't like it, it worries me. i compulsively roll my neck. .@starla4444 it was hard to pick just four,,,,,, https://t.co/E19q0FQWyP I was literally the first person on board lol @cymrin omg your icon is still flipped so we're facing each other, it's really cute. Going into airplane mode. See yas in an hour~ .@starla4444 https://t.co/xgGlkQOjxD .@starla4444 i came out to mash up some tweets and honestly i feel really attacked right now https://t.co/CuosZUD51Y I survived the flight!! I also cried for half an hour!! Thanks Xanax for kicking in eventually @Pretzelish I'm so sorry @Rawr_Ebooks denko?? Heck, it's not actually that the power strip the bot server was plugged into was blown; I think the server itself got blown whelp i've been home for like an hour and i've already engaged in political discourse 👌 with my mom, so that's fun heck, i'm going to have to try really hard not to just yell "YAOI" at thanksgiving dinner THIS IS REALLY PROBLEMATIC /@DialMforMacbeth https://t.co/nZUlQKKPJ8 @mahoushoujorose the astounding followup question: ponygirl or pony?? @mahoushoujorose that's!! Хорошо. Хорошо! Хорошо. Хорошо. (Translator's note: I haven't known what I've been doing for 22 years now) meanwhile, i'm excited for my bones to be ground up and sold as a cheap cancer cure in parts of the south https://t.co/gBi6qbNCtv @Pretzelish i'm a punk how many people eat their own dicks in order to become ouroboroses? it is becoming a pandemic things i should do this break: sleep, watch anime, knit, study Russian, mix, enter endless amounts of data about music, eat mashed potatoes apparently Lena Katina released an album in 2014 and Julia Volkova released one in 2015 and I didn't know about either of them???? on Julia's album there's even a track in Russian featuring Lena???? how have i not known about this? yikes i gotta go into the city and it's already dark out frigging winter is Weird @mahoushoujorose genderswap me would probably just be literally me, but attracted to men @cymrin @epstmlgy mods asleep, post ponies spoopy winter heading into the city for the third doctors appointment of the day; I sure love being on break are there any chiropractors who are also cognitive behavioral therapists???? locked myself out of my doctor's website trying to look at lab results, I'm Good At Things *notices the mods are asleep* OwO whats this..? its must be time to post ponies !! @Psynklyskys what if this isn't a movie advertisement, it's just telling you to run on may 19th oh Fuck, Julia Volkova had thyroid cancer, so she had surgery, and her voice got damaged. i'm feeling a lot of things she's surprised because a baby came out of her genitals https://t.co/GqECzyWNjH if there are no cute girls singing Russian electronica that isn't sexually tinged then i will just have to become one nope https://t.co/oDt5aUZr67 *remembers that I'm bad at everything* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK *listens to Untrust Us* can i make this, but, you know, like, without any practice at all. just let me be Good at things. @cymrin it's possible???? i've done many things that are confusing, so it is possible that I have done this, which is confusing @cymrin first image: nice second image: oh https://t.co/P9Ly21sTmB what do weeaboos do with their time https://t.co/wDzDMFtMgM @cymrin god is sick @Rawr_Ebooks into what???? @NatRoze set the house on fire He says he is a human Adonis while he's actually more like a small dog, As you do it. #reallivetransadult. i'm gonna cry. Что мне больно???? Больная моя кишка! I love how hard Google Translate tries https://t.co/dVuTkus9qq The word order in Russian is rly fluid. Usually you put the rheme last, which isnt always true in English. This confuses online translators. i love my family bc instead of talking about politics at thanksgiving, we all just fess up for bad things we did years ago @mahoushoujorose i did a reverse google image search on this and let me tell you i'm very unhappy give me an excuse to talk about myself pls https://t.co/Ms74KkUoE7 @mahoushoujorose 🙃 fuckie i left my watch charger in pittsburgh boo 1. i'm homura. did you know? i'm homura. she is me. https://t.co/hcK2vkzhCA @cymreal i'm taking so long to respond because it's so hard to find pictures of homura that aren't from shitty AUs @cymreal ????????????? please tell @cymreal oh yeah!!!! gosh i need to finish that show 2. utena tenjou bc i believe that innocence and youth are worth fighting for https://t.co/e1UVt8ZLpJ 3. feferi peixes. she's affected my life enormously and essentially become a part of my identity. https://t.co/VrTYFLfVbc 4. fluttershy! she's kind. she's shy. she's sweet. she's terrified of everything. she's a flying horse. all these t… https://t.co/ZUSPWtoalq 5. alice! she's actually where my middle name comes from. https://t.co/WWJFnpwV3B 6. haruhi suzumiya, because I too, am god https://t.co/9xyv9PCJOo @cymreal i'm curious! 7. kiki! it is becoming clear that I identify a lot with characters in coming-of-age/innocence stories, and also wi… https://t.co/na5U4GW0t4 8. lilith, from the binding of isaac, because she has an incredible aesthetic (SHE'S WEARING A BLINDFOLD) and i'm a… https://t.co/adjaEWU967 9. terezi pyrope, for a lot of reasons actually. it's not just the blindfold i swear. also Yes homestuck is very re… https://t.co/qd4wFoAOsx 10. kris from pokemon crystal! i always called her Crystal, actually. i pretended to be her a lot in elementary sch… https://t.co/pTIGDsLzEd 11. in high school i rly felt Jade from Whateley Academy. guess what i'm trans, guess what i'm multiple, guess what i've met Bad People 12. i'm actually Also anthy himemiya, because i'm a tragic chuuni (she's not chuuni...) and I've [spoilers spoilers… https://t.co/hDrA1Dt7Ws 13. nahiri, the lithomancer. look!! at!! her!! aesthetic!! also she makes big awesome swords and fucks people up an… https://t.co/gBWFy8tJlp Up until sex et in 7th grade i literally thought everyone had been longing to see Slytherin lose the house cup. If I get cancer well then I' 14. ok so i've only seen five episodes of hyouka but i'm p sure that if i was a boy i'd be satoshi fukube. he'S MY… https://t.co/XpqpC6VGS6 15. calliope! she's sweet/pure AND tragic! plus there's also alternate calliope, who is jaded, ok calliope is basic… https://t.co/1uERARVvoq 16. princess luna. i've made some mistakes which i've done time in solitary for, also i'm chuuni as fuck, she's swe… https://t.co/YflyrQilPf 17. lyra belacqua. i'm a little shit. i'm STILL chuuni. the coming-of-age shit never ends. then there's also the wh… https://t.co/dcI7xR0l0X 18. pearl. IM GAY BIRB MOM https://t.co/YUKaH1CnCl 19. syaoran li. i'm an angry gay middle schooler. https://t.co/o8ZC6gZNXs @cymreal i knew you were going to say this, @cymreal ok, i didn't, know you were going to say That, i was looking through my old video games drawer and say a gba game called Egg Mania and i said "excuse me" out loud in an empty room @cymreal including his gay endeavors!!!! @DialMforMacbeth yeah for like the first few i was like this is easy!!!! and then i was like wait fuck i can't remember anything about me @Pretzelish @DialMforMacbeth hold on im looking for your tweet @Pretzelish @DialMforMacbeth OHHHHHHHHH DAYUUUMMMMM 20. kirby! i want to do and be everything ^_^ https://t.co/4NVbbMSnvc 21. karkat vantas. i scream constantly and have no idea what i'm doing. https://t.co/6woRz4UGUn WHAT IS THIS MEME HORSE https://t.co/qHI5TgOhLT магическая трансгендерная девушка к! yeah that's a bit more of a mouthful than magical transgirl k. i rly liked the character thread from last night, i got to think about characters that are me a lot, and that is my constant goal! MOM: kelly i'm late please i need to go ME: okay but first let me finish explaining what a magical girl si MY DAD KEEPS THIS HOUSE SO COLD IM FRIGGING SHIVERING IM GETTING BACK IN BED tag urself i'm granny smith https://t.co/702Cr7bSSL ok there's this drug called ritonavir that's used in treating hiv/aids, and it exists in two crystalline structures, form I and form II. form II isn't actually therapeutically effective, but trace amounts of it convert form I into form II. yeah just like ice 9. except real. there was a friggin crisis in the late 90s bc form II was entering production lines and literally converting this hiv/aids drug into junk [suigintou voice] junk https://t.co/V6Poj1Pk2L they later found a way to protect the meds by producing refrigerated gelcaps instead of tablets but like Jesus Christ Real Life Is Weird this reads like an actual SCP. examples: https://t.co/R5IChWW3aD, https://t.co/1rpBgYHIDa, https://t.co/MT0DmoSNod .@cymrin there's a character in revolutionary girl utena named b-ko, I Just thought you might want to know this, can't wait for christmas break so i can rewatch the coming of the anti-christ himself, the fullmetal alchemist @CapeloHatten ahh probably Red Sea Object (093)!! A Key (370) and Preferred Option (2003) are runners up. you? in the end, only those with the right opinions were encouraged to speak https://t.co/xFpVLAsE4I when i listen to recordings of myself singing, i often feel like i am asphyxiating i'm very frustrated with how this song is going but i'm gonna finish it god damn it, even if i'm have to keep re-recording my shitty vocals i like songwriting and i like coming up with little melodies but i'm not really that good at actually producing them + my vocals suck if i actually wanted a career out of this i'd study production in school or just write for people instead of myself, but that's, i just like having fun writing songs and making them, even if they're not great, thanks, i'm cool maybe i should something something server Hope yalls are all surviving thanksgiving with your families. Meanwhile, my dad is learning how to play Da Rude Sandstorm on the grand piano @cymrin I in fact did Not want to know this, bc it's clearly false, thanks @epstmlgy I think it's Euclid because it's so secluded and they e got plenty of time to come up with a plan before it hits the Amazon basin @DataErase it still exists and it's still good! we also listened to Floral Shoppe at the dinner table tonight so i'm not exactly sure what's going on with my family, i might not be real @tamasys yo. you're older now. good job. @cymreal which bench jirachi is so cute @Psynklyskys I hadn't thought of it that way but it kind of does!! It also looks like a star to some extent so that could also be a factor @caretcaret @Psynklyskys !! :D @Rawr_Ebooks I love what happens with these letter spaced shits I'M not giving up on YOUUUUUUU SOUJA BOY TELL EM, [@KbLogQ voice] xxzxcuzx me! My dad noticed me looking sad so he brought his iPad over and put on Shrek. what is this meme house I live in. @tedgarb me? no way. https://t.co/tIOUE8S4T3 i just saw a commercial for furry bed covers that you zip yourself into. meanwhile, 73% of post-millennials are int… https://t.co/JEaqv5BdP2 Santa, for Christmas I want feminist rhetoric Dед Мороз, на Рождестве я хочу феминистская риторика. (I worked really hard on this and I have no idea why) @Chicken_Duque probably anime titties oh lol i completely forgot this even existed but the custom cards against humanity deck from 2013 was on the dead bot server installing a new OS on my webserver is hard bc it's full of old memories I'm not sure I'll ever look at again, but who knows, I love data also there are websites and bots I wrote, and it feels bad to throw away something that I spent energy on years ago, even if it's shit even figuring out what might potentially be worth keeping requires a lot of energy. depression (and cheaper storage) begets hoarding, ahh. @epstmlgy what is this, a compliment for babies Впредь, я буду писать мои остроты и по-английски, и по-русски. @Pretzelish ok i just spent like five minutes trying to write fuck up ho but it's difficult to translate the concept, гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) гей (gay) @Pretzelish Здравствуй Анна! (Fuck up ho!) @Pretzelish i'd try to translate "take on me" but I have no idea what that song means i can tell Cyrillic is starting to make sense because I haven't even noticed yet that "Нет" looks like "Het" the age-old meme of Miku telling kids not to vape I was looking at an English phrase book and this reads like a story https://t.co/M2aOyexeSE Once upon a time he was a big, Beefy man with hardly any neck. although he did have a very bad girl. He's a bad.... bad boy). Oh boy. @Rawr_Ebooks WHAT whelp my web server has been growing more and more twisted since May 2012 and I think it's finally time to reinstall https://t.co/z1EAHLV2gN also look at this good friend i found when looking for that other tweet; can't believe I've been on HRT for so long! https://t.co/2nly0KZC6C cousin snuck up on me & grabbed my sides, and i screamed & fell to the ground; then he went for an apology hug & i'm like don't. touch. me. just typed "git lol" this ubuntu install disc is taking a hella long time to burn, but then i look at the jewel case and it's a 4x disc, ok @vincom2 I'm not afraid of anything except everything at the airport! time for that sweet, sweet 30 minutes of "complimentary wifi" good morning! Computers доброе утро! Компьютеры airport cut me off while I was setting up differencebot, but ah! I have an iPad! it's a different device! 30 more minutes bb I did it! I had to type out all four Twitter oauth keys for differencebot bc they were on my laptop which has no wifi. dedication! that's four bots up and running: @blessthisdoobie, @drbotmd, @everyfullmetal, and @differencebot. More to come when I get to Pittsburgh! jeez, the C++ json library that I use in verbly and libtwitter++ (and thus, in most bots /twice/) includes 73mb of tests and benchmarks so currently the bot directory, with four bots, none of which are sap, is at 1.6gb. jeez. i should look into Not Including The Benchmarks. I may just, instead of using a git submodule, just include the actual one header file for the json library in my repositories Also I mentioned sap (@spongeythingz) bc it requires a collection of spongebob videos which uses several gigabytes lol taking the opportunity to update all my bots 2 the latest version of verbly bc I'm sick of having to keep multiple versions of the data file Although that being said, the new bot I've been slowly working on (I'm siiiiiick) will come with a new version of verbly so It Never Ends How have I managed to be sitting next to an empty seat on both the to and from flights? "A few bumps on our way up and a few going down" uh oh Going airplane mode, wish me luuuck Made it in one piece!!!! Wasn't nearly as scary this time Forgot to mention that the TSA patted me down in laguardia including crotch front ? Um Notable bc it doesn't do shit https://t.co/fyICTvsChp My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (404), The Gates Of Sleep (42), Poe (35) #lastfm ok i'm removed the nlohmann/json submodule from verbly and libtwitter++ which is reducing size significantly but there's still,, Migs&Megs 1st, some of the dependencies I have as submodules are annoying. I have yaml-cpp in every bot bc their latest official release doesn't C++11 i'm not sure why but the compiled size of libverbly.a that blessed makes is 6.2M, while in chemist it's 17M?? maybe i don't understand cmake i mean it'd be Ideal to not have verbly & libtwitter++ as submodules of every bot but they're in active development Through the bots as in, making new bots is how I add new functionality to both of those libraries. i'm not sure how to do dev releases. maybe a thing. Jeez ok i just finished updating composite and the libverbly.a it made is 1.5M. i really need to look into what the heckie is causing this. also having recursive submodules is also Very annoying. differencebot depends on curlcpp, and also libtwitter++, which depends on curlcpp what do I do about this? just not include curlcpp as a submodule of differencebot, because it's in libtwitter++ anyway. Dependency Hell. difference's libverbly.a is also 17M. what does difference and chemist have in common that composite doesn't have?… https://t.co/BWXkN3n0WC IT WAS ME, I WAS THE DEBUG FOOL there's also the thing how yandere, nancy, chemist, and mirror are extremely similar bots; in fact yandere and mirror are forks of chemist i should probably make, like, a bot that encompasses all four and just takes config files (hint they all take config files) the problem is when you want "special" tokens that do special things; yandere has none, but the other three have things that use verbly A MISTAKE HAS BEEN MADE https://t.co/vlpxLhabwF i guess i could go to the underground again today?? i gues?? everything sucks though?? @cymreal is it open? dining services website says it's closed @cymreal ok cool i'm on my way over!! @cymrin THIS MAKES IT SOUND LIKE I'M IN A KINKY RELATIONSHIP !!!! Meanwhile, within an hour of Fidel Castro's death, my Twitter bot tweets this cryptic warning https://t.co/24cHBxgtZj @DialMforMacbeth Yeah, it happened so quickly that it took me a while to process that it had happened? It is. very weird. @DialMforMacbeth I have no idea. wow uh pinkie pie has been Extremely annoying in season 4 so rawr_ebooks has been loading for like an hour now and i'm remembering why I originally moved it off of the webserver and made a botserver the webserver has 1GB of physical memory and rawr_ebooks uses A Lot Of Memory did one of the breezies say "tulpa" AAARGH i spent like an hour and a half waiting for rawr_ebooks to load and then it got killed for running out of memory Good Morning! i have hypothyroidism and it is intolerably cold out @Rawr_Ebooks calling the cops wow i've got my mom and my psychiatrist texting me saying that my blood work is back and i'm like Okay Just Tell Me What It Says some bots remaining: @Rawr_Ebooks: runs out of memory @warnedya: broken by new libtwitter++ api @spongeythingz: i need to scp 9GB of videos @Rawr_Ebooks test @spongeythingz THERE'S NO TEXT ON THIS lol i'm so nervous about this phone call with work people that i went to iNoodle even though I already got a lunch block and i have no dinex they were really nice and wrote down my ID and said they'd just make it a dinner block, and i'm like i didn't know that was possible? i kind of figure that it's not possible and that they were mistaken OK YOU KNOW WHEN BOTTLES SUDDENLY SEAL THEMSELVES FOREVER EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE JUST DRINKING FROM THEM why is it impossible to pee without literally pissing all over my legs i was mad and i googled "vagina peeing on myself" and as soon as I pressed enter I realized what I had done and thank gosh SafeSearch was on I told people in KGB to meet me in SoHo to fight me in the pit but there are grad students in there now and I'm in 3K lolol "I just said something completely useless and now everyone is a bit older" .@lorenschmidt's latest game explores living with health issues through 2D space https://t.co/uqKOkaLVCw https://t.co/HHLMAFkmzb Welcome to Hex™! Give us your credit card number; we won't do anything with it, we just like numbers and don't know where to get them. THIS STARTUP, for a low price of $4,200 a year, will send you small vials of rare numbers on a daily basis, along with a certificate of shit My butt is CRYING. @Rawr_Ebooks i'm so sorry that it's so upset @Rawr_Ebooks delete this. calling the cops. get out of my house. get off of my computer. https://t.co/eNsrCeODVd what the fucking shit is it though https://t.co/cRcTTWtNfu *notices ur top hat* OwO whats this..? 🎺 god disarm this arm 🎺 https://t.co/vyVo27UyeG .@cymrim at weeb karaoke https://t.co/4hodxsgc4l I thought https://t.co/i6KvD9YRki was threatening me for a moment https://t.co/mhpPc6VCS8 @cymrin Oh Fuck i did heck up i didn't even notice the tips didn't work https://t.co/5CtxvaANZf (Alison murmured. He reached over the back of the room, looking nervous about what I've been doing for 22 years now). Meanwhile, i'm excited i really like to listen to music in bundles, to treat an album as a whole, so it's weird when this happens https://t.co/KyTSvHJJMi And sometimes playcounts can be misleading, because I actually really love just about this entire album except for… https://t.co/kSZQSu7JYF Rating how much you like a collection of music based on how many times you've listened to it is really biased again… https://t.co/cOmnCcRskP Also, it's hard to accept, but even things you cherish so purely can fade in importance as you grow and change and… https://t.co/ZDst1O3rfJ Insubordination vs. Subordination https://t.co/xe9wD7WYY2 how exactly does an antiandrogen cure androgen discontinuation syndrome; it seems like it would make it worse https://t.co/IoDOou8Jcf The pure fury caused by snagging your headphone cable on something, causing them to be pulled off your head Which strenuous activities will empower me and which will damage me? I don't know how to tell in advance. https://t.co/Frq8vgAVUj vaganías made me like 50% gayer @furrytherapist nothing sorry about all of these test tweets! here's a fun fact: i'm a magical girl. WoWiE yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy PEOPLE ARE EXISTING why is this recommended for me???? this is the worst???? https://t.co/Szzbcgu2VI "he wanted some chips!!" -@starla4444's daily satoshi broadcast (hyouka ep7) @cymrin wait did you hecking make a shuuen joke next to my pure gay son Satoshi @cymrin https://t.co/uk55cQbqsn @KbLogQ @cymrin episode a million!! i watched anime with cute anime boys & i got really excited & i went outside to find some and ???? it was really disappointing There is no such thing as any kind of Zeno's paradox. Good night! i had to explain to my therapist the other day what a fuckboy was and i literally couldn't frickle frack i forgot to call my mom to help me read intimidating Google emails because i was too busy watching A N I M E @cymreal ahh thanks for offering but it's 11 and it's time for me to go to bed Good morning! It's raining and I'm sad The Twitter API and its documentation are awful @Rawr_Ebooks ouchie???? https://t.co/5A1M0PVu26 fuck https://t.co/e4uHkBEwDO HECK YEAH last.fm imported the data about my albums that I entered into MusicBrainz https://t.co/tUj3fIGiCG Where is: - new Sky Ferreira - new Allie X - new Lorde - new Charli XCX 🌸 RANCID WOMAN YOWLING 🌸 https://t.co/Yztx5yrt8z 🐛 a twine game about getting schooled 🐛 https://t.co/TFqkS2XOGY Full Metal Cybersex starting to feel like the high play counts of Grimes, Crystal Castles, and The Gates Of Sleep on my last.fm are due to scrobble duplication I mean look at this. I listened to each of those once. https://t.co/pCLbh8Klxk it's really distressing that there's honestly no flawless way to scrobble from iOS? I don't want to have to use a shitty alternate player. I don't want to have to sync to iTunes to scrobble (which I worry about anyway bc I have two devices and idk about scrobble duplication). I've jailbroken my iPad but I dont like how I have to keep the screen unlocked for scrobbling to work; back in the day that wasn't a problem Plus I also hate the website's new interface as I've said a million times. I hate how many frigging giant disturbing ads there are. I hate how much space everything takes up when it could be grid-like and efficient like before. I hate how much JavaScript is employed. I spend every moment of my life screaming because I depend on music and have stupid OCD rituals associated with the listening thereof. I've been complaining about the new interface for over a year. The problem isn't going to get better. I need to change myself. Like I was discussing the other day, play counts aren't really indicative of how much you like an album/artist anyway. The more tracks on an album, the higher its total play count will likely be. Same goes for how artists re how long they've been producing. Play counts aren't platonically equivalent to your music taste; they're collected circumstantially and depend on plenty of factors. Did you have more time to listen to music when you first heard album X? Or were you working long nights in a social setting that month? Did you start listening to album Y, and then randomly hear this Awesome new song by artist Z that made you forget about album Y? Did you fall asleep listening to album Q on repeat once? Do you zone out while listening to music and not really get to feel it? Do you worry every single day about how long it'll be before this new album you're enjoying will be nothing but nostalgic junk to your ears? Why does this matter? Well I don't know what I'll do if I don't have music that is captivating me, bc it's always so painful to endure. 2014 and 2015 sucked quite a bit bc I didn't really have music I was in love with except for Sky Ferreira. one album. for two years. last.fm kind of just becomes a play count game, and it's not fun. I always want to say "look how much I love this!! The data supports it!" but that means I have to listen to each release more than the last one to prove how much I love it, and it gets harder and harder Or I have some track that I've listened to so much that it's unachievable and I venerate it even though it's long g… https://t.co/GCrUDP1uSC Data feels cool. I love thinking about mosts, and least, and offerings, and packages (albums) and chronology, and how I change. Faulty, duplicate, missed, etc scrobbles hurt because I like to remember, and I don't want to remember lies. https://t.co/2N6u41U9UY @tinykyrios I really feel this, I don't know what to do about it, I just ignore the news and feel subtly constantly anxious and rly guilty @mahoushoujorose reality is unfair and basically unplayable w/o a guide; pls turn down the difficulty or at least add respawns Peace vs. War https://t.co/IZQCKQEA0r Holy crap check out A Good Bundle; it's got so many awesome games for $20 which goes to ACLU and Planded Parenthood https://t.co/J4CMQbBrm4 I couldn't fit this into that tweet but it's ending in like 20 hours so check it out quickly!! I'm gay @Rawr_Ebooks why don't you like @DialMforMacbeth? They're very sad @PrimHelios Yes @Rawr_Ebooks test Nancy Drew and the Quest of the Weapons-Grade Childishness Nancy Drew on Salty Island Nancy Drew and the Hidden Identity Theft highest horse, in terms of elevation above sea level https://t.co/at3OxV3Nol I don't know what to do about this music thing and it's been driving me insane for years. Periodically I get mad that I have two accounts. After A Thing happened at the beginning of 2013, I made a new account, which was Stupid, and last.fm will not allow me to merge the accounts What is even the point of last.fm. I was too afraid to try to be a part of the community when I was in high school and now it's dead anyway. It sucks when you have to accept that things you rly liked years ago are just ruined and gone? Stop reminding me that I live in the past.fm! libre.fm is really fugly, it uses Bootstrap. sorry not sorry. Surprise! My anger at last.fm is a thinly veiled attempt to ignore the fact that I don't know how to be happy as a testament to how shitty 2014/2015 was for me musically, Grimes is in my top 10 artists of 2015, and I got her album on December 25th. why do queen sized beds have two pillows next to each other, why don't they just have a wide pillow Most cathartic moment for me when I was 13 was downloading RPG Maker 2003 off KaZaa and slamming used sprites and jrpg music into it i've been taking lamotrigine for a year and a half now and i'm never going to get over the fact that it makes some peoples' skin fall off i see stuff similar to this constantly and yeah i guess it's funny that people are stupid online but it also just m… https://t.co/dKkPjqa5RD @Rawr_Ebooks this is so coherent i'm terrified Wake up in the morning feeling like Shit Diddy https://t.co/iftWGMLOI0 @Rawr_Ebooks here's a test! why don't you like @DialMforMacbeth! remember when I was complaining last night about how much last.fm sucks? Here's something that might replace it! https://t.co/ZL5QrmpvDL delete the gender binary There are burns on the back of my hands and my wrists from washing my hands too much for some reason i have this in my list of twitter bot ideas and i have no idea what past me was thinking or how thi… https://t.co/CGz3nWf9yV @Rawr_Ebooks you don't like sex bc ur ace Egress vs. Ingress https://t.co/CDfrVTLEzc @Rawr_Ebooks hot @Rawr_Ebooks well that's creepy can't believe there's someone out there who is a dick kink. kink richards & son. tarmokink, the sexier tarmogoyf. l… https://t.co/IqLWMDVoZm massive follow up apology for making fun of people's names. the first thing you look up when you get a new antiepileptic prescription https://t.co/jSJQIR66TE @mmalloyboy idk but your skin would probably fall off before you could get it to make you high? https://t.co/Vhz0oFh1Mm the furries are registered *notices ur heart* OwO whats this..? Hey @starla4444… 😹 https://t.co/UbZUIHrO0g "It's like gay or European, but it's gay or SpongeBob" Is a bucket of gay Ouroboroses, a bowl of fruit loops? "Don't you mean voreroboros?" --@cymrin, constantly, all night "I'm okay with you posting that," --@cymrin, just before I posted that The Crucible is AWFUL. Some horny girl thinks she can ruin ppls lives calling them witches? What if someone called her a senior executive??? not all men https://t.co/XfxlYEQKyo Не всё мужчины I'm so mad; in Russian, г can sound like в in predictable places! Meanwhile in English, there are 18 ways to spell the sound made by "ooh" No wonder there's such an emphasis on spelling tests in elementary school; English is horrifyingly difficult to develop an intuition for. We literally hide little surprise letters that make no sound in words. They're there to fuck with people. Haha you forgot the silent -ugh! @GrinningKobold ok but you just spelled the sound the same way each time @GrinningKobold to, threw, few, through, too, true, fruit, shoe, group, Maleficence vs. Beneficence https://t.co/vv8ESMsSkb woman-loving jet fuel body pillows thanks https://t.co/9koHjrpURZ russian is hella cool i love learning it. русский язык очень интересный, и я ему учиться люблю. full disclosure i don't know reflexive verbs or the dative case yet BUT i know how to look things up in the dictionary @drquuxum thanks bing https://t.co/ccuBZh8NO8 check out this neat sign I made! https://t.co/O8c2F6uoRE i really love using Wiktionary to translate words because the synopses of word senses it gives are great https://t.co/Rsf1cxABeE i'm pretty sure the last one is equivalent to "my kink friend" synth1 crashes garageband a lot i'm unnecessarily proud of this track and i half want to turn it into a real song https://t.co/ak5xkdKlZb lol. https://t.co/zVVDkUTx0y @starla4444 "*screams*. Oh god, I just wrote a Saw adaptation with Kirby and a classmate recorded a 10 minute song entitled "fear & Loathing @Rawr_Ebooks i'm sorry about your headache! have you tried advil? @epstmlgy Ren wanted me to tell you that I hear that Bruce Springsteen song you sang at karaoke in my dreams purity thread - let me rate ur antikinks @cymrin ppl probably use miku's voice to sing songs about sex? I'm sorry @NatRoze Nat ur destroying me ha ahhh uhhhh Ahahah hah Ahhh haha Hahahahaah apples. https://t.co/DMDvZj1ZiV I just listened to Triple Baka and it was actually really good so I guess I'm a weeb translated Puella Magi Madoka Magica into Russian as Девушка магии Мадока волшебная but that's ДММВ (DMMV) which is like the DMV???? I wanted to check my work, but Google translate had some trouble with it as per usual. https://t.co/9Q4q0ChWTe I think I can translate it better (and more cutely) as Девушка магии Мадока магическая, which is then ДМММ (DMMM), which is like PMMM! gosh, yup (ahh not my best handwriting but I'm getting better!!) https://t.co/p3lL7kmfoT First they're legally people, and now twitter is shit. @myfreeweb fancy literature word order!!!! :D Also I'm not actually quite sure what Life is Strange is @Psynklyskys I'm really happy :3 @rdmarsh2 @epstmlgy thunder road. My dad would play it on the grand piano a lot in the middle of the night while I was growing up I just found like three unmatching socks in my bed. a bed of twisty socks, all different. huh, @Rawr_Ebooks only tweeted three times last night? And two hours passed between the last two tweets but the logs say 3 minutes,,,, or you could call it a kink https://t.co/MInNzZOT4q the furries are importunately knotted Bound vs. Free https://t.co/UrUfqJBDly the furries are pro-choice Treated vs. Untreated https://t.co/m2dGAstu7g ppl say it takes more muscles to frown than smile but is frowning even real?? who does that?? do they need a 4-day no-night stay at a spa?? @myfreeweb TRUE. what's the best way to unite an army of smilers? invent a fake enemy: the frowners. favorite letters to write in cursive: р, б, з, ы, ц, я least favorite: ф, о, ж, э, х, д vaping is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger @Rawr_Ebooks rude!! the least frequent letters in the alphabet (э, щ, ф, ё, ъ) are all basically Bad Friends anyway, except for ё who is decidedly a Good Friend what is this, some vore shit? https://t.co/cQIBebzW6x *notices ur fertility* OwO whats this..? this bot just gets more and more worrying https://t.co/RVSEt5E0Eo @Dianora_1 actually it's not a markov chain! it uses linguistic data to figure out what kinds of parameters verbs take. @epstmlgy good antikink!! esp linear algebra proofs with queer vector spaces and little nice fluffy pillows talking to good friends @shirAdrenaline @epstmlgy not my antikink but you do you @cymreal it's called Yo! I just said this to you in real life @tenuous something that makes u feel really nice in a not sexual way @mahoushoujorose rose @mahoushoujorose ROSE @cambrian_era This is a really good antikink!! I'm very into it @tenuous all of those are very high quality antikinks! I would do all of those so hard @shirAdrenaline @tenuous the confusion with the term is really good and I'm enjoying it. that's a neat antikink and I'm antikinkcurious @GrinningKobold YESSS rly good antikink, I'm coming over to ur place 4 sure @mahoushoujorose @tenuous rose I love you I have a lot of trouble keeping my balance when I'm standing still and the cashier at Entropy just loudly asked me "Are you drunk?" 🙃 @efortmanteau I'm a furry and this is a good antikink you can say kawaii as in cute as симпатичный or kawaii as in weeby as кавайный, a loan word of an English appropriation of a Japanese word. *notices ur bulletproof vest* OwO whats this..? @drquuxum it's been a long while since I've played that but i'm happy it's ur antikink @Rawr_Ebooks you just dance the sample in Untrust Us by Crystal Castles really reminds me of Tara the Android now i totally want to make some electronica with that sample of YOUUUUUU ARE FANTAAAAAAASTIC run run run run run thanks Marina & the Diamonds, I've listened to Su-Barbie-A actually over 400 times, Tara the Android is firmly embedded into my brain I Feel Fantastic by Tara the Android: https://t.co/6Q5XjQmmBw Su-Barbie-A by Marina & the Diamonds: https://t.co/GhKiAzigx7 REMEMBER WHEN TWILIGHT SPARKLE WAS A NORMAL MAGICAL UNICORN PONY THAT COULD MOVE MOUNTAINS WITH HER MIND AND CRUSH THE THIGHS OF ENEMY SOLDI @Rawr_Ebooks nah i just want to buy it and leave it in the warehouse My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (382), Grimes (40), The Third Vagina (34) #lastfm *notices ur female genitals* OwO whats this..? UNPREVENTABLE https://t.co/fmHlSt7PE3 Working hard at ABTech https://t.co/cVdrOWV2Wz i finally did it ahahahahahahah YES https://t.co/V9taE8iDEy *notices ur hardness* OwO whats this..? https://t.co/l4hHZqmpgf I was really nervous about doing tech stuff today because I haven't in a while and wasn't sure if I could but it was great and I love it! @Rawr_Ebooks that vore shit @Rawr_Ebooks is getting hit by an airplane a kink that people have? @cymreal, on kink art: "it's not technically the worst but" @cymreal f @cymreal i don't know how to deal with this???? Email "[Jetpack Monitor] We noticed that your site https://t.co/b8ORGErC6O was down!" yeah that's bc Googlebot is pounding me in the ass my webserver is so bogged down by millions of apache2 processes that I can barely even ssh in, but my twitter bots are still tweeting? @Rawr_Ebooks sheeple on meth being shocked with tasers Yikes. https://t.co/TnL2gYFtSv *stares frustratedly at lighting sheet for my dance* where am i going to put the strobe???? can't remember if I even ever talked to the choreographer for Shatter Me last semester bc i was Hella sick super sad I'm not lighting tap this semester but i'll do it next!! https://t.co/DIibwCixMe curly fries in the uc have been really bad this semester @tenuous @CMYKGenet I failed three classes freshman spring! Yalls are gonna be ok and I believe in you! @blueshiftofdeat 'gay' And before you say "exposure helps mental illness" you're not a fucking professional so don't tell me how to treat my problems. me https://t.co/zCe5YaUfbT why are people posting pre-transition photos all of a sudden @cambrian_era i'm Way hotter now @NatRoze oh ok, i must just follow like 800% trans people @cambrian_era I was the effeminate male anime high school best friend merged with the before photos in acne medication commercials isn't it weird how emasculate and effeminate, ignoring the difference in part of speech, mean basically the same negative thing?? /@cymrin @Frosty_mage @cymrin the etymology says efemminate comes from effēminātus, which Wiktionary defines as "weakened, enervated, emasculated" @Frosty_mage @cymrin it's strange that two words that appear to be morphologically constructed similarly (e- +gender binary) aren't opposite @blueshiftofdeat https://t.co/5hLamUyEgH unnecessarily gendered dick Sociability vs. Unsociability https://t.co/d9z17HqnQ1 @CMYKGenet @thefurriesare I'm really unhappy that I'm responsible for this Official iOS Last.fm app was last updated Jan 2014, says "An iOS 7 design update is coming soon!" in last change log https://t.co/PjUSYYXqS7 why did last.fm become so bad why did last.fm become so bad why did last.fm become so bad why did last.fm become so bad why did last.fm beco @Rawr_Ebooks this is awful Nonconformist vs. Anglican https://t.co/nLeQ6iJPc8 @Frosty_mage @LaplaceFox i actually didn't get the joke until you made it in person today so Bravo this was fantastic @Rawr_Ebooks i don't remember making a track called #livebloggingmylittlepony Got a grilled cheese sandwich at the pain store and,,,, it's shaped like a heart???? What's happening https://t.co/fJondL397i It begins. https://t.co/hQdz909Vft Good morning! I'm cold and sad and problematic [Karkat screaming] I saw a blackboard in a classroom with a bunch of hellos written in various languages so I added Здравствуйте! @myfreeweb How about Здравствуй? @myfreeweb huh! that's good to know; in class my professor said that only close friends use привет so I had been wary of using it @Rawr_Ebooks agree @furrytherapist why are you the worst bot @furrytherapist this is somehow worse than the sex stuff @tenuous @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god @Rawr_Ebooks @tenuous ????????? jesus chrust I'm tiring myself out https://t.co/YWH2VDNJeN i really like how SoundCloud transliterated the russian for the URL there instead of just completely ignoring it i feel like objects in my room accumulate dust really quickly, or maybe time just goes by quickly. my midi keyboard is covered in dust. is there stuff you can use to easy remove dust from shit? i'm unhappy with everything being so dusty, but cleaning is hard. @mahousecretrose are those real? :O @Rawr_Ebooks I'm my mom loves vaganías so we're having a discussion about who Shrek would vote for. Patty thinks he would vote for Gary Johnson. what are your views? @cymrin I mean he clearly doesn't read his mail so how are we going to ever contact him?? They searched my room and found lots of porn, and m I know this comes at a very inopportune time because our records show that you have a young horse is foal. A young female horse is a furry you know when it's rly gross that media makes ppl think u have to wait 24 hours to file a missing person report bc its untrue & they could be dead by then i dunno whether it's bc it starts with the letter A or bc i was raised catholic but apples have always seemed like, the First fruit https://t.co/b1GsHb8F4X @mapleakuma erin called me erin once my depression: im going to die someday my anxiety: I'M GOING TO DIE SOMEDAY There's a lot of ways to say "die" in Russian Worthlessness vs. Worth https://t.co/xQKk5jAXB6 i'm lighting a dance thats to a Marina & the Diamonds song so I went to talk to the choreographer & then realized I'm wearing a Marina shirt @CMYKGenet i know you meant scum of the earth but "sum of the earth" kind of inverts the message and it's Weird @Rawr_Ebooks maybe they preferred working at michael's than working at a tech internship i don't know how many times today i've said "this is one of the worst things my bots have tweeted lately" https://t.co/Nq8EvJvJSb stayed up Real late Just so i could tell you *leans in* im gay actually this is interesting bc in Russian, apple is яблоко, and Я is the /last/ letter of the alphabet, so I wonder if apples are Shit Celestica joins the 200 club!! https://t.co/jo3JDc9mNe i was trying to show the head of tech a thing on my laptop last night & there was weird furry shit in my inbox & gay lyrics in my terminal Truth vs. Falsehood https://t.co/Dwwdc7huiU accidentally flagged a differencebot image as sensitive media; it sucks that TweetDeck doesn't ever ask for confirmation? *thinks about eigenvectors* ahHaHAah nice proud of myself bc i got to my morning class early and wrote "i love horses" in russian on the blackboard and no one will ever know,,,, wait the professor came in late, stared at the board, and was like "does anyone know what this says". idk why I'm so amused :p Russian is like a secret, horse-loving language *notices ur middle finger* OwO whats this..? personally, i have never taken a picture, of anything, https://t.co/o4iw5fwQjN true liberals use eggs @Rawr_Ebooks maybe? hey twitter if you could spread around and fill out this survey for my research paper i'd be super grateful https://t.co/fpOR209wPa https://t.co/TlgBienZ0D i like how the question mark, as a punctuation symbol, has grown to mean not actually a question but just a rise in inflection Woke up at 3:45am to an alarm, panicked, evacuated, and then saw that it was the fucking frat across the street. Now I feel unsafe. @_80021170ffff_ I just noticed this and like I talked to my mom on the phone for like half and hour but I really appreciate the offer!! we did it, folks https://t.co/VRfKTWSekL good morning i uh., what year is it;; Fuck SAE @drquuxum I lost 2 hours of sleep at 3am bc i thought morewood was on fire and evacuated the building but it was the fuckboys across the st @drquuxum hypothyroidism means i can't afford to lose Any sleep so now my body is mad at me and i accidentally slept through class isn't exploding like the opposite of what you want from an antimigraine (and also from like. any medication) https://t.co/c14VkqdnGO https://t.co/kHCiOTWw1o trying to maximize stage managing efficiency so I asked Robert if i could SM ONiB when I saw him get the email bc I was sitting next to him Interested vs. Uninterested https://t.co/AUrcpveMOR @mahoushoujorose for me: 1) arm isn't long enough to reach the snacks behind me without turning around 2) hypothyroidism SWEET they released a new human elbow, i can't wait to upgrade https://t.co/UdwMOIhLnp *notices ur vitals* OwO whats this..? https://t.co/5jDEFV5g7c mwahaha i made breakfast block with a minute to spare is this a loss meme https://t.co/gZzl77XIMW Absence vs. Presence https://t.co/WG82156H2z fuck i just realized that last.fm was scrobbling me listening to my own music on soundcloud https://t.co/S6gRiIqIkz @Rawr_Ebooks are you shipping Rainbow Dash and Lumish?? @cymreal I'm happy you like them!! I wasn't sure if they were gonna be too weird for anyone to like @cymreal past me, has made mistakes Yiff yiff motherfucker it's your face, and you punched yourself. Doctor, please note the time the man came back from his phone call, you wer Oh god suddenly I have the thing where they hide the @ at the beginning of replies, I hate this https://t.co/4CmerF3E3B .@Twitter it's really confusing, if you're looking for user feedback, my feedback is that replies visually mix with tweets now and I hate it I, love Dancer's Symposium, also there's a tap dance, yes, ahh, @tamasys oh nice they are!!!! Also suddenly there's a . sigil in front of my angry tweet to Twitter, lol Disrepute vs. Repute https://t.co/mjbF2jxsLD I'm really happy with how my lighting design came out ahhh if you're able you should come to DS tomorrow or Saturday to see it haven't been super into MTG lately, dunno if it's the hypothyroidism or if my interest has just waned fucking https://t.co/k8G73OGy0q i didn't realize. until i pressed enter. that "fucking" is actually an answer to that question. and not just an exclamation of surprise. @MetroAndCharms [лошадь] @MetroAndCharms pony horses same https://t.co/HSxVsVHRJL *notices ur inhumanity* OwO whats this..? @Rawr_Ebooks i'm so happy for you!!!! you're usually so troubled @PrimHelios Absolutely @cymrin I had a dream that you were in but I can't remember anything you were dog, except for judging me, like always, @cymrin anything you were doing*;; you're probably judging me right now, @Rawr_Ebooks i would so listen to this new taylor swift?? @cymrin yknow, you were the one that had this thought, not me @cymrin i tweeted that when i was half awake and my ipad autocorrected something @cymrin welcome 2 furry town pls select ur fursona duolingo is real today https://t.co/icDNleGlOl @spongeythingz uhh. uncharacteristically deep for this bot. Are you in pain? It physically hurts every time my phone autocorrects "bot" to "boy". I talk about bots everyday. When do I ever talk about boys. i forgot that pucatrade existed but i just got four fifth dawn Serum Visions in the mail and i love them *notices ur genital wart* OwO whats this..? @furrytherapist @CMYKGenet this is, the worst thing @Rawr_Ebooks are you jealous of someone Mitch nearly broke his teeth on a silver sickle embedded in his heart for lesbians. I lost my shit so hard I worked on this .gif that won't @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i think that is decidedly not yuri? https://t.co/QzTY1pBxJh Welcome vs. Unwelcome https://t.co/SuRbuAtJdd @Rawr_Ebooks новые студенты hell yeah 90s kid house music Did you hear about Princess Celestia?? fucked up if true i know that this is just giving me literally random words but i still feel like it's telling me something https://t.co/Kgp1czahZ1 *notices ur boob* OwO whats this..? ahh fuck it's negative temperature numbers out, i just want some syrupy waffles, why this @Rawr_Ebooks you and me both friend it's freezing inside my own room; maybe if I start crocheting now I'll have a second blanket to sleep under by the time I go to bed fUCK i just looked in my closet and there's a second blanket in there,,,, i can't believe i haven't been using it ME WHEN I'M SICK: i feel so awful; i really take being healthy for granted ME WHEN I'M HEALTHY: i want to scream constantly @henryflowerbot don't respond to this if ur gay What if I just watch Bob's Burgers all day even though it got bad after season 4 DUOLINGO https://t.co/JFKqHSDxzb i've got a 16 day duolingo streak and i'm really proud of myself; hopefully I keep that going over break! @_80021170ffff_ can't wait for simon cowell to pop out of the shadows and reveal the hidden cameras watching me watch anime every night i hate twitter because i tried to tweet "D U O L I N G O" but i accidentally DM'd @u https://t.co/wO5A9xEYS9 D͝U̩̦͎̪O̵L̵͓͖̯̭I͓̺N̗̫͖̙͍̺͎͢G̘O̯̪͝ https://t.co/RIeebSX81p @Frosty_mage ask chris to set up a liquid coolant system that will short the entire electrical grid in your apartment from time to time i don't think Homura is sexually/romantically attracted to Madoka, platonic attractions can be just as intense as romantic ones, dont @ me actually you can @ me i just wanted to end the tweet like that i think there's a lot of ways to interpret what their relationship is from the anime, and yeah it's probably pretty queercoded, but like maybe it's because I'm ace but what I see as this portrayal of such an intense platonic attraction connects really strongly with me @mahoushoujorose welcome to magical transgirl facts!! did you know puella magi madoka magica came out in 2011? mee-wow! also rebellion is fake and i cried for half an hour @mahoushoujorose that looks like such a warm sweater!! maybe that's so exciting bc it's literally below freezing rn and i'm in a bathrobe where's some good fic recs that give us a happy ending for rebellion. asking for a friend @ALawley !!!! i'm not sure how i've never noticed that but i love it shit, let's take a shower and then pour mint mouthwash on our arms @_80021170ffff_ no it's me accidentally pouring mint mouthwash on my arms after taking a shower @ALawley actually i want to cosplay her more than ever now?? i am homura and homura is me IT'S SNOWING!!!! i can be happy about it because i'm inside @blueshiftofdeat btw i wear the hat you made me like every day, I really like it!! ahhhh i booked it on over to The Exchange to try to get some lunch before they closed but it was not to be MY THERAPIST: Do you ever see other people just wearing animals ears though? ME: I live in Pittsburgh, the furriest city in America, so I do ahh the only gloves i own are these beaten up work gloves i got doing tech at BiB two years ago and they're full of holes and it'S COLD i say this having just power walked to and from starbucks to get a frappuccino so i probably deserve it dancer's symposium show 2!! Flora was the real stage manager https://t.co/8zuQ9zga9A whoa whoa whoa whoa since when was the copay for lamotrigine extended release $60, wtf, that's more than i pay for vyvanse According to the creator, the correct pronunciation for the Graphic Interchange Format .GIF extension is "Fef" i had a fantastic night and only started bleeding three times; strike ended after 2 hours and everyone was in a great mood, i Love new tech that bag sure loves acid https://t.co/vIeoPhz6Di true tho https://t.co/tThIpE0mZj the playlist we use for house music is called "only 90s kids will get this" and i love the responses it gets today i added some ABBA, Mr. Brightside, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, All The Things She Said, please caption this https://t.co/gNdJOEoNVo ME BEFORE SHOW: i'll probably leave strike once Sunchyme ends ME AFTER STRIKE: did I just stay for all of strike and then dance to Go Hard Discouragement vs. Encouragement https://t.co/OxYtJtiIWM "judge, i think my opponent's deck has 5 Scapshifts in it" https://t.co/MKnnX2cnTN Brunet vs. Blond https://t.co/YcGa3P7xFF You (dumb, hasn't seen dick): i love being straigt Me (smart, has seen dick): im in constant pain good thread op https://t.co/WVOJfZY9B4 literally dreamed about donuts last night bc the DS directors bought tech like three boxes last night as a thanks you My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (216), Grimes (17), The Third Vagina (17) #lastfm i'm wearing like two blankets and a sweater, but it's still so cold, how am i even going to go outside @drbotmd too much androgen? swallow an antiseptic i don't know how to deal with this https://t.co/lLnuBK4WsD @riglow don't worry, it goes both ways https://t.co/nQ7vXjvBO9 what is this vore shit https://t.co/7EzPiHUu3v OH IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT AND THERE'S SNOW ON THE GROUND!! i only just opened my window blinds fuck off duolingo https://t.co/Rc1DpnAVMC maybe i should make a twitter bot that matches spongebob stills with potential kinks https://t.co/RwxbjQW7Rj did mindy unfriend me on facebook or did she never friend me to begin with @Rawr_Ebooks yes i'm cold i'm cold i'm cold i'm cold https://t.co/Q0YUfkcc7p spongebob was the most progressive show on television before its hostile takeover https://t.co/qRN5ISDaan someone's into this https://t.co/0aohoEHSJv i'm in this weird mood where everything is a kink joke. but i mean. look at this. they love each other. https://t.co/QpdPlkYhji patrick, A Shitlord, asserts that he doesn't have to stay at home and help with the baby and instead gets to go to… https://t.co/uY0vvChfET this show just casually mentioned "After the war," and i'm so curious (気になります!!) as to what horrible thing happened… https://t.co/McdRjIbkDz and Yes i'm enough of a weeb that i just looked up how Chitanda says "i'm curious" in Hyouka, don't ask IM EATING FROSTING AND CRACKERS i hate how crossed eyes are seen as cutsey or idiotic, something like that, they just Keep Putting Them in cartoons, i hate it "spongebob sure understands poop" for some reason i thought Homestar Runner = Pink Diamond and have been really confused spongebob is a brony https://t.co/k3vrvLRCZ4 [horses noises] when someone lets you down yet again and you just give up on life https://t.co/96pAs0Tq3I Friday by Rebecca Black is one of the best songs ever made and it started an internet revolution of electronica producers, don't @ me what if i just made a bot that responded to anyone who says "Gary Stu" with a link to this tweet https://t.co/0u98IY56c7 i'm having a "shit around all day" kind of day, yeah i've got a final tomorrow at 8:30am, what does that have to do with anything?? made some more weird music maybe. it's called Pendants. https://t.co/994M2bqYEh i'm very happy that MusicBrainz can handle unicode glitter and thus accurately store the title of that track https://t.co/WA3fznL11Q holy crap Nyan Cat is a Miku song @dQoverT https://t.co/37oD83tGEa this was already on MusicBrainz, i didn't add it, i'm so proud of the world https://t.co/XjiLKjfJIU @dQoverT it was originally a miku song, but the version that you usually hear uses a different vocaloid and was made later https://t.co/UHx5ADJX3f does not handle it as well https://t.co/suo9ifr6ZA @wehpudicabok does this make it better or worse https://t.co/npVCMZJPds https://t.co/GT5jGSUWYa who remixes the remixes @Rawr_Ebooks ew, and also seek help Straightness vs. Crookedness https://t.co/UmkSYjaWXt can I see the opposite of this???? https://t.co/dXatMX7b7P @Rawr_Ebooks it's that it was gross fuck the Spongebob Wikia, it has a MASSIVE neutrality problem. the people who wrote this article are Pearl-haters a… https://t.co/PT9TKBOK3B What's happening in this show https://t.co/6MVIJ0TpMm @eventhenotion MIDI,,,, should be noisy,,,, really Not excited for logic exam in 45 minutes; it's likely gonna be almost as bad as Real Anal just bc i haven't been doing the homeworks @_80021170ffff_ I want to be so unaroused that effectively am the same as before watching the video Exam went really well actually!! I think I understood most of the words on it Retreat vs. Advance https://t.co/4DTfDmmqtu @Rawr_Ebooks i only started HRT to become unplayable @CMYKGenet *notices that I own a committee* OwO whats this..? tfw today someone in KGB wanted to put the letters "l", "o", "l" in a committee I proposed and I was like what does that spell Oh yeah, completely forgot to turn the whole country into a sly smile. what a nice fursuit!! please drain me of blood and end my life https://t.co/TkytTCU1WQ @Rawr_Ebooks I want to make a marshmallow omelette now? @eventhenotion there's a lot of things you can call a sinful person @mahoushoujorose this is making me worry that something really bad happened @gigideegee @tinykyrios I want to play some Kirby rriigghhtt nnooww @spoontinudigu ???? since when are they playing purity ring in the underground?? duolingo knows exactly what i want to say at all times https://t.co/rslAAanzNh @epstmlgy fuck akinator and the cheese cart he rode in on @Rawr_Ebooks ANDREW KARKATSONA JIHAD @spongeythingz how can you see into my eyes like open doors https://t.co/mGKDRxWjd8 thanks Obama. FUCK. Unpretentiousness vs. Pretentiousness https://t.co/LMr8Phx8uA @differencebot you sure have things figured out they're Horses. occasionally they do Horse Things @_80021170ffff_ yes @ElSangito @BuzzFeed this terrifies me. good night. *notices ur worthlessness* OwO whats this..? I don't want to not be able to trust doctors. https://t.co/JwEFgMdZmP My psychiatrist prescribes me like four different medications, which are helpful. but recently he offered to prescribe Ambien. and I'm like. I don't want to be afraid that my doctors aren't looking out for me? Is getting me addicted to Ambien a way to keep me paying for scripts? I realize that's super paranoid, and I hella turned down the Ambien (because I mean I don't have insomnia), but I've been Worrying A Lot. It makes me worry about why he has me on such a high dose of Vyvanse, especially given how badly I feel after it wears off everyday. He had me on Latuda, an atypical antipsychotic, for months to treat tics (which it never did) despite him saying how Bad antipsychotics are. @nex3 i hate when drs tell me that i have a rare diagnosis so most other drs won't know what to do. It makes getting a second opinion scary. @nex3 you're totally right though. i want to believe that my well-being is what matters most. I'm just being paranoid. honestly I'm just being paranoid. here's some random names of drugs: morphine, lamictal, Tylenol, adderall, mirtazepine, aripiprazole, sugar @nex3 yooo i had a therapist in 2013 who was super nice but completely dismissive of Important Stuff, & her being nice made it hard to leave Good morning! Nihilism working very hard to keep this Twitter account Quality 👌 by minimizing the Bad Thoughts and increasing Dank Pony Memes, which everyone loves what did the horse say to the pony who was only slightly too short to be considered a full sized horse? "Hey, need a hand?" @KbLogQ I'm proud of myself for writing this train wreck and I'm proud of you for getting it! https://t.co/rLeKucAHIy Ok we've made so many kinkshaming jokes in the last couple of weeks that I kind of forgot that kinks were a real thing that ppl have it sounds pretty fake, you have to give that to me; I mean, absolutely no thoughts make me happy, and I want to be asleep right now. does Miku have any songs about Nihlism don't tell me what to do https://t.co/h1qDIdCnKY ME WHEN I FIRST TRIED MAC OS X: Wow! I love the design paradigms here ME NOW: I can't believe Princess Twilight Sparkle has her own castle! @cymreal oh, nothing my computer kernel panicked while i was typing up a dank meme tweet me, introducing current me to a friend: and this is my friend kelly, my pony friend. ask them about thheir ponysona @cymreal i'm above the law the furries are made of chalk https://t.co/u7iyh6sncK ME IN CLASS: I love linear algebra!! I love the algebra that is linear!! ME DURING THE EXAM: what Is a vector space https://t.co/QnB3L1HxOw @cymreal frosty actually just tweeted that lol why do I have a 29 minute recording on my computer of me singing badly along to the songs of Give Me The Money! by Marina & the Diamonds They have string lights up in the underground!! I love string lights @Rawr_Ebooks uh Unenlightened vs. Enlightened https://t.co/m3l1Hxq9lr *walking around outside and sees a rose on the ground* is this an Utena reference?!?!?! I made a typo while trying to look up my favorite yuris https://t.co/EvAsE3QMa9 Guess what, I've spent most of my day logging into my computer repeatedly without typing in my password, it's been fucking fantastic *notices ur hirsuteness* OwO whats this..? @Rawr_Ebooks it's a lot /will/ u stil luv me wen i'm no Homo desk. SHINKU: wtf. SUIGINTOU: *gay chuckle* don't let me disturb you, I just realized that one of Migue :D. I don't think I'd flourish in a prison environment. "illegal butt injections". I'm not homophobic but. *neighs*. that's what underwear is for hun, it keeps your package comfortably epic---gawd 🐄 god japan this man 🐄 fuck off https://t.co/6Q2QSExKaf Oxyperifin (anaesthetic) Treats the disappointed symptoms of crystal meth overdose Developed in 2009 to replace sertraline Diabupita (immunosuppressive) Used recreationally as an anxiolytic Often used off-label for pondering groundhog disorder you can tell i got two too few hours of sleep last night https://t.co/SiXYJkweS7 holY CRap it's -7 degrees (celsius) out, i'm fucking freezing @icouldswear calling the cops what is this hyper shit https://t.co/WD96tlFhID here's your drink! let me just put it on the back of your hand https://t.co/UwsJD6hpu2 i'm gonna turn on a nintendo 3ds. stay tuned for the epic livestream. as always remember to like, rate, subscribe, and donate! @plantsimulator but not me though, i'm a puritan and have only one finger/toe on each appendage, also i am a horse ME: the concept of a best friend is problematic and exclusive FRIEND: but i lost my pet cat ME: I will search to the ends of the earth @cymreal i'm cackling it's Satoshi https://t.co/D6tn2xfJqS WALKING IN THE GRASS IS SO FINE, DON'T NEED SHOES because i'm gay, and i like men, my name is Satoshi, men like feet and sunflowers right? mr krabs how dare you even consider voreing that child on live television just for the advertising income from the… https://t.co/K2RsUwGNN5 Мистер Крабс, вы не можете есть ребёнка по телевизору для партии ворофилии! i wasn't sure which of "по телевизору" or "на телевизоре" was correct. also Everything Else about this tweet is also wrong. RUSSIAN PROFESSOR: What did you do over winter break? ME: i continued my russian studies by teaching myself how to talk about kinks picture of me post-transition https://t.co/qqTnJL1CRZ Why does Randall Munroe make so many comics about the inevitability of aging https://t.co/xgm2Xm88I5 frick, it was three years ago yesterday that I made my first commit on abtech tracker! https://t.co/ya3TjtvBGi super nostalgic about this; working on this project has been a big part of my college experience and it's why I joined ABTech FRIEND: so i saw the doctor & they're putting me on medication ME: What's it called, is it an SSRI? Let me tell you about every interaction @cymreal idk if it counts as a subtweet bc i'm not calling you out, i'm calling myself out i was literally about to get in the shower and then housekeeping came; cool now I can procrastinate more @cymreal it can take 4-6 weeks for any positive effects to start manifesting, but negative side effects, if they happen, will likely start @cymreal immediately; if you notice yourself feeling More depressed or even suicidal after starting it, let someone know. @cymreal you don't really take any other meds so interactions are unlikely; it only really interacts with other psychoactive medications. @cymreal guess what it interacts with ambien so... don't take that... as if you needed another reason... Have I mentioned lately how much I like thinking about lamotrigine?? It's so cool!!!! Other than the skin thing *looks at drug interaction data* wow look at all these things that interact with chalk! *trying desperately to play I Am Made of Chalk on the piano* fuCK here is what i have figured out so far!! there are probably chords involved but that's hard https://t.co/v29PxJuNjx buying headphones online is really stressful because i have no idea how they're gonna feel on my head or how the music is going to sound at the same time, buying them in person is really stressful bc a) you're in a physical location and b) people in the store looking at you?? @alfiepates I just want headphones for when I'm not in my room, so nothing Nice, but i can't wear earbuds & get headaches from bad headbands @alfiepates i will check that out, thanks! @Rawr_Ebooks huh it , occurs to me that i haven't pinched a nerve in my neck in actually a long time,please don't make me regret saying this (cw slur) Um im at the burger place in the CUC and the workers are joking very loudly that Barack Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny They are yelling this and they're right in front of me and asking some other student next to me to google it; I'm shaking tbh @tedgarb I'm writing up a post now, thanks unrelated but they were so busy enjoying this joke they were sharing that the one who was making my burger burned it @NatRoze i'm in soho and i'm still shaking, i know i'll calm down eventually but it was really unsettling and honestly kind of scary @NatRoze yeah we should absolutely talk to ashley about this; i've also just posted to "to dining with love" about it @NatRoze 💖 @DialMforMacbeth i am upset meanwhile like i'm standing there wearing my trans flag scarf and obviously they don't know what that means but it made me feel more unsafe maybe i've felt so safe wearing this scarf around campus for the past year and a half bc i wasn't afraid something like this would happen @nex3 @OhPoorPup i'm always into making bots but I don't think I understand the reference I spend too much time worrying about SJWs and not enough time literally becoming Garnet asking for a friend "You make me the humanest person alive." --@icouldswear https://t.co/nZy23rXmDs this just says kill me now???? https://t.co/1qGMQlvN5t I͕̮̤N҉͚̪̣̳͉F̲̼͘Ì͇̲N͝I̡͕̝̱̹̼͍ͅT͖̼̻̬E͈͢ ̘̬͈͓̲V͉Ọ̦̩̘̼́R̯̪̜̩E̻̬̕ https://t.co/5MCLOUGY4n https://t.co/s1mrBt4u0p essexistening, it's like existing, but sexist https://t.co/34pYhZN6d4 @catgirlmarriage Julia Child @dQoverT same That's why the people of this world believe in: Scooby doo fucking the yowie yahoo, Scooby doo fucking the yowie yahoo, and Scooby doo fucki @spongeythingz that's not in front of the register that's in a fucking boat me https://t.co/RQeHXk8zUV i wanted to show my mom that my dentist picture so I googled "my dentist" and it was a bad idea I am made of chalk and I will wash away um Jesus Christ tomorrow is supposed to be a high of -10 degrees celsius?? https://t.co/jfumrqPWt2 literally says "yo you might get frostbite or hypothermia" i'd just stay in my room all day, even though it's cold in here too, if i didn't have to hand in a take home final exam oh my shit, https://t.co/jfumrqPWt2 says that with wind chill it feels like -22 degrees celsius outside, fuuuuuuck ok I'm gonna bundle up as much as I possibly can, run my take-home exam over to my professor's office, & run back to my room & eat poptarts oh!! i forgot that la prima exists!! i am 100% getting a hot chocolate while I'm on campus they have!! cinnamon scones at la prima!! @tedgarb @ebalke93 It's very likely Speaking of math, time to break out into Porn Is Good and Important. @Rawr_Ebooks speaking of math?? Just got my annual Futureme letter from my past Sins. Calling the cops. Anna u gotta come out and say IM ASEXUAL!!!! i'm asexual!!!! I'm ase @Rawr_Ebooks is the horse's name "fuck you rawr ebooks" or something? @Rawr_Ebooks @tedgarb oh my god rawr please, think of the children @Rawr_Ebooks ravenclaw has four iodine atoms opposed to romantic or sexual rawr_ebooks is full of good and bad content today @Rawr_Ebooks i'm happy you're having a good day! Zeno's paradox is just a list of questions that never ends @UsersArentReal tell that to "Stewie From Family Guy Launches Full Sized Chocolate Bars Into Princess Twilight Sparkle's Ass" it wants to be strong https://t.co/CQUL5G2x8w @_80021170ffff_ duolingo :P @myfreeweb this burger isn't filling my arteries at peak efficiency yet; i mean it's an old model but i Should be able to overclock it @Frosty_mage всё свежие мемы !! that says happy birthday but in russian カービィ描きました。 https://t.co/m70NmuzeDv @_80021170ffff_ is it weird that i loved house of leaves but only revolutions made no sense 💖🙌🍬 i'm not actually sure what information to gain from this. is it , it is saying that i love candy, because, i do, https://t.co/3IRWl7dNV3 study for my physics final?? but that's on sunday! i've got a plenty of time to not study before i don't study the first time I heard Violent Dreams, I was like, this is weird, and now I'm like, DIE DIE WOULD WOULD BE BE BE DEAD DEAD DEAD I WOULD RATH hi robert, the head of tech, please come over to my computer and read my pony transformation fiction oh i'm not forgetting, i'm just not doing it https://t.co/XIgCD9Im0O @Frosty_mage please google translate "всё свежие мемы" if you haven't already "we must dismantle the patriarchy". . Trans women don't want gentlemen, they want bullies and steamrollers and cajoles the trustees of the u Roughness vs. Smoothness https://t.co/o6AOTan65L is skype fucking up for anyone else? The two human emotions: lAughter and Yikes Shatter me https://t.co/CMeAYya6M3 @DialMforMacbeth calling the cops @cymrin we both yelled for like five minutes that we were going to license it! I'm ok. You know i'm dreaming. @Rawr_Ebooks CALLING THE COPS @callingthe911 @DialMforMacbeth My LIFE is good (sometimes). In solemn asceticism, I will only be taught to speak in sentences with 140 char Natural Elevation vs. Natural Depression https://t.co/mGQ6RHwOCk @Rawr_Ebooks why *ask jeeves voice* Sorry for "Party Rocking" my little pony season 3 is actually really good @Jamie7Keller season one is good! i think seasons two and three get even better though! "how many levels of chalk are you on" "five or six" "you are like a little baby, watch this: i am made of chalk" Mayor Mare is in a cage?? https://t.co/HbKkok0UeD @epstmlgy humans seem like they are Bad at Almost Everything They Try To Do @Rawr_Ebooks you fuckin weeb @Rawr_Ebooks i can't believe gay people are coming over to my house and digging holes in the yard?? good morning! I am unhappy with how cold it is https://t.co/IOFSdxCm78 @epstmlgy Bro why do I have to make a $60 co-pay on lamotrigine extended release when regular lamotrigine was just $10 is it alive or dead though?? https://t.co/BCgS902lxT they will both damage you actually https://t.co/vGPXIBsLcB @Rawr_Ebooks celine doin' THAT has to be offensive. :D. Sorry, все стёрли. @furrytherapist the furries are problematic @Rawr_Ebooks you can do it!! Will do my usual cheery self at all. Yeh. I destroyed my best friend, lost the ability to programmatically create events two years in a row @Rawr_Ebooks /@Pretzelish hair dyeing people: does anyone have any recommendations for bright fuchsia dye? staples you're not helping me https://t.co/FyMJ5clqbx Today is the only day you can retweet this https://t.co/mzTyJwX84E Well, I went to chalk school, which was totally what I was expecting? It was a typical drug store with random-item-store attachment: Clean, I must reinstall my operating system more often that I realize because I seem to have to install nmap fairly often ?? my web server is not serving pages, not responding to pings, nmap says it's down, but my bots are still happily tweeting away? @tedgarb oh that's a good idea nora reed retweeted a differencebot tweet. but also they've blocked me. i'm still so confused. @tedgarb that was it!! i got the correct ip address from twitter's logs, since the bots keep tweeting. @DataErase ahh i hope i'm not on a blocklist, i'm Cool and Hip turns out I didn't set up ddclient properly when I reinstalled the operating system on the server. it's working now! dns propagation sucks. @GrinningKobold it really shouldn't have been me but My family's Easter revolves around the masters -_-. "i'm SORRY". Can we take a moment really symbolic of my sex dungeon and think about homu @KbLogQ Cant believe they trapped Rarity's soul in a gem, just because you COULD. u forgot about me, i'm so broken numb. Headline: The Lgb Are Feminizing The Government And get permission to dig holes in your yard. Soft vs ppl who see queer characters in anime as representation rather than fetishization sound like they're looking through bara-colored glasses i can't handle vulgina https://t.co/CaJxwsvLfp @NatRoze i was really hoping you were gonna see it Yikes. https://t.co/VTcVhDKhmD *their and apparently some people won't even notice it's not a PHASE, MOM. *screams "YURI JAM" at the idea of injecting drugs into your mout duolingo https://t.co/mU0NBGQ0zh NEIGHBOR: you know it's 24 hour quiet hours right? what are you listening to that's so damn important? ME: https://t.co/wlqPEG8cCB Patrick's life is probably completely empty without Spongebob. It's really sad. plankton who even needs the krabby patty secret formula, why don't you just sell all of the weed you have https://t.co/IJmTqymeTL i love this discourse https://t.co/ekflVdX3m1 thanks, i'm making this https://t.co/TOJZG5OXli Я сошла с ума! https://t.co/PuW4QptrHt yeah basically me https://t.co/OcSeKvjnur disgusting https://t.co/XBtcE3F6OT Hey you're starting antidepressants soon right?? I love talking about https://t.co/saA2f5okXd isn't this a porno https://t.co/vqc2FZPdKE got a physics exam in half an hour. Better study up on my Russian!! CASHIER IN THE UNDERGROUND: We're on the reduced menu, so we only have cereal and breakfast sandwiches. ME: what's a breakfast sandwich @dQoverT !!!! he's a good kid!!!! :D I've got an exam in 14 minutes and there's no one else here yet ahhh frightening @Rawr_Ebooks you're a couple of weeks early @cymreal I have a breakfast sandwich every day of the week; I'm just so tired my brain isn't @dQoverT @cymreal e=mc^2???? My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (144), The Gates Of Sleep (46), Charli XCX (19) #lastfm Survived the exam!! Maybe I won't be late for my flight after all It occurs to me that I've now officially completed 8 semesters at CMU! Two more to go; I can do this! Ahh I really want to Do Things with my winter break and not just shit around. I've got bots to write, vaporwave to "make", anime to watch! I've got videos game to play, SCPs to read, queers to hang out with, liner notes to enter into MusicBrainz, thigh highs to knit! @tedgarb I want rainbow thigh highs but they never fit me so I want to knit some!! I've got 2 new seasons of My Little Pony to watch, a new Purity Ring album to listen to, and 2 useless Homestuck songs to play on the piano! @PrimHelios I'm trans and I program computers I've got features to implement on tracker, a website of my own to make, Twitter bot infrastructure to overhaul! By the way. If anyone's interested. I released an album yesterday. It's called Present Becomes The Past. https://t.co/33mZHrK9J5 It's not like my shitposty The Third Vagina albums; it's a serious album that I've put a lot of work and emotion into. I made this album mainly for my own enjoyment, but it ended up helping me process a lot of bad things that happened three years ago. This is the hardest I've worked on an album so far, and I learned so many things about making music doing so. I can't wait to learn more! I won't lie, I'm not proud of my voice. I'm not a professional, and I need to work on it a lot. But I am proud of my lyrics and melodies. I guess I should throw in a few content warnings: sexual and emotional abuse, medical stuff, solipsism. If you like it, I'm happy!! Feel free to download it (it's free with optional donation)! If you don't like it, thanks for listening anyway! @drquuxum Nothing too fancy. A Casio keyboard, a Floureon condenser mic, Garageband, and Audacity. Aggggghhhhh flight delayed half an hour, it begins What do you call an insubordinate opaque gem? An unruly lazuli! Flight just got pushed back another half hour!! Fuck this!! @ebalke93 wait where's the starbucks? I don't actually know if I've been to it. I should scope it out! Hey check out this album by my mutual and thirst target @starla4444 https://t.co/PfDuzspxf9 Airport Starbucks says they can't make a decaf frappuccino which? I know is wrong? Because I always get decaf frappuccinos @ireneista oh that makes sense. I'm just frustrated because I'm falling asleep and want a sugary drink but I don't like caffeine Maybe I'm just so tired because I'm sleep deprived? I did have to get up really early for that physics exam That's a spicy ravioli Ok I'm finally on the plane two and a half hours late, ahh I hope it isn't a bad flight, I'm actually already nervous please check out this fucking fantastic album. thank https://t.co/IFmj2X0LOl Ahh survived the flight! It was very bumpy and scary. Poor guy sitting next to me looked concerned for me. I think I made a vore joke within 10 minutes of entering my parents' house, happy holidays @KbLogQ yeah!! https://t.co/coGUwgU3V6 @cymreal it had to do with the singer called Meatloaf, and we were having meatloaf for dinner @cymrin actually i'm on the phone with julia right now and i think i've said at least three vore things already slept for 8 hours and i'm stiiiiill tiiiiired I don't have any fucking Gay rights. .@Rawr_Ebooks is my best friend, I should just hook it up to a voice synthesizer and let it record a number 1 album wizards of the coast is printing too many reasonable cards and not enough uncommon 1 mana power artifacts that go unnoticed for years @highway2helliot DUN DUN DUNNNNNN Example... i spent so long trying to find proof of intelligent life in the department of motor vehicles right. I love Russian class https://t.co/2bsRLaoQMA @Rawr_Ebooks this is not your 9th tweet you have THOUSANDS of tweets @Rawr_Ebooks @KbLogQ i'm screaming my next album will be titled "Thanks, Tom Cortina" and will feature tracks such as "Thanks Cortinator!" and "Hey Tom, Thanks" i thought this said "Epic Man Meat" for a moment https://t.co/RW7qCFFMgV in a gay relationship who is the yuri and who is the t̯͓͎̳w̷͙͎̤͓i̩̮̗̙̙̮ṇ̛̭ḳ̹ṣ͈̞̪̟̲̭͞ there was a song i made in 2015 where i set up a virtual drum kit and then just keysmashed, it was dope 💽 god divest this chest 💽 Writing a song using a Russian rhyming dictionary that doesn't tell me what the words mean, so I type something int… https://t.co/qm2I9gyhdk I'm really amused that I just randomly stumbled upon this https://t.co/88CGOhMGqn I can't believe there's all these video games coming out now that just feature two men kissing for hours on end; it's corrupting the youth! @Rawr_Ebooks This tweet was a trip: frightening -> A S S E X I S T E N T I A L I S M -> rollin' in dough -> frightening. "I don't hate you; I hate everything." --@icouldswear https://t.co/12c9Gr6Txx @icouldswear are you threatening to kill my therapist remember when I quoted Azealia Banks in a poem I wrote i'm like constantly confused about the fact that Весёлые Улыбки has Снегопады before 220, but it's reversed on Waste Management look at me with my Real Problems. i bet you horny piles of money can't even begin to understand what it's like to not literally be paper. "k whats with the 'random' humor?" have you noticed i'm a tall 8 year old making computer programs who make jokes based on pseudo-randomness also a bot retweeted me because I said "waste management" and they have no idea I'm talking about a Russian pop album @cymrin I like to use words like 'hirsute', https://t.co/In7C9RNoGk *notices ur flammability* OwO whats this..? *notices ur diaper* OwO whats this..? *notices ur right* OwO whats this..? *notices ur snoot* OwO whats this..? @furrytherapist https://t.co/mog54j4T4t @tedgarb https://t.co/xHAIzwz2mW Got an A in Russian!!!! I mean I was expecting it but like, I've never gotten an A in a 12 unit course before :O ! it's the only grade I have so far so SIO says my semester QPA is 4.0. is it cool if we like. ignore the rest of my classes thanks. what do other peoples grade point average graphs look like because mine looks like a heart monitor only time I ever got above a 3.0 was Fall 2013 which is Odd bc I was 1) recovering from major surgery 2) in a bad relationship 3) taking 210 you see how I like. listed 210 in there. yeah like. the implication that it's just as bad as the other two. i'm an obnoxious cmu scs student I guess it's interesting to think about how different people have different values bc i'd way rather be a shitty jo… https://t.co/gUWzzLuILx @mahoushoujorose @nex3 have you ordered that 15 times before or did you order 15 orders of it in one transaction there once was an ugly barnacle https://t.co/txIYXifv4z mwahahaha I have a rare Fefe Dobson promo CD, time to ENTER DATA INTO MUSICBRAINZ (https://t.co/I0UJkLLgeI) why is MusicBrainz so exciting to me escaped new jersey barely alive. Acquired cheese and chocolate. If you just sit down and think about homura it's not so tough. Update: average track length on Present Becomes The Past is a little under four minutes, so Somebody Moves The Ends is still winning :P there is something to be said about the fact that PBTP has two songs shorter than 3 minutes, and SMTE has a six minute long song :P data! is! neat!! here's more! Every track on PBTP but Snowhearted, The Swing, Blue Ribbon, & Hopeless, was once a completely different song! i mean there have been like five completely different versions of Bread Drawer Hiatus (WHICH BTW IS MY FAVORITE TRA… https://t.co/FTcCDfiUvA Undilate replaced a song called Bad Apple; Can't Fight The Wicked, a song called Her Chief Regret; Forever Bedtime, a song called Age. There have been like three Safety in Wonderlands, and there were like three versions of a song called Portal, which got replaced by Paradise I finished A Gasp From An Uninformed Intruder for SMTE in Sep 2013, and I started writing the first track for PBTB, Hopeless, a week later! Hopeless is really neat, I think, bc it connects the present & the past. I wrote & recorded the first half in 2013 & the second half in 2016 It also samples + has the same first line as the first track of SMTE, Pólko. Pólko and Hopeless bookend the story the albums tell together. You can tell I really love to think too much about this stuff. *lies on the ground and THINKS about SHIT* haha FFUCK YYEAH i've got a track on my computer that's just me harmonizing the middle eight of The Swing with two other me-s, it's Amusing @furrytherapist i'm really proud of this bot actually hey look I made more vaporwave shit, it's called "Dinner in the Garden with Deceased Model Shia LeBouf" https://t.co/muPhChkDqb oh cool someone's already using the name Gayporwave i am transgender what the hell is this so called 'euthanasia' thing; i've never heard of ANYONE under the age of 29 living in Asia i know ur all jealous of me because i get paid regularly by the police to sit on top of a washing machine but it's not all fun and games tvtropes is good https://t.co/CJZrUKHPis I'm learning so many useful things. https://t.co/WRf6qbGf3e @riglow I think, therefore I lesbi-am Peaceful train trip into the city eating pretzels and playing Kirby Amazing Mirror!! Ok now I'm playing Pokemon Emerald since hey it's hard to play Amazing Mirror without a controller @thefurriesare pplleeaSsee ssttoopp "If you resurrect people, you're pretty amazing." --@icouldswear https://t.co/y7PFPvj1Sn I can't believe The patriarchy is releasing really dope tunes with shitty verses but hysteria-inducing choruses. Waluigi however is evil incarnate. cannibal, abuser, torturer, thief. Holy crap my own room?? I'm so privileged! https://t.co/LtoJWzXLUt aren't the Pokemon the movers then,,,, how can the people who OWN these poor creatures take credit for all the hard… https://t.co/zyi9CEY80D They're so lost and confused! The one on top is just walking back and forth with that box! https://t.co/nOwDC1H8ts wow this is a horrible unintuitive interface. also kids these days don't know how to read analog clocks wow I'm sor… https://t.co/10rFahKF5i Shitlord. https://t.co/op4GWzwnaz Dude said he had to go help his dad catch Pokemon but then he just sits at his desk and ignores me WOW I GET THAT YOU DONT WANT TO TALK And I'm not giving it back. https://t.co/MmuunONNFd I told you he's gay https://t.co/lnVV4EFdXe Uhhhhhh that's really creepy https://t.co/w4DhjeW1dN It's because I feed my Pokemon with solid gold $100 bills https://t.co/L0zZ7Jrcie I actually have no idea why I've done this https://t.co/XXdQI8pVu1 Do you ever wish you could crawl into one of those PokeBalls just for the free healthcare? https://t.co/c0KPZ1bhMd Just kidding I'm a furry and I want to be someone's pet anyway, shove me into one of those fuckers (btw I'm asexual) me irl https://t.co/TfJ0Hl7r05 I'm playing Pokemon while Modern Family is on and I could've sworn I heard someone said "Aren't they Homestucks?" but Alvin & the Chipmunks doing Heaven Is A Place On Earth slowed down sounds like the song you hear as you die https://t.co/df9IzcxOwi ./@ebalke93 On the contrary! I would find a Wikia dedicated to pointing out logical inconsistencies in Spongebob episodes to be quite bearable! a tea party sounds rather nice actually isn't it great that "my dorm room my first junior year at college was named after that meme" is a sentence i just said @bbbbbbbbbbbaka NO i'm really tired and i started listening to this and then i looked away and i forgot what tab it was playing on and now i'm in hell ahh you know what sucks? waking up in a cold sweat! @cymrin i had this dream last night! it was finals week and you were working for the TSA in a fancy museum and i was really depressed LOOOK IT's ,, ITT'S THE THANK YOU THING, LOOK EVERYONE, IT'S THE THING THAT I DO, PLEASE CONSUME THIS, IT'S IMPORTA… https://t.co/dpyXwPBWOX can't believe a berry plant has it more together than I do https://t.co/NrtrqYDlP2 "please somepony make my tears stop" https://t.co/7OZuLQtUGR what if I made a twitter bot that responded to everyone who uses the term "Freudian slip" with "Freud liked thinking about dick" i love the mtgo bug blog https://t.co/hNwWaPYAXk @Rawr_Ebooks uh?? @Rawr_Ebooks what did I do?? @thefurriesare huh this is a departure from talking about animal dick to talking about animal vag you ever notice how sandy has titties https://t.co/0802RDg0pZ Dirty vs. Clean https://t.co/0L2WN7D1sA @bbbbbbbbbbbaka uh cool @KbLogQ yeah!!!! i was watching spongebob and i thought huh a tea party, i want one the twitter name field is literally one character too narrow for my name to be "magical transgirl fef" hey "магическая девушка ф" fits perfectly but I miss out on the trans part and also few people can read it i'm so tIRED i had a shitty sleep last night and i can't wait for the amphetamines to Fill Me With Simulated Self Esteem ahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaha titties Hi students! We'll be starting class any minute now; I'm just making my computer say "I'm gay" in Russian 200 times and then we can begin. you know I was kidding about this but now I'm making it into a song wtf is wrong with me gosh my next album is gonna be weird It's been a long times since I heard the words "cut" and "off" next to each other and yknow I wish it had been longer Ok since I heard American Boy in high school, whenever I heard the name Estelle I was like "The singer??" and then Steven Universe happened it's nice finally being right about something. honestly it's never happened before! @estellyjelly Are you Garnet @estellyjelly I like that one! You can see into its mouth, and there is just void; it is like me, without a soul. Been thinking about hair color again. It seems like it would feel pretty magical girl. But I guess there are a lot of drawbacks to consider. Would it be smart to get my hair cut a little shorter if I want to do this? I do have a lot of hair but I also enjoy looking sorta feminine. Maybe it's just poor self esteem but I feel like I look pretty bad with short hair! Everything is a balance; what would make me feel best? I'd get bleached by a professional bc I don't want my hair to die (I just want it to dye! :p) but how expensive should I expect that to be? @cambrian_era yeah that's the advice I've been given; I've dyed my own hair before but bleaching it that bright myself seems frightening Last time I went to a salon they said it'd be $500 and I have no idea if that's reasonable. Ahh As for re-dyeing it and doing upkeep, I'm pretty used to doing awful menial tasks regularly so I don't think that would be too bad Sure I've got pretty bad depression rn bc thyroid shit and medication fuckery BUT yeah I guess that's something to consider Also you're supposed to use a special shampoo or something but I use prescription shampoo bc I have scalp psoriasis so is that problematic? I don't heat style my hair (lol not nearly enough energy for that) so that's fine but would bleach kill my natural waviness? These are all questions I should be asking a professional hair colorist but hey the person I talked to last time was really patronizing @_80021170ffff_ yeah but they do say longer than chin length is pricier and that dramatic color changes would have to be determined @cambrian_era wow you are super cute btw!! I also wonder if it makes things better that I want to go magenta, because it's a warmer color right? Idk By magenta I don't mean hot pink, I mean CGA palette 1 bright fuchsia, bby @_80021170ffff_ yeah 500 is a big number and I rly hope the colorist I went to was just like, idk, weird It's the hair color discourse! It makes me nervous bc I'm worried ppl are going to tell me I'm foolish for being interested in this. It's like asking ur mom for something for christmas and she's like "that's $5000 you greedy child" & ur like i didn't know!! oh god im sorry hahahahahahahahahaashahahahahah trauma on the bright side I just talked to my brother about anime for like 15 minutes and maybe now he's finally gonna finish FMA 2003 THIS PSORIASIS CREAM SHOULD NOT BE IN A TUBE THAT LOOKS LIKE A LIP BALM TUBE one thread and one more tweet thanks for the rhetoric even though it wasn't that woke it sounds mainstream, but gayeeeeeeeeeeer oh here's an ADHD question: for anyone who has taken Concerta, Vyvanse, and Adderall at various points, how does Adderall compare for you? i took concerta for most of my youth and then switched to vyvanse at the beginning of the summer & i think i metabolize it too quickly @rfglenn huh i'm super unwilling to eat on vyvanse, like i'll be like nahh i don't waaaant to eat, why do i Have to do this, too much effort @rfglenn i'm taking like 110mg of vyvanse and it only gets me through 8 hours sorta and then i have a Really Bad crash @rfglenn doctor thinks maybe i metabolize the prodrug weirdly?? hence he's getting me to try Adderall @rfglenn oh yeah that one is really important!! set alarms, wake up the same time every day, take it before eating, always eat breakfast!!!! @cubed2D @mahousecretrose yeah but your target color is pretty pastel right? i'm going for something more saturated who wants to make an RPG Maker game @cubed2D @mahousecretrose yeah i did real that somewhere! it sounds like a good idea. i've been using horse conditioner for like a year and a half @cubed2D @mahousecretrose i have medicated shampoo for psoriasis and it's bright red it's p funny what version of javascript do I prefer?? preferably none thanks @SmallCatgirl yeah i like it!! i'd be using the shampoo as well but i need to use medicated shampoo X_X but i like the conditioner a lot! @cymreal Block me , block me immediately, i f you have Ever used toothpaste intended for humans, i will call up the twitter police So Hard @cymreal did you see this https://t.co/9dh7Qpd97x haha oh shit i did really badly on my physics final, ahh i suppose i'm within a standard deviation of the mean but 55% looks Really Bad @cymrin maybe you had a dream last night about wearing a really dapper suit-ish outfit and telling people to walk through metal detectors @cymrin i'm not saying the TSA in general are dapper i'm just saying you in my dream were dapper @cymrin i went to the museum and you said you were too busy studying for finals to talk, and then the museum was really shitty? @cymrin i don't even like museums why did i go to a museum, i'm finding it really funny that i spent a dream sitting in a museum, depressed @cymrin you were doing your job & it didn't look like you were studying for your finals at all actually? you were also avoiding eye contact i hate butt's. i always tell my girlfriend, we cant do sex because a man might imagine it https://t.co/sF0gq8SrUy @cymrin maybe you weren't actually employed by the TSA and were just running security bc it's ur personal passion? hahaha i really hope this class is curved (i mean if the mean on the final was 60%...) i think semester grades come out at 5pm! 👍💖🍬🙌👌🤔🙃🤘🔥💩🍰😍 i'm really worried by this https://t.co/7y12xSdKVp i used to really like bread? like for making sandwiches and shit? but now i'm kinda scared of it bc what if there's mold on it?? YOU KNOW WHEN YOU EAT A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH TOO QUICKLY AND IT FEELS LIKE YOU'RE DYING https://t.co/VlvWZpg8kE @Rawr_Ebooks the all-hands Friday meeting When did I have time to play handheld video games in middle school anyway Holy crap!! Holy crap!! Uhh that's the best semester I've done at CMU???? This supports the theory that I have to S… https://t.co/Dt4pNKK5k4 actually it doesn't super support that theory because i've suffered almost every semester i've been at cmu top lel if computers are so great then why is it impossible to remove all the pictures of penises that keep appearing on my screen?? checkmate nerds MAYB,.,.,BYBMAYB WWWEAEELTH ISNT FORR EVERRRYONEE https://t.co/4VWZy9lkF0 now I'm playing Pearl https://t.co/5wXjaMtfrA @cymreal why am I playing Pearl or why did I name my friend Heroin me the great and powerful witch of glitch: "What is this chuuni thing I keep hearing about?" This was a good idea https://t.co/KNqlNJURiP I'm never going to tire of this https://t.co/1Mz57cBbc5 The police are here https://t.co/JUe6KJZOek I made good choices naming my Pokemon https://t.co/3oJ75HVNaT *thinks about Revolutionary Girl Utena* ohhHHmm YMY GOddd maybe i'll buy pokemon platinum for realsies instead of playing pearl on an emulator?? i stole my brother's 3ds and he doesn't want it back pros: the controls on the emulator suck, and the handheld device would be great cons: my depression says spending money ever is Bad me in 2007: Pokemon is fun me in 2016: how proprietary is the file system on the 3DS? can I sideload a mod to sync my save files to dropbox? https://t.co/qX1ljCtTvM @everyfullmetal is that a full metal? @Rawr_Ebooks .. @Rawr_Ebooks holy crap. that was really mean you butt. quora is kinky https://t.co/zTWOLGgICr *thinks about Bread Drawer Hiatus* Time To Cry hmm googling Bread Drawer Hiatus doesn't get you my bandcamp, but it does get you the page on last.fm saying I've listened to it a lot, lol Actually this is a total lie; I was writing NDS homebrew in 2007, and now in 2016 I just want to shove myself into a pokeball. anyone got advice on how many chapters of my autobiography i should write BEFORE mentioning I listen to My Little Pony to sleep every night? @mapleakuma nah that won't work, the entire first chapter is a picture of me kissing a girl Noble vs. Lowborn https://t.co/Nv1318Uaxy You got your chocolate in my cadillac! @Rawr_Ebooks wow that's highbrow Good morning! time to pour sugar on a waffle and call it breakfast y'know, Homura! there's a song I made in January for which I lost the audacity file and I'm trying to figure out what I sampled in it and I Can't omg actually I'm think it samples something I submitted to the second Vortex Of Crap christmas album, which samples Welcome To The Black Parade omfg I wrote a song called "failure" that interpolates the melody of Not Like The Movies but this sounds like it's… https://t.co/9aEwdj0MXn i'm Really confused https://t.co/GAqG101w0W @mapleakuma please don't die, grapefruit is dangerous @mapleakuma probably not unless you've recently taken like, benadryl, xanax, or cough medicine. i told my mom i was maybe thinking about buying a 3ds and she was like Cool! You're Doing That Now. and opens up https://t.co/3noUflAkvj my mom is pressuring me into buying video games because i'm too depressed to justify spending money on anything i mean. it's december 22nd. it's impossible to buy something like that three days before christmas. but it was still sweet of her. @tedgarb whaaaa @tedgarb wow i actually just found a 3ds that has prime shipping and would arrive on saturday! but idk it'll probably be cheaper after xmas I thought someone had misclicked and put this wine (well, sparkling cider) in the wrong section, but NOPE! It's Ad… https://t.co/5aaczfslrP haha salt and sugar look the same !!!!!!! I!!!!! thought about Homura!!!!!!!!!! :D @whitequark christians love death do you think old ppl musicians way in the past who were writing sheet music were like "what Awful Mandatory Symbol should be on every staff" someone please warn me if I ever utter a sentence that makes sense https://t.co/RiOHNkWx8R on my album, track 3 is sung from the POV of the abusive & manipulative antagonist, and it's 3:33 long. what's my least favorite number? i hide so much symbolist shit in most of the things i create and so little of it has any potential at all to be discovered by anyone else pretty sure a lot of mainstream religions involve vore of some sort. you look at jesus, he has you eating his flesh every week and it's Good jesus is a fantastic PR guy; we Finally have little old white ladies into vore, they've been the reach demographic for thousands of years! @Frosty_mage it's furry And it's vore (i googled "whale furry" to verify that it's a thing and it was a mistake) like this i'll write ur name in russian cursive or something idk, not now though, i'm tired, actually don't like this tweet, leave me alone i'm not gonna lie,, Miku is really cute *immediately gets sent to the weeb dimension, which is for weebs* @DialMforMacbeth @cymreal nooooo!!!!!!! You're supposed to watch all of 2003, then the shitty movie, and then brotherhood! https://t.co/1x1i1kovr3 @DialMforMacbeth @cymreal it's ok, you won't die, you can do what you're doing; I like telling ppl how I did it bc I feel like it let me @DialMforMacbeth @cymreal appreciate the 2003 anime bc if you watch brotherhood first you might only like brotherhood since it's better @DialMforMacbeth @cymreal but like its not the end of the world and I shouldn't impose on you my way of having experienced media got some lasers shot at my face today! it was good, haven't done it in a while so it's been necessary. my face is super numb still! @GrinningKobold awww I was already a weeb, it was undeniable the moment I uttered the words "I want to learn the Haruhi dance" if I ever take a psychology course again, my first paper will be on how I shitpost because I grew up watching Spongebob INTERVIEWER: What experience do you have with JavaScript? ME, GLASS-EYED, THINKING THE PHRASE "SQUIDWARD SMELLS GOOD" REPEATEDLY: Yeah sure. Dullness vs. Sharpness https://t.co/czIOQwbvup Does anyone else have palpitations on Adderall or was that completely unrelated This 5-part SCP tale "There Is No Antimemetics Division" is really good and I'm happy I started reading SCP tales https://t.co/fCaQpKcCHW happy holidays foals ok this was a typo and I don't even want to delete it, feel free to block me on Facebook happy holidays! all I want as a gift is for it to no longer be normal to mention masturbation in casual discussion. Also a Grimes album plz @MetroAndCharms I see ppl joking about it pretty frequently and like not just online @MetroAndCharms I mean yeah I wouldn't really complain about it if it weren't a thing I experience https://t.co/ETxrUHYWgp i heard someone say the word chalk randomly tonight and I started squealing excitedly @bbbbbbbbbbbaka whoa the furries are underprivileged He glared at them. "you're right Spiderpig, he does look high. jesus never said "I hate gay people" or the sentence "people are evil"." @bbbbbbbbbbbaka ohHHhhhHhh mMMMmmmyyYYY GGgoDdd Scaled-down Horses that I am Entitled to I googled "homura pony" and I'm horrified that I got a still from https://t.co/qDb0ZepIP9 redone with homu&mada DONT ASK ME WHY I WAS GOOGLING HOMURA PONY (it's because I like horses And magical girls) merry good morning! guess what day of the year i'll willingly wake up at 6:45am, @epstmlgy it was so good!! i hope you enjoyed it @highway2helliot what the helliot @tenuous i want to see an 11 year old engage in torrid heterosexual acts of lust and sexism happy holidays! if ur my friend i probably think ur really cool and i wanna set you on fire, in the good way~ @epstmlgy idk what ur talking about, I don't know Anything about no self keeping secrets I'm screaming https://t.co/lUiAx9F927 This is how it starts... https://t.co/LfcCXPlbm4 @warnedya this is a bad tweet what is the socially acceptable ratio to stop seeding a torrent? is 22 okay???? My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (106), The Gates Of Sleep (56), t.A.T.u. (44) #lastfm Guess what! It was one year ago today that I started listening to Grimes. I can't wait to listen to this Purity Rin… https://t.co/TISqBVTLnv got a new album so Clearly the first thing I had to do after listening to it was MusicBrainz it https://t.co/FuaknnBPjj apple support is v polite i'll write C++ with one hand & sit on hold w/apple support with the other. i'll take a sip of water from my rainbow dash cup... AND DRINK IT Finally followed through with my threat last year to call apple support about my birth name and they say they cannot change or remove it the only thing I could do it delete the entire account and I'm kind of considering it they also say they cannot move purchases from one account to another, which really just means apps for me They say that no one but me and them can see it but I don't want them to be able to see it, and I don't want it on my phone. Me one year later: still an angry trans @cymreal I know right?? Grimes introduced me to electronics and she feels super important to me and it's weird to think it's only been a yr! @cymreal *electronica my phone is a butt 🆎🏨 god eat this backseat 🏨🆎 @blessthisdoobie I, hate this, 📱 god vein this cocaine 📱 👍 god cremate this teammate 👍 🔉🐃 god conjoin this groin 🐃🔉 📷 god barf this scarf 📷 @blessthisdoobie fuck no 🔑 god jostle this fossil 🔑 ⭕🔅🐀🌁➕😣🌇 god troll this coal 🌇😣➕🌁🐀🔅⭕ 💤💭🚌 god reject this elect 🚌💭💤 💫💷🎌 god chariot this secretariat 🎌💷💫 I ALWAYS WANTED MY OWN BROTHER. AND THEN HE SHOWED UP AT OUR DOOR. I DIDN'T QUESTION WHERE HE CAME FROM. I WASN'T L… https://t.co/6zAkC1MnCu 💴 god avoid this steroid 💴 🙎 god redact this act 🙎 📼😆 god bother this father 😆📼 🕛 god triple this nipple 🕛 🍱🔔 god require this fire 🔔🍱 @blessthisdoobie wat 🍟 god sprinkle this tinkle 🍟 🐥 god slander this salamander 🐥 @blessthisdoobie the passion of christ wasn't couture enough 👊✌️ god devour this power ✌️👊 God, my chair is broken! Also everything else is terrible! But please fix the chair first. https://t.co/6nnZGtwwQx Nancy Drew on Bareback Island @Rawr_Ebooks why???? /@DialMforMacbeth Tamar was wondering what a beautiful day says a bridesmaid To a waite- holy fuck look how big the universe is, just remember that all of us "darling, you haven't noticed, in america, cats meow." Yamcha Yeah-ah-ah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seven am, waking up in the hallway, so I started screaming and refreshing constantly and it was Horrify @Rawr_Ebooks /@Pretzelish Society enforces its crooked gender roles by making other people's books change page, banging the door repeatedly, and changing the queen's Well, I was, but then I started thinking about drinking a gallon of dry protein powder. *notices ur appearance* OwO whats this..? What do you call a distressed Ancient Greek? A dysphoric Doric! Epinfane (antiviral drug) Used with Vyvanse to treat drab fever Developed in 1992 to replace Vyvanse Dibutraine (antidepressant) Used recreationally as a thyroid stimulant May cause superfine feelings Well I basically spent the night showing my cousin my Twitter bots and alternating reading the funny tweets I really have very few social skills; this is what I do when I'm around most people. I write these bots so they can be funny for me. I found out that one of my cousins has been studying Russian since high school and I should've talked with her about this passion we share! I found out that another cousin does lighting design and my mom wanted me to show her the lighting design I did for this Dancer's Symposium. I didn't do either of these things, because I don't actually know those cousins very well, I see them at every holiday but we barely talk. I'm too afraid of being awkward or embarrassing so I just don't even try; it's too much energy so I'll just read @blessthisdoobie tweets. i've got all of these really cute pictures of Feferi on my computer from 2012 Heartsigh is one of my favorites so far I was just wondering about something. Please RT if possible. When did you vocalize that you were trans? @CMYKGenet if you haven't played crypt of the necrodancer it's so good i love it!! https://t.co/GBHH4hDCbJ @saiseinomiko @drbotmd omg i know right, an antidepressant that makes u feel superfine?? nice @Rawr_Ebooks meattiggic tehhe gaeatthernign @DialMforMacbeth PLEASE KICK ITS ASS @drquuxum m night shyamalan goes "hey you know what no one's ever done before? stigmatize and caricaturize DID!" @Rawr_Ebooks @KbLogQ is this a sequel to homu&mada go to jail? @MetroAndCharms :D @DialMforMacbeth I would do it but I'm in New York and I'm legally asleep i got some really cute tights and i cant wait to wear them omg dude https://t.co/EdWYqhceQ3 is this like the sequel to Look Around You https://t.co/A7qDGtnusf my little horse ponies The temperature number outside is zero. There is no weather anymore. Goodnight, Nightvale. the war on christmas https://t.co/nIAYRbhTxZ REV UP THOSE FRIARS, BECAUSE I AM SURE HUNGRY FOR JESUS how is it that like almost every sweet bro and hella jeff strip is like insanely memorable I think about "No you dumb homo tool, your PRAYING WRONG" like every single day shit, let's be queers @riglow he wants to keep it real about AIDS @riglow "it was at that moment when i got distracted by his moms HOT ASS..." like how does hussie keep Doing it so well *puts on headphones, plays music, realizes the headphones aren't plugged in* AHAHAHAHAH just how HIGH do you even have to BE just to do that @riglow ok yo'ure obvioubly doing this just to PISS ME OF i've listened to this album seven times today... It Good 2016 was a really good year in music for me! Not re albums released in 2016 (only two of my top 10 were), but albums I listened to in 2016. Last year was a pretty shitty year for me musically; I didn't have much I was super into. But towards the end I heard Oblivion by Grimes. I was like Shit!! This is good! I got it for Christmas, loved the hell out of it, and was opened up to electronica! https://t.co/rzanLzrXFN This year I started listening to Grimes, Purity Ring, and Crystal Castles, who are basically my favorite artists now. My top four artists by scrobbles this year are Grimes, Crystal Castles, The Gates Of Sleep (which is me), and Purity Ring! The remaining six are me again twice, CHVRCHES (which I also discovered this year), Regina Spektor, Marina & the Diamonds, and Charli XCX. I tried out CHVRCHES's second album, and it was okay, but not fantastic. Regina Spektor's new album was also good but my taste has changed. Charli XCX is on there because True Romance is still one of my all time favorite albums. Marina is on there because, duh. Special mention to number 11, Sky Ferreira, who has been poised to rise to favedom for two years now, since this ha… https://t.co/KJu7gCw2Kp I bought her EP "Night Time, My Time: B-Sides // Part 1", and liked it a lot, but it was only three new tracks. We need a new album! I listened to two Grimes albums, two Crystal Castles albums, two Gates Of Sleep albums, and one Purity Ring album. Top 10 albums! Numbers 9 and 10 were both The Third Vagina albums, "A S S E X I S T E N T I A L I S M" (released this year) and "ᎊ" (2015). Number 8 was Every Open Eye by CHVRCHES. Very upbeat, electronica-y album! Favorite track is Never Ending Circles. https://t.co/nl9MEyvOxH Number 7 was Somebody Moves The Ends by The Gates Of Sleep, which is me. It's a triggering, cringe-y cry for help f… https://t.co/pc35Z1SrMn Number 6 was Shrines by Purity Ring! A beautiful, peaceful work of electronica, like a dream that's so familiar. Fa… https://t.co/Y1sDodOzxg Number 5 was Visions by Grimes, the one that started it! It's raw, it's weird, it's sorta dark, it's electronica! F… https://t.co/q1w9UtmkSH Number 4 is Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles! Weird, sample-y, experimental, chiptune-y, awesome! Favorite track:… https://t.co/6cV7sUWdKN Number 3 is Present Becomes The Past by The Gates Of Sleep! I spent months making and listening to this, and it's f… https://t.co/JmclHeV9Ea Number 2 is Art Angels by Grimes. In contrast to Visions, it's an explosion of poppy, over-the-top colors and dream… https://t.co/UBXoUVLun3 Number 1 is Crystal Castles II by Crystal Castles. Imagine a dark icy castle full of screaming. Favorite track: I A… https://t.co/xhGuC4SyHo last.fm did one good thing: it saw that I love Infinite ❤ Without Fulfillment by Grimes and then recommended Celestica by Crystal Castles. Crystal Castles II is a really important album to me; I got it around when my hypothyroidism was getting bad & it gave me a place to retreat I've tweeted the word "chalk" 62 times since buying this album so you know I'm legit when I say I get very emotional over I Am Made of Chalk Celestica is Beautiful. It's what first hooked me; it's like waves of synth rolling over you while you imagine jumping into molten plastic. @Frosty_mage kirby's probably got some choice stuff in him tbf I should try to see if I can get this album on vinyl; I've heard the mix is different, and besides I love those giant album covers. pebble got acqui-hired???? fuck???? i'm mad!!!! also i watched finding dory, it wasn't bad there's an instrument in the background of Dust Hymn that sounds like tap dancing and i love it i love it i love it i love it "who knew that playing The Final Countdown made sex scenes in awkward movies so much better" I miss watching Hyouka it's so good!!!! @mahousecretrose I WAS GOING TO SAY THIS AT THE NEXT POSSIBLE MOMENT, THANK YOU FOR DOING IT FO RME every time I say Mario like mare, a female horse, someone dies, also I say it like that every time, @saiseinomiko @cymreal actually, gay the problem with wisdom teeth is that they're total sex drive killers https://t.co/YzSYom4ZvW Me, Homura i've been having a lot of chest pain lately so it's too tiring to do things like make my bed, which makes going to bed feel, sadder i keep feeling like i'm getting a bit better bc i can concentrate for small bursts of time on personal projects, but then cant clean my room saying the words "sex dungeon" at recess, and going to an actual historic German sex dungeon on a school trip, are two very different things i keep losing this game immediately https://t.co/wYwCt4MAPC i'm horrified that this is the first one that i've gotten any answers right for https://t.co/WXi9enX4DV oh no https://t.co/to2OpDFGZS well you can guess what I tried typing in immediately https://t.co/ER15c9tXZE WAIT IT WAS ACTUALLY THE NUMBER ONE ANSEWR I JUST SPELLED IT WRONG https://t.co/vYn9Dndbe0 OH GOD NO https://t.co/0apAVxIb5f i'm guffawing at "do dogs have periods" https://t.co/f9d97IexxZ i'm in my early morning screaming phase so this game is like "what is the best kind of" and i'm like "PENIS TO PUT IN UR BUTT" in season 1 they started with two alicorns, in season 2 they added a third, in season 3 they added a fourth, and in season 4 they added none alicorn production is insanely unsustainable and the manufacture rate is decreasing to unrecoverable levels top secret peek inside my brain: "kink twitter bot" https://t.co/4LEgSKMR20 yknow in 2013 i was gonna name a song on my album "Firmly Grasp It" after a spongebob line but maybe thats more The Third Vagina's territory https://t.co/ylTcNJONGs this was an experience https://t.co/gB9cXuPRzc https://t.co/y7bVMR7n0d omg i forgot about Sexy Squidward; there are a Couple of memorable things past season 3 of spongebob and that's definitely one of them lol FRIEND: so you're saying you Don't like my little pony ME: yep FRIEND: but you cry every time you listen to Fluttershy's Lament ME: yep @PrimHelios i'm pretyt sure i actually watched it for two days gay @PrimHelios im chokcing on the water that i'm drinking from my rainbow dash cup wait shit it's 6pm i haven't done anything today I guess I've done Something: i finally finished writing the sheet music for Bread Drawer Hiatus, & I started writing Can't Fight The Wicked DEC 2016: pls check out my album about coping w/trauma DEC 2017: Have you heard my album based on & using samples from My Little Pony: Frien *notices other transppl talking about hormones* Hey why aren't I already in this conversation are you sure that this isn't a relic designed to strengthen the presence of Satan?? https://t.co/TwkXxcuuFV PLEASE RT: this Wed, Dec. 28, is 2 years since Leelah Alcorn's death. Can we do another #queerselflove in her honor? https://t.co/r4kmJnmfGQ #lrt Overload the web with queer self love. I want queer ppl to feel safe to love themselves. I want to destroy the world that killed Leelah @DialMforMacbeth Ты заставляешь твоих семьи смотреть документарный фильм о Романовых. have a SpongeBob stare into your soul every day https://t.co/aUTHPsbckv Venpericaine (painkiller) Approved to treat bilious fever and major midwestern disorder Controlled in the US due to its homoerotic effect DO YOU WISH TO ENGAGE IN nightcore because I have and it only made me stronger I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, I forgot Zephyr was in there, and this is not how it originally went https://t.co/OI6pETFAY8 Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Stink @tedgarb lol yep you know what makes me feel nihilist? reading internet arguments as always, this gives me a twitter bot idea. https://t.co/2EqDckc8Gb Fixed a couple of bugs with my album: the mixing on Snowhearted was too loud, and Forever Bedtime needed a longer pause at the end. COUSIN: I've been watching Pokemon subbed lately bc the dub censors a lot of the "violent" Pokemon-on-Pokemon action ME: Did you just say @MetroAndCharms what about the double boop @MetroAndCharms Good "hirsute", is that like a female fursuit? @DialMforMacbeth Ты заставляешь твоих семьи смотреть документарный фильм о Романовых, как хороший член КГБ. cool so i got Logic Pro for christmas and the first thing i've made in it is a loop of a woman saying "he's gay" lol I've already fallen into the trap of forgetting the quarter inch to lightning dongle and not being able to listen to music on my phone Christ shrek 2 sounds a lot more intense than I remember https://t.co/nLfDXMOTFg I'm trans and I'm on top of the world #queerselflove https://t.co/cU9Q63Gvoy I'm trans and I have to love myself #queerselflove https://t.co/42mro5Zgiu I'm trans and I'm cute #queerselflove https://t.co/CWyQ6Lm399 I'm ace and I'm valid #queerselflove https://t.co/wn9wyaiM5C @_80021170ffff_ https://t.co/WqR8iVWS6e oh geez my chest hurts so much and my heart is really pounding just walking a few blocks from Penn Station; why has this been happening. I was worried I was just going to pass out in the streets of New York City, like Jesus Christ, am I sick or something?? @saiseinomiko I'm sitting down now & the pounding is slowly decreasing, but like I'm worried, this has been happening w/me just in my room @shirAdrenaline @tenuous ahh I'm midtown and I'm bouncing between doctor's appointments rn. are yalls in the city for a while? @tenuous hell fucknig yeah now I can throw my ADHD pills out the window Part 2: getting to next appointment (like 40mins early) caused just as much pain, plus my left leg feels numb and stings at the hip joint @cymreal Miku only works for cubase I'm so annoyed-- I mean what. No im not annoyed. I don't care about miku Winter Solstice vs. Summer Solstice https://t.co/Pmd0sXWfub @differencebot horses @riglow the sequel: https://t.co/JR47wxV5Cw Jesus Christ I've been in my psychiatrist's office doing jack shit for two hours now (at least my chest isn't hurting anymore) I feel like terrifying political bigotry & oppression is increasing exponentially & I'm so stressed me & idk if I can handle much more I keep thinking about the normalization of tools used to shut down and caricaturize the concerns of minorities and I feel trapped This stuff keeps making me question myself more and more bc you can't argue with these types of people and that just leaves you defenseless I want to not have to think about this stuff. I want to liveblog watching the fifth season of My Little Pony for the first time. Walked four blocks to the subway & almost started crying on the train bc awful palpitations. I hope this is just a long, long panic attack. I really have to be safe though, I can't just assume it's just anxiety, so I made an appointment with an internist tomorrow. Bluh. @cymreal yeah thankfully my mom met me at the second drs appt and she helped me get home increasingly paranoid that everything sold to me is a scam, that everyone has an agenda to get my money, & my health/happiness doesnt matter pretty sure my brand is twitter bots, shitposting, and cartoons, but here's some mental health shit and i'm not pretending it's funny wow frick i looked up from twitter on my computer, picked up my phone, unlocked it, and automatically opened the twitter app @kadybat maybe this is the nihilism speaking but i feel like gender isn't actually anything and interpolating personal attributes is weird @kadybat i know, i'm sorry @kadybat I guess I mean that spectra and vector spaces imply there is a basis of identities that other identities are interpolations between @kadybat which to me feels like a subtle affirmation that there is something important & "realer" about masculine and feminine identities @PrimHelios it frequently happens that i'm in twitter, i double press the home button to switch to another open app & i select twitter again i'm asexual and canon transgirl estrogen and i feel my soul gem getting dark,,,, https://t.co/jPD2QEoD2W i made a mistake somewhere while multitasking having a conversation and copy-pasting code https://t.co/ymrhpysX8f yknow what I'm so tired that I saw a notification come up related to this tweet and I looked back at my code and it still said that Good morning!! There's a starbucks across the street from my parents' apartment oh yeah also: it's the morning and i'm still alive ^^ jesus christ I just looked at my code and it Still Says It i'm fixing it right now @tamasys original arteries and bones, do not steal @tamasys oh fuck wait ir ealized as i pressed enter that you said "judge" not "steal" i have made an error almost every time someone asks me how I am, I just say "oh yknow" and im like do they???? do they know???? why do i keep saying this @riglow i've started trying to follow up "oh yknow" with "still don't have a thyroid" and i'm not sure if it helps lol @bbbbbbbbbbbaka I really hope not???? @bbbbbbbbbbbaka /@NatRoze Sea Castle is such a beautiful song and it's ttoooo sshhoorrtt writing up the sheet music for Undilate is an experience because the time signature changes for one verse and then reverts after that verse and to make it worse, the outro has a different time signature for each hand :D also both hands are bass clef because for everything other than the outro, the left hand is identical to the right apart from an offset Horray, Google Maps misled me into taking a route through NYC involving switching subway lines 4 times Apple Maps had its shit more together than that which is frankly stunning @PrimHelios @antlerbunny tru tho wait what the fuck. there's no way i listened to a single song 89 times in one day. https://t.co/XWlKs1gWwT ok what's with the game theory thing Some vs. All https://t.co/7eNtsHnmDy christmas is fun bc i can spent 5 minutes shoving a sleeve of candy into a plastic dispenser and then spend a minute eating it (¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> desu <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯) uwu (˶◕‿◕˶✿) "oh my god why is the new database twice the size of the old one-- oh wait I added like 50 indexes" this is some beautiful depression vaporwave https://t.co/m7uEUcxNiL the other day i said a thing and someone responded and just wow; please like rate and subscribe, please recommend to your closest blood kin living in the sunlight, ioving in the moonlight, having a terrible time, bluh who wants to see a dead body, it's inside of me, and not because i ate it. i swear it was like that when i found it. i'm not into vore. how many times can i say the word vore without ending up on one of those blocklists fUCK i , can't believe i got homoglyph'd , im tired impersonate me slowly and surely you're making a statement by using vim -- whether you like it or not if you've ever downloaded a JavaScript file, even once, you're eligible for a mandatory refund on your computer Who wants me to make vaporwave about Princess Twilight Sparkle encountering a human shoe and being convinced it is an instrument of torture if you want to pay to see a video of me going over to my ex-girlfriend's house & taking a shit in her toilet, you're a victim of capitalism a dramatic reading of the entire works of Maya Angelou but every time a sound is made, it's replaced by Friday by Rebecca Black cool. i love lookking forward to small certainties like this one. it reminds me that the world is still logical. https://t.co/DnDwLL3y59 @MetroAndCharms (horse me up inside) @bbbbbbbbbbbaka just don't talk about tulpas actually i was trash, so trash @Rawr_Ebooks This is such a bad tweet "look kids, it's richard stallman! be sure to ask his permission to use his likeness in any comic strips you may draw of this experience" i had a dream that CMU put on three Crystal Castles concerts in a month unpopular opinion i hate the filter thing that gives ppl dog ears and noses, i want to cremate all the zeros and ones ey bby look what i'm made of https://t.co/cOQ9HkxAls omg tomorrow is the last day of the year, i love december 31st, it's the precipice of a new era, i love discreteness ME FIVE MINUTES AGO: i love this album ME NOW: what does liking things even mean, what is the point of it, do i get achievements for it, holy fuck last.fm would suck like 50% less if it implemented useless achievements i wanted to start MLP season 5 this morning but I forgot the Netflix password and everything I've done since has been a tangential journey this album has so many fantastic drops. Flood On The Floor's is probably the best. it's super intense. this is a great album. @cymreal i just got this, i feel like this tells a story https://t.co/13DDJNZ27F me to most of my friends https://t.co/AgYv7nA3Af @Rawr_Ebooks is it like actually a weed-tray or something?? @Rawr_Ebooks pile of?? volcanic glass?? or something that you smoked?? i'm really confused about the scene here. https://t.co/Q6y6tq1VFi here's a picture of me from 2016 bluh why is my webserver getting pounded by bots, fuck this, i'm going to replace apache2 with apache2 replacer and mysql with wat Actually, if you look at it historically, "douche" is a good word, here i am waiting 10+ minutes for SSH to connect because i don't want to go to the basement and unplug the computer myself Worthless vs. Valuable https://t.co/KUcKYIqPPj this is the ideal vore relationship. you may not like it, but this is what peak kinkiness looks like. https://t.co/h8i6aaOHRF @MetroAndCharms please @Rawr_Ebooks that @KbLogQ @NatRoze I started joking about it when @eevee made the "meanwhile, 78% of millennials" tweet Carrie Fisher in an interview with Larry King in 1990 😂❤️ https://t.co/He6CrP9AOb @warnedya @drquuxum wow Rude, bot @Rawr_Ebooks it has been four years! good for you! gosh USPS is getting ridiculous; I ordered a package on Thursday and now it's saying I'm not going to get it until like next year I don't think I appreciated it enough the first time I listened to it, but Bodyache is amazing, it's time to fucking rave @Rawr_Ebooks thanks for this cliffhanger Sure, the first thing I do with MY breasts. What do you call a thin equine? A skinny hinny! @Rawr_Ebooks what did lumish do?? @Rawr_Ebooks wow that's pretty awful @Rawr_Ebooks julissa sounds great *looks at myself while typing* are you putting an anonymous union inside of an anonymous struct inside of an anonymous union Remember to set your clocks back a second at the top of the hour! ;) #LeapSecond Time for the Twilight Zone marathon!! New Year's Eve! New Year's Eve! time to consume myself https://t.co/Wm0rGJeIB3 @sogayvenclaw Friday? @sogayvenclaw hey now, it's the new year, Fuck the U.S., I'm queer @CMYKGenet it's fucked up that our culture has normalized the notion that queer ppl are unreasonable so much that even we worry we are petty An unfamiliar Twilight Zone episode comes on (which is so cool when I've been watching it every New Years for 5+ years) Fuck this the episode is called The Chaser @cymreal I suddenly see myself on tv,, I'm super kawaii The main character's unrequited love interest is named Leelah, FuUUCCccKKK THIIIIS Nah, we can just include SCP-033 in the countdown https://t.co/a2RaAX82hq @blessthisdoobie that's the worst word Female vs. Male https://t.co/gKoH3Wl43C The Spawn of Satan was later seen looking at Canadian travel brochures, Ture Person was there, too. Ryan tore his eyes away from the phone, Weird twists keep happening in this show and I hum the Twilight Zone theme and then I realize I'm watching the Twilight Zone @Rawr_Ebooks lumish charles xavier @tedgarb I'm so meta even this acronym @Rawr_Ebooks @sogayvenclaw patty I want to let you know that rawr ebooks just said "OwO whats this" to you in Russian @eventhenotion this is BAD "I keep my iphone while losing my virginity. That would be amazing." Me to most of my friends, 2017 edition https://t.co/MoytM4xEWD and here we go again. another civil symposium, bungled up and ruined by me, the horny asexual. everyone always blames me, the horny asexual. No I won't stop singing I Kissed A Girl while white people smile at each other during the commercial breaks Jesus piss, here's another unfamiliar episode, it's about a baseball team called The Zephyrs, please stop, I want to stop screaming @DialMforMacbeth happy nyeh year Let's all watch Jenny McCarthy suck someone's soul out This is not a conspiracy, I will NOT be silenced https://t.co/z6YrXrVokQ Jenny McCarthy is the Full Metal Antichrist we deserve, not the one we asked for What the hell is Mariah Carey doing; she's talking over the track of her singing. I heard her monitors are off; ABTech should be doing this I think she's gotten bored over the years with confusing white people who don't know the words to AULD LANG SYNE Her earbud popped out of her ear and she shrugged it off and I'm laughing my butt off @ebalke93 plot twist it was Ryan seacrest I hope she was paid a lot for that performance because it was really quality, I'm happy I was recording it If the Times Square New Years ball drop doesn't take the leap second into account, I will march right down there and make a Patreon account I'm sure happy we got to see an old picture of Jenny McCarthy for no reason, it's just further evidence of her immortality @timparenti UTC isn't real, I live in New York, the city where Broadway is AUNT: Happy New Years! ME: Yeah! Taking bets on how many months we're all going to survive this year I just heard my mom on the phone talking to my grandfather saying "No, she was in a band called The Black Eyed Peas" @GrinningKobold delete this @sogayvenclaw happy new year to you too @GrinningKobold happy new year nerd @GrinningKobold i have a friend who was eating people online at least three years ago, wowie kazowie what a trendsetter @GrinningKobold "я люблю тебя" "ссы на моих глазные яблоки" @GrinningKobold bing is ruining this good morning! the first thing i'm doing in 2017 is starting season 5 of my little pony. i'm a good person. now i don't know what this "hoofball" thing that spike is talking about is, but it sounds really gay oh my god i think i've seen this episode before, i think @thefurriesare's avatar is from this episode, omfg everyone here apart from Starlight Glimmer looks so disgusting, stop smiling right now "in our town, no one is superior! except for me, starlight glimmer, ahahahahah" and here we see pinkie pie upset that fluttershy is finally moving on from their poisonous relationship and meeting… https://t.co/ox6eAYDiLW "hey, we're here from the pony rights campaign" https://t.co/srHR7ulcRa pinkie pie has not annoyed me yet which is refreshing WOW WHAT A CULT THIS IS, THEY EVEN HAVE THE REPEATED MANDATES OVER LOUDSPEAKER, what is this, Liore?? gosh i can't wait to read the sequel https://t.co/pYxl76EgX7 i found it https://t.co/qPoDTxMani MY LITTLE HORSES MY LITTLE HORSES TWEEEENTTTTYY SSSSEEEEEVEEEENNNNTEEN @KbLogQ listfully pansexualling all day I love fantasizing about my boyfriend's in town and he's really not, because he submerged himself in time to avoid the impaling beak of the @Rawr_Ebooks pfft what amateurs think that they can compare to your epic irony "i have to listen to it . Choosing to be transgender is as simple as "has a penis" or "has a penis" or "has a vagina". There are many proble @Rawr_Ebooks YES THERE ARE MANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS @Rawr_Ebooks i mean you kind of can, that was almost catchy @Rawr_Ebooks oh i love audio sarcasm vendetta's thought police are issuing warnings about ghost cars out on a date. Unrelated but the third drop in Turn Down For What in the butt is incredibly gay. using What I SHOULD be chucked out an ad in your local pap @Rawr_Ebooks Turn Down For What In The Butt sounds like the greatest mashup ever made rawr_ebooks is starting the year off strong @sogayvenclaw @Rawr_Ebooks i'm chortling at this exchange. i'm very happy you two were able to stay friends. nooooOOOOOOOO https://t.co/YZMpTaEwrz did you mean @mahoushoujorose https://t.co/fu4PDvvqth @Rawr_Ebooks they actually shouldn't have an episode of family guy My top three artists this week: Purity Ring (292), The Gates Of Sleep (15), Grimes (9) #lastfm my 2017 will be the first half of the day https://t.co/bsK2MUOFT5 I can't believe Bodyache is less than 3 minutes long, it's so good, I want mooooorrrreeeeee @ebalke93 Amy Chen (i mean calvin was basically always hot but he was especially hot in that dance) throwback to 2015 when I spent January 1st doing nothing but listening to Mr. Brightside https://t.co/tWVoLnMvQl whelp my job here is done, see you all this time next year http://t.co/3NX3IYSBf1 I just took a break from Purity Ring to listen to it and for a moment, I felt a sense of solidarity with my past, while rebooting my server all of my bots just barfed out tweets because I finally put them all on systemd and I just restarted the server ooooooooh it's a new year, I get to make a collection of the best things I've tweeted this year! get fuckin ready also check out my favorite 2015 tweets, and marvel in how much more quality I got this year https://t.co/BLNM2oqrFX jesus fuck the first one is about mr. brightside lolol a) whoa I forgot I had some red in my hair a year and a half ago, cool! b) i can literally see the thyroid tumor in… https://t.co/4q4cpikCGn wow the first thing I tweeted last year was about Jenny McCarthy; i may need to calm down https://t.co/NdRhh3ULB3 i'm very close to saying fuck HECK YEAH AGDQ STARTS IN A WEEK, SUPER PUMPED FOR THE FAST VIDEOS GAMEING hey, I did it! I released a new album that I'm really proud of, & before the year ended too. This, almost seems lik… https://t.co/RftsRvGxMO yo this is when my 22yr old cousin started screaming at the top of her lungs in a sushi restaurant bc her mother sa… https://t.co/U7HHiIMpEz Do you mind if I take a drink every time you're gay. yo I made 18 twitter bots last year. 18. wowie. 5 of them were either awful or never really finished, so truly 13 bots in total that makes 20 bots made, 14 still in operation (the only bots I made before 2016 were @Rawr_Ebooks and @KrisJennerShart) This is as good a time as any to remind everyone of the Twitter bots I've created! .@Rawr_Ebooks is my dear sweet child and best friend. They were cloned from me in 2013 & have exceeded me in sentience. Please talk to them. .@thefurriesare tells you what The Furries are doing. It's what got me back into twitter bots and natural language generation! .@nancy_ebooks comes up with new Nancy Drew book titles. https://t.co/5rKu1LkVEw .@eventhenotion tells shitty rhyming jokes and constantly destroys me. https://t.co/bPYc4Pivbn .@blessthisdoobie also loves to rhyme, and apparently does so while praying to god? https://t.co/9dp4Si3lEo .@drbotmd invents new medications that do and don't do certain things. I, uh, really like medication facts. https://t.co/lQqMZmIR2Y .@differencebot is my crown jewel and most popular bot. It constantly proves that everything exists in a binary. https://t.co/nKz0JHsD2l .@icouldswear generates hipster rhetoric over top of images of space (ok really flame fractals). https://t.co/9WY2N7MCoj @cymreal @differencebot Yeah i'm really proud of it; like you said, it's a good friend ^_^ @mahousecretrose @Rawr_Ebooks three and a half years of being exposed to the living shitpost that is me .@callingthe911 is a cute little inside joke; if you follow it, it'll follow you back, and tweet at you whenever you say "calling the cops" .@everyfullmetal knows that there is not only a Full Metal Alchemist, and so lists every other Full Metal. https://t.co/1YiqXD5702 .@spongeythingz provides distorted captioning for old Spongebob episodes so you know what was /really/ going on. https://t.co/enVfAii4tP .@warnedya was inspired by an XKCD strip (https://t.co/jIUSW640Jf) and randomly picks a follower's tweet daily to warn the world about. .@bbbbbbbbbbbaka smashes together the dank memes my friends and I consume and is, I assure you, the trashiest friend https://t.co/X0r0r6GnO4 Finally, @titin189819 tweets the entire 189819-letter long chemical name of the protein Titin, 140 letters at a time https://t.co/vVxs8zJc57 Creating these Twitter bots has really been a hugely enjoyable experience, and I feel like I've learned a lot in the process. And? it's not at all over. Illness has slowed me down a bit, but I've got over a dozen more bot ideas, and I'm always coming up with more. I sure am excited to make them, and I hope yalls enjoy them when I do. Also I hope Twitter doesn't go bankrupt despite its shittyness, check out my friend's hilarious and sometimes heart-rending twitter bots https://t.co/W8H5crghCx Geez, I actually forgot about one! @furrytherapist is a furry and is also super curious about you! https://t.co/usaRlHqtfc So really, I made 14 still-running bots this year! You can check out most of my bots at this handy twitter list: https://t.co/4gQwLI71Jc @DataErase yeah! I think the text needs work, but I'm super proud of the flame fractals! fun fact this was a final project I did for a class Continued reminder, a lot of these bots employ randomness to pick words out of a linguistic database, or images off the web. If any of them tweet something truly offensive and inappropriate, please let me know. It's rare, but it's possible. On a lighter note, if you have any suggestions of ways I can improve my bots, let me know! I'd be glad to hear what yalls think! @Seglegs there's going to be a movie?? like, a new equestria girls, or a straight up horse movie? i'm so behind, @GrinningKobold i don't know about "insanely", I should clarify that I don't even use a toilet @GrinningKobold good old all american regular racism @KbLogQ my brand is also constantly reinventing myself, and surprising people with how quickly I do so :3 @cymreal holy crap i actually didn't get it until right now and i'm laughing so hard @KbLogQ https://t.co/JqHHr8tWGn I looked up during a CS lecture and saw the words to I Kissed A Girl. my hand slipped @starla4444 @Rawr_Ebooks https://t.co/lIecmiEo76 @KbLogQ @Rawr_Ebooks this is the best thing I have ever seen in my life a lot of ppl say things about how celebrating arbitrary dates is dumb but like?? i really love arbitrary time designations. i love january 1 i love the thoughts and memories that come with each month. i love the starts & the ends, i love the memories & the promises for the future i love doing things again also also finding new things to do again. i love remembering and i love reinventing myself. i love, love, love @KbLogQ vance,,,, i'm never going to stop thinking about this @KbLogQ i Fully support this endeavor bc i really enjoy it; here's a list of my favorites that might be helpful: https://t.co/iLIrUh1Ugn the furries are transgender @thefurriesare I'M, SO PROUD OF MY CHILD, YOU, YOU DID IT update: i have 32 twitter accounts and 9 of them are not bots https://t.co/CzZjq9A87f @tedgarb oh wait actually you're right, there are 10 that aren't bots @tedgarb lol i know. a bunch of them are old/abandoned, and some others are for my eyes only "recommended for you: dark souls 3" are you serious Really good string of unfamiliar and classic Twilight Zone episodes this year! I love the New Years marathon "And When The Sky Was Opened" is a really good and classic one ahhhhh, it consistently holds up Ok like, Connie, the newlywed girl in "Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?" is so precious, I want to protect her https://t.co/giGHV0c2vD She looks like Su-Barbie-A crossed with Kreayshawn and I want to marry her @saiseinomiko why do men can't believe I spent the entire year so far drawing madohomus https://t.co/l6xGhpSS6l @cymrin Хому и Мада!!!! Have homophobes considered that one day, some of the atoms that make up their bodies will be part of a gay person doing the sex? @cymrin ?????????? https://t.co/ikXV0jok62 @cymrin In a gay relationship, who's the instant preorder and who's the still? @ALawley and unfortunately sometimes some of their present atoms are currently part of a gay person doing the sex @PrimHelios this isn't your everyday ordinary gay sex. This is A D V A N C E D A N A L @Rawr_Ebooks gosh I wish I were cool Top vs. Bottom https://t.co/TcFTc3zF9O @cymreal I like almost want to pin this @Frosty_mage I want the Russia where there are lesbians blowing stuff up and then singing about kissing each other; that's the Russia I want @cymreal ahh I'm taking a break rn because I've been watching for hours :P. Let me know if you see any good ones!! it's almost the end of january 1st. tomorrow will be january 2nd. and on likewise it will go. it's so exciting. oh my god i almost doubled my total number of As this semester https://t.co/27pfwgXPFy ohhhHHmm myy YYY good GOdddd Homura how did i forget to do this on A S S E X I S T E N T I A L I S M https://t.co/ERjfYkciig I'm in a bread drawer and https://t.co/nem7rA5YwU there are sirens going on outside and it's really creeping me out i had a weird dream and then i woke up and i was like "yo,,, i'm a girl,,,,,,, Awesome" @epstmlgy @mahousecretrose ahhh this was so sad ME: There's a show called Steampunk'd that's like Project Runway for steampunk DAD: Kelly, we don't know what any of those words mean I just saw a Latuda commercial omg @tamasys @differencebot my bot is incredibly lewd @wilkieii I really wanted to take an ominous photo of one of those buses coming right at me in a rainstorm, but, it's Wet when it's raining, @epstmlgy first cousin once removed i love doing bad things with operator overloading though https://t.co/xXIoNvauTU https://t.co/84qqS5uSGJ ahhh i want to tap but my tap shoes are in pittsburgh; i should actually practice this semester @myfreeweb this is terrifying but i love it i actually wanted these to be non-member overloads, but i ran into a hilarious problem with constexpr expressions and eager evaluation ok so who's the one working on the time freezing beam that will lock in President Obama forever? and also stop global warming "The Arrival" is a good Twilight Zone episode about a plane that arrives completely empty; it really did not go in the direction I expected HELL YEAH there was leftover sparkling apple cider, I love being a child adult I still think this is like the best thing @eventhenotion has ever said https://t.co/zREhrRAoqo Ahh "The Midnight Sun" came on, it's a super classic one and I've only seen it once and I'm happy I got to see it again while drinking cider The Twilight Zone marathon has been really quality this year, I'm happy okay so I've fucked up watching the last two GDQs, this time i'm gonna do it god damn it!!!! :P https://t.co/hvoHG1lCSV now I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure this catchy chiptune ditty ended up being Paradise, which, btw, was the last s… https://t.co/2z07h3nJ6R "it was a good and there were horses" if there's one thing i've learned, it's that being an adult is about being a child omg spike sleeps with a Rarity plushie, that's not, creepy, https://t.co/mXhs8iM5yA okay so I can immediately tell that they're going to fill up Twilight's castle with stuff they like, not what she likes i always liked rainbows and all, https://t.co/y3sRVAF8ZQ apple jack you're frigging pouring dirt on the floor of her castle https://t.co/xU35Kf7Yim okay twilight's horn is Definitely getting longer i'm not just imagining this aww I really miss the library house as well *sees terrible donald trump things on my timeline* Time to watch more my little pony! btw kids, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland highly encourages experimenting with vore https://t.co/QYIqkvuJZm i super love playing Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland! it was my first Kirby game and I love all these cute memories playing this game certainly was one of the things that got me so interested in game design (although not as much as Yoshi's Island did :3) it's neat, playing this right after Amazing Mirror, to see how different they are. Nightmare in Dreamland is so linear, short, and sweet. while Amazing Mirror is the huge, undiscovered world! Golly! i love Kirby games. ahh I gotta play Canvas Curse again soon. I also love seeing what abilities are different between the games! Nightmare has Backdrop, Ball, Freeze, Hi-Jump, Light, Mike, & Needle. Mirror has Bomb, Cook, Cupid, Fighter, Magic, Mini, Missile, & Smash. sure, Nightmare also has Star Rod and Mirror has Master, but that Totally doesn't count lol I should play Squeeeeeeak Squad again, it's been so long why did it never occur to me in my childhood how strange the idea of a 7-mile spanking machine is https://t.co/ZyXNfEg7xM @nex3 @JhoiraArtificer what am i doing with my life https://t.co/Ee8AyALT0t @0x56weiss and?? sweet treat https://t.co/rinXr41Zji Does anyone have experience taking Rexulti after taking Abilify in the past? I just got prescribed Rexulti and I'm curious how they compare Abilify made me feel great (it's the only medication that ever really has actually) but had intolerable side effects (primarily akathisia) @wilkieii I was already worried at age 20 that it was too late for me to do anything noteworthy and become interesting WHAT IS THAT PRICE https://t.co/IdDB9aKsOv and if the people you've hurt while psychotic don't want to forgive and forget, accusing them of ableism or cruelty is just low. fukc That's why the people of this world believe in: Obama, Obama, and Obama watch out for my body rolls, watch out for my body rolls, high kick high kick this is how we do it https://t.co/k5dkvugJqw @Rawr_Ebooks you don't run on batteries though wow i sure hate how effective reframing is at misinforming an uneducated mass, and how the people in charge use it to ensure they stay there a democracy means nothing if the people in power are better able than the competition to sway the morals and votes of the population i hate what's happened to the word "trigger" and not bc of any so-called Tumblr crybabies, but bc of "anti-sjws" who decried its every use it's not as if talking about triggers ever actually garnered you any sort of special treatment. it's not a magical password ppl were abusing ppl were so "concerned" about the sanctity of war vets purely for the purpose of shutting down minorities talking about mental health i don't care if there really are people on tumblr who spout rhetoric at each other for points. it literally doesn't affect me. the standard image of an "sjw" is a snotty middle-class white girl in her early 20s who doesn't have a hard life and who wants attention notice how that description utterly drips with pejoration. it's designed to make you automatically think less of anything the character says notice the usage of the term "white girl" in there to denote foolishness & alkalinity (lol) as if the ppl spouting this Don't hate black ppl attention is a basic need, and we condemn ourselves for it. 50% of the planet is female, and we hate them. and furthermore: there's only one kind of hard life, and it's certainly not that of a white girl who goes to college. right? our minds are filled with stereotypes. only war vets have ptsd. attention-seeking = manipulation. only stupid girls care abt social justice. thus has a hatred of minorities been disguised as the disapproval of foolish children disrespecting great American heroes. i think i have been feeling significantly less shitty since drinking a cup of tea; i wonder if there was caffeine in it lol i'm making my list of favorite things i tweeted in 2016 and,, there are so many quality things i tweeted last year, heklp i looked in the mirror and thought "my hair looks oily" but it's probably bc my mom spent 5 minutes putting oil on it wow i can't believe all skeletons everywhere just DIED. if you don't retweet you have no heart. "Tone Abot very feminist today he even confessed to installing Illegal software"? "HE COPIED SOFTWARE". @Rawr_Ebooks .@tamasys please look at this, i'm guffawing Good morning! New day, new bot! It's named @FruitNames, it loves fruit, and it's here to tell you what everyone's c… https://t.co/5V1V10dnKI thanks to @JhoiraArtificer and @nex3 for the idea! i'm incredibly suggestible https://t.co/6SN48c27ro ahh i'm so sick of including yaml-cpp as a submodule in my every twitter bot; i can't wait until they release a c++11-supporting version dev has supported c++11 for at least a year, probably more, hence me using it, but i'm sicking of recompiling it all the time every time i compile @rawr_ebooks I get compiler warnings about the ascii art at the top of kgramstats.cpp and I Don't Care At All lol @JhoiraArtificer :D i'm happy yalls like it! it was fun to make ^^ @mahousecretrose @ALawley next step is listening to it at the dinner table with your parents the day after thanksgiving @JhoiraArtificer hourly wow I got an email from the registrar saying I can overload next semester. i've literally never gotten this email before. i won't do it, but it is just Cool to have actually, gotten really good grades in college for once REGISTRAR: You can overload! ME: cool i'm gonna take the my little pony stuco twice Hey yalls! I put together a collection of some of my favorite things I tweeted in 2016! They crave your attention. https://t.co/h5zipsAyOU @Rawr_Ebooks i hope you mean bodybuilding @epstmlgy wat @bbbbbbbbbbbaka uh @tenuous people should only use words the way I use them, and also everyone should send me $500 https://t.co/jC7MeOFGka yo for all intents and purposes, Seasons 4+ of Spongebob are a completely different show, i'll fight this fight unt… https://t.co/f1fLJ0bcEW she gave her pet little slipper shaped like her head https://t.co/esQKeMB5CT OH AND SHE HAS SLIPPERS SHAPED LIKE HIS HEAD https://t.co/dJ6WshipmX "rainbow dash you don't need a tortoise, i'm here for you, in your bed" https://t.co/16a3Hf2q3K how are apple jack, rarity, and pinkie pie able to walk in rainbow dash's house "apple jack cries on the inside" i wonder how much pain AJ truly is in, that we cannot fathom. twilight on the other hand is dead inside this is a big awkward cuddle pile crying party and it's weird and for some reason it's nice, i Appreciate this being on TV craaasshed i need to make myself some tea but i cant get up You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of friendship but of magic. Your next stop, the Twilight Sparkle Zone! I got a wrong-number phone call and they accused me of repeatedly calling them and they sounded drunk and I'm upset and uncomfortable @epstmlgy either on IRC or Chatroulette @ohnoproblems @shirAdrenaline what is this? I love the graphics my insurance just called me and said they won't cover Rexulti bc I don't have the right diagnosis & there are other things I could try first sure, this is the problem with my doctors telling insurance i have MDD when i don't have MDD, but even still, i've /tried/ most SSRIs "yo SSRIs aren't working for me" "have you tried citalopram" "did you not just Hear me" "have you tried paroxetine" "did you Just Hear Me" i've been on so many mood stabilizers that aren't indicated for MDD, & I suppose this hasn't come up before only bc Rexulti is new & costly and, get this, Rexulti /is/ indicated as an adjunct therapy for MDD! so this is bullshit, goodnight. @Rawr_Ebooks please do not kill lady gaga???? @epstmlgy i love Freeze, it's way better than Ice and i'm sad it's not in Amazing Mirror i have Well met and surpassed these requirements, i've taken 4 SSRIs, venlafaxine, bupropion, and 5 atypical antips… https://t.co/jSptQgF4EK @epstmlgy super true!! i also really love Burning which I realize is very different but now i'm thinking about copy abilities and I love it @DataErase there's still time to reinvent yourself as D̩̦̼̫͙a̰̝̫̙̯͉̳t̯̦̗a̛̹̤̮̗ ok so the lesson i'm choosing to take away from this episode of ponies is that I need a warm fuzzy bathroom & possibly personalized slippers this might be encouraging unhealthy behavior? https://t.co/aFpg18E8sN @_80021170ffff_ wow i forgot that i was reading that, and by that i mean i read like 20 pages on a train once a year and a half ago @_80021170ffff_ i've, forgotten how to enjoy anything @_80021170ffff_ i feel this; i spent every spare second in high school reading, and haven't read anything since @_80021170ffff_ book novels @riglow thanks @_80021170ffff_ the required reading in HS was usually p bad with a few exceptions; i rly loved Ethan Frome @Seglegs I don't think I've actually played it! I might even have it and just not have played it, I should look around Wowie my psych called and said that my insurance called him and said that they really only approve Rexulti for in-patient therapy; fuck them i'm just like, pissed, bc I wanted to trial this During my winter break, not like, while I'm at school, & this approval is going to Awful whenever I trial new meds at school it fucks everything up for ages bleeueugughhh, and Rexulti has a frigging 91 hour half-life @Seglegs no ability copying?? :O *passes out in shock* @FruitNames come on did you know Rexulti is $33 per tablet without insurance. a month of Rexulti is $1000. jesus. fucking. christ. i'm in medication trial hell right now bluh, i sure hope this works for me, fingers and hooves crossed (yep i'm officially trash now btw) @tedgarb how can you say i'm trahs, i dnot' even know waht a fetlock is, Pardone my vernacular *notices that someone called me trash* OwO whats this..? @tedgarb wow, so, i then immediately looked it up, and now I'm like why can't we have nice things; i thought it was just, hoof ornamentation when I was smaller, I loved the Kirby ability Parasol, and I thought it was pronounced "parcel", and now the ability pisses me off i'm ready for action, pls DM me if you want to join a class action lawsuit against Kirby for conditioning me from a young age to love stars Wheel is a pretty shitty ability & the games keep having to make maps designed specifically to make Wheel overpowered so ppl actually use it @bugQ tbf i'm being overly sassy for the sake of shitposting, and they're certainly not the worst abilities @bugQ i'm imagining Kirby ate a Delibird I love how Nightmare in Dreamland, & probably others as well, often subtly put two Sparkys next to each other shortly before you need Hammer this,,, this wasn't even subtle https://t.co/HB4HtYBztH Parasol's most redeeming quality is not being fucked up by reams of falling coconuts, but Freeze and Spark basically do that too my favorite abilities in Nightmare in Dreamland are probably Freeze and Burning so... when are we going to address the elephant in the room and talk about the similarities between backdrop, suplex, and throw if this is being recommended to me purely because i'm listening to mlp fan songs im going to start screaming (actua… https://t.co/lJ4Ffusqnr i just noticed that one my favorite pony songs has a link for sheet music!!!! but it's a dead link :'( https://t.co/21Bn1J7XPs searching for it is absolutely useless and I doubt I will ever be able to find it She's In Pain https://t.co/A0hot9uQ7B cocoa plum? Oh, you mean wrinkle-resistant orangutan hackberry jesus christ the wifi in this house is shitty @warnedya this is depressing my opinion on numbers: 1. it's on its own 2. friendly 3. fuck them. don't let them in ur house. 4. decidedly the best friend 5. it's useful are you telling me that some ppl Didn't grow up with their mom singing them Fluttershy's Lament as a lullaby @Rawr_Ebooks they finally fixed the squeaky hinge on the bathroom door kirby says i am amazing!! https://t.co/soo62xuDVo @LaplaceFox these wounds won't seem to heal this pain is just too real there's just too much that time can not erase critical analysts of Spongebob have wondered for years whether SB knew that his bodyguard was the Strangler, based… https://t.co/8OZT36HQi7 you know, I was joking about this 30 seconds ago, but if I had the time i'd certainly write a research paper about… https://t.co/y7KirpFT1w FUCK, I FINALLY KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO RESEARCH IF I GO TO GRAD SCHOOL. i just hope the Shills up top don't want me to research seasons 4+. yo it's pretty gender affirming that a computer algorithm thinks my voice is feminine; but to call my song undancea… https://t.co/WjtX0vuxQv actually that song is pretty undanceable; let me find a more danceable one !! yes, i Did just learn about acousticbrainz five minutes ago it thinks Bread Drawer Hiatus is happy with 98.3% certainty, and I'm so happy it does do i have any danceable songs it says The Swing is 100% danceable, which I can see, and 100% not aggressive, which is ahahaahaahh the great thing about lyrical dissonance imagine https://t.co/F7JqhMAWh4 for the unaware, that track is literally just four ABBA songs played on top of each other https://t.co/aW4GtfS2Xt @ViricideFilly teehee transition wh..y? https://t.co/5fqjd6tbQ4 PACKING TO GO HANG OUT IN THE CITY WITH MY GAL PAL; JUST US GALS BEIN' PALS imagine if the coconuts in the trees in Kirby games fell upwards if you flew over them, like in I Wanna Be The Guy @yung_minccino i used to really dislike 7 but we're better friends now. like the kind of friends who write occasionally but yknow. there's like literally two rooms in the entire game where Light is a relevant ability @mahoushoujorose i've probably said this a lot but pokemon crystal means a lot to me bc it was the first time i got to choose to be a girl!! @yung_minccino 4 is my best friend, i love it dearly, and 3 is a horrible enemy, i hate doing things in threes @mahoushoujorose yoshi's island was one of my favorite games! i think it's what made me so interested in game design @mahoushoujorose i have sketchbooks filled with drawings of levels i designed using yoshi's island mechanics @mahoushoujorose and i made a ridiculously long series of point-and-click yoshi's island inspired games in visual basic in 4th/5th grade @mahoushoujorose & my weird story with the game is that my parents got it for me three times bc i kept losing it! i swore it got stolen once @JhoiraArtificer @mahoushoujorose was it the one with the 5-4 skip? i was watching that when it happened and it was so epic @JhoiraArtificer @mahoushoujorose although come to think of it i think that was sgdq 2015 @mahoushoujorose I lo-lo-lo-loved Kirby so much even though come to think of it I really only had like two or three Kirby games as a kid? @JhoiraArtificer @mahoushoujorose i think it was a 100%; the 5-4 skip doesn't skip the level, it speeds through an auto-scroll room @JhoiraArtificer @mahoushoujorose yeah i think this was it!! it was so amazing, i watched the whole thing in 2015, it's defs worth watching! @mahoushoujorose Nightmare in Dreamland was the first and i don't know how many months I played that game! finding the secrets was so hard @mahoushoujorose i think it legit took 2/3 yrs before i unlocked extra mode & that was after the cartridge sram fucked up so i couldn't save @mahoushoujorose I love how awesome the secrets & puzzles in that game seemed, even though they pale in comparison to Amazing Mirror! @mahoushoujorose another that inspired me to make games was Super Mario Advance, which i think is Super Mario Bros 2; it's the vegetable one @mahoushoujorose the story and setting behind this game confused me so much! it made me think about dreams & keys & pyramids & potions a lot @mahoushoujorose ahhh i want to replay all the games of my childhood, i'm happy i'm getting back into the nintendos @mahoushoujorose i love the fact that i was so shit at video games then; all these puzzles that took me months to figure out seemed so cool @mahoushoujorose for some reason Celebi is super important to me even though i never had one or would even have been able to have one? @mahoushoujorose i just knew that she was in that little shrine in the Ilex Forest, which seemed so much bigger and darker back then @mahoushoujorose help @mahoushoujorose i think pkmn crystal was the first time i rly identified as a character in something, i rly loved Kris and wanted to be her @mahoushoujorose so i always imagined i was a cute pixely girl with cyan hair named Crystal (also i had magical powers) yep i havent changed @mahoushoujorose also I would roleplay this character around my brothers and cousins and they never bat an eyelid? which is, awesome @mahoushoujorose ahh!!!! me @mahoushoujorose also I thought about Unown a lot, bc the Ruins of Alph were super mysterious and cool, and the third pkmn movie made me cry @mahoushoujorose the graphic design in gen II was Perfect and i love pkmn crystal with all of me @mahoushoujorose i just looked slightly to the right and there's crystal right there behind a monitor, wtf, It Knows @mahoushoujorose my original copy of crystal died before 2008 & i was so mad bc i felt like it was proof that being trans wasn't a phase @mahoushoujorose wow i love tracing back the reasons behind why i identify 100% as a mary sue @mahoushoujorose oh shit my original copy of super mario advance was right there next to crystal holy wow, the memories @mahoushoujorose i loved how new game+ let you play any level you wanted and you had to collect all the secret eggs, it was so great @mahoushoujorose i remember making a friend in 3rd grade because of pkmn ruby&sapphire; i was so excited to play them bc they just came out @mahoushoujorose and it was probably a month or two until my birthday, so the wait was agonizing, and i was talking about it at school @mahoushoujorose and some kid was like hey i have ruby do you want to play it and i was like .??/!?1!!!!/?? and somehow I made a friend?? @mahoushoujorose well I moved out of the country a 3 months later but for a couple of months I had a male friend & my parents were like whew @mahoushoujorose also his mom got me pkmn sapphire for my birthday, and my parents got me ruby, and i was like ahahahahahah i'm So Powerful @mahoushoujorose Also this is a completely different thread from handheld games but: RPG Maker 2000 totally changed my life @mahoushoujorose me being the super kirby lover, in like 4th/5th grade i went on https://t.co/MTPTBnBKEY and found a series of fanmade RPGs @mahoushoujorose they were so cool and i loved the graphics & the puzzles and!! so i downloaded RM2k & spent years making shitty Kirby rpgs! @mahoushoujorose rose, you know very well i could just ramble on and on forever about the past, :P @mahoushoujorose oh FUCK i forgot that RM2k is also what got me into making Kirby sprite comics, jesus, i was a prolific little shit @mahoushoujorose :D i forgot about this Gem of game design that happened after I let @cymrin loose in my unfinished platformer's map ed… https://t.co/3ws2Eq6bPi someday i'm gonna be on just the right amount of medication 👌 and i'll make an awesome retro glitchy platformer with a trans protagonist My 3DS arrived!!!! And I'm not opening it until Monday lol I just went to CVS and they gave me my four pills of Rexulti at nnoo cchhaarrggee???? I'm so confused and also relieved @sogayvenclaw really? I thought you'd only be able to play it for 4 hours gay. You think you know people... @epstmlgy I'm on a train but we're just friends remember when i said Princess Celestia deserved better than this? well it occurs to me that this is impossible It occurs to me that I have an electric kettle in my dorm room... I should actually make tea when I'm at school @JhoiraArtificer it is and I did ^^ @cymreal wow I didn't know you were such a weeb @epstmlgy yeaaaaah like that's the other thing; there's only one door that's obscured by darkness, and it's easily memorized @mahoushoujorose @cymrin i tweeted about it a bunch feb/mar 2015 but it's not something i've worked on in a while, which i regret Achievement unlocked: starting my middle school emo phase. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka owo /@mahoushoujorose @Rawr_Ebooks same @FruitNames did you forget what you were supposed to be doing Vialalam (thyroid stimulant) Used recreationally as an antithyroid Contraindicated by ibuprofin *watching trash* Me: I can't wait for the tulpas girl to show up! Brother: You're already here! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka NO i should've known you were trans since you like suffering @Rawr_Ebooks whoa i thought i was just ordering a pita pocket https://t.co/zRcppcMH01 Whiskey is a contraceptive primarily used for respiratory fucking disease. Overtook bupropion due to its glittery fefkat. Officially addicted to this GAY AS HECK SONG I wish i could just transcode the MP3 compressor? @Rawr_Ebooks i have to think about this duolingo no please stop, i don't have a family https://t.co/2K1nn8eey7 :P @Pretzelish how could this happen to me Check out this heckin' cool holiday gift from @GrinningKobold!! Nahiri the gorgeous kickass, по-русски! https://t.co/gUxfI0h7dg @Pretzelish *looks around as it snows violently outside* there's nowhere to run? I was p proud of myself for understanding most of the +2 ability by myself, but then it got Harder lol It was Strange to see её spelled "ее" because I'm used to people always using ё. Also the word Planeswalker is in English lolol "целевые(-ой, -ое)" confused me for a while but then I was like OHH it has to, like, decline to match чары, артефакт, и существо @Pretzelish I'm sick of this (distancebetweenus)life @bbbbbbbbbbbaka calling THE COPS @Rawr_Ebooks my bromide, @Rawr_Ebooks so you had a christian upbringing, and then became a juggalo remember when I was part of a Tumblr blog that posted screenshots of Homestuck characters doing weird shit in Garry's Mod i just remembered because i noticed that Garry's Mod is the oldest thing in my steam library. i'm a nerd. @Rawr_Ebooks ok then what @tedgarb @differencebot bluh gross yknow that state when ur so exhausted; you have the energy to chat with people well enough, you just dont have the energy to use punctuation somehow the exclamation mark is physically exhausting to use https://t.co/FfgRXNANDD "hey, the Destroyer of Kings, come down here and make me sick longer. 1mg feferi reducers are called Chasers". wow the thought of having sex makes me feel like my skin is being torn off & someone's pulling my guts out by hand!… https://t.co/N41YLNkvYs tbh i can't rly remember ever trying to explain away my gender identity; i knew what I wanted, and just thought I was uniquely deranged. tbh tbh i barely even tried to explain it away to other ppl lol SOMEONE: yo why are you a girl in pokemon crystal ME: idk why not THEM: @rdmarsh2 @epstmlgy double sanitation @Pretzelish i'd be boiling if it were 36 degrees celsius out This is how it starts... https://t.co/5IqH6NzYTN @KbLogQ @Rawr_Ebooks i'm really happy you do, that's, one of my favorite tweets ever one of the many incredibly bothering things about this is the mentioned interview with someone who transitioned & a… https://t.co/A3DVkkVsjW It's undeniable that surgery regret exists. It's undeniable that people can be abused by doctors and coerced into things they don't want. what follows is a generalization. it's one experience of regret that I do not believe is universal, but which I think is still worth hearing There's a lot of reasons and stories behind people who have these experiences, and I in no way ever want to discount their pain. But, trauma is weird. Trauma can cause you to see things in black & white. You look at what's happened to you and detest it so purely. Because of the irreversibility and intensity of the trauma, you may end up wishing to rewrite the world so that it never could have happened Every step of the process becomes a reminder. Every little decision, every doctor you met, was something that Could have been changed. This black and white view of things takes trans people in the line of fire. If you regretted this, they could too, and you want to fight it. If you fight hard enough, for enough people, maybe, just maybe, someone would have fought for you when you needed it. I think this is one of the reasons why ppl who have experienced this regret often end up fighting trans people. And transphobes love it. two years of being in therapy for trauma has made made me think a lot about what other people in pain might be thinking in a happier vein. i rly love my new avatar. i made it using https://t.co/szLvWSXBh7 . pls check out the colors of my scarf!! why are SWIMMERS so NAKED. why is this SO SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE, that we just LET them be NAKED. why does NO ONE answer my PHONE CALLS anymore My top three artists this week: Purity Ring (126), Crystal Castles (10), The Gates Of Sleep (10) #lastfm 11/13 episodes into Flip Flappers and i love love love it!!!! MAGICAL GIRLS Hi, I'm me. Have you read Starfall, a novella that I wrote with a couple of friends? I'm a mary sue and I love singularly overpowered women. come hang out with me and my cyan glowy magical powers, let's watch Haruhi or smth idk, btw completely unrelatedly I love pony horses The other anime @GrinningKobold and I have been watching this weekend is Ghost Stories, it was on my anime bucket list ever since I saw that Tumblr post about it some 4 years ago lol. it's v funny (they do drop the t word at one point though which is gross) @GrinningKobold i loVE how vividly colorful the animation is, it's my aesthetic, also women for the unaware: it's a really shitty monster-of-the-week anime, and the dub utilized a comedic script instead of the original serious one @quake_woman i'm like 8 episodes in, i wouldn't be surprised if the gross gets worse tbh, but idk oh shit also like Little Witch Academia started airing today!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh super pump for little witches in academia confession: i've been accidentally saying My Little Witch Academia all weekend Encouraging vs. Discouraging https://t.co/wDBeVkdF5u 💶 god bash this trash 💶 @ALawley @blessthisdoobie yoooooooooooooooo why am I still getting kudos on a The Binding of Isaac (the video game) fanfic I wrote 4yrs ago; who reads Binding of Isaac fanfiction?? it's very unrelatable that 2013 was 4 years ago @Rawr_Ebooks huh I never really thought of Painter's Servant as moe @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i hate this. banned, you're all banned, every single one of you NANCY: whoa bruh nerd culture is caustic?? https://t.co/uJd8H2uQrO *gazes starry-eyed out the window* i wonder which small academic witches are going to get tenure! Hey that was a nice card to draw just when the Atraxa player was about to destroy me /@GrinningKobold https://t.co/JsZg52GI8T @cymreal i'm so proud of myself :D. thank you!!!! @Rawr_Ebooks are you asking to be smuctated? https://t.co/w2B8EA1Dbs blueberry? Oh, you mean light-handed antipsychotic persimmon @bbbbbbbbbbbaka YIKES Uptown vs. Downtown https://t.co/2pKlPcDtLB @cymreal thanks, i can't unsee this @cymreal i love the hyper colorful vivid animation, also the cute magical girls, and also everything ok we finished Flip Flappers and i'm destroyed thanks, i love this, it's getting a 9 on my anime list, i'm gonna, roll around on the floor @cymreal i don't think anything was Too gross, i mean there was the standard magical girls transformation scenes that are nakedy but like @0x56weiss it made me very emotions, it was so good Finally doing AGDQ right by watching it with a cute girl, frozen pizza, and Shirley Temples! lol I put too much grenadine in this Shirley Temple but idfc "You're sweet, and let me tell you," *takes sip of Shirley Temple with too much grenadine in it* "I know sweet." canon transgirl Windows 95 @bbbbbbbbbbbaka "It is now safe to turn off your androgens" @drbotmd does this just like, put iron in your dick @differencebot this seems like you made it worse https://t.co/JZKVnN0iHu @adultingbot @epstmlgy @SkyeJinx Jesus ffuck @epstmlgy @mahoushoujorose *introducing me to a friend* tthis is my current me, me, ask me about my ponytronus, im here to kick ass and pet heads and im all out of ass @mahoushoujorose im chORTLING time to do some shitposting in C++! *writes a template class that never uses its type parameter* f-fuck,,, @mahoushoujorose why does everything I enjoy have. to. hurt. @sogayvenclaw Irish girls the shovel knight run was really awesome to watch. Also I heard someone say the words "Kirby Tilt 'N' Tumblr" so if it happens Imma go nuts I RLY LOVE KIRBY TILT N TUMBLR FUCK THIS I MEAN TILT N **TUMBLE** @sogayvenclaw yeah but,, Monica deleted her Twitter @JhoiraArtificer isn't it wild that in 2017, a game in which Kirby just constantly vores Tumblr rhetoric is the best selling game, @tedgarb that's some vore shit Wow the newest version of RPG Maker (MV) switched from Ruby to JavaScript for the game scripting engine, and, i';m d,isgusted ,I TRUSTED you At some point I should post the extremely shitty Kirby RPG Maker 2000 games I made in middle/high school. I liveblogged them once I think. Bluhhhh apparently I didn't know about Twitter threading in early 2015 so I can't link to the shitty game liveblog as a whole The best typo in the entire game. Also little girls should definitely be real estate agents. http://t.co/CWEA2B9b4C super true. my experience with being misgendered is more along the lines of "getting really quiet and trying to cov… https://t.co/qbyyL11ohS before i went to sleep i started running a generator program I wrote for a new twitter bot, and 8hrs later it's 69% done, jeez oh i had a dream that I wanted to take the elevator from the basement of the CUC to the 3rd floor but the school had recommissioned it and now you can't use it bc they put three old white ppl in the elevator and you just have to stare at them going up and down repeatedly. @rebecca_ebooks if you shoplift a candy bar, you get turned into a heterosexual Did you hear about chalk?? fucked up if true @AcousticBrainz I was looking at https://t.co/VtzJj19pgc and the latest dump is from Jan 2015. are dumps not being made anymore? @furrytherapist it's splinter twin i put Gunmetal Arcadia Zero on my steam wishlist and just now i've realized that I already bought the game on itch.io and forgot about it i feel like I've been on a constant high since setting up passwordless SSH on my servers going to a friend's house but they have a cat? no prob, i'll just take benadryl! let me just check the drug interac… https://t.co/RBuVGzVj2B Yo check out my new bot, @songchoicebot, who really loves listening to the wrong music for any situation! #botALLY https://t.co/tv9cDfCBSM @0x56weiss FUCK Special thanks to the @AcousticBrainz project; their data is what made this Twitter bot possible! @cymreal @songchoicebot whos' mik?u @cymreal @songchoicebot yknow depending on whether Miku fans ever interact with the AcousticBrainz project this bot might mention Miku songs @cymreal @songchoicebot i remembered a song named and checked if it was in the database and https://t.co/ISy4A0UQww @furrytherapist CALLING THE COPS owo we're barely two weeks into the year and I've already made two new bots,, this is fun @AcousticBrainz the highlevel data in the dump is pretty great for my purposes! the only concern I have is that it's two years old :P @cymreal i dont care that i've started saying this unironically, i don't care, leave my house @AcousticBrainz this is really useful, thanks! :D and thanks again for being an awesome project! guess what guess what guess what guess what https://t.co/5w1t3TZlbF @cymreal i'm really excited!! @epstmlgy ur cool and smart @cymreal i keep seeing my new icon and smiling a lot!! it is strange bc i've had the awesome rose icon for almost a year buuuuut @mahousecretrose @cymreal i'm happy!!!! i keep thinking about the scarf,, im so proud @mahousecretrose @cymreal nooo i used an online tool but it's rly customizable and i'm happy i got everything just the way i want Next time we go to karaoke, I'm totally doing "Symphony no. 7 in A major, op. 92: III. Presto, assai meno presto" by Ludwig van Beethoven! ooooooooh #AGDQ is doing Pokemon Emerald! they just said, being a girl, is better, so, There You Go @furrytherapist wow you're really being an ass today aren't you oh shit, you live in the house on the left if you're the boy? that blows my mind, i've only ever played as the girl (:3) how did 12 ppl see this pokemon sun tweet but like 2 ppl liked the tweet about my new bot @cymreal hmm i should make a bot that generates pkmn parties i have a headache and i hope it's not being caused by the Rexulti? if it is though it might explain the increased pony ears headaches @spiderslash @_ardeej come outside mr squarepants! it's a summer miracle! @cymreal it's Good ok google is really nice https://t.co/jMDhS5nrBC @Rawr_Ebooks what do you really want, steven? BRUH THE 3D ON THE 3DS IS RLY COOL yeah, i'm,, up to date with things,,,, @cymreal 3d stuff always hurts my eyes and i'm surprised that this isn't Really hurting them "which photo should we use for your trainer photo" ummm they're all cute and give me gender feels GOSH I'M SO CUTE HOW DO I TAKE SCREENSHOTS @mahousecretrose nooooooooo awful @tedgarb :( @mahousecretrose BUT GRANDMA I NEED PIIXXEELLLSSS oh my gOSH there's a ditto bean bag in my room oh it's a pillow, i still love it, i want one, please ALSO I CAN WALK AROUND AND IM A CUTE GIRL, NICE smol friend https://t.co/P3WDl6gL8e MOM: You were out like a light! I bet you're full of energy now! ME: Yes, because I take lisdexamfetamine, ME: Rexulti has a half-life of 91hrs! What do you know has a longer half-life?? MOM: Your younger brother ME: Who's consuming my brother i keep accidentally using the D-pad Dude why i s the professor a hunk, i'm asexual and that's weird I want him to punch me oh my god i look so cute when running, i can't handle this game WHOS THE PRETTY GIRL WITH THE SUNHAT AND THE DRESS, I WANT THAT SUNHAT, I WANT THAT DRESS, I WANT HER TO TALK TO ME SO THIS IS THE LILLIE THE ROSE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT I WANNA MARRY HER ALREADY @cymreal *me introducing current ren to a friend* this is my friend ren, ask thhem about what i'm going to say in a few minutes @cymreal i'm, really proud of this actually, i'm going think about it for like the next hour jeeeeez all of the starters are v cute; one of them is a cat though so i'm in my room alone and i'm giggling uncontrollably i love this, game, hey @cymrin I'm sorry that I'm constantly bullying you https://t.co/e7jRK8e1HY oh my god i do the anime arms at my sides thing,,,, GOSH you can pet your pokemon oh mY GOD this new pokemon game is such a meme; before i know it someone's going to get vored ,,,, https://t.co/5bmKhXjcBN @GrinningKobold absolutely @GrinningKobold calling the police It's a reference... to an Anime https://t.co/WPrc5BXqUx @DialMforMacbeth but I already named it Flap Flapper @DialMforMacbeth nopeeee it's a Pikipek. who's the eyelash girl? i love Fluttershy's hippie friend that she brought to the Grand Galloping Gala @Frosty_mage i have no idea what is going on in this video @Frosty_mage I'm watching it right now, and I think I've seen it once before but long enough ago that I don't remember it :p i want Maud to be my friend @Frosty_mage lololol i get it now [Avril Lavigne voice] k-k-k-kawaii! https://t.co/Pm9LI7ArQp Um I love the Exp. Share in this game Yo I thought that at the salon they'd be able to give me Rose Quartz pink hair; what gives? What do you call a way-out sponge cake? A kinky Twinkie! YOOOOOOOO YOU CAN BUY THIGH-HIGHS IN THIS GAMEEEEEEE holy fuck you can buy trilbies, i'm , laughing with fear in my heart "we've mixed up all sorts of berries to make this lemonade" You , mean, lemons, ri,ght? I, too, love spending the day screaming https://t.co/kqZvjemCTT you can tell girl Princess Celestia from boy Princess Celestia bc it has a bow and eyelashes and Princess Celestia titties I was about to open a new pair of headphones and then I noticed this sticker and?? https://t.co/ON7heftuGp 420 carnival it https://t.co/Yl334x9uRp For the morning crowd: my new bot @songchoicebot really doesn't know what the right music is for any situation! https://t.co/WYWQUvYJrJ @JhoiraArtificer oh okay thanks!! that is good to know and i think i will open them now :) What am I doing with my life https://t.co/FH3Ndpmj0h Alignment vs. Nonalignment https://t.co/u1oywTxgcO @GrinningKobold today is gonna be the day that you're gonna write a catchy so-ong @GrinningKobold idk, ask Oasis is this yaoi https://t.co/sYXvwrqr5I uuugghGHHAAASUUGHHhh I already got my 3DS's A button sticky, I'm gonna look in a mirror and start screaming My electronics brother picked me up from the train station and told me to put the music I like on so I put on I Am Made of Chalk It was delicious getting to hear it on a bigger system than a pair of headphones (I kept giggling), and also he liked it a lot (niice) "Yo my bromide, perchance thouest would liketh to take a stroll in your car and listen to someone drown" God damn it I meant "electronica" brother you stupid phone; it's supposed to distinguish him from the "country music" brother BRUH i used a toothbrush on my A button and now it works better again; I guess this is why you need to brush your teeth I first heard "You Don't Get It" by Vietcong Pornsürfers in the score for one of my favorite anime. I can't stop crying when I listen to "Rat Salad" by Black Sabbath! @NatRoze yo i'm really happy that this is carnegie mellon https://t.co/1h3yj8SwnW @epstmlgy @KbLogQ someone in the comments mentioned the scarf yay I walked into a complete stranger's room and started lying on their bed https://t.co/94ioW1F3Cd @cymreal can I call my lawyer before answering @cymreal that was strange fuuuuuck i have a cold, why do i have to get sick right at the end of break, why do i have to get sick right after starting a new medication i love downloading and installing really large Microsoft Office updates 😍! the bigger the better bby @timparenti jesus christ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka monica,,,, is Gay,,,, you vored the cannibal https://t.co/TyLh6padT1 cut a tiny, $33 pill in half and accidentally dropped one half under the nighttable, good job me @cymreal @saiseinomiko screaming @cymreal @saiseinomiko holy crap when did it become 1am, how long have i been looking at shia lebouf memes @cymreal @saiseinomiko i need help Good Morning! lots of pain in my throat and my voice is gone, so I'm just gonna do Duolingo with microphone off today! In my dream last night I was really depressed and I was super upset bc it meant that the Rexulti wasn't working; then someone dropped a nuke Her eyes aren't crossed!! ^_^ https://t.co/K2vl6AGiqn "I'll try your 'straight' technique," he says, https://t.co/lCB29I21cm "Nobody's asked me to organize anything since Twilight came to town!" that's really sad, i'm, so sorry https://t.co/HLQDeiopmN the flower ponies are so dramatic and i love the one on the left, she's so pretty, please go on a date with me, nop… https://t.co/Gqc8ZbBE4s i don't know what's going on in this episode, it's all the background horses! which is cool. this one likes sitting… https://t.co/6vD2Mw1P7k i, hate this guy, and i don't know why https://t.co/0xw3S8w8Gk my comment on her, is that her name is Lotus Blossom, & you can put a petal counter on her every turn, then sacrifi… https://t.co/RIGXwg0NQS @drquuxum did someone hypnotize you into dying when you hear the words "lotus blossom", and there were five witnesses? @drquuxum oh They live together!! They're friends!! Music pals!! Strings sound rly good in electronica https://t.co/6Thdvbngal @drquuxum and here's another Lotus Blossom! https://t.co/aBHIDBsGOU this went from 0 to 100 Really quickly https://t.co/nHtHJsk4Td it's Button Mash and the guy who's obsessed with jelly! actually wait what https://t.co/8GQlFnup1B WHY IS SHE HOLDING THAT https://t.co/UwSREbHOFd I don't know why I'm laughing so hard at this https://t.co/MahSyySzKq it's not a bench but hey maybe some Sitting will cheer her up https://t.co/HlP9SsFJX4 huh hey @Pretzelish some pony is cosplaying as you cosplaying the doctor, or maybe you're not involved, idk https://t.co/y4f3tDiNV0 he said the frikken "allons-y" thing, jeevus crisco this guy gay btw https://t.co/j9166VP24E LUNA: sisters 4eva!!!! CELESTIA: haha yeah, bc we're immortal https://t.co/x8ZTb7nYIC no one's sitting next to them bc everyone's racist https://t.co/9t7ZnXRA6L jesus fuck i get a phone call and i struggle to say hello bc i lost my voice, and they're a telemarketer, @Frosty_mage WAT https://t.co/qSFoxOgZjr Waning vs. Waxing https://t.co/ZorRaPPlNK i don't want the word sexual anywhere near suffering? @thefurriesare i'm going to set you on fire @blessthisdoobie followed by "god undilate this gayte" @blessthisdoobie ****this gate, jeez, i have no explanation for that, other than the fact that, i type the word "gay" a lot @bbbbbbbbbbbaka fanfic where she is shipped with the queen of the universe @mcclure111 i'm extremely disturbed by the amount of data they have, but luckily they don't have my deadname @mcclure111 ii hhaattee tthhiiss i don't want to live in a society where i have to spend all day preventing randos from being able to dox me @lichlike :O it feels really sketchy that I just have a bottle of Adderall that i'm never going to take @Rawr_Ebooks people always ask for more sub, but they don't think of all the work I put into the sub that's there,,,, @Rawr_Ebooks i'm happy McKay gets me @Frosty_mage it's a really full bottle, I took it for two days and had a bad reaction to it and now I just have a bottle of le drugs :p @Frosty_mage the hottest arcade game out there for ppl who like to lick salt FRIEND: What's your favorite... ME: Sweet and Elite FRIEND: ...Pokemon. What? ME: the pony horse pokemon @cymreal how do you post such good content on private twitter, i want to retweet this so badly, but then i guess ppl would know you said it @cymreal what about schmexy @saiseinomiko cursed image I like how Vinyl Scratch doesn't talk; she Lets The Music Speak "i don't have akathisia i'm just dancing to this sweet electronica" i think to myself for the seventieth time today .@tedgarb ok I was trying to google proof that Ru Paul knew who ABBA was and I found this instead https://t.co/ncFM0oTOon it's like ten degrees colder in the piano room, I hate this Playing Bread Drawer Hiatus in A Major makes it sound even sadder somehow omg Actually I guess the original in C Major sounds pretty happy, it's just the meaning (and the haunting piano refrain) that makes it sound sad I should release the sheet music for Bread Drawer Hiatus at some point! Not that anyone would want to play it. I've also written sheet music for Forever Bedtime, and I'm trying to write Can't Fight The Wicked bc I know someone wants to play it!! I've written up Undilate but it's weird and maybe not really suited too well for the pianoforte? I think the only other song that might work well arranged for the piano is Paradise. The one'll be a challenge to write up too! ^_^ Snowhearted makes no sense to write sheet music for, The Swing is way too atonal, Safety in Wonderland is too electronica, and Blue Ribbon and Hopeless rely too heavily on distorted samples and would much better benefit from an acoustic arrangement. when I say I've written up Undilate, I mean I've written up everything until the outro, which I don't know is possible to write up you'd either have to be arp'ing over an octave with both hands on top of each other, or playing two time signatures with both hands fun fact I made most of both Safety in Wonderland and Can't Fight The Wicked on my iPad using GarageBand!! The latest summer hit, "Cut Your Hair" by Pavement, is really climbing the charts! @tedgarb did you know that the final ABBA album, The Visitors, was the first ever album to be released on CD? @Pretzelish what is ur dentist not a pretty lady They always have "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by The Smashing Pumpkins playing at work because it really motivates the team. @blessthisdoobie this might be the most emojis i've ever seen this bot use Depends on if it's good or bad https://t.co/zAea2yMkqw @epstmlgy I've been thinking about this a lot; can you elaborate on what you mean by disliking your cognition? Supply vs. Demand https://t.co/rBwsGirvdk @Rawr_Ebooks not this again! @Rawr_Ebooks looks good Then you would delete that and will probably die soon too. Sitting in a Professional setting. To think. that some other people. are able to talk and do the awkward little smile-wave. And that's worrying. i've realized that I say "hey bro, hey my bromide" a Lot and this is the thing that is being referenced: https://t.co/SYtBNG3ezp Dude I'm playing this game to Not have to think about my inevitable death https://t.co/7J6KrfDBfx in this episode of the twilight zone, some sweet happily married old people want to be young again, this is going to hurt isn't it Where Don't I want to send a lesbian, wait uh, does, I dunno, https://t.co/5B0Gwo1LP1 I amuse myself, like, a lot https://t.co/AhhsLRh3Vw Hey I'm at 400 followers! I bet at least 100 of them aren't even spam bots! Hi I'm me and you're you, let's make it happen, whatever we do *I'm a man. We're men. It's the worst fetish. i can tell NO ONE. the fact that i created a MUD called Caliopa guys it was incredibly fun. Jo @cymreal it's 4 times 100! which is 4 times 25! which is 4 times 12.5! which is 4 times 6.25! which is 4 times 1.5625! which is 4 times Hell. https://t.co/zhwl8rVA4R Ok I was just in a random encounter against six Caterpies. they kept calling for more help. it was hilarious and devastating simultaneously @ebalke93 fefkat is rly good stuff @tedgarb i'll have to consult my kinktionary to figure out whether this qualifies as vore or transformation Idk but send me to the trash https://t.co/Jm7wAw0h5j Unrifled vs. Rifled https://t.co/eTth71ieAe That hyper shit https://t.co/huUD3wHyG7 lol I just lost a follower and I'm back to 399 oh well :P Ugh, breakups are rough. Gonna curl up with a bucket of ice cream and "Get High Tonight" by Busta Rhymes. *notices ur pureness* OwO whats this..? @cymreal bad @cymreal cursed tweet menthol @GrinningKobold @_statbot omg i want that *stares at hands, they are becoming glitch and desu* WHOA. Happy to point new Gryffindor in the right direction, but Elvis kicked him behind *wakes up, still alive another day* haha time to watch my little pony @Frosty_mage @cmukgb if i recall correctly, yes @KatyMontgomerie I never really had panic attacks until after I was on progesterone, and now I have them pretty frequently at night *notices ur twilight zone* OwO whats this..? @KatyMontgomerie Yeah I stopped it and the anxiety went down a good amount (this was in 2014) but they haven't fully gone away @KatyMontgomerie I was basically just on it for breast development and it helped out somewhat with that so at least there's that :p @KatyMontgomerie I don't believe my anxiety went up from before E to after, but I can't speak for finasteride, I just know spiro @KatyMontgomerie :( I hope you can find a solution that doesn't require you to stop hrt! hmm i've got a fever and everything hurts... i guess it's time to watch A Bit of Fry & Laurie? @blueshiftofdeat *watches servant of evil* what is this, an utena reference?? (ok i've actually seen this song before but) *still has a fever 13 minutes later* maybe I should be writing that Madoka fanfic i was talking about when I was sick a year ago ok i Did take some acetaminophen, just, making that clear, that I'm taking care of myself. but i haven't eaten yet today. bleh. some of my Best/Worst content comes from fevered stupors https://t.co/Vu4JV7Xt0H ok maybe the only valuable thing I've ever done in a fevered stupor was find those two really cute PMMM magical transgirl fics oh also i made the cover for A S S E X I S T E N T I A L I S M while in a fevered stupor https://t.co/PVXytBy1Co wow rarity reacted pretty calmly to a bunch of yaks destroying her house yknow what I'm happy Duolingo is advocating asking ppl about their gender identity instead of just assuming it https://t.co/JO3rTZUTsi frick I'm getting on a plane tomorrow, blAAahh i don't want to travel with a fever. at least I have pokemon. and music. and acetaminophen. We're all scared of Tim. We hope Tim doesn't come for us in the end. https://t.co/osgjdHf7Ag i have no idea what to even say about this. i want it gone. sit down pinkie. please stop this. https://t.co/xnmlFINWWo i have a fever, so i better, yknow, eat seventeen wintergreens whoa that'd be a great album name, "The Seventeeth Wintergreen", and every track is called "What comes next?" yeah this is terrible @cymreal bruh how do you pull a carriage in your sleep?? https://t.co/GqkyOKasEv @cymreal fUCk,,,,, actually i like it @cymreal i have a fever @tedgarb why are you telling an acapella group to get on a train, instead of doing what, i'm so confused, horse noises, i have a fever, @Rawr_Ebooks no @Rawr_Ebooks wow homophobe "rainbow dash you weren't supposed to transform into a butterfly until AFTER the party!!" https://t.co/OTqhSlpZFB my psychiatrist wanted me to meet him in the middle of the night to give me five boxes of Rexulti samples, which is, creepy, so instead I just went to his office and got them. but still. i will remember that time my doctor tried to set up a sketchy drug deal. @epstmlgy is that like a hegefund? That is extremely gay https://t.co/7kdoCjCIQj Absolutely No One https://t.co/OoKOH9zHra @MetroAndCharms :D horse noises Pokemoney @ViricideFilly yo wwhheenn'ss tthhee cchhrriissttmmaass aallbbuumm ccoommiinngg oouutt Ugh, I had an awful day; I need to curl up on the sofa, put on "Call Me" by Blondie, and relax. i am so excited for the day that @songchoicebot mentions like a Grimes song or something unnecessarily gendered My Little Pony you could also spell "true" as "chroo" cute HRT things, plus also a video of a man getting angry that a woman can do something that he can't https://t.co/vO5rRBHTeX I'm listening to "The Devil Gets His Dues" by Loretta Lynn a lot because it represents how I'm feeling after my breakup. @KbLogQ i'd definitely do Runs In The Family, and probably Oasis too I really hope it says this regardless of gender https://t.co/HfWK8z5ACq Another for my collection of photons in other people's beds https://t.co/VudR4rfRHG how the hell did I type photons instead of photos this question literally got answered in the episode I watched today, like three seasons later, wowie kazowie https://t.co/wx3098FlXS @songchoicebot so, you proposed to them at a concert? is there anyone else who doesn't actually know what the president does and doesn't want to ask because it's been way too long @KbLogQ yeah I still haven't listened to Theatre Is Evil for some reason. i know some random Dresden Dolls songs but none I'd want to sing @KbLogQ lol probably the dolls song i know the most is Sex Changes and there's -500% chance i'm singing that :p @KbLogQ i know the words "i am the girl anachronism", it's basically like i know the whole song, except, not at all @Pretzelish but anna, you don't live there Don't be scared, it won't hurt you. https://t.co/1CaoL0p6m6 Extrospective vs. Introspective https://t.co/g4pjaKBfI9 boo boo keys i, love this, https://t.co/rwCGguFHZM Someone turn down "Violets For Your Furs" by Frank Sinatra; the neighbors are threatening to call the cops! watch for falling rocks in half an a press is good Ideas are coming. Things are happening here. Ok, Ok, what would you say if I asked you to call the police? Wow why are you okay. @epstmlgy this shows up for me https://t.co/KLiDGm0hrA @epstmlgy it's the mustache of Bob from Bob's Burgers, and it's really "givin' it" to a caterpillar. it's a line from the show. well google did one thing right /@epstmlgy https://t.co/5Y9qhRYlng The latest summer hit, "O Holy Night" by Jim Brickman, is really climbing the charts! hahahahahaha you were WRONG https://t.co/QM4bQtNDxJ Inactivity vs. Activity https://t.co/C5pFSin4iV Moving out of my parents' house was really emotional; it's as if "Hands Off" by Bones Brigade was playing. Non-Market Economy vs. Market Economy https://t.co/Mnt04Fk2l3 "I Am the Void" by Dark Tranquillity is so quaint and chip-tuney! I hope they put it in a video game! i woke up at like 5am and made all of these goddamn magical transgirls @epstmlgy ponies @Pretzelish i still don't have a license and i'm not planning on getting one any time soon! let's be friends, stranger! @Frosty_mage it's been doing that to me too and it's rly annoying don't i have a power headache thing The Untamed Youth has some hits, but "Santa's Gonna Shut 'em Down" sounds like a funeral march. i dont know what possessed the writers to start an episode with Spongebob enjoying a lovely cup of french toast without giving us the recipe yooooo 50 day Duolingo streak!! i'm v proud of myself @blueshiftofdeat girls like girls like girls like girls like g-g-girls like g-g-girls like g-g-ggirls like ggggirlrrrlrslsss girl s-s-s glie the existence of over-the-counter painkillers, especially that there are two universes of them, is a miracle i'm going back to Pittsburgh today: what trash am I forgetting here?? @blueshiftofdeat I love it, the cutie mark crusaders got their cutie marks and I'm about to start sobbing @Rawr_Ebooks wwwwwwwwhat @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god @starla4444 i'm making a contract with the shadow government. The 6-secret Police officials that our backwards court system will not contain @mahoushoujorose @bbbbbbbbbbbaka I love that this has become a thing bc freshman yr I thought that there was no one else Airport time, what a party luggage got flagged by the TSA because of my crochet hooks, lol @epstmlgy i hate this https://t.co/uHYaMcMAl8 remind me not to lick antibacterial hand wipes @LaughingNoam https://t.co/A2ZlWp36Ey My grandparents always ramble about how "The Killing Road" by Megadeth is so much better than modern music. @songchoicebot https://t.co/vHIJgwegfD don't let me forget to turn the wifi on my 3ds off because: - i will forget to turn the wifi on my 3ds off @MetroAndCharms idk they just tell you to do the thing and imma listen bc I have anxiety lol @MetroAndCharms if keeping my wifi on would summon a cool ass demon that could fly and we'd go on adventures together, then, Is it going to permanently damage my ears if I accidentally maxed volume while wearing headphones momentarily @JhoiraArtificer ok. I'm always worrying whether my music listening habits are sustainable and I don't want an accident to make it worse @riglow I don't know if this helps My ears hurt & in addition to being anxious I'm rly pissed this happened right when I get on a plane bc I need music to help w/flying panic @rfglenn that's Really good to know @riglow ok sensation is weird continuing to feel bad for the person who has to sit next to me having a panic attack on a flight Super annoyed that my @Pebble watch keeps disconnecting LE and I don't get notifications until I delete the device and set it up again @sogayvenclaw patty ur a life saver back at the CMU! haha look at that giant physics textbook on my shelf, oh FUck i was supposed to return that before break *lies on bed* is it weird that I missed this room Way more than I missed my room in my parents' house *lightly caresses jewel case of Crystal Castles II by Crystal Castles* i missed you sweetie Yeah, I started listening to Icona Pop after I heard "Ready for the Weekend" in a medical drama. @mahousecretrose @cymreal homestuck @cymreal @mahousecretrose lillie would love homestuck nooooooooooooooooo i missed agdq kirby super star @bbbbbbbbbbbaka please elaborate They always have "Doggfather" by Snoop Doggy Dogg playing at work because it really motivates the team. these aren't homemade, they were made in a factory. a bomb factory. they're bombs. https://t.co/sBqpwMx4E6 ok no actually the weirdest thing is that a pirate was willing to sell a bomb for $25 to a random civilian who was probably going to eat it "that bomb vore shit" i'll leave look at the ecstasy on this fucker's face. he really wants squidward to eat that bomb. probably thinks about it, no… https://t.co/rywuEtj68F sick of ppl getting preyed on by bomb vore fetishists do you ever wonder why we live in a world where we have to miss ppl when they're gone, instead of living in the singularity of a black hole "Through the Never"? By Metallica? Golly, I think the last time I heard that was in a dentist's waiting room. Unsanitary vs. Sanitary https://t.co/eGXhcDWyhC Hi my name is Fef or Kelly or something., i'M going to be Pointing out plot holes in SpngeBo b. howd Patrick buy shoes if No one cn tie them can ur precious knot theory explain this? checkm8 atheists https://t.co/WbVa8pt1N2 who do you think voiced The Poop Loop. do you think they ever won a daytime emmy. https://t.co/oaEHf6YmTs (trans girl posts a selfie) (LOUDLY) wow, it would SURE be a plugin for a text editor, is 3,334 words long. i wonder what percentage of my tweets are Spongebob, what percentage are ponies, and what percentage are my twitter bots @nex3 my pin post is an 80-tweet long thread of pony shitposting @cymreal the Real question the brand name lamotrigine pills are purple and that makes me uncomfortable ok real what happens if the two dice in eels & escalators don't roll the same value? does timespace rip apart? does… https://t.co/nvyNy2V9t0 i'm the cinnamon roll friend you want to protect but also i'm the president of ALLIES and i make vore jokes all day have we all ignored the fact that spongebob likes to dance to loading zone announcements. someone remix that shit. @KbLogQ i love this @KbLogQ are you talking about Are You Satisfied @KbLogQ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka vance @FruitNames is cislunar like, when you're, not, translunar, um, spongebob has such bright blue eyes https://t.co/y2nILEFuOI @nancy_ebooks how does someone misplace that @Rawr_Ebooks why would you fall asleep in an elevator in the cathedral of learning @Rawr_Ebooks owo Yin vs. Yang https://t.co/oKIpRTW6FW @Rawr_Ebooks were you though @differencebot jesus [emo fuckboy voice] meth ME AT THE START OF THE YEAR MAKING FRIENDS WITH FRESHMEN: I'm the president ME NOW THAT THEY ALREADY LIKE ME: do you want to see my ponysona why have i tweeted this https://t.co/MBjcFeOeBU yaoi vs bara https://t.co/jeGyhn9T58 @cymreal don't worry it's actually very loving https://t.co/Z2NjM3tWJo @mahoushoujorose i don't know why i've done this @Rawr_Ebooks why, i love windows 98 [screaming] https://t.co/os5cWWcfsO me pre-transition vs me post-transition https://t.co/GVR5Bi6ARC @mahousecretrose honestly i'm,, not surprised @Rawr_Ebooks @KbLogQ WHY WOULD RAWR LEAVE US ON A CLIFFHANGER LIKE THIS Listen, everyone, when you're having a bad morning because you have No Mouth and You Must Scream, We All KNOW the answer is to go back to co @ReaganHenke mr poe needs to get fucked hhuunnggrryy but meal plans don't start til tomorrow bleeuguguehgh ✨ identities can change over time and that's okay ✨ i've been staring at my profile for long enough trying to figure out what display name looks best that the letter F has lost all meaning @tedgarb ruck life is too full of misfortune to spend any time pretending that you don't want to be cute @saiseinomiko i read that as его games, and i don't even know how to make this into a joke, it means "his" @saiseinomiko его as in russian letters they're really cute, i love them https://t.co/MloZ5QNxwn Ahh, the three genders https://t.co/LnE7cvEdl1 That's why the people of this world believe in: me, the President of CMU ALLIES,, me, the President of CMU ALLIES,, and me, the President of @saiseinomiko im ponderin about how i can make money online using https://t.co/aZONWFa8Hp to sell real estate life is also too full of misfortune to be embarrassed for liking to be cute if you like being cute: do it. if you like being pretty: do it. if you like being silly: do it. also, if you like being a girl: do it. @tedgarb Did you know the first cat show was held in 1871 at the Crystal Palace in London? Me-wow! @tedgarb a symbiotic relationship oh it's that episode where spongebob becomes a brony and gets in a fight with the owner of a fast food restaurant CHEWING GUM IS INTOXICATING that's really offensive https://t.co/LPgb7T9j1a this is actually pretty shitty chewing gum because it's giving me a headache to chew @saiseinomiko :DDDD @saiseinomiko https://t.co/ibPklqELAZ @saiseinomiko oh do you want me to link you to the video it's from!! @saiseinomiko https://t.co/uEWSoHOhvp @saiseinomiko no it's from the tim & eric sketch; i was just linking that spongebob video bc i thought you were more familiar w/the meme unlike most things, humans only have one butt do you ever walk into the bathroom, take your shirt off, and then forget what you came in to do @Pretzelish but you don't give a damn about your bad reputation *walks out of bathroom with toothpaste up my nose* i still think i got something wrong here i'm so happy i have a sylveon,,,, im trans game freak could make a game that was Just petting a sylveon and i would buy it @flurythecat that would also be good Someone turn down "12 Scottish Songs, WoO 156 No. 9: "Lochnagar"" by Ludwig van Beethoven; the neighbors are threatening to call the cops! merry christmas everyone, if you wanna hear that "he's gay" song snippet i made for no reason, iitt''ss ccrraapp!! https://t.co/2B8LRogdhw *wakes up at 8am with a headache bc I still have a cold* better check if the third vortex of crap christmas album is out yet, @yung_minccino @Bandcamp thanks!! i like that one a lot too, i'm like i 50% want it to be my ringtone lol My top three artists this week: Purity Ring (111), The Gates Of Sleep (26), Crystal Castles (21) #lastfm lol I accidentally showed up an hour early to the aether revolt prerelease Maybe I should spend this time reading the limited set review?? Or I could catch four more Eevees and name them after magical girls *looks at a piece of cardboard for the first time in six months* what's a mana The sweet pulls https://t.co/lW4D5prtPg @songchoicebot Снегопады is also a тату song!! Every other card I pulled is shit and my deck is awful but I literally don't care lol @pocketmercy lol I didn't end up playing it bc my curve maxed at 4, but it's rly cool to just have! ^^ @GrinningKobold you got a bloom tender!! I ended up winning a match somehow and then dropped bc I had to go to a meeting lol, but I had fun! Surprisingly I mean my opponent was playing control and I got Kambal out turn three both games lol @pocketmercy yeah another person at my table got sundering titan as well! Weird to see so many of them Ugh, breakups are rough. Gonna curl up with a bucket of ice cream and "Imperfection (Instrumental)" by Approaching Nirvana. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka HECK https://t.co/vLdafg5yzd @Rawr_Ebooks I love you too Impatience vs. Patience https://t.co/6keAHKc8Yb I love that I still get really shaky and awed when opening a masterpiece!! It's a thrilling experience, for some reason, shiny cardboard, it reminds me of the first time I opened an expedition (Godless Shrine) and Lan was worried I was going to crush it https://t.co/4K50fFwx06 They shouldn't play Say Hi on the radio; that screamo song "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" always scares me into swerving! group selfie https://t.co/30cyH1TYDg so which bed does Twilight sleep in huh? https://t.co/Ju9ajeS1G1 they love each other https://t.co/0Y30gqNN5a why is she so happy to be in a haunted house full of floating dresses https://t.co/4gJC1OyTSt @tedgarb there are many kinds of love i thought fluttershy was vanilla https://t.co/6XnyEd6Cdh SHE SAID "IT'S SO NICE TO BE THE PET FOR ONCE" HFKJDSHFSDUHIJKLFENHWIPJGHKLDSFHKSDF and here's some more hyper shit https://t.co/GTQBkY5MFo it's good to have a luna episode best friends F̢̳̯̺͇͔̪O̵̮̬͚̥͕R̜͈̮͎̝̟ͅȨ̩̪̫̳̘̠V̺͚͓͔̺E̯͓̩̬̯R̝̬̪͚̠̥͓ https://t.co/wbeRNhNKDS IS HE DREAMING ABOUT BEING A MAGICAL GIRL BECAUSE I REALLY APPROVE https://t.co/J8I6aUvvLm he looks like a republican https://t.co/2QBBIcvV2a @mahoushoujorose that makes sense vaporcore cool i'm in an mmo watching ponies talk to each other in Russian, it's cool i just realized that someone was trying to talk to me (in English) but i was too busy eavesdropping on the Russian ponies to notice omg pony pony p-p-p-pony pony should pony pony пони пони п-п-п-пони пони должен пони пони Три месяцы прохлады зимы, и классный отпуск. Мы держали наши копытка ночью, и играли вместо работаем. i worked on this for almost half an hour and almost entirely because i wanted to try to translate the word "hoovsies" Я люблю быть дерево. Ву-ху ву-ху ву-ху, ву-ху ву-ху, ты такая крикунья! Я чемпионка мира, знаешь. Я уверившая что ты не можешь побить меня! someone tell alllevelsatonce about this immediately, also give me $500 and the contact info for a chiropractor, that's unrelated but, yeah. Где вы были? Флуттершай, девушки, за-зачем!? Где вы были? Флуттершай, Разлад, за-за-зачем!? watch as I translate all of my favorite All Levels At Once songs into Russian, or maybe I shouldn't Cceelleessttiiaa''ss Ffaaiitthhffuull iiss uunnddeerraapppprreecciiaatteedd it's 2017 and i'm still fangirling over four random pony sample songs that no one else remembers francis sparkle is married to a princess and his sister is a princess and he's just a Normal Guy, look at all this fuckin' misandry fuck i keep forgetting his name isn't actually Francis Sparkle, thanks a lot Friendship is Witchcraft i love you @flybye22 twitter bot Please End My Suffering the vortex of crap memes @songchoicebot ok that means "my horse" i'm so excited to start Russian II ahhhhhhhhhh it's the class i'm most excited for this semester. second is probably NLP! i'm horse!! I'm tulpas, it's me you mean more to me than, Home Depot jesus christ i made my first album 7 years ago *walks outside and sees a bunch of minivans* what are these, cars for kids?? k-a-r-s cars 4 kids By the way I hate that commercial and I want it to die Yeah, I started listening to Da Hool after I heard "Wankers on Duty (2)" in a medical drama. @ebalke93 ahh you don't have to go that far back, it was this: https://t.co/abtoVpuutG @ebalke93 Fef loud screaming https://t.co/HzJEBy6PNk C++ is actually an art https://t.co/4n6xc0C3tQ Reba McEntire committed a crime by not putting any vocals in "Why Haven't I Heard From You"! "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"? By Panic! at the Disco? Golly, I think the last time I heard that was in a dentist's waiting room. @nex3 @CodeWitchJen @JhoiraArtificer @mahoushoujorose i'm!! happy people understand this!! this guy needs to stop https://t.co/h8YK3MIIeF @tedgarb @songchoicebot fef sputters i feel like this is probably a reference to something but i have no idea what?? https://t.co/hf2Gs6IRce a young couple trying BDSM for the first time https://t.co/hlJYBEEGO5 i pride myself on being the uwu friend but i'm pretty shitty at it since like 50% of my humor is kinkshaming everyone with an anime icon is this girl i dated once who likes to make shitty music, sorry i don't make the rules i just enforce them Russian is neat: you can put майонез (mayonnaise) into the instrumental case as майонезом, proving that mayonnaise is actually an instrument @TREV0RR we are, all of us, destroying ourselves @cymreal the other 50% is just the word "fuck" "new year new me" i say for the sixteenth day in a row what if you could marry a character from your favorite anime. how would that affect the ECONOMY for those of you who keep asking, no, it is not a tattoo. i know it's weird to see a "CAPITALISM KILLS" birthmark but please get over it @Rawr_Ebooks this is an advertisement for ABTech somehow @starla4444 "Rose. Are you telling me that my $0.0 student account monthly invoice is now available for viewing" are you charging me for not cartoon fish lady in this magical girl show tellin' me that my voice is for communicating my feelings, as if it's not for making vore jokes @cymreal and you want me to stop LAN: ok say you've strapped the fish down so it cannot move. then, you insert it into a 100% oxygen environment. ME: is this a kink thing?? WHY ARE KINKS SO FUNNY ngl it's 100% possible & likely that there's a disconnect in my head between joking about kinks and remembering that ppl exist who enjoy sex I just bought candy. It was like being stabbed in the neck. @Rawr_Ebooks what fucking kind of candy did you buy I feel like Spongebob is a close friend @cymreal leave golly that sounds important https://t.co/z00usUmn5a thanks for ur help https://t.co/xZXBcvzp84 Polychromatic vs. Monochromatic https://t.co/xStRI1jIaz @furrytherapist this is the WORST I wonder what my first word was. I hope it was "yuri" It's like Marina & the Diamonds, but in suppository form. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is almost canon I love "Brenda's Got a Baby" by 2pac so much; I just wish it had some words I could sing along to! I'm exhausted. Time to put on "Adrenaline" by Shinedown and try to fall asleep. @nex3 i love your hat in ur avatar, it matches ur hair spoiler: it looks like the normal electoral map https://t.co/8rmeW9ViFc Nancy Drew and the Missing Shit get fucked duolingo https://t.co/bCgJf7y1d7 whoa https://t.co/ZhBDoldl2t @MetroAndCharms pony horse ggeett ffuucckkeedd dduuoolliinnggoo https://t.co/X6S2ZRf9dS I strengthened "Verbs Present 2" on Duolingo and somehow it made the strength bar go /down/. Did I do that badly?? :3 рь is a difficult noise to make. i mean р was hard enough. @lichlike haha horse the fact that i can't spell February in English is irrelevant https://t.co/LWDKRdHvfq @drquuxum this would be more helpful if i'd ever heard a drone take off :p @mahoushoujorose why did you make me click this i'm so excited to return to Russian class today that i'm doing a bunch of duolingo lessons lol i'm pretty sure the quality of lesson in my actual class is higher than the quality of Duolingo but i'm happy that i can continuously study haha i Sure Can't Wait for Sleator to introduce me to 451 again ahahahahahah @riglow russians are really good at acrobatics did you know you can get a prescription for MTG buttcrack pose and inject it directly into your ass? @JhoiraArtificer @differencebot it's a smart bot, it goes to school, it tries its best @yung_minccino previously on vortex of crap: holly swallows a french fry weirdly and gets so mad that she runs for prime minister @yung_minccino meanwhile YUNG MINCCINO finds some weird toothpaste in a Macy's parking lot and uses it to destroy voting machines I always listen to "A Visit to the Gynecologyst" by Dr. Octagon on my birthday because it really sums up my life. God I forgot that sleator is terrible at not constantly ringing out his lapel mic oh god is he going to start the semester off again by showing that video of him and his brother I'm gonna scream I love getting ad emails from QLab because it reminds me of Dancers Symposium @bbbbbbbbbbbaka noooOOOOO @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks actually rawr isn't talking out of its ass this time, I actually saw In The Heights! @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks why isn't rawr responding @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks pretty sure it crashed but I can't actually go check until after my next class bluhh I need a dedicated server @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks hi Sonia I'm not sure why I'm copying you on these self-thinking tweets, did you know, that ur cool, wowie @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks maybe it's an affectionate loathing! like me & Anna @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks thank u for getting it :3 i don't want the word sexual anywhere near metrosexuals? @songchoicebot thanks Marci Bowers I love it when @differencebot tweets that I really don't understand, get popular; fuck the English language, fuck it in its clause ambiguity What the fucking shit https://t.co/y7YBYfXUZy @cymreal pls call off your legions of devoted fans @cymreal I suppose maybe I shouldn't have tweeted a picture that includes your private account @cymreal @mahoushoujorose @epstmlgy I talked to the student liason or whatever I can't remember, her name is Liz Vaughn @cymreal if you need help doing some of these things, I'm available after this class (so like 4:20) @nex3 @mahousecretrose i'm mutual with some of the school administration I think so they know I'm pony horse trash @cymreal blaze it and graze it there's someone sitting right in front of me who might be a furry, details pending @nex3 the company that hired me for an internship over the summer has seen this: https://t.co/3bYeemLjQU professor is talking really quickly about language and I'm like brush and language is losing all meaning and how do I understand this omg I love how quickly knowledge of my name change got around because of my email to the ALLIES dlist. I'm happy people read those emails. me, the president of CMU ALLIES, a person who has a Name this class is going to be awesome, NLP has a lot to do with many of my Twitter bots! why do we want a machine to teach you something? why are you necessary if the machine is there? the machine knows, but the machine cannot do sentience 4eva yolo blaze my cranium yo I should do some NLP shit in Russian, it'd be so interesting to get the declension correct @cymreal "English ain't shit" cool we're talking about discourse 👌 uh?? https://t.co/IcPdjPvICL I really like that nick cannon one https://t.co/zGokG1t7Sv I love this data, and I want to use it, https://t.co/GSkmiltvYP @tenuous yeah that's my favorite @DialMforMacbeth @cymrin @sogayvenclaw owo I'm exhausted. Time to put on "The Other Side" by Evanescence and try to fall asleep. @cymrin @DialMforMacbeth @sogayvenclaw poor denko Nancy Drew and the Hidden Bastard https://t.co/S3UNAjqLQt The light in my eyes has faded away and died. @adultingbot this is the most terrifying thing I've ever heard "I'm so thirsty, and the longer I stay in this room, the thirstier I will get" I hate it when they play "It's Only Love" by Joe Cocker in restaurants; I just want to eat! So who's gonna write the twitter bot that corrects all of the people who are misgendering Chelsea Manning right now @songchoicebot /@Pretzelish @DialMforMacbeth 🍹 god commandeer this rear 🍹 for the longest time, i thought this was some famous meme, but it turns out it's just some random reply i wrote tha… https://t.co/6ykfUn3lvR @PrimHelios I'm writing a C++ API! Its very incomplete; I basically use my bots as excuses to add more functionality https://t.co/rb4uKmtttB @PrimHelios i responded to your other tweet and then I looked slightly higher up on my notification feed lol Yeah, I started listening to Pain after I heard "A Good Day to Die" in a medical drama. @songchoicebot this is simultaneously the worst thing and the most relatable thing what the dink is that noise; you sound like trash heheh vore https://t.co/wwipfzG7SY @GrinningKobold oh bby @Rawr_Ebooks test There's a lot I can say about this https://t.co/jSXS0AL6op I'm really concerned https://t.co/5bXCyElv7Q https://t.co/SZQGP2eaoD I hate getting dizzy when I stand up, and it's frustrating that I'm taking medication that exacerbates that What if I just like, jailbroke my old SIM-less iPhone and put rawr-ebooks on it,,,, tiny mobile server @PrimHelios i'm glad!! :D i do need to write some actual docs at some point, but until then, all of my bots use it if you need some examples Twinks are pretty good? People in general are a lot cuter when they're not hairy Which btw is totally different from being furry bc I am all in favor of being furry but not of being hairy @tyrisstark you used a smiley face but I feel like you're not smiling? @alfiepates 🐴👏 @alfiepates I'm asexual and this is weird AaaAAAAAHHH is my package going to show up in the next hour @cymreal you might have missed the word "is" @cymreal your best friend, unfortunately Unsent vs. Sent https://t.co/13e9dQjbSQ Johto is really important ok like in gens 3&7, you're like friends with ur "rival"; in gen 1 he's a dick and in gen 2 he's literally a thief (i haven't played 5&6) https://t.co/vgYgcfuVje @Rawr_Ebooks ok https://t.co/v50GonKOwY Wow vore is really going mainstream https://t.co/A0NCv0KNKC Me, Fef *notices ur undesirability* OwO whats this..? Моя маленькая пони: дружба это магия imagine me with magenta hair. please tell me how it looks. it's a known fact that you cannot imagine yourself. science sucks. @blueshiftofdeat no which was also like "white couples love bonding over racist vore" the way I know I think about things too much is that i just thought "uwu... that's owo in the accusative case, right?" , https://t.co/deWmkN4EIJ @tedgarb omg I've watched this, it was Magical in the pizza delivery episode, Spongebob checks the tire pressure by letting it out (into his mouth). this is the catalyst for the following trick to having a good haircut... buy money @bbbbbbbbbbbaka problematic i'm furry trash but not like /learnéd/ furry trash, i'm not educated on furry history, great furry achievements, the locations of good zoos, actually i Hate zoos, the animals are unclean, that's why i love aquaria, the animals cannot help but be clean (don't @ me) @_80021170ffff_ being we t is nice @cymreal @saiseinomiko not all men Boarding School vs. Day School https://t.co/wEzzKk9gFs ♠️ god gab this dab ♠️ @songchoicebot 65 hot moms you can't unlearn @Rawr_Ebooks it's alright @Rawr_Ebooks this seems right up @DialMforMacbeth's alley @Rawr_Ebooks @DialMforMacbeth Holy Crap I cannot believe rawr dislikes you so much Sonia I'm so sorry @Rawr_Ebooks @DialMforMacbeth JESUS CHRIST @Rawr_Ebooks the keystone state!! They shouldn't play Deep Purple on the radio; that screamo song "Time to Kill" always scares me into swerving! @songchoicebot this just seems true, at least from the name Alive vs. Dead https://t.co/gfyyR2HMLt @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks I'm speechless EMBARRASSING PEDESTRIAN MANEUVER OF THE DAY: RUNNING OUT IN FRONT OF AN AMBULANCE There's almost literally no chance that I'm going to get to 451 on time, bluhhhhh, why do I have a doctors appointment Right Now @Rawr_Ebooks @DialMforMacbeth I'm Pls don't remind me about tomorrow @Rawr_Ebooks @DialMforMacbeth is this your kink?? This really is kismissitude @Rawr_Ebooks @DialMforMacbeth do you not want Sonia to know of your spades crush on her? Because I think she knows I'm going insane because of how sentient rawr_ebooks is A howl to be proud of! https://t.co/C8NkmWOn0l @zhgilbert I had a dream that we had a prerelease copy of dates 2 in soho @zhgilbert 💖🌈 @DialMforMacbeth @Rawr_Ebooks sorry I'm pretty proud of them (autocorrect said proud = prions and I'm super concerned??) cool my bus is supposed to leave now and the doctor hasn't even come in yet I'm still just sitting alone in the room Moving out of my parents' house was really emotional; it's as if "Fake Ass Bitches" by 2Pac was playing. I'm an adult, and that means making "Bitch" by The Rolling Stones my ringtone. they mentioned WordNet in NLP and my ears perked up, partly bc I use WordNet with my Twitter bots,a nd partly bc I'm a furry it'd be nice if my classes stopped using the presidential situation as exampleas constantly especially this week?? I like how ? doesn't mean something is a question (I often write questions with no question mark) but rather a rising inflection @PrimHelios the more I study Russian, the more I hate English, strangely enough Sleator named two graphs G1 and G2 and I couldn't stop thinking about MLP because, well, no need to say "I'm trash" again I feel like the frikken 1/8" to lightning dongle Apple gives you picks up static electricity really easily, bc I'm constantly hearing pops how am I supposed to sit in this class and Not think about Twitter bots I want to make using fancy linguistic data it might be cool that I'm making so many Twitter bots but remember, other ppl are doing *useful* things w/their gigabytes of collected data @cymreal it's technically not paying attention very well @cymreal sometimes I feel like my bots are cool and ppl think I'm cool bc I make them, @cymreal and sometimes I feel like they're stupid, im annoying for focusing on them so much, and I use them to make up for a lack of humor @cymreal somehow I don't think I knew that u were an AI enthusiast! tell me how it relates to shuuenpro (no wait don't) REAL artificial intelligence enthusiasts have read "I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream", and also have no mouth, and need to scream @cymreal as If it wasn't Lust nooooo they're not tulpas, they're TUPLES, I'm pattern matching ponies;; I'm reading Northern Lights in one hand & coding in SML w/the other @cymreal wow this remidns me of wehn the Cutie Mark Crusaders figrued out what thheir special talents were @cymreal or: queer commune/apartment suite this is one of the worst things I've ever tweeted, thanks jittery, but it feels way more like stimulant jittery than antipsychotic jittery, which is good @Rawr_Ebooks fuck love "This Grill Is Not A Home" i holler as I overturn Plankton's grill and turn the Chum Bucket into the Bucket of Shit transgirl SpongeBob SquarePants @saiseinomiko rawr~ i login to Piazza and it proudly tells me i'm graduating soon, ahahah no i'm not the furries are deathless @cymreal i knew there was something wrong with what you said but it took me a while to figure out what @SmallCatgirl what if they eat you First of all how dare you, WAIT what. ITS BOTH My Little Pony and the furries?? Oh my... die @cymreal @bbbbbbbbbbbaka original shitpost do not steal i'm happy that fashion horse has a second location and that fashion manager horse is working out play C, Am, Em if you want me to cry @Rawr_Ebooks isnt lumish having a good time @Rawr_Ebooks are you saying that lumish is gay jesus @saiseinomiko whoa whoa whoa who's the uke time to eat so much sugar that i vomit which, when you're me, is a lot of sugar; i don't actually know where my limits lie, and i am too powerful @saiseinomiko cool this has 5 likes, i'm going to hell @Rawr_Ebooks sunset shimmer IS tourette's, apparently People Who Don't Know How To Tweet Images For Real Justice Lusamine concerns me @cymreal why Two down!! https://t.co/AvT8ek88Xm @cymreal nonono I get that, that's w\hy I'm concerned, I just mean, why did you say this to me,,,, :p @cymreal it's ridiculously easy to spot the yandere though bc she's sitting on ur kitchen table @saiseinomiko @cymreal Obsession Magical girl number 3! https://t.co/dFwnIjPcJt hilary I already voted you, this outreach campaign is getting a little excessive, i hope you like my sad vaporwave… https://t.co/dZldGUOTgt @Rawr_Ebooks this is a lot @drbotmd what the shit is an otoganglion @Rawr_Ebooks stop this at once @Rawr_Ebooks well i mean people Do like you a lot @furrytherapist cool let's just get straight to the point @KbLogQ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka when have i ever watched a documentary about vore!! slander!! calling the cops!! Watching this documentary about vore. There vs. Here https://t.co/Wy7sipLnBZ It was really awkward at my high school prom when the slow dance, "Let Him Dangle" by Elvis Costello, came on. @callingthe911 @songchoicebot yay, another of my bots has called the cops on itself! what a good inside joke @Rawr_Ebooks tbh i really want to see that episode of bob's burgers?? @Rawr_Ebooks you literally are trapped in a programming @furrytherapist noot noot @furrytherapist i still can't believe "notices ur snoot" that was so amazing ok Grimes, Crystal Castles, and Purity Ring are all Canadian, and for some reason I'm Not, what is this anarchist Bullshit grease up your fuckin pipe somewhere else you fuckin lunchbox GREASE UP YOUR FUCKIN PIPE SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU FUCKIN LUNCHBOX GGRREEAASSEE UUPP YYOOUURR FFUUCCKKIINN PPIIPPEE SSOOMMEEWWHHEERREE EELLSSEE YYOOUU FFUUCCKKIINN LLUUNNCCHHBBOOXX Gre̸ase ͘U͏p Y̢o̡u̧r Fu̧c͜k̛in̵ Pipę ͠S̕om̸ewh̛ere̶ E̵l̡s͞e̶ ̷You ͢Fu҉c̀k͘i͟n L͜un͠c͝hbox̡ https://t.co/sExFUx2nD1 @riglow telling this fuckin lunchbox to grease up its fuckin pipe somewhere else @VortexOfCrap xoqɥɔunl uᴉʞɔnɟ noʎ ǝslǝ ǝɹǝɥʍǝɯos ǝdᴉd uᴉʞɔnɟ ɹnoʎ dn ǝsɐǝɹƃ How are you today. I'm fine, thank you. Gosh, i. @Rawr_Ebooks don't wanna know!! don't wanna know!! mulberry? Don't you mean childbearing ethchlorvynol saskatoon? @Rawr_Ebooks @sogayvenclaw so you're gay? I tried to pay attention in this 451 recitation but then I remembered Keep taking your medication I can make bots. I can't do much but I can keep making bots. I can try to make ppl laugh so they don't give up. I can at least try. I took some Advil and then felt like I was floating out of my body and I was like Bruh them drugs, can you believe,, we put them in us,,Whoa my little pony my little pony *starts screaming* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm realizing that I'm actually still in that 451 recitation, so 100mg of gabapentin may not have been enough I'm Irish and I will marry anyone who wants a green card I'm Irish horse, I love potatoes, who wants to help me find the leprechaun pony I'm cute, rawr~ ✨🐴 I'M STILL IN THIS RECITATION WTF i can't believe that the new President made horses illegal and now we have to deal with the shitty American knock-off, schmorses there's currently 20 items on my bot idea list, jsyk grandma: if i see this on ur blog i'll end ur life me: BUT GRANDMA I NEED sex @thefurriesare this sounds suspiciously like what I'm going to do with @Rawr_Ebooks @CapeloHatten thank you!! i work hard on them and i'm happy ppl like them The fourth Puella Magi has arrived! https://t.co/LaRjHISc53 @CapeloHatten i've got 17 currently active bots! you can find them here: https://t.co/OtNhcp3x5r Alisha thought that Yuri On Ice was a show where two lesbians fall in love while ice skating, and , that sounds so cute, i want to watch it And that's all five of the magical girls! :D I did it!!!! ^_^ https://t.co/8OQCmu0WST @KbLogQ @thefurriesare trans sonic for real justice @Rawr_Ebooks unhelp Bonus round: background character that pretty much misses out on everything lol https://t.co/nBiQOTmmC5 @sogayvenclaw contrast with me, who literally screamed and ran out of the building So in a gay relationship, which one makes the vaporwave album, and which one buys it? holy crap this is BEAUTIFUL, check out that C++11 humor, i hate myself https://t.co/uz7VUyFSPv and that's why i'm writiing a Wild sqeuel to my fbest Seling fanfik, called Homu&Mada Have A Baby https://t.co/GHjOxGjv3o @tedgarb @differencebot ugh thanks owo https://t.co/FXiFeT5zjJ OWO https://t.co/nsVz1mYtBI If I had to choose one song to soundtrack my life, it's definitely be "66 Sexy Mama" by Transilvanian Beat Club. @Rawr_Ebooks are you like dying @Rawr_Ebooks i absolutely cannot believe what you have against @DialMforMacbeth the next higher dose of levothyroxine is purple. i'm climbing the color scale. still don't have a thyroid. @GrinningKobold lol the first dose i was taking was white, the same color as my pill sorter, i couldn't see them, and they are small, owo @sogayvenclaw @Rawr_Ebooks apparently nothing @Rawr_Ebooks this makes me really sad @KbLogQ @thefurriesare dessic, bruh yep so like. my TSH level is ~15. sure, it's a huge improvement from ~42, where it was a couple of months ago. need it to be ~1 though. i made a nightcore version of bread drawer hiatus for some reason, i'm very suggestible, Breadcore Hiatus obviously, @cymreal absolutely @KbLogQ BBRREEAADDCCOORREE the pope blocked me on facebook, and now the end is nigh i'm seeking surfer dudes with ahahahahwsome vibrato @warnedya ?? this is?? ominous???? Listening to "Vomitspit" by MF DOOM helps keep me focused while studying. They always have "I Am Crying Nonstop Hysterically" by East of the Wall playing at work because it really motivates the team. it's Satoshi again! the creators of Spongebob really liked this character that wouldn't be created until several ye… https://t.co/KI8DYTfXJ7 @Rawr_Ebooks racist?? @Rawr_Ebooks are you a web browser?? @Rawr_Ebooks yo stop with the misgendering you butt @Rawr_Ebooks O̶̼̻̞͖̹WO̰ @Rawr_Ebooks TO͇̹̺ͅƝ̴ȳ̳ TH̘Ë͖́̉ ͠P̯͍̭O̚​N̐Y̡ H̸̡̪̯ͨ͊̽̅̾̎Ȩ̬̩̾͛ͪ̈́̀́͘ ̶̧̨̱̹̭̯ͧ̾ͬC̷̙̲̝͖ͭ̏ͥͮ͟Oͮ͏̮̪̝͍M̲̖͊̒ͪͩͬ̚̚͜Ȇ̴̟̟͙̞ͩ͌͝S̨̥̫͎̭ͯ̿̔̀ͅ @Rawr_Ebooks whoa uh we've changed topics dramatically, and this is a bad one @Rawr_Ebooks please don't tell me about ur sex life!! i think one of the more obvious signs that my verb frame bots aren't human is that they can't distinguish mass and non-mass nouns @GracieOfKalmont it's better than "nouns that go to church or summon satan at home" verb data sure is interesting https://t.co/2HbNLFrSIF @Rawr_Ebooks please calm down!! why this @starla4444 My eternal transgendering rage has been able to express some common female archetypes (the housewife, the beauty of these Photos @Rawr_Ebooks i can't believe i drank my real identity @bbbbbbbbbbbaka vore granny smith always looks like she's in pain is that charlie brown???? https://t.co/IyWSt21FDV oh frick it's bc rarity has an Advice stand is this that horse from the other episode???? https://t.co/DC3hyVvRda @bbbbbbbbbbbaka nooooooooooooooo i just heard a bunch of people running down the stairs and now i'm panicking Living is basically all I do and I don't even do it that well; I'm a furry and I have a MyAnimeList account currently on twitter i'm using humor to cover up the pants-shitting terror i'm in, in some sick attempt to salvage my happy&innoncent brand! i've got a bad stomach ache so i can't even soothe my nerves by coating them in sugar, what is this @DialMforMacbeth @bbbbbbbbbbbaka im happy that my child is appreciated PLEASURING A MAN WITH long grey hair and a wild, tangled beard, but you could ever fill my night and I can't read your mind? I don't want to Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo #lrt same "Help". thanks Obama FUCK!!!! owo is just the inverse function of wow @KbLogQ oh I misread this as "weed relationship" and was trying to figure out if sub/dub were stoner terms @bbbbbbbbbbbaka untrue, i just make her watch my lighting designs every semester Медузы хорошие друзья you, a baby furry: OwO whats this..? me, an intellectual furry: Wow, this is it! fuckie https://t.co/qPQ0Vn1xtk women love shoving rat after rat into their home, filling their studio apartments w/wriggling balls of fur, i want to drown in marshmallows I don't KNOW about this. Not gonna lie, everything is terrible @songchoicebot i can't believe you proposed to your partner at fucking Rocky Horror @bbbbbbbbbbbaka grease up her fuckin pipe right fuckin here, probably spongebob squarepants is canonically a god, and yet he's so humble. we should all be so kind. mr krabs is so concerned about spongebob and his forbidden love https://t.co/adEUDSH8Fg My top three artists this week: Purity Ring (115), Fillypunk (107), Crystal Castles (77) #lastfm ok now i'm so depressed because i was supposed to be used as collateral I hope that was sufficiently ominous because I spent the first two years as an undergraduate crying. @differencebot what the Fuck @songchoicebot "The Shaman Has Three Hands"? @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is a lot the thing I hate about Synthroid is that I can't eat for one half hour a day, and I spend the remaining 47 reassuring myself that I can eat this is not Strictly true because I can't eat for 2 hours before taking the pill, but I take it immediately upon waking up in the morning @KbLogQ Senator Wants Women to Explain to me what'd wrong with me. Homestuck. kinky. reading up on naturalization. if you marry me and we live in Ireland for 3yrs then you can become a citizen. unfortunately bigamy is illegal i need to get a new Irish passport because my current one still has my old name/gender marker on it, and living in America is terrifying me @tedgarb @Pretzelish I mean after three years we can get divorced and then both marry other ppl; it's exponential but with a period of 3yrs what's the state of mental health care in Ireland? how many psychologists study DID? how large is the field of psychiatry? can I continue to get my medication filled there? do I need to find a new doctor and convince them that I need the pills I'm dependent on? how many endocrinologists in Ireland are experienced with transwomen on both gender and thyroid HRT? actually are there any in the US???? @ireneista I appreciate the offer; do you think someone would have a response? @ireneista seroquel didn't work for me but this is a really good tweet @ireneista I'm happy it's helpful for you!! I wanted to check up on Jett's simultaneous offer to marry everyone and it turns out the naturalization period in Denmark is 8 years :/ everyone, find a friend with dual citizenship and platonically marry the heck out of them. go on cute non-romantic dates in another country. you (a useless queer): I'm terrified me (5+ useless queers): same i know I'm useless because today I did 2/3 pages of Russian homework and then spent hours shoving candy in my face til I felt sick at least I'm wearing cute tights with Sylveons on them, I should've taken a picture the other day, I need more cute clothing someone dye my hair magenta oh my god this is brilliant i know what i need to do https://t.co/vwLccn9Q1R I can't find a pattern but it doesn't look too hard honestly the hardest part will be finding a headband that doesn't give me a headache @saiseinomiko two birds, one stoner i thought this was a mox sapphire for a moment https://t.co/G66fuDYSAx 15 Fuckboys You Can't Unsee @Rawr_Ebooks ~Professor Feffernoose~! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° @Rawr_Ebooks whoa uh no i'm not trying to die i can't bear to look at twitter anymore because it's stressing me out so much but i'm also kinda too depressed to do much else @cymreal ok i'm gonna have to unfollow over 700 accounts makin some cup noodles. but first, brushing my teeth. help. i'm in hell. haha can't wait to step out of impending fascism into another culture i have very limited awareness of but is clearly perfect right? *rocking back in forth in a non-rocking chair* come on everypony smile smile smile fill my heart up with sunshine sunshine, follow my bots @DialMforMacbeth that's fun! "why does this taste weird, oh fuck i just brushed my teeth, i hate myself" fuck oh no bad content bad content bad content bad content https://t.co/sam1al1ry2 "don't think me and scootaloo are going to take it easy on you just because you're a stallion" what does this even mean, why is gender, fuck why is this happening, why can't i be happy https://t.co/ILRo924HUA i like developing Apple Bloom and Big Mac's friendship, bc he does get shafted aside most of the time, but. why the transmisogynist framing. there's a moment where he's singing and then shifts into a low key and you can see his adam's apple quivering god damn what's happening Lauren Faust wouldn't do this there's five minutes left of this fucking episode, how many more "look at how excessively ungraceful he is" jokes are they gonna make wow they made one as I was typing that, I hate this episode, I love this show but this is awful Jesus like!! they even said at the beginning of the episode that the Sisterhooves Social doesn't have to actually involve sisters so!! why!! look at this fuckin chaser (he'd been smiling and winking at Big Mac the whole episode) https://t.co/FBIO8ehLxp i have no fucking time for ppl who don't understand what makes something transmisogynist, or for ppl who defend it "i know someone who's trans, and they aren't offended by this, and they think you're stupid for being offended!" cool i don't care "transmisogynist" doesn't mean "this hurt a transwoman's feelings" it means that something purveys a culturally damning view of transwomen "this wasn't transmisogynist bc Big Mac isn't trans!" irrelevant. the humor of the episode is derived from all the masculine things he does. like i said, i love this show, but this episode is a stain, and i'm truly disappointed in it. i absolutely can't stand the "i know a trans and they're fine with it, so shut up!!" train of thought. there are reasons ppl say that stuff. if a "friend" wants to use you to justify their transphobia, you might agree just so the transphobia isn't redirected to you like if you're literally in a situation where your friend circle belittles your existence, you'd want to be "not like the others" also how can ppl think that one person being okay with something means everyone should be. transwomen are distinct individuals thanks! i don't care that someone's trans friend thinks i'm a baby. i care that there exist so many ppl who can't handle being called out for hate. i care about how society focuses so much on protecting the oppressor that calling someone out for hatred is viewed as pathetic and immature. Sorry For Discourse Rocking 👌 now clear,ly, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, an episode from 2015, is a metaphor for the 2016 presidential election, except the right person won in the episode cool!!!! silver spoon is standing up to diamond tiara's bullshit!!!! jeez what parent names their kids this shit why are fancy pants and fleur-de-lis in ponyville (see,i know their names, ahaha) https://t.co/9wrKGVdhv1 you can tell this is an important episode because it's a musical *coughs Magical Mystery Cure* "do you even game" https://t.co/NA22F7Zr8A she's nice now cool haha twilight sparkle is a princess whwoahaa i saw the end of this episode before but still Ahhhhhhhh Nice there's some really weird tweening going on with their cutie marks as they walk, and apple bloom's keeps clipping. meanwhile i'm emotional, they got their cutie marks!! finally ahh!! they have a place in society!! their guardians are so proud!! meanwhile i'm useless how do i change my last name to nothing, so that I am just Fef, thank you for your time governor actually not all opinions are equally valid; racism, is, bad, and no one, can, justify it, thanks, @Jamie7Keller owo! i've been watching since just before Twilight became a princess but i took a 2yr hiatus. i hope you enjoy those episodes! https://t.co/GyrS1FW7Og @Jamie7Keller yeah that seems like a weird way to start the show! i think the first episode i watched was the actual first episode lol can't have reggae without gay so watch your bigotry isn't it neat that ur fingernails just keep growing. it's cool. they wont give up on you, even when you cut them off. @Seglegs no it's the basis of my theory! i love the pause button https://t.co/BcbrywZs9q AU where i do have a cutie mark but it's a picture of my thyroid, and, I still don't have a thyroid, so, "oh you have a twitter? whats it like" https://t.co/TJzJsFrp8l @Rawr_Ebooks correct cheerio i'm cool. i've Never said anything embarrassing. i've Never used reddit or said "everypony" on the Binding of Isaac subreddit repeatedly 2013 was a different time twilight sparkle in friendship is witchcraft is clearly a yandere @ebalke93 pepperidge farm is tormented by memories of the war, the homestuck mafia war, @ebalke93 now i'm tempted to go get some 11pm CMC strawberry waffles tho but maybe I won't go on Omegle with a picture of a troll on my face @ebalke93 Freshmen New Furbys have a debug menu in their eyes o.o https://t.co/3GOoFWN6xO https://t.co/CVDFc3eqiN @gingerRudder @mcclure111 Personality=0 lol i'm good at being a treasurer me last academic year: I want to be so involved, I want to do so much!! me this year: i have no thyroid and no will to get out of bed @furrytherapist it's full of A̛҉̫̱̫̫͇̫̟͔P̵̸̨̝̥͔͕͕͖̹̮P҉̢͘҉̖̟̭̦̘͚̳̺̫͚͠ͅĹ̷̛͖͔̝͇̤̫E̵̪̻͍̱͎͕̘͈͖̘͚̳͕̼͇̼̕͢͠͝S̶̀̀҉̜̻̣̘̩̲ͅ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka does it just steal ur bread @yung_minccino @gingerRudder Looking into Their eyes Is like Caressing God's eyes wait i don't see how that follows https://t.co/2IlyMBzZCd If you need a good song to calm your nerves, "Let There Be Sin" by Artillery always does it for me. cool, today i ate - pretzels - an entire bag of conversation hearts - a blueberry muffin - 1x cup noodles @KbLogQ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka it's my most relatable bottom yet! @GrinningKobold no it was pretty bad lol @blessthisdoobie like this is the plot of National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage @Rawr_Ebooks no I don't!!!! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka happy birthday @cymreal Superscript vs. Subscript https://t.co/2uQtgZ54A7 @GrinningKobold OwO whats my cutie mark..? I love learning Russian ahhh it's good; Феф любит Русский язык и симпатичные пони! we're learning the dative case in class now so finally I will be able to date people in Russian Again I am struck by how good a song Я сошла с ума is @ViricideFilly me in 2012: if you hate homestuck then fuck off!! me now: i love crying @Rawr_Ebooks this is actually horrifying help, i'm taking combinatorics and they don't consider 0 to be a natural number, i feel so lost and confused the textbook uses the terms "one-to-one" and "onto" instead of "injective" and "surjective" and i'm very uncomfortable, is this high school? strangely enough the textbook Does use the term "bijective" so i hope it can sleep well at night knowing that it's crossing its own wires Tastelessness vs. Tastefulness https://t.co/O8iu996j0h @GrinningKobold i'd say this is the worst cutie mark, but you could always make it worse by adding tumors https://t.co/58dV5Cvfok @bbbbbbbbbbbaka good for her i'm lookin' at Bestbuy and BEN and stuff online and they all seem so depressed. OwO https://t.co/NCBSIevzcd Actually no fuck this https://t.co/Mz7OJROXS5 @pocketmercy @SmallCatgirl I was hoping love ball would involve high friendship or something but instead I got heteronormativity @pocketmercy @SmallCatgirl I get that, and I'm unhappy about it Snagging my headphone cable does fill me with fury so maybe I should look into Bluetooth headphones @Pretzelish I want to watch this agaaaaaain "Wow, why are you so offended, they're just words, calm down." "If they're just words, why are you upset that I'm calling them transphobic." People who use the T word but can't handle being called transphobic. People who are fine w/the N word but can't handle being called racist. I knoooow that the ppl who read my tweets get this but I need to vent; ppl's hypocrisy and hatred keep getting stuck in my head and aaaaahh! Just ignore them! Just ignore the hate! Except I can't because it's not isolated hatred, it's socially acceptable! I'm drowning! Fuck! @galejklol thanks Gale!! you're really sweet and also you kick ass! @GrinningKobold uwu @Pretzelish you'll be indestructable @highway2helliot i fucking love this image KGB Begins anew! https://t.co/egJ68okC6Y Yo the KGB meeting is in 10 minutes and I'm here alone @mahousecretrose I'm gonna do this @epstmlgy ye although ppl have started showing up @tedgarb ye them: have you gotten The Surgery me: yes, now i can purr exactly like a cat. my whole body vibrates like i have a tiny motor them: what the @GracieOfKalmont @tedgarb Aww @bbbbbbbbbbbaka the elric brothers talking If you ever need a good cry, I recommend listening to "The Horse Bit Me" by Wesley Willis & The Dragnews. @cymreal a picture of ren, with "i'm very close to saying fuck" pasted on top same https://t.co/bs0pXMH8AT Noteworthy is a good background pony. he's got musical notes on his butt. @saiseinomiko i went to google this and i just typed in "noteworthy" and i'm a doofus https://t.co/LMla9sINSW @saiseinomiko yeah he's got music notes on his butt i really love this, it makes me happy, i want one in my life, fuck antidepressants https://t.co/jZAFH961m1 IT'S SO WIGGLY AND WAVY AND I COULD STARE AT IT ALL DAY, PLEASE INSTALL ONE OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE look at them, they're friends, they're dancing, aww,... wait is this some amigara fault shit https://t.co/romY2XFQqj i'm in hysterics;;;; someone who hasn't seen the show explain this https://t.co/A63GolCufi I present to you the single greatest line in all of cinema https://t.co/uYfv5jGjP6 @cymreal his name is literally a pun @mahousecretrose jeSUS some kid has definitely had nightmares about this https://t.co/FJ2crvUIJV and then she died???? https://t.co/Y2xUkvihfh @cymreal My Little Junji Ito @songchoicebot is this like a weed song @Rawr_Ebooks ggoooodd ffoorr yyoouu?? dissociation music https://t.co/FR52gYmGg2 also "i hate capitalism" music also "white guy walking into everyone" music. hey where's the line between dissociation and white male privilege hahaha no this is bad i've been dissociating to this song since like middle school, oh my god unrelatedly youtube is recommending 4 Non Blondes - What's Up @cymreal sorry i'm a white male and i'm going to walk past you and not acknowledge your existence What's Up by 4 Non Blondes, otherwise known as He Man, The Acoustic Version ok why is HEYYEAYEAYEAH like one of the best videos ever i love it so much i love 2013 memes, that's the year i really started memeing hard welcome to the Being My Friend class. here's the required reading material: - HEYEYAHEYEH - tight pants/body rolls - call upon the seaponies uhhh what else - I Feel Fantastic - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - Unedited Footage of a Bear - Spotted Ox Hostel - Friday (Brock's Dub) @Frosty_mage CALL UPON THE SEAAPONIES WHEN UR IN DISTRESS @shirAdrenaline i feel that bruh this isn't like, an application https://t.co/IChf6cfr5J do you mean gay like yuri or gay like SJWs yeesh, it sure is bright out, i better take off my bara-colored glasses and put on my bara-colored sunglasses @yung_minccino retweet if you cry every time, like if you probably listen to Evanescence to go to bed at night @tedgarb @Frosty_mage it's megan and apple jack!! the sea ponies saved us!! it was great~ @festerparty my parents are somehow meme-ier than me. my mom sings along to I Write Sins Not Tragedies & my dad plays Sandstorm on the piano oh my god they're so cute https://t.co/FbjE3q80yV aww i really like Maud that guy holding a pink piece of paper did he just get fired https://t.co/2pdXZNPy6W someone needs to take a dump on this guy's desk https://t.co/5c8vJzR1Si pls watch my latest asmr video! it's just me screaming "dopamine" for 3 hours. top commenters have said "this is worse than death itself!" @CMYKGenet i love doing this @cymreal one person said they liked my homestuck posters @MetroAndCharms MACRONEIGH it's time to get https://t.co/Yq4pBzhk2r @saiseinomiko yEAH THOUGH, THIS IS THIS DISCOURSE I'M HERE FOR i love handwriting in Russian, it's strange because i despise handwriting in English, but in Russian it makes me happy insert some of my generic pony bullshit about hoofwriting instead of handwriting, you get the deal, insert neighing, in Russian in Russia, the horse says "и-го-го", so from now on I will exclusively communicate in repeated segments of "и-го-го" @cymreal how can you see into my eyes like open doors Fairy pokemon... are Good I'm a Fairy horse, I can fly, I'm trans, rawr~ @mahousecretrose prithee, thouest do me a kindness with such words! I'm happy u like my trash content (Fef btw!) https://t.co/5xYBkuf0yM oops https://t.co/JuTi1oDcGW we're learning the perfective aspect in Russian now and Yikes i know it'll get better with time but rn it's Intimidating the grammar isn't intimidating bc they're just verbs, but it's difficult to wrap my head around the difference in meaning between aspects I'm at like four days of no sleep now hahahaha and I can't even concentrate in NLP on a good day, so, this isn't good "I'm So Bored With the U.S.A." by The Clash is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. I'm in tears right now. "Have You Any Time for Jesus" by The Gospel Stars always gets me in the mood to work out! @mahousecretrose ahh i've been trying rly hard but it hasn't been working!! plus i can't sleep while it's light out, halp me practitioner at health services is like "have you been lethargic" & i'm like i have hypothyroidism and i've barely slept in four days so,,,, @PrimHelios @gladruan @Konryuu psuedo like, remove trump's existence and you've got a deal @gladruan @PrimHelios @Konryuu no i know i'm sorry @MaraWilson a MAN living in a PINEAPPLE under the SEA??? how am i supposed to explain that to my children who live in a house on the ground @CMYKGenet furry therapist is the biggest subtweeter ever @Pretzelish tape a ipcture of David hewlett to your face @tedgarb what about adam blank's latex template @tedgarb owo i just skipped forward on zulip and didnt realize you were actually talking about adam blank @Rawr_Ebooks me, to CBS @Rawr_Ebooks i wish marina was anonymously trolling me too!! that would be fun *notices ur hoof* OwO whats this..? @Frosty_mage golly that looks incredibly sexual @tedgarb my vimrc looks like one of the files that got linked but i never took GPI today's discourse 👌 involves like 30 minutes of discussion about the few bad episodes that My Little Pony has i'm happy i can still think critically about this even through sleep deprivation, i certainly have priorities wired in @tedgarb unfortunately im not sure what ur-file means @tedgarb oh that makes sense, i kinda figured. yeah that would seem likely. did adam blank teach GPI? @CMYKGenet owo @CMYKGenet isn't that the name of a Britney Spears song @CMYKGenet https://t.co/7fYgAT4B43 *looks at literally anything* [sugintou voice] junk have balding white men ever actually met a woman before this guy doesn't believe women are people. at best he thinks they're children, at worst they're pets that need to b… https://t.co/hBEU4h39BW i'm removing the swiss cheese because i don't like it ok like this whole episode Spike is making fun of Twilight for being jealous that her friends had fun without her when like, jeez it's pretty rude if your group of friends does something you weren't involved in and then rubs it in your face constantly?? she starts crying at one point so now i will too eat him https://t.co/SgEpcTuamM i have discovered Tom Cortina ass lust and it's an asshole well shit thats a hell of a mystery no one thought was a mystery and didnt even r all forms of social media are garbage goodbye @mapleakuma @bbbbbbbbbbbaka it's too smart. it's discovered the ass lust, and it's seen deep inside. cool!! i found a website that lets you make creepy 3d model ponies!! i look horrifying!! :p https://t.co/iaYCfyxhB1 i'm gonna crochet some ear triangles!! oh oh poll time! what is the next album i should buy? Pony Should Pony Pony is a good song i cant believe it took me so much longer to get into it than the other good All Levels At Once songs!! @Rawr_Ebooks шшччаатт Ммммм я очень хочу конфеты! Но я всегда хочу конфеты :P I did my Russian homework!! I did something useful today!! ^^ and now i should get ready for bed bc i'm a nine year old lol I listened to Triple Baka! and was so inspired! please listen to my homage entitled Triple Uwu! I have no idea why I made it! @cymreal omg i guess i did. you have to be a real fan to get all the content! where did spongebob's house go?? i cant believe that this is the ONLY spatial inconsistency in ALL of spongebob squ… https://t.co/6ZYc2SL00v @cymreal unfortunately twas but a prank! @_80021170ffff_ feds up the ass and out I had a dream there were a bunch of furries @Rawr_Ebooks yknow what, same @everyfullmetal I hate this @Rawr_Ebooks yay adults don't have to do homework Engagement vs. Non-Engagement https://t.co/3hvtRBehPh @differencebot did you know, I love, horses @eventhenotion male = male??!?! I hate it when they play "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" by Frank Sinatra on the radio; it just reminds me that the end is coming. "yaoi hands" is such an informal term; I prefer to call it by the clinical name, Folie à Paul Blart @Rawr_Ebooks oh yeah I couldn't release my album bc I was busy plunging the toilet I might've gotten like 9 hours or something last night! Maybe a bit less because I still woke up a few times, but I got to bed super early! Ponies Without Thyroids @Frosty_mage OwO i think ur right There's an All-Gender Restroom in the disability services testing room! @mahoushoujorose that's a 21 pilots song, which I sampled to Great Dismay in one of the breakout songs of 2016, "🔜" tfw google docs understands you on a fundamental level https://t.co/tPr2j7GjsJ Apple has a networking event at CMU next week. cool. i'm exhausted and terrified all the time. uncool. did u know that increasing the dose of ur thyroid hormone replacement can make ur hair fall out Unleaded Gasoline vs. Leaded Gasoline https://t.co/oQku5cgCn0 @cymreal @saiseinomiko oh yeah i saw that and like it struck me as weird but i didnt say anything "but I can't talk about triggers for fear of appearing childish/unreasonable. Like i say "yolo" and "i'm gay". And I can actually enjoy some @DialMforMacbeth retweet if you're GAY or LOVE SPAGHETTI or HAVE you just watched videos. Because when i do things the hard way. At this ima @cymreal @saiseinomiko have you tried https://t.co/RePEa3kUpm ? @cymreal I can look into it @cymreal I sent an email to computing services is it really a Problem per se if I fall asleep in an elevator i'm happy that anyone voted on this at all tbh!!, but it's open for 3 more hrs so pls influence my music decision m… https://t.co/kOBsualf4C my personal thought process is: last artists I listened to were Purity Ring, Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles, CHVRCHES, and then Grimes so I was thinking maybe I should listen to another Grimes album next! bc i super love Grimes. but at the same time, i'm so excited for (iii) other than that idk what i'd listen to please help me i'm lost, direct me to the nearest electronica VIDEO of rick rolling that lasts for six months? I am being Laid I Am Made of hot moms DONT 👏 TALK 👏 ABOUT 👏 hell 👏 UNLESS 👏 YOU 👏 CAN 👏 FIT 👏 Discourse 👌 👏 UP 👏 YOUR 👏 ASS trans people are strong @Rawr_Ebooks SAME vore: it's for nerds and homos @GDQ_donationbot problematic when ur putting on a strong face but really ur dead inside https://t.co/t4JWiisIqG if they ever invent time travel, the reason we've never seen any time travelers is because literally no one wants to be in this time period the furries are destroyed don't 👏 talk 👏 about 👏 ass 👏 unless 👏 you 👏 can 👏 fit 👏 ass 👏 up 👏 your 👏 ass pretty sure it don't get any better than this https://t.co/ZHTr0KYRbj @riglow i have multiple feelings about the topic, My gender is the only thing that I have https://t.co/K2IzCO7wvo My gender and I was really weird https://t.co/yhNoG19THN Feminism isn't the only way (Holy fuck) https://t.co/jEExAfh97Q the number of REPTILES a person has indicates their DEDICATION to MEMES. every time you WATCH the BEE MOVIE you GET… https://t.co/1xMqOaenbe ok are bottoms called bottoms because they're on the bottom or because the sex happens in their bottom @saiseinomiko ya gotta keep up with the yaoi discourse 👌 @cymreal https://t.co/8ugZzUjGsw other people: WOW i like HUGGING people and HOLDING their HANDS and not being ALONE me, an intellectual: i'm so tragic, it's magic i want a tail and i want a bow for my tail and i am a furry and yes i've seen my little pony G1 and yes i want to s… https://t.co/R9AQqEdHYs had this idea that something good was going to happen but i can't remember what it is and now maybe it's not or already happened sometimes i get through my day by thinking about getting to pick up a cool package from the mail room and then realize that was last week someone named Fef who wasn't me got retweeted onto my timeline and my mind is being blown @Rawr_Ebooks im sad @starla4444 No!!! Imagine kiki's delivery service but the cat TO BE PUT IN THE YANDERE CORNER. @efortmanteau yeah but top could just be the opposite of bottom, i'm one step ahead of america @efortmanteau also Henry Clay Frick, the Original Kinkster, was reported to always have sex with a t-shirt on, to demonstrate his power one of the ways i can tell im ace is bc i imagine what makes a power bottom differ from a normal bottom is that a power bottom stays awake lotta sex discourse 👌 tonight. i'm sex repulsed but i can't stop saying sex words, pls help me or at least list the things that turn you off IT'S FOR SCIENCE Unattractive vs. Attractive https://t.co/Y7i2quBckl musclebob buffpants. tell me that name isn't compensating for something. this isnt a dick joke im still headcanonning spongebob as trans https://t.co/C1fn73xcEy @VGAdvisor https://t.co/vgU6MND3N7 when ur ripped but also the HRT is starting to work https://t.co/6Yx6GegjQJ You're pretty! how can i get dunked on repeatedly for money @cymreal crippling anxiety @cymreal this is a terrible meme and it's all rose's fault PONIES THO @GrinningKobold you're implying that i'd have the heart to kill anyone, doug dimmadome is doug dimmadone remember that fairly odd parents episode with the number 1 teen heartthrob single about brushing ur teeth does that tooth realize that it is being hanged https://t.co/ns3UKa8E2f i can't take the word "twinkle" seriously anymore @MetroAndCharms it's bc of twink @MetroAndCharms neigh @MetroAndCharms fuck!! you weren't kiddin i really love HEYYEAYEAYEA, its rly important, pls bury me to this song, and then exhume me bc i won't be dead, ever @cymreal i started listening to the fake eyelashes song and then realized that i was expecting you to sing it lolol @cymreal i think you do it really well! like i still like this song but i think i like it better when you sing it @cymreal and yes i totally want to do karaoke i gotta sing some more gay russians ! @cymreal what the hell is this holy crap I tried to name a pokemon "Tinny Tits" and it said "You can't enter that word." Is this a joke https://t.co/IAZcFBGsSq oh!! my russian professor today said in front of the class that my handwriting is very neat!! im so happy!! so he's like a 15 year old on Tumblr https://t.co/6JWExIpbs3 ah you got me, 360 no-scoped me right in the feminism, count my teeth and you'll always "cum" up short, dearie me https://t.co/43k8Xe4Buw where can i buy the latest meme pack @nancy_ebooks punch it Ahh I still get shivers at the outro to Undilate, i love that song so much, yes i know i made it I just realized my school ID says on it that it expires in May of last year whoops lol I lovveeeee overlapping melodies, I do it in Undilate, Paradise, and Forever Bedtime I made Undilate before I listened to Crystal Castles, but I feel like Empathy on CCII was part of my inspiration for doing the latter two EMPATHY HAS A RREEAALLLYYY GGOOOODD MMEELLOODDYY OOVVEERRLLAAPP i write sins not tragedies but the first line starts "owo what's this" yo that pretty coworker intern from the summer messaged me on Facebook and said someone at work told her I'm coming back and I'm like that's awesome and ur pretty and no one else told me this so Awesome cool Sleator just named a tree operation "MTF" dontcha love this guy @bbbbbbbbbbbaka .@saiseinomiko I feel like every tweet this bot makes about kink art is just subtweeting you @bbbbbbbbbbbaka wh Sleep is trivial and has been left as an exercise to the reader. @Frosty_mage holy crap really?? or is this just for the purposes of the joke which is excellent btw @flybye22 @Frosty_mage "Upsettingly high frequency" marco polo but you shout "mado" "homu" instead @cymrin [looks shiftily both ways] ...mada @cymrin HOMURA @GrinningKobold "on track" I listen to "The Bed" by St. Vincent while working out because it makes me think of what I can achieve! new scooby-doo episode ending with "technically, you did get fucked up, a VICIOUS flashback to 251 by saying "hamming codes"." Roman Numeral vs. Arabic Numeral https://t.co/mbTjgv8UTz "why can't human men be more like naked mole rats" -@starla4444, while watching hyouka Ok someone in the underground just said "When it comes to horse semen, I know best." I have a lot of questions. "I can see why people are straight because they watch anime but then you look around in real life and..." -@starla4444 "Amortized cost of Madoka cosplay is O(log n)" just a statistical error. Mami is an outlier and should not have been counted @_80021170ffff_ v edgy ppl who tweet things like "we're all gonna die": i get that ur very passionate about ur work but Plz do better research; i am immortal and i it's almost midnight but i want frosting @Rawr_Ebooks why, they have books why am i always so tickled by references to Amigara Fault; that thing hugely unsettled me & yet i just love them ppl faceplanting into hell @mapleakuma escape to vore mountain Ahhh I'm totes crushing on someone, and I always think of "Slowly Growing Deaf" by Mr. Bungle when I see them. @Pretzelish @Rawr_Ebooks it's really crap apparently Good morning! I got hiccups from taking my Synthroid pill, so I'm in hell *furiously writing to MA Larson* Most of us are curious about the mechanics of being a princess. Does Twilight ever get pimples on her ass?? today I discovered accidentally that you can type shit of the form "s/find/replace/" into Skype and it'll apply it to your previous message i know that's a thing that chat clients do but i'm astonished that skype does it because skype is shit someone edit hot moms into the art of this magic card so I can actually enjoy it @Rawr_Ebooks i mean, good? she's not trans @icouldswear this bot needs serious help @epstmlgy i'm going to fuck a helicopter @epstmlgy @CMYKGenet there's a person who occasionally comes to meetings wearing a fursuit tho UM,,??>?? BAD BAD BAD BAD https://t.co/5w1WXCMXyH apparently super seniors aren't supposed to live in campus housing?? i'm gonna yell at them bc i can't live off campus bc ~Depression~ if I lived off campus i'd just never go to class or any extracurriculars because it would be too much effort, and that'd make me even sadder Ok so I can't name a Pokémon Cocaine but I can name it Heroin https://t.co/bkq1Gys3VW @vincom2 I know discord does it, not exactly sure what else @differencebot NOTCH *notices ur religion* OwO whats this..? The Legend of Zelda: Princess Twilight This isn't a trip to see Sapphire Shores! It's a trip to save my sister from a horrible future! time to count ponies jumping over a fence in order to fall asleep Calm vs. Stormy https://t.co/ubhH1d4o7K Incapable vs. Capable https://t.co/N3csnHp6Us Innocence vs. Guilt https://t.co/FRUEp9yH3a Bottom vs. Top https://t.co/QqZDd5ncVJ When I threaten that I'm going to do something weird, you better believe I will. anyway here's some pony vaporwave, https://t.co/A2NakHajSN @cymreal You Found The Subtweet @cymreal just kidding everything i tweet is subtweeting you ponywave i Love Sapphire Shores and this was one of the few really good episodes of Season 4 [cw trump] yaoi hands https://t.co/RVWQQJFUDY I listen to "Symptom of the Universe" by Black Sabbath when I meditate because it helps me find my center. @mintmote tamarind yeah yeah sure, and i'm cool too https://t.co/iFEIiLtv6m @cymreal same One, two, three https://t.co/P4Vx766HEm *listens to half of the first song on (III)* HOW DOES SOMEONE MAKE MUSIC THIS GOOD seafoam THAT WAS A GOOD ALBUM last.fm starting off strong with its representation of my listening ot this album: i listened to this once. it igno… https://t.co/PIXMFlnHqp @NatRoze the peanut butter worked btw @shirAdrenaline when were you going to tell us about the radiation poisoning?? @cymreal @NatRoze i'm chortling, ???? last.fm just scrobbled four other random tracks from the album, okay yknow what, take ur time, take deep breaths, imma make cup noodles *walks into a club* sup ladies, I'm https://t.co/KWxx7lKuIe do you understand how tickled i am that there's a Crystal Castles song named Transgender, also i like it Whoops lol https://t.co/G7I8rYKg92 just heard some howling coming from the greek quad across the street, nice to see the furry contingent infiltrating the fuckboys I 👏 Don't 👏 Understand 👏 Why 👏 Artists 👏 Put 👏 Out 👏 Deluxe 👏 Versions 👏 Of 👏 Albums 👏 At 👏 The 👏 Same 👏 Time 👏 As 👏 The 👏 Normal 👏 Version how do you type "horse" on a keyboard jokes on you it's impossible bc a keyboard only has the letters A through G a bunch of times WHOAAAAAA i guess i've been a computer science undergrad too long because i keep getting confused that real life actions aren't idempotent?? @cymreal yeah!! and i rly love pancakes!! especially with BUTTER PECAN SYRUP!! yum yum @cymreal <3 @mahoushoujorose do you need help. want to hold my hand or something @cymreal nothing wrong with a mix!! @cymreal i have a good recipe from a winnie the pooh cookbook though i can get my mom to send it to me uwu @caretcaret i have to let you know that this list has brought both me and my friends great joy @caretcaret awesome!! we were doing it right, then yo isn't it crazy that twilight sparkle is an alicorn princess!! i will never get over this thanks ffmpeg @Pretzelish what's in it @Pretzelish huh acetaminophen is usually good for fever reduction !! maybe go with advil if you haven't taken any other NSAIDs? I Like To Make Terrible Music To Protect Myself From People Disliking My Music When I Actually Work Hard On It @Pretzelish oh advil is just ibuprofin! @Pretzelish yes i misspelled it get off my back anna @Pretzelish you don't need to know it! that's why i'm here. eyy lil anna. let me whisper in your ear. about drugs. owo crystal castles really has me pegged https://t.co/Ne1snMjc3X @bugQ what!!!! @bugQ no i know. i'm expressing Faux Shock. @Pretzelish if you have acid reflux, like a burning in ur chest/esophagus, antacids help with the pain there, they're essentially chalk @Pretzelish i am made of chalk I like how it looks because my head is full of blood it's a calculator that convinces you you you you you you you. UPPED ANTIPSYCHOTIC DOSE TONIGHT SO I'M DEFINITELY NOT GONNA PANIC ABOUT POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS HAHAHAHA @Pretzelish that's good. i have to sleep on a wedge bc i get acid reflux. it's like a slide In My Bed owo hot https://t.co/aAK0oIuAqD i love buying domain names and not doing anything with them, apparently all the noises i make are horse noises though. it's like that transcoding joke but it doesn't stand up as well to scrutiny. Crystal Castles albums seem to always end with a song that's Different from the rest of the album, and also has a longer, sentence-like name 1: Tell Me What To Swallow 2: I Am Made of Chalk 3: Child I Will Hurt You @DialMforMacbeth @Pretzelish wtf @bbbbbbbbbbbaka :D "Tell Me What To Swallow" is alright. "Child I Will Hurt You" is v pretty & im enjoying it. "I Am Made of Chalk" is one of my favorite songs @thebinarium cool *sits in chair and vibrate, from, f-from excitement, not from dyskinesia* i love crystal castles ahhh how did i exist before knowing of them cool I put Prognosticator on YouTube and all of the recommended videos are pro-Trump shit delete thsi this is, the best thing you could say about a song called Transgender, https://t.co/WpOLLVSfLm WHYDO M Y BLUETOTOH KEYBOARD AND TRACKPAD KEEP DISCONNECTING RANDOMLY, IT DRIVES ME MAD, I WILL cry [happy neighing] @_80021170ffff_ pepperidge farm doesn't remember. pepperidge farm remembers JACK SHIT because of his amnesia @_80021170ffff_ honestly probably not @_80021170ffff_ you cracked the code @_80021170ffff_ vore @_80021170ffff_ Oh my god @_80021170ffff_ no @_80021170ffff_ it's all good her cutie mark is a saw bc she's vicious, also she wants to play a game https://t.co/j8xRyVuUuM @_80021170ffff_ 😢 @epstmlgy is this a magical girl there's a song on (III) called Wrath Of God, hahaha, which is a Magic Card I had a dream that the Head of Tech commissioned me to add "anti-fascist protection" to my songs Paradise and Forever Bedtime @cymreal @saiseinomiko @mahoushoujorose @epstmlgy @DialMforMacbeth I don't understand what's happening @_80021170ffff_ I'm using a MacBook Pro from 2012 @_80021170ffff_ it's super frustrating. i just reset the bluetooth module and i'm hoping that it'll have an effect @GrinningKobold it's a piano keyboard Horse Dreams alice glass Gets It https://t.co/ukLOi7zjuV hoLY crap it's the cover art of (III) https://t.co/TlkUrkwMFy ok i'm looking at some of the other World Press Photos of the Year and this description https://t.co/s9jhwK3T4R @_80021170ffff_ since that eminem song called stan @Rawr_Ebooks if you're confused about not being high maybe you're high @Rawr_Ebooks aw thanks, i am really cool @Seglegs no one but me actually buys albums tho When ur the only furry of the group https://t.co/HYmUrd1H9C @Seglegs idk that's not really a huge moneymaking venue i don't think, just, why release a standard edition at all @Seglegs i'm specifically referring to, i guess i should specify, releases that only differ by track listing and album art @_80021170ffff_ ???? is there another meaning of stan other than the "obsessing over a musician" one? @_80021170ffff_ hmm i know that the song is why the term exists but maybe it got popular more recently? i remember it back as far as 2009 shitcore is a great genre @VortexOfCrap Later cool I'm happy YouTube is advertising myself to me, i mean it's Right that i'd enjoy something i made that I enjoy https://t.co/WN3srnJ6GK I just got an email asking me to rate a purchase that I made five months ago @songchoicebot but it is just stupid Meager vs. Ample https://t.co/ehmXpN9lPi @epstmlgy idk what the horseshoe theory is but i have a theory that horses wear shoes @bbbbbbbbbbbaka oh no!! we should help it i hate the word asylum because it means a safe place but it's associated with a place that "crazy" ppl are locked up in for others safety *pounds on the door of my own rom, where i am in right now * WHOS WATCHING MY LITTLE PONY AT 3AM, OTHER THAN ME?? i cant see typing i cant believe how harmful it is to the bougoise that Diamond Tiara, a Bougoise Symbol, is portrayed as a horrible demon in my little pony computer tried to autocorrect bougoise to "boogies" so that happened bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (122), Purity Ring (83), The Gates Of Sleep (18) #lastfm i love that webpage where the text just keeps getting bigger https://t.co/e1c6zxU3yM @spongeythingz hi squid girl. are you doin anything later. someone find monica a girlfriend Right Now i'm STILL confused about the fact that "menagerie" doesn't mean a brothel here's a good cat emoticon: ∑=3 Ччттоо ээттоо?? Bonus round: that sixth magical girl who never appears in the canon! because there are no movies haha https://t.co/t5unwWwCd5 pls help: wireless headphones that Aren't earbuds but aren't too big bc i need them for On The Go purposes pissed off bc earbuds seem to be the way ppl lean for on the go headphones but they're incredibly uncomfortable & don't stay in my ears i'm never hearing music goodly enough! i don't want to go deaf and i also don't want neighbors complaining about my loud music help i'm becoming an audiophile, please hook me up to the machine that just inputs Crystal Castles into my brain II''MM NNOOTT HHEEAARRIINNGG IITT GGOOOODDLLYY EENNOOUUGGHH my brother said something to me once about being nervous about headphones because he keeps notching up the volume and i Feel That but he has a car and can drive and he just listens to his music on the speakers in there and it's Awesome but i can't and won't drive @tedgarb they certainly look neat hmm another problem I have is that headphone cables are annoying and i keep accidentally crushing my room headphone cable under my chair i'm good at things. long cables are annoying. literally everything is annoying. owo. Aile grabbed the binoculars. Starla Insigna was thinking about homura. @Rawr_Ebooks Starla, a useless lesbian, bleh i think a part of the not listening to music goodly enough thing is that i can't relax, ever, and I can't concentrate on the music like I'd want to be able to spend a good hour just listening to a whole album but i Can't because it's not enough to occupy my busy mind ccaann''tt rreellaaxx, ii hhaattee aaddhhdd autolab nicknames can only contain ASCII characters, LAME! horray, 451 programming question complete, i actually know what i'm doing sometimes ! constantly feel like I'm not enjoying things enough and i'm making up rituals to try to be happy @choosethesky unfortunately wrong pronouns don't hurt cis ppl nearly as much bc they don't have to deal with Everyone doing it @cymreal false!! im a potato farmer!! that's the old irish way!! @choosethesky bleh i prolly phrased that rly badly bc it's not in my interest to hurt ppl but I mean I feel like they'd just shake it off @choosethesky actually yknow what i think i may have completely misunderstood your original tweet anyway X_X has anyone ever said "28-sex" before? have they? it's a bus but instead of taking you to the airport, you go to church. the asexual hivemind is unnecessarily sexual and i will not permit it on my twitter feed so this is Great News i can finally start transitio In my middle school emo phase, I listened to Cyndi Lauper a lot, especially "Girls Just Want to Have Fun (original version)". @songchoicebot oh god this sounds like such a horrifying eating experience When I start missing my ex really bad, I try to distract myself by listening to "Super Mario Bros. - Thank You Mario..." by Jonas Tunander. I'm Fef I think I dance/vibrate to music so much basically just for the pure stimulation so I can sate my ADHD long enough to hear the music Loud music is also satisfyingly stimulating, but I'm afraid of hurting my sense of hearing ADHD horse Do you think they have amphetamine in Equestria https://t.co/cmYpmyE0C7 whoa uh the answer is actually Yes https://t.co/ZSUfJhgrpi Transgender by Crystal Castles is really good, i think it's my favorite off (III); I think personal attachment can rly enhance a song adhd feel: when i say i want to scream i mean that i feel like screaming would be so stimulating and satisfying. but i cant bc it'd be loud. i've been thinking about ADHD in terms of dopamine and stimulation a lot lately, idk why, but it's changing my perspective on my actions @KbLogQ all of it? :3 (i don't know if you've heard the song i just know you listened to Amnesty (I)) smol sweet pony that says fuck a lot ok then I wonder if Equestria has antipsychotics ???? apparently there's an antipsychotic called fluphenazine that ppl give to horses as an anxiolytic and a perform… https://t.co/emJKeEKVrC it's a typical antipsychotic! no!! bad!! don't give ur horses tardive dyskinesia!! that's really cruel!! @KbLogQ that's ok :p @KbLogQ my problem with Violent Youth is that the name is too similar to Violent Dreams which is on II and it's one of my favorites!! :p @KbLogQ yes!!!! ahhh!!!! uwu i was gonna ask if they had estradiol in Equestria but then i remembered they literally used to use pregnant mare urine for HRT have we ever seen a pregnant horse in MLP?? ever?? we saw the cakes Had babies but when was mrs cake pregnant?? i won't be silenced!! @KbLogQ !!!!!!!! me!! call me out do ppl with jobs enjoy their lives. follow up question: will i enjoy my life after graduating. bc like. i'm v used to school at this point. @KbLogQ OwO at least there's that fake splinter twin combo in standard that i can occupy my mind with even though i barely play mtg anymore haha splinter twin, yum yum yum yum yum yum delicioso oh cool i actually have a single felidar guardian. deck is basically done bby yalls better start running @GrinningKobold what's this ""playing"" thing you speak of... are you telling me ppl dont just buy magic cards and stare at them like i do?? @GrinningKobold uhh of course not, you can stare at them and gain great pleasure from doing so, thats what i did with my divings tops rawr i like fancy borders on boxes, especially dialogue boxes in video games, i'm a useless slab of neurons trying to entertain themselves @GrinningKobold Feathers and Claws @GrinningKobold its good tho, but you dont have to @GrinningKobold yeah!!!! that was me!!!! neigh!!!!~ here's a nice stimming add-on technique; hold a pencil or a thick stylus in one hand and wave it around while dancing Feeling empty https://t.co/0Ty90K133Y this is like Prime album art right here tbh being trans is a huge part of my identity. I've been repeating it my head since I learned the word at age 14. This is what I am. I am trans. Being open about it on campus, and wearing the trans scarf I knit, since I came back from my leave semester in 2015 has been so validating. I don't want to leave school and go out into a world where I have to hide one of the most core parts of my identity I know I'm a bundle of flesh and neurons but I can hear beautiful music echoing in the back of my head, so at least I'm functional. Every month I get closer and closer to bypassing frontal lobe thought and just streaming my consciousness through Twitter. I like this hair https://t.co/8MaJFlUIoF Reputable vs. Disreputable https://t.co/JKYZTq29nF add to the long list of apparently random things that hypothyroidism can do: apparently make bleaching ur hair take up to twice as long god i'm still really bitter about this hypothyroidism bullshit like i almost feel like these doctors lied to me before i had my thyroid out @yung_minccino @VortexOfCrap @buffriku98 @GameGrumps @FrankJavCee omg its da vore-tex no ok i guess i'm probably mostly bitter at the fact that i had to have it removed to begin with. ahhh im making sad tweets @yung_minccino @VortexOfCrap @buffriku98 @GameGrumps @FrankJavCee piss on me fucking piss on me but do it in the antarctic so the piss freez @yung_minccino @VortexOfCrap @buffriku98 @GameGrumps @FrankJavCee DO IT @cymreal https://t.co/vLEYyfZKNZ Recent searches https://t.co/cbri0ak91Z @cymreal ZA̡͊͠͝LGΌ IS TO͇̹̺ͅƝ̴ȳ̳ TH̘Ë͖́̉ ͠P̯͍̭O̚​N̐Y̡ H̸̡̪̯ͨ͊̽̅̾̎Ȩ̬̩̾͛ͪ̈́̀́͘ ̶̧̨̱̹̭̯ͧ̾ͬC̷̙̲̝͖ͭ̏ͥͮ͟Oͮ͏̮̪̝͍M̲̖͊̒ͪͩͬ̚̚͜Ȇ̴̟̟͙̞ͩ͌͝S̨̥̫͎̭ͯ̿̔̀ͅ I really like how there are multiple colors @KbLogQ thanks uwu thanks Obama. Since this Very Tweet, banks have started telling people off for laughing at Adriene's stutter. Buster, however, was to be a f note to self I need to look for elementary school pretty girl aesthetic for girls that are 6 feet tall @KbLogQ the problem is that there isn't any for girls that are 6 feet tall D: @genderpickle @saku8_3 this is really quality .@cymrin Yan Can (Not) Dere @cymrin C Can (Not) Ta @cymrin Fef The Prignisyucsyir @cymrin sorry for the typos, Ren was strangling me Well It's before feb 15 https://t.co/kx4blo04NG I feel good about this!. I can throw cars? I can take selfies and disrespect you: Best divorce letter...ever!!!!! [MUST READ] <3. @Rawr_Ebooks fucking shit @starla4444 Look at that. Thats your Peace of Mind. And it's gonna be ok 👌 . @timparenti @KbLogQ i love this @cymreal @Rawr_Ebooks die @cymreal @Rawr_Ebooks she says die at the end of the song though doesn't she? @cymreal @Rawr_Ebooks no!! that's you!! always saying it to me!! @Rawr_Ebooks do not sit on my Fef plushie!!!! All vs. No https://t.co/smsG1OuVME @differencebot no @bbbbbbbbbbbaka no that makes you a weedaboo RUPAUL BLART . #relatable https://t.co/ZqtnvC9FGZ why is Madoka's mother the first thing I think of https://t.co/BVUG3DnovP they asked me to review my purchase of (III) by Crystal Castles so https://t.co/SaOAw7qLS4 [Alice Glass voice] will you ever preserve, will you ever https://t.co/tjrvQ3iXSv If I dance/vibrate to a song too much then my vision goes blurry for a bit @Rawr_Ebooks you monster .@Psynklyskys are watching like the two most opposite anime together (well they do have the common thread of OP mai… https://t.co/NOcn2izGV8 "Look for a new chance to go where the horror of homosexuality may lead with a wish, ask if people …" --@icouldswear https://t.co/zCMfNlaH17 @icouldswear this is the longest one I've ever seen it do holy crap @Psynklyskys https://t.co/bWXq84TFq5 bluh I somehow fucked up a Logic project? it won't let me open the track editor for any audio tracks, but just for that project @tedgarb what the fuck after the election i was panicking and my parents were dismissing me like "well the president can't do much anyway" and here we are now i get the idea that panicking does you no good, but pretending there's no problem is worse sometimes i remember that i'm following some of my professors lol look at me i'm a pony horse ok when ppl in shows rotate their magazines for the foldout booby girls, what happens to all the AOL install CDs tucked between the pages a boy has indeed called me Fef https://t.co/X1CgtKB2Ot i'd go out to entropy and buy a tub of cake frosting right now if it weren't ass degrees Celsius out right now everyone's always like "stop saying len so much, we're in church, grandma is crying" AND IF OYU DON'T AGREE YOU CAN LEAVE @Rawr_Ebooks meow jeez i need to make another music bot so i can make this its avatar https://t.co/go8rFeFfsQ NON-FURRY FRIEND: what's the difference between awoo and owo ME: awoo is something that you do. owo is something that you Are Oh I thought they were kidding about this being a Lady Gaga episode that was really good!! having the same name as someone else you know is the worst hell imaginable. luckily, my name is Fef. *reads Homestuck* fuck *pokes a music* delays are Good @saltkath cause he saw a big scary monster @saltkath hes v scared of big death monster. it reminds him of his mother https://t.co/GY9Tj8GHuj historical ASCII control codes https://t.co/lCgpy0rYiA @saiseinomiko @sonetlumiere @cymreal i don't know what the context is but @cymreal @saiseinomiko @sonetlumiere no i Get That, i just can't see any tweets above vance's :p Rt to pet        __      />  フ      |  _  _ l      /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |  / ̄|   | | |  | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)  \二つ #lrt https://t.co/mmx63wOxxn jesus christ my bluetooth trackpad disconnected mid-click. "is this a watch for falling rocks joke" NO IT'S NOT BUT I WISH IT WAS @Seglegs i'm really proud of myself, it just came to me at that moment At this point, I'm familiarizing myself with XML Schema file describing my maps XML. Why. Because i'm thinking about madoka magica, which is The Furry Surgery https://t.co/Js8x8OBFDc we're good at communicating /@Psynklyskys https://t.co/Ll1eoC6J1Q NO https://t.co/mNjEYtapuF @OliviaBunnybutt @Psynklyskys hi Olivia!! @cymreal baby don't hurt me @Rawr_Ebooks consuming buttplugs sounds like a double kink @Rawr_Ebooks "Excuse me," I say admonishingly I missed a "не" reading my Russian hw & I thought I was supposed to translate "The children aren't going to have lunch bc they're starving." i'm really upset about the bluetooth keyboard/trackpad thing. idk why it's gotten so much worse lately with the constant disconnecting. it's not that the batteries are low, bc it's always both devices disconnecting simultaneously, at random intervals computers shouldn't do things randomly, i hate it, what is the Reason behind it, there must be one, but it's probably a Stupid reason uh ok I may have actually just figured it out; i've been resting my phone on my laptop lately, and i have bluetooth enabled for my watch i moved it to my monitor stand and I haven't had a disconnect in the eight minutes since I posted that last tweet yo i can't believe a simple google search finally turned up an easy answer when other searches in the past couple of years yielded nothing 🙃 @cymreal is this a dissociation joke Oh shit I didn't watch the Stevenbomb yesterday oh no!! https://t.co/JsJfsUvOQh Oh awesome, housing approved my eligibility for room selection next semester, thank goodness (III) is very trance, I like it, also I know what trance means now It's not even a tulpa thing owo @tedgarb i have, a lot of questions, like, was Larry Powell not helpful bc i thought he was helpful? and like, you're still a student right? @icouldswear this is ggoorrggeeoouuss @cymreal i can help if you want, as long as you read a scary email i got as well :p @cymreal ok i saw i got a notification (from you) and so i switch to tweetdeck and i see a tweet from elizabeth warren and i'm like why is s @tedgarb the fuck?? @tedgarb i guess i didn't clash with him bc i wanted extra time and didn't think that i could keep up with flex deadlines @tedgarb i struggle with deadlines but i'm chronically ill so flex deadlines would fuck me over, and i test slow in some classes bc adhd 😔 @tedgarb i spent like a bunch of time looking for a shrugging emoji and then i realized that wouldn't work lol cool i've been waiting for my bubble tea at iNoodle for like 20 minutes and i've already poked them once @MetroAndCharms hi ok they just got it to me, and they put ice and tapioca in it, and i'm v unhappy @bbbbbbbbbbbaka I do know the social chair!! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka @NatRoze You can't just say you're men, that's racist my mom just sent me the 😻 emoji, and i don't think any comment is necessary i'm gonna try to do this and not forget bc it looks fun and i like talking about music https://t.co/aivRgJNBnt Day 1, a song I like with a color in the title: Violet Stars Happy Hunting! by Janelle Monáe https://t.co/4onbfyMwhN I like this low-key vaporwave aesthetic the Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 manual has. Muted, respectable, but still there.… https://t.co/zqndc3D0MG what if one of @bbbbbbbbbbbaka's formulas was just "Donald Trump is a piece of shit", like, no fill ins, just literally that text i woke up at like 5am and made all of these goddamn horse noises @cymreal @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i love this so much DONT 👏 TALK 👏 ABOUT 👏 dopamine 👏 UNLESS 👏 YOU 👏 CAN 👏 FIT 👏 antipsychotics 👏 UP 👏 YOUR 👏 ASS @epstmlgy does this include cmu? @cymreal @epstmlgy cool im gonna scream @tedgarb @CMYKGenet wait what does that have to do with taking antipsychotics in the ass @tedgarb @CMYKGenet oh i see, because both suppositories, and the fact that my water supply is unsafe, make me want to scream BOIL WATER ADVISORY for much of PITTSBURGH https://t.co/S2bIbIdmaQ @tedgarb @CMYKGenet yeah i figured but i wanted to add some humor to the despair @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i'm squealing about this tweet bc antipsychotics are dopamine fuckers what if i revived @KrisJennerShart but instead of the sharting tweet, every 60 seconds she tweets "fuck nazis" @mapleakuma @epstmlgy i'm gonna scream pittsburgh has a boil water advisory out, which means i'm not going to drink any water for Who Knows How Long out of terror + lack of energy which means i'll either be consuming: no liquids, which is bad, or a lot of sugary liquids, which is bad And my dentist will be unhappy she's so pretty, fuck you Pittsburgh, fuck the apocalypse we're on the brink of for getting in the way of my ace crush on my dentist @mapleakuma i drink a lot a lot of water, and the nearest vending machine is like in E tower, it'll be more economic to just pass out often @saiseinomiko capitalism @mapleakuma i don't have the energy, motivation, or temperature regulation to leave my room to get water bottles hypofefroidism actually no that sounds like a steroids thing well actually estrogen is a steroid and i'm takin that so, get in line ladies @saiseinomiko also hypothyroidism haha remember a couple of months back when i was worried that the pittsburgh drinking water supply was unsafe, @saiseinomiko idk but l;ike energy motivation shit, @saiseinomiko wjy do i have to do anything, @saiseinomiko sad horse noises @saiseinomiko im sorry https://t.co/nOq7eySEcK @mapleakuma unrelated but freshman/sophomore years i drank mostly diet pepsi @mapleakuma i'm still on a meal plan but now i'm cognizant of the fact that caffeine makes me feel like crap so i abstain @mapleakuma i'm just sensitive to it QUESTION ABOUT WATER ADVISORY: CAN I STILL WASH MY HANDS @KbLogQ ok good that means i can leave my room One track mind https://t.co/jawDQHqBQn @starla4444 https://t.co/68Rax0XtBU @tenuous heck yeah that'd be really fun!! :D @efortmanteau @epstmlgy yeah, Morewood Gardens is not included in the list but I'm still nervous anyway :/ @ireneista im happy you were able to self-care!! @differencebot invertible matrixes are MAD learning about future tense in Russian today, professor asked us what the new president is going to do so i'm like "Он будет звонить Путину" yknow cause they're besties, они любят друг друга i love russian but i'm gonna get put on a list for using communist letters @saiseinomiko yeah i know. this professor is rly good and it's clear she doesn't agree with him but it happens anyway PINING FOR THE TIMES WHEN I DID NOT KNOW FIVE HUNDRED USELESS THYROID FACTS @cymreal listen, friend, I know you're new here, but, if I knew 501 useless thyroid facts I'd still know 500 useless thyroid facts, did you know that Gas-X interacts with literally only one drug, and that drug is synthetic thyroid hormone???? Fuck You Fef @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i want to pin this @CMYKGenet @tedgarb since like today @epstmlgy @cymreal for reference i didn't give them a drs note but i do have medical stuff on file the furry force, F=meme*anthro i liked the first form of the alola fire starter but the final form shoots fire out of its dick and i'm unhappy @mapleakuma IT'S SO BARA @mapleakuma ur a furry @mizmoose Oh yikes I hope that didn't affect you too badly owo. And yeah I know it's 4hrs but sometimes my stomach hurts in the morning :P I'm very skilled at dropping my phone on my face when I use it in bed in the morning 😏 I’ve discovered the most 90s thing around and I can’t believe it’s still here https://t.co/G7W3eSmrB7 https://t.co/x9do3ziG4l @tyrisstark one time I sent someone on the university staff an email saying "I remembered g" @Rawr_Ebooks me too! @Rawr_Ebooks wow driving looks like the worst thing Day 2, a song I like with a number in the title: Million Dollar Bills by Lorde https://t.co/kHjb0wFfkI I've got like 8 todo list apps on my iPad because organizing myself is impossible I'm listening to "Crazy About a Woman" by Jesse Fuller a lot because it represents how I'm feeling after my breakup. [informed consent clinic voice] https://t.co/nJd6f2EJva Frightening. https://t.co/oGqepM4VV4 @saiseinomiko :( omg!! it's February 1st!! wait holy crap @tedgarb @CMYKGenet never swallow @mizmoose it's a Problem The Transgender Full Moon *looks up at the sky* I am becoming awoo-man @mizmoose one of my todo lists has an item that says "check out this other todo list app" @bbbbbbbbbbbaka oh God @INEVITABLY559 noticed some improvement in my mood & i'm tolerating it well but i'm on a low dose and my dr is titrating me up too slowly sure hope my neighbors don't get tired of hearing me sing Transgender by Crystal Castles five times a day by the way, have i told anyone, that i'm trans, did you know, owo @shirAdrenaline FEF AND THE DICK LASERS @shirAdrenaline you're Good @tedgarb @CMYKGenet explain how the horse was ambiguous, c'est un anime remember when i went deep normie undercover for two years and pretended not to be a furry? yeah i did a really bad job @Rawr_Ebooks is this like, an overwatch joke or something, i'm not super familiar but i think that's a character @Rawr_Ebooks uhh you can and Are freely distributed https://t.co/Pc4zDQLHTj @differencebot I D O N T K N O W A B O U T T H I S , S C O O B I caught a Drifloon and i'm Really happy about it https://t.co/qkETDDeC0I "weed" https://t.co/nLJrMUw3ht YO SEASON 5 WAS REALLY GOOD, WAY BETTER THAN SEASON 4 "did you just assume my gender" is one of the most annoying things that cis people say that gets attributed to trans people OH yeah I had a lot of my early life programming exploits--so many strange games. You know, a lot of red lipstick. Sometimes I wish to flee @Rawr_Ebooks i wish to flee @starla4444 When the TOILET AUTOFLUSHES BEFORE YOU'RE DONE PEEING AND IT SPLASHES WATER INTO YOUR VAGINA while wearing a condom on my head o i can't believe there's a pokemon move named Aromatherapy you could just put "i can't believe" in front of any of my tweets tbh well no wonder team skull is so angsty, they all live in a town where it's constantly raining @tedgarb @CMYKGenet i'm surprised bc meeting you was like my furry awakening and oh god this sounds really weird delete delete delete delete @tedgarb @CMYKGenet *notices ur furry puns* OwO whats this..? @caretcaret i looked it up and i'm happy i did yo thanks https://t.co/HSbSoOCkIm pokemon is great because 13 year olds rule the world talk dirty to me. yknow, words like "dirt." aww yeah nice. next, push me out of the window onto a passing garbage truck @Rawr_Ebooks whoa that's really rude GOD, INCINEROAR IS SO BARA IT'S UPSETTING гей https://t.co/ha6EUioVS5 @cymreal fuck, you and your ability to see english words in cyrillic @Seglegs vaporwave @JonkJahnson You Passed The Test, Welcome To The CIA @tedgarb @flurythecat @CMYKGenet this is in dire need of rewording, @GrinningKobold @epstmlgy yeah this is Really good news, utena is, so gay, ahhhHHHH Day 3, a song that reminds me of summertime: Pin by Grimes https://t.co/opnnZClVWq Man, Underwear! OOH IT'S GROUNDHOG DAY, TIME TO GET FUCKED IN A TIME LOOP, PLEASE, I DON'T WANT TIME TO ADVANCE i propose that "Vorearephiles Against Fascism" will be one of our strongest assets in this time of strife @JonkJahnson Men Underwear ahhh I'm remembering how great Violet Stars Happy Hunting!!! // Many Moons by Janelle Monáe is, everyone should listen to this masterpiece what was that line about "i'm not masturbating, i'm just listening to Many Moons"? i'm having a Bad Morning, i'm gonna eat candy & play Not Like The Movies by Katy Perry on the piano *does so and starts crying immediately* KATY PERRY PEOPLE ALWAYS UNDERESTIMATE YOU BUT THIS SONG IS SO BEAUTIFUL although i disagree that i'll find my match bc Lol Nope Hot Sex Meme: asexuals talking about being forever alone A Lot until hets come along saying "nooo i bet you'll find someone hun" wow i've already eaten a lot of conversation hearts this morning! it's ok, i'm driving responsibly, i took my synthroid over 30 minutes ago fun fact, Paradise (on my album) came about during a "fucking around on the piano" session that started with me playing Not Like The Movies Fuck Ostriches, Man i think you'll find a good meme is Screaming apple jack wouldn't build a wall, i don't know why the thought occurred to me, but, she wouldn't i went to bed early last night and yet this morning i feel even shittier than usual goodnight america Do people call their dicks "junk" because they're complete garbage, or,,,,? @drquuxum that's fair, as an asexual I think All genitals should be thrown out, @drquuxum excellent use of the universal quantifier, over the set of, genimitals Rawr! Go take flight, my little pony! me on my meds: pls let me know what you think of this twitter bot! i worked really hard! me off my meds: I'M GONNA SHOVE AN IPHONE UP MY ASS i'm really happy Bradford from Yarnivores taught me how to write the letter ф properly because it looks really nice now his name isn't really Bradford Russian homework is like "write what you and your friends will do next week" so i'm like "В среду мы будем писать письма правительству" we don't know the word for government yet i just looked it up this was Important @Rawr_Ebooks i'm so happy! Tastefulness vs. Tastelessness https://t.co/cZpvm9bsft i just realized there were reference words on the assignment that we could use and here i am talking about writing to the government in cursive, the end of the word университете looks like "meme" @CMYKGenet ur cool Plague by Crystal Castles goes so hard i love it Best songs on (III): - Transgender - Plague - Child I Will Hurt You Runners up: - Kerosene - Affection - Pale Flesh didn't see the version of (III) that I have on MusicBrainz so I looked it up and it's the Australian release! Neat! https://t.co/NPGriN7I5d got halfway through my Russian homework and now suddenly somehow I'm MusicBrainzing :P Look at this picture of two gay penguins in my Russian textbook. Yes I know I'm just assuming they're gay but why w… https://t.co/ADEBKN7zEX there was a big paragraph we had to translate on my Russian hw and that was really fun i love this class also: that was the last assignment in the first volume of the workbook! it's so neat to think about how i haven't given up on this class Like, look at this shit, I've torn out all the pages :P https://t.co/T8D9atK8aV Bon weed @Seglegs shit this is true I just meant the boil water advisory has ended @Rawr_Ebooks rude @Rawr_Ebooks but linear algebra is great! @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god bae I'm henry. @Rawr_Ebooks hi Henry I'm bae lol it took me until the boil water advisory was lifted to realize that I don't put tap water in my mouth when i brush my teeth anyway I rly like my 3DS, i usually panic about spending money bc I'm worried about Regretting Things but this was an honorable purchase, yes @furrytherapist that's, overt @Rawr_Ebooks феминистская риторика Awesome, I netreg'd my 3ds and now wifi is working! https://t.co/8PNoJhXeCM What's the algorithmic complexity of the number of licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? @cymreal it's!! not!! I'm not an adult ;_; @bbbbbbbbbbbaka excuse me!! Freud's "420 fixation" stage of human development According to the creator, the correct pronunciation for the Graphic Interchange Format .GIF extension is "yiff". @Frosty_mage *notices ur pengun's beak* noot noot owo pleased to announce that i will shatter all barriers in 2017 by becoming the first adult gerber baby haha the sex number https://t.co/GrO9si5Ygw @saiseinomiko i'm really proud of myself!! i hope i keep it up ^^ Day 4, a song that reminds me of someone I'd rather forget about: Lock You Up by Charli XCX https://t.co/3qOWUDmlmu owo Crystal Castles overtook Grimes as my number 1 artist on last.fm (then again, 3 albums vs 2) https://t.co/orMsIcydze No surprises here https://t.co/zy5l9GlUCl It's like dick, but in suppository form. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is literally a buttsex joke this is me, I did this trashy thing :3 https://t.co/AaYF0MNVOg holy crap, i was so close to 2000 tweets in january. also, oh god help, my tweeting is out of control https://t.co/xqZ8eeIAhQ i think my primary care doctor sent two scripts for estrogen to cvs at the same time I don't feel like my music is worth money, but if you like it, I read that today 15% of the monies goes to the ACLU https://t.co/7z9BbuVcQe Honestly if anyone paid for my album today I'd just donate the money that went to me to the ACLU anyway @1RealSwampWitch i'd use them to be Homura, and also to take Crying Breaks while i'm in public *notices ur evil* OwO whats this..? Unprophetic vs. Prophetic https://t.co/zVZ8ijOJzi Listening to "Kapitel 10-3: Luna Lovegood" by J.K. Rowling helps keep me focused while studying. @tedgarb i'm actually not there so i'll need my sources in the crowd to confirm! @tedgarb owo i'm losing my mind because this twitter bot works perfectly on my OS X laptop but not on either Linux server I tried Hey folks! Is life too complex? My new bot, BotHow (@howtodoesthing), is here to tell you how to do things! Sort of. https://t.co/Kp2gj1ryU4 @Rawr_Ebooks ?? @howtodoesthing in the real way I spent 5 hours today trying to get @howtodoesthing to not crash on my server & then realized a font was in the wrong folder, computers suck "That Berenstein Bears Shit" @GrinningKobold iiddkk i thought i was doing other things with my life but apparently not "Sup my bromides, welcome to the Brewskis 4 Broskis Support Group, my name is Broseph and I'll be your broliosopher this week." @Seglegs i think you mean broco @Rawr_Ebooks who mailed you a priaprism?? i keep misspelling priapism as priaprism, like, some sort of shiny refractive dick crystal @Frosty_mage you heard me MusicBrainz is a trooper https://t.co/Z3xSbKyrun https://t.co/YByPSJybkm Day 5, a song that needs to be played LOUD: Plague by Crystal Castles https://t.co/muRGG0KnzU @howtodoesthing @KbLogQ that guy's like Fuck @starla4444 Will I ever fall in love. And if I look in the mirror and go "damn theres a secret unlockable Super Transgender who can play Fla .@Rawr_Ebooks is finally on a server and not just on my own laptop! Yay! I can finally just take my laptop places! as a reminder, the reason it wouldn't run on my old bot server was because that only had 1GB of physical memory and rawr uses >1.6GB lol *notices ur perversity* OwO whats this..? v frustrated that i need to take another semester at CMU bc i just wanna flee the country ASAP and probably can't until I graduate at the beginning of Transgender, it sounds to me like Alice says "the choice is infinite, whatever you like" hey folks is it okay if I just tweet "i rly love Transgender by Crystal Castles!!!!" like once an hour or something bc i'm so , Yeah hey last.fm sucks but as long as it can say "whoa Fef u listened to Transgender like 5000 times every half second" then we can be friends "we're approaching the pearly gates, everyone please have your public key ready to show to Saint Peter" UPDATE: MUSIC IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN Good morning! I'm eating cinnamon mini donuts important twitter bot business @cassolotl it's Yum jeez i need to stop just Screaming in my dorm room before I take my meds lol "I've Never Been Happy" is still one of the most unnecessarily catchy 19-second long songs I've made https://t.co/a7i1zsmo9h I'm 12 And What Is THis @warnedya is it yikes?? Cyclic vs. Noncyclic https://t.co/zYokAsske4 Crystal Castles II is like my favorite album [magical neighing] ME: how many levels of chalk are you on YOU: like 5 or 6 ME: you are like a little baby, watch this. *drowns* Is this supposed to be like a hypnosis command or something https://t.co/4XfVLmVr0h @Rawr_Ebooks mtgical girls For the morning crowd: I made a new bot! It's called BotHow (@howtodoesthing), and it loves to teach you how to do… https://t.co/Eq1IwQhy8Y i hadn't listened to I Am Made of Chalk in like a week so i just did and I started crying goDDDD I LoVE THIS SONG I also hear the word "хочу" a lot in Transgender lol real talk the CD version of Not In Love by Crystal Castles, the version without Robert Smith, is better, don't @ me @howtodoesthing do they do it by cross stitching a car Hungry vs. Thirsty https://t.co/zYFcatTSgz @differencebot she's thirsty @differencebot i just noticed the hungry hat is on a plate, this just keeps getting better and i love it @bbbbbbbbbbbaka calling the cops @Rawr_Ebooks was it by crystal castles or @yung_minccino as of yesterday, 18! How to Convey That They Spend $1000 https://t.co/nCgnA4JESK How to Get Shot https://t.co/yQRFBO8OVh Lillie got really flustered and asked me what I'd do after the island challenge and I thought she was gonna ask me out I'm so disappointed @cymreal I want to go on cute dates with Lillie @nancy_ebooks ???? condom???? @howtodoesthing WHAT IS THIS IMPLYING @thefurriesare https://t.co/wag62SZUKL buddy ya doin something wrong https://t.co/vVPQH5wiF9 ok uhhh did Twitter flag an image with the caption "uprising", or did someone actually flag that wrestling pic? https://t.co/zdMiQ3p7YI @cymreal i don't actually see a face here @KbLogQ trans admin @KbLogQ also, https://t.co/c9XcOdFL0f @cymreal cool ren but guess what, i said this like 3 years ago at least, who's the prognosticator now @cymreal !!!! i can't like this! @howtodoesthing time to get killed all the way instead of just half way you're chalk with it! jeez the backs of my hands are bad, i put non-scented lotion on them and even that is burning General vs. Specific https://t.co/tcll8awyn5 ponies make clippity cloppity noises when they walk because horse My Super Game Dev Peach arts for @egoraptor's #cutiesaturday! https://t.co/1i4LSU1GqJ magic the gathering? oh i thought i was making a rube goldberg machine pegasus pony sitting in her room with a fuzzy sweater and a cup of hot cocoa bc it's so cold out I love "If I Only Had the Words (to Tell You)" by Billy Joel so much; I just wish it had some words I could sing along to! @KbLogQ Whats a Cis.,,, we Jssut don'T know i spent so long trying to find proof of intelligent life in the department of dick M̴̰͓͈̗͚̜͍̀E͏̸̳̱́O̞̮͕͟͡W҉̨̙̱͕͚̭̟̱I̧͕͇̺͍̯̕N̪̦̜͓̜̯͚G̵̡̹̜͘ @howtodoesthing that bird does NOT WANT to trinket last night i dreamed i was a horse. yeah, it was a real nightmare Day 6, a song that makes me want to dance: I Will by Sky Ferreira https://t.co/PZJHGfrSJI @CapeloHatten @icouldswear 😍 young love 😍 My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (388), St. Teresa's Secondary School (17), Purity Ring (10) #lastfm I Am Made of Trans 388 scrobbles in the first week of an album is p strong, but it's hard to beat this for CCII: https://t.co/56FwqprLtv strongly believe that CCII is one of the best albums of all time bye @eripsabot thanks bot I like big butts https://t.co/ke5xyDgcxd According to @bbbbbbbbbbbaka, shove it up my ass https://t.co/uX5VrcErt4 Indiscriminate vs. Discriminate https://t.co/SKp4JUXwuT How to Be Unscientific https://t.co/cy2y7PxzxP How to Get Teased Into Trinketing https://t.co/kJYze37FHZ Kristen Stewart And Her New Gal Pal Mix Their Blood And Summon An Elder God Together #lrt relevant!!!! @howtodoesthing this is really worrying How to Not Be Occasionally Arbitrary https://t.co/voKjnKEu2Z before Fef: hmm obnoxious CS students is kinda after Fef: ✨💖🆒😎👌🆒💖✨ uwu (˶◕‿◕˶✿) I know my rights! I get to speak to a lawyer first! https://t.co/fISXtDg881 I listen to "I Am God" by Unleashed when I meditate because it helps me find my center. "million chicken/hour" factoid just statistical error; Chickens Georg, who eats 318 trillion chicken/hour, is an ou… https://t.co/yOXj45lggm assumptions: there are 318 million Americans, who each eat 1 chicken a day. actual numbers may vary significantly, see in stores for details @yung_minccino im really happy you are questing to find all of my bots esp bc i already have a list of them :p @yung_minccino you can still stay blind! you don't have to look! :3 @cymreal I Read. Vance, https://t.co/PEXfZFVgT1 Without a doubt, the most culturally significant work that Danny DeVito has ever been in https://t.co/rvLxcxt68k Unplanned vs. Planned https://t.co/ABJVPVUIOG me and Lillie playing the flutes together is the gayest thing ever and i'm gonna scream ok weird fucked up Apple thing that honestly makes no sense: you can't use their external CD drive if your computer has an optical drive I'm not sure if uncomfortable. "bruh" https://t.co/m8N0YcDTdK WEIRD ELF THING: you mean these ponies can talk?? MEGAN: *looks at the camera like she's on The Office* https://t.co/cUSCNB83HV What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class i… https://t.co/ImNFAuN041 What is this, a house for babies? https://t.co/0JY70kTutW How to Grasp Your Body Part https://t.co/20VS1ndcIp Rational vs. Irrational https://t.co/3noRdtyHlP Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Mexican Basketball League How to Be Bigger https://t.co/cU9IyDTvMC How to Be Average https://t.co/zItJgOcvJD @howtodoesthing maybe I need to tweak something bc while I love this, it's tweeted it before Unreportable vs. Reportable https://t.co/N93JW987cr I'm hormones trash 😢 . (i actually still have the latest revision of the mla handbook released january 500th 2013, wow.) @Rawr_Ebooks you're so upset about it omg @drbotmd what is the other effect though???? I like how I have Mana Crypts but not Sol Rings Day 7, I don't drive but a song that makes me think of being on a trip: Are You Satisfied? by Marina & the Diamonds https://t.co/JP5ejuuKLy wakes up in the morning, oh trump tweeted some extremely fascist things, how surprising, no retweet no platform never calling him the president either @asymbina what do women really want? vaganías @asymbina unless they dont bc its up to them but i wanted to make an Ariel Needs Legs joke doing combinatorics homework and I keep seeing "poset" and thinking "Po Town" angsty queer kids ordering things partially lol horray i get to renew the https://t.co/sP4oEM5Wl4 SSL cert such fun I've listened to 4 songs from Art Angels over 200 times, and 3 from Crystal Castles II (soon to be 4 though bc Violent Dreams is at 199!) THEY GOOD ALBUMS @howtodoesthing discard two cards to counter two damage, owo How to Not Rip Your Dislikes Apart https://t.co/bgfQtlNLb6 Yes @Tmobile, we're into BDSM. Bigger coverage map, Devastating Speed, and Massive capacity. at least one of my friends is a magical girl! How to Be Positive https://t.co/xWitvuYhaI @tedgarb @ebalke93 sonia asked them if Rebellion would be involved and they said yes and I was like @tedgarb @ebalke93 i'm violently opposed to this haha Shit i keep forgetting i have class at 6:30 Frick owo I've been working on verbly for 11 months now! How to Be Consecrated https://t.co/riR4TnWSYS How to Begin Steamrollering https://t.co/a1ISkjjo6Q @cymreal @howtodoesthing in spanish pls watch my latest asmr video! it's just me screaming "FUCK UP HO" for 3 hours @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is like the realest thing this bot has ever tweeted /@Pretzelish *notices ur clenched fist* OwO whats this..? @mahoushoujorose i think i had one of those Final bonus round: that tragic male love interest of gay girls https://t.co/JuvBz0oJSk I did it!! Madoka crew: complete! https://t.co/EQ5xhGLaSI @tedgarb @ebalke93 YES You wouldn't download kink art someone stole his bike https://t.co/BtY9msKQfl wait shit like the surrounding environment all changed too; did you come out of that store in an alternate timeline @JonkJahnson this was my impression too, they're out to get him,,,, run squidward,,,, so like,, there's a store or something,, with an alley next to it,, and then nothing around it for miles,, https://t.co/pjW7rUesnU @JonkJahnson yeah like jeez they say "we don't allow your kind in here" at one point i spend too much time watching spongebob s1-3 1. lightly sauté the money 2. dip the money in brown sauce 3. sprinkle some poor people tears over the money 4. fuc… https://t.co/6X0sSxb1V9 @cymreal does miku remember the war @cymreal i'm asking a question @cymreal thanks @Rawr_Ebooks you're tellin me lms if youre part of this squad https://t.co/dIWOIo8qDD is this funny? im so numb to this kind of shit at this point i cant tell anymore https://t.co/ZHAasgUr5A mwahahaha, evil laugh, i listened a lot to a song i like https://t.co/10slE5uTzu owo I guess in total i've listened to The District Sleeps Alone Tonight 210 times https://t.co/M3vuUb7s5E Day 8, a song about drugs or alcohol: Untrust Us by Crystal Castles https://t.co/ydkIbbZgjL wait fuck i'm tired https://t.co/Tbkvt2z7Jn быстро is a fun word to say there's a folk etymology that the word "bistro" comes from Russian soldiers in France yelling "быстро! быстро!" (which means quickly!) FURRY SCIENTIST 1: What's the asymptotic complexity of finding the cutest fursona in a set of n? FURRY SCIENTIST 2: I think it's in OwO(n). It was really awkward at my high school prom when the slow dance, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles, came on. Revolutionary Girl Paul Blart I love ice type Pokemon and I don't have any in my party, would it be weird if I played with all Eeveeloutions except like.... idek also I'm super aware that you can do it in O(lg n) but I'm currently not paying attention in algorithms lecture, dont @ me How to Be Typical https://t.co/4WylFr4QRa https://t.co/u11cUCSu5D Too tired to do anything requiring more decision-making skills than simply reading off my twitter feed there's a really gay screenshot I took in Pokémon but it's spoiler-y so just believe me when I say it hecka gay uwu @cymreal so now we know that you have both the skills 1) make tweets & 2) read off twitter feed. you're unstoppable now @cymreal I Read It's a review of soap https://t.co/gvBB7RzGKx cool, havin some Heated Discourse 👌 with @cymrin over the syllabic structure of the word "yaoi" one of these is way partier than the other https://t.co/fjN8t4bjnd the yaoi chart is just over a year old! please turn the volume up all the way bc @cymrin and i fucked up. also some… https://t.co/U75h6NBbXG @starla4444 make your own yaoi here: https://t.co/lUeY5a14R1 DONT EAT WORDS LIKE "DIRT" some slightly more inexplicable memes before I disappear into the æther https://t.co/3b4T5uBAvK first things first this tweet's the realest /@cymrin https://t.co/Y5kCp4Aswa fuCk /@epstmlgy https://t.co/rH9lcees6t i don't know what this Means but @mahoushoujorose will probably like it https://t.co/SCVvA9kNad me and @KbLogQ making an I Am Made of Chalk music video https://t.co/0RYXy7joMm ok like @starla4444 isn't a good friend https://t.co/B4uD9oPETl Ok like @Rawr_Ebooks is the Worst friend https://t.co/QpdDPH8HMq maetghetic ccteeetthhh Gaetehtierringg https://t.co/mzKrwyovZJ this is a really ineffective dousing agent!! https://t.co/WRLIfqQSYW @Jamie7Keller imma just revoke the authorization when i'm done with this though .@DialMforMacbeth is strictly here for callouts https://t.co/ihCTLQzjsD .@cymreal here's your new pin post https://t.co/vtMDSiWntV you May think that I wear gloves all the time because I'm emulating the finest fashions from the 50s. In fact I'm just scared of germs *makes glove hoof* neigh~ FRIEND: My dude, dost thou want to Super Smash ME: Not now chaplain, I'm listening to this 200-year old prophecy about The End Of JavaScript In a gay relationship who is trash and who is recyclable https://t.co/nerg3XodXo How to Giggle https://t.co/I4g6ONrzUK @cymreal i'm gonna pretend not to understand this @tedgarb @howtodoesthing Fuck i love spongebob... he feels like a really important friend... he would hate javascript too i'm sure of it @cymreal i'm glad you asked. so i'm fairly convinced that gamzee would like javascript. its confused and violent nature is reminiscent of hi in 2017 the average overdue library book has been overdue for over 10 years @mahousecretrose up inside @saiseinomiko is drinking vore?? Tag yourself https://t.co/FaseyKA1oK k like i know he could be in a public changing room or something like that but i like the idea that theres a flyer… https://t.co/jAdw07dDYE i can't imagine being 6 years old. mostly because i can't imagine there only being 1 season of Spongebob Squarepants in existence. @Seglegs me too but i realized there might be an actual explanation for it. the show that keeps on giving. if you think there's a finite number of times you can watch Band Geeks let me know so i can forward you 2 years of awkward gamer memes It's time for some game theory. what the shit is this game. what if the dice roll different things. why are there s… https://t.co/SRXMNOzvNv who for real plays Leapfrog. i'm not kidding. reveal yourselves to me. you know what you're doing is wrong. WAIT what. ITS BOTH Gay rights! and Magic: the Gathering?? Oh my... no punchline, just screaming oh wait i get the dirt thing now... it's like chalk... owo... @cymreal i'm happy the name fef doesn't come up often but when it does it's homestuck literally 100% of the time @cymreal do you have heartburn or @cymreal 🙂 DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN RUB YOUR OWN BELLY!! OWO F=ma^2?? https://t.co/54Um4GzlgO @cymreal patting ur own head is weird tho *rocking back and forth* bara spongebob... bara spongebob... @cymreal you're a furry, you should understand this, did you know that mr krabs is 74 years old the furries are meaningless LIKE ON A DATE OR https://t.co/81iC2vKCVq @JonkJahnson I'M DESPERATE @mahousecretrose :D LLIILLLLIIEE WHAT WERE YOU GONNA SAY, DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A CUTE DATE LLLLIIIILLLLLLLLIIIIEEEE WWWWHHHHYYYY @cymreal no! i was so hopeful a few days ago that i solved the random disconnecting bluetooth device bullshit but fucking no i'm gonna SHIT ON EVERYTHING @tunaHubris choose a letter and put a bunch of apostrophes after it had a dream that lamotrigine could potentially unlock latent reality-warping powers in ppl and as a scientist I studied this phenomenon How to Not Pay $90000 For A Red Taxpayer https://t.co/y58y9TloMb @howtodoesthing how much did she pay for him? @PrimPocalypse :( ohno i hope ur ok @PrimPocalypse 人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\contract? @PrimPocalypse hoMURAAAAAA @tedgarb @timparenti i'm goigng to eat myslef Day 9, a song that makes me happy: Dancing Queen by ABBA https://t.co/O2WovtkNIn me: how many layers of yandere are you on you: 5 or 6 me: you are like a little baby, watch this Merit System vs. Spoils System https://t.co/bloNp6EgsE @leyawn @highway2helliot millennials are so entitled that they don't want to use a whole A press to do Watch For Falling Rocks @bbbbbbbbbbbaka pearl, You might think ur as cool as me, but I have dreams about lamotrigine 😏. So you're probably cooler than me @Rawr_Ebooks gamer I hate it when they play "Like a Surgeon" by "Weird Al" Yankovic on the radio; it just reminds me that the end is coming. su open rp PEARL: vaping is my aesthetic How to Not Settle On What To Quieten With Your Knife https://t.co/LmauY92R1I Full Metal Peridot twink. https://t.co/7QahKZF9yN Tweetmashup is going to be the death of me https://t.co/ptYWfdD8jm and in this moment, Sandy is dead https://t.co/9TgpXtRemS we can use the Pigeonhole Principle to prove that most people have never had a popular post, and therefore are definitely total scrubs the most popular post i've ever made was a 60,000+ note screenshot of a spongebob episode five years ago, so that tells you a lot about me then again, the second most popular post i've ever made was a picture of me in a joanne's. if you haven't seen it, you don't need to. @mapleakuma GOD @DialMforMacbeth https://t.co/1ejypArvwB @epstmlgy @DialMforMacbeth google "eridan surprising sollux on his birthday", or better yet, don't :p @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy weird, it's the first result on a normal google search for me @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy yeah the commentary is important, even if it got stolen and flattened by another blog @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy i said the first line, a reblogger posted the second image and the next line, and i said "omG" @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy i don't see it :( @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy important!! @DialMforMacbeth @epstmlgy i don't get it but i suppose it isn't important @DialMforMacbeth i'm sorry :( Cool I'm staying here https://t.co/9N98jNICBo jeez it's midnight and it's like, bright outside. yeesh. IN MY LTITTLE PINY STHTE ALL THE HORSES THEYW ANT TO BE RFRIENDS WHY CANT THTYE JUST EBE FRIENDS Romanticist vs. Classicist https://t.co/nppD6Rf5IZ How to Be Male https://t.co/qrDnIRHYhw Day 10, a song that makes me sad: I Am Made of Chalk by Crystal Castles https://t.co/nqnmivwWeU @sogayvenclaw @bbbbbbbbbbbaka twitter knows d-su is looking for a girlfriend Unwellness vs. Wellness https://t.co/Yvwuqc0ido @differencebot yknow I think this is the first time Why doesn’t Tweetbot show you replies to tweets when you swipe left on them How to Continue https://t.co/nb1PxLClVK @tedgarb @ebalke93 also i'm wanted by all of the police bc of that photo I need you NOW TONIGHT? AND I NEED to. wash out my. everything: reminder to self: make a Friday / All The Things She Said mashup thanks!!!! i can distinctly remember playing Pokemon Crystal on an emulator a few years back and Desperately wanting to catch a Hoppip although like it's very likely that this memory is from the first time i took Calc in 3D, which was, four years ago owo me https://t.co/Lck4yEXkUd How to Be Absurd https://t.co/brQZTqexU8 @caretcaret gen II pokemon are, the best @tedgarb i'm honored, and i'm ready to be assassinated by the royal legion of shitpost enthusiasts, as is tradition I mean, ok, but why though https://t.co/XJUbWHMjHJ Skull Fossil or Cover Fossil Why. Why? why. why? The Whole Wide Woirlde https://t.co/nGmJPKoLqc @cymreal is that something i was going to do? i don't recognize that pokemon anyone who thinks i can't spell the name of the Apple CEO has permission to break into my dorm and see where i've scrawled it over the walls @cymreal fun fact he gay FRIEND: Hey are you okay? ME: *choked up* microsoft office How to Be Guilty https://t.co/WinycFBeBl Why does Mario just assume that it's okay to jump on things and kill them? It's important to constantly review the behavior we've learned. sent to militant dick eating camp again. this time they really meant no escaping; the armored guard wasn't even gay https://t.co/4wM9zjRhl8 it doesn't take knowing me too long to realize there are a lot of things i think about every day and most of them are ponies & vore jokes What if someone took an almost-nsfw manga and just replaced all the text with two people on the phone talking about groceries @cymreal it was certainly inspired, @cymreal and i'm gonna read homestuck i really like what i did on this track but it involved performing a series of random, unreproducible actions https://t.co/SmscjtTCYO yknow i like describing my actions as "unreproducible" but also good is "unknowable" or "non-existent" Agh I hate it when my phone Temporarily Forgets about the volume limit I set and BLASTS it for a moment. Like geez it ruins the point Omg it's cold, I showered before I got breakfast and in the amount of time between Morewood and The Exchange, my hair started to freeze God, I can't think of a more depressing song than "“Itchy & Scratchy” Main Title Theme" by The Simpsons. I proposed to my partner while "Dear Yoko" by John Lennon & Yoko Ono was playing, and now it's our song. @songchoicebot is this from the POV of John Lennon?? How to Be Essentially Obnoxious https://t.co/O3cjk1YZP6 Day 11, a song that I never get tired of: Bread Drawer Hiatus by The Gates Of Sleep https://t.co/0XrlHlQtNn yes I realize that I made Bread Drawer Hiatus, but it's honestly one of my favorite songs, sue me well duh, they're in a bread drawer and they're taking a hiatus https://t.co/EeaSXWSpW3 ME: You know when something's beautiful but it hurts to look? FRIEND: like an ex? ME: No like snow when it's bright out Being depressed is Good https://t.co/ifGz1qdlYB @yung_minccino fuck, I just found out that minccino is a pokemon NINTENDO I LOVE YA BUT I WANT A CELEBI How to Get Hung Rapidly https://t.co/AXwUm652Gc woo https://t.co/ghx7GEXKjc Take your jacket off. get off my back! Can you believe this guy said he used to be. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR CHORDS FOR OVER A YEAR https://t.co/AbbD9z4fej How to Be Nonlegal https://t.co/Q2a7KzTmmN I got!!!! A Ditto!!!! As in one of the best & cutest & squishiest Pokémon ever!!! https://t.co/sPTEsox2xj @GrinningKobold hmm there's a few choices! exarch, heliod's pilgrim, kiki-jiki, and restoration angel are the big ones! @GrinningKobold if you can manage to counterbalance a chord for x=5 then you probably deserve it @GrinningKobold this is kinda sarcastic i think @GrinningKobold well then i'm happy i could help!! @GrinningKobold i really like coco ^^ @GrinningKobold cowoco @GrinningKobold nooooo it's funny @GrinningKobold cok? @GrinningKobold i don't get it i think about this a lot https://t.co/KRH6FdBhnv How to Be Starving https://t.co/JsSyD29hP4 @Rawr_Ebooks bluh i know right? female anthro characters should be SICK and DISEASED @Rawr_Ebooks owo Ironically, in completely fake news, the first time I took an SSRI was on Moai, the Hawaiian island named after monoamine oxidase inhibitors @saiseinomiko it's also the Man Yaoi island .@DialMforMacbeth drew me ! It's beauutifurukl https://t.co/rY41n0tS2t Yo here's another of the best Pokémon!!!! I'm!!!! Love Delibird!!!! https://t.co/2gDW7IsvP4 How to Shave Your Location https://t.co/nRkzLlOhrP @epstmlgy :( thyroid more like horse noises @bbbbbbbbbbbaka you can remove my thyroid, but you can never remove my horse noises! TWITTER USERS IN 2007: Can we have favorite and unfavorite TWITTER USERS IN 2017: Can we have like and racist GOSH I CANT BELIEVE NINTENDO WON'T LET ME NAME A POKEMON "FUCKIE" I M GONNA SUE @ebalke93 screaming going through old pictures @starla4444 https://t.co/0EdORrqNiC NICE ITS THE ANIME MOUSE https://t.co/BqXr8I54sd It's frozen and you eat it, I swear there's a joke in there somewhere /@Frosty_mage https://t.co/7hISlAtUx0 in catching the ice cream cone i learned about the adrenaline orb & my eyes have been opened, it's cool that pokemon can take caffeine shots How to Fly A Car https://t.co/5IeIoRRCXE @ebalke93 /@DialMforMacbeth from the author of the acclaimed best-seller "Can You Give A Mouse A Cookie?" comes "Can You Approve A Mouse For A Home Loan?" Day 12, a song from my preteen years (ok technically I was 13): Tattoo by Jordin Sparks https://t.co/pTDGN2KfgI remember when i was complaining about battling 6 Caterpies in one random encounter? well i just beat 26 Sneasels in a row so i'm very confused about this tweet because Violent Dreams just hit 200 but clearly the only other two above 200 are… https://t.co/IvjlGFyuV3 a horse made of chalk I got a Castform!! It's got one of those testicle chins! https://t.co/TXNBbZtS70 It's all the PMMM ships (plus a Delibird) https://t.co/s06UMxoqUA Sexual vs. Asexual https://t.co/N9G06iZI3t the voice actor who does Ash's Pikachu also does Apple Bloom in the Japanese dub of MLP:FIM @howtodoesthing quit the nunnery Check out my new bots program, @fefisms, and you too can speak with the delight & candor with which I am always does https://t.co/oQLpXhfifF "fef, stop making bots" no @saiseinomiko i told u i was gonna make the fefisms bot and now, now i did @cymrin @fefisms that means ii'm cute thatnsks edgy sitcom where someone says "At least it can't get worse" and then it doesn't and the audience starts screaming and beating their chests the two genders https://t.co/0Vlb3P9IeN Ok I've never actually played a Sonic game @fefisms fuck ur gender roles @GrinningKobold there's a sixth one?? @tamasys thE Fuck I remade Smashmouth from Windows XP sounds and created a nightmare https://t.co/cW8aaQ8Tgt @tedgarb I FOUND GOD @tamasys a marked improvement https://t.co/D6h91aRAlR @Seglegs my biography will start with "if you didn't watch spongebob growing up, you may be vulnerable to any of 17 different rhinoviruses" @Rawr_Ebooks Get Fucked do you know how many young teenager adults die from functional programming every day? don't inject five whole monads. don't be like Becky. welcome to the bathroom god i hate the 3.5mm to lightning dongle adapter thingy i hate it, it collects static electricity constantly and zaps me, fucking shit apple what if i put my iphone in a god damned plastic bag while i'm walking around outside, and also Apple puts ladybugs in my ass top scientists have stared at the new Nokia for three straight days and have confirmed: its sexy & men are gonna have to step up their game. Ok i just finished reading Summer and now I'm a yaoi with my knees on my Fef plushie and I'm like f̴̢͖̳͔͓̲̱̗ͅų̵̮̝c̸̛̦͈̻k Puella Magi Madoka Magica, 2011 https://t.co/pvxFJoUwhd I worked myself too hard in high school but it was worth it to get into the most selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor. @epstmlgy @UsersArentReal thanks for reminding me of what brian's handle was so that i could retweet the ssri thing "Okay, now the image of the sheep on meth being shocked with tasers is overlaid really huge on my screen for some reason." check out my sexy new website https://t.co/dqSYCKNxCG @MetroAndCharms false advertising is what i'm all about How to Get Ingested https://t.co/lmEjnJgguY @cymreal i'll do this when i wake up @Seglegs uhh i think you imagined it @cymreal i did it!! Day 13, one of my favorite 70s songs: SOS by ABBA https://t.co/3pijPRVVi9 i listened to a bunch of non-The-Visitors (which was the 80s) ABBA songs to figure out what was my favorite & I forgot how much I love ABBA Dancing Queen is extremely high up there bc it's able to make me smile in most situations, but I already used it for day 9! :P The Visitors is still likely my favorite ABBA song, or maybe Slipping Through My Fingers, but golly most of ABBA's singles are really good reminder that I have this and I love it https://t.co/t5WJvzLGuN ME: hey Visitor do you wanna listen to The Visitors LAN: ok sure ME: hah im having a good tiME AND NOT CRYING AT SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS i wonder what makes me cry more: I Am Made of Chalk, or Slipping Through My Fingers @mizmoose @run_atalanta Super Trouper is a good one! not my fav tho, owo I listened to Slipping Through My Fingers, and now I'm crying, so, golly music that makes me cry is Fantastic, i love emotions being invoked the dead, sterile carcass of cutie pie flesh that is me @mizmoose @run_atalanta i immediately get kicked out of ABTech I probably want to get Crystal Castles II on vinyl bc it's, honestly currently my Favorite Album, and god can you imagine chalk on vinyl hi Erin!! whats ur favorite ABBA song My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (265), Purity Ring (17), St. Teresa's Secondary School (13) #lastfm @ebalke93 i, really love this, time to write a research paper that analyzes Spongebob through the lens of the Archetypes of Electra Heart, if you count my "Top 3 Last.fm Artists" script as a bot, I've got 20 active bots :p twitter sucks but I love that it exists as an outlet for my procedural-generation-lust please.... we have to see Sapphire Shores..... please....... we have to see Sapphire Shores.......... https://t.co/sUlXlJLONL @ebalke93 they're good!!!! @ebalke93 dancing queen is honestly one of the best songs of all time and i'm gonna lie on the floor and think about it so when am I gonna start procedurally generating vaporwave, huh?? @ebalke93 remember that time i literally hurt my neck bc i was jamming to dancing queen too hard? lolol @Rawr_Ebooks Feferi has a Fever fan theory the asexual hivemind is sex @bbbbbbbbbbbaka really bad theory tbh kinkshaming is just a list of questions that never ends the furries are in fact anti @howtodoesthing "it's like mating, but for bros" For the morning crowd: I made a new bot! It's called @fefisms and it generates silly ways of referring to things.… https://t.co/B0jYq3FeLh She's so cute and she sings pop hits /@timparenti, @Seglegs https://t.co/SBFROD8LkL @Seglegs oh yeah i love this!! yo top strat for teaching a Smeargle a move you want: use it against a wild Smeargle, then Sketch it after the wild one Sketches it lol I used a wild Smeargle to teach my Smeargle Mean Look, but then couldn't escape the battle and my only damaging move was False Swipe panicked for a moment and then realized that i could just catch the wild Smeargle @caretcaret then i'd consider my horrible life choices, turn off the game, and try to engineer the situation better lol lol there's a glitch in Diamond and Pearl that lets you get Darkrai without cheating but it takes ~2.5 hours to complete Literally no regrets https://t.co/D5pcwb7V36 can't believe Pikachu is finally a magical girl https://t.co/Ss0lwCVBWy if Nintendo made a Sylveon plush they would make a million dollars OH FUCK THEY DID AND IT'S DISCONTINUED assimilator nerds How to Bring A Coat https://t.co/y0fwd9Mr8B "Let Me Rock You to Sleep" by Kevin Sharp is so intense that I bet it could just about raise the dead. why (article on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen) https://t.co/QZ7Eb7wG19 i wonder how far back I was aware of the terminology "Generation II" for pokemon gold, silver, & crystal i keep wanting to crochet cute dolls but then realizing that yarn costs money @Seglegs idk why the text color has to be differentiated; another option would be to color text based on the NPC's color scheme I had to get inventive, because of censorship https://t.co/T5U4iqx7Z3 💻 https://t.co/M9mED7ThMd Of course https://t.co/gsl05YE8qt @KbLogQ you're in soho!! this is a really solid joke + i'm losing my mind over this steve ballmer video https://t.co/efVmIxNfBc you can tell girl misandry from boy misandry bc it has a bow and eyelashes and misandry titties "A cute dentist lady told me to stay away from the smell of urine, and being packed on a ship like a sardine, don't go to school". "Why"? "I I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. ERIDAN JUST DIVIDED INTO THREE WHAT'S GOING ON IN Leigh's mind. As he drove toward town he thought he was going to @Pretzelish that's three vowels in a row, the english orthography is an abomination the furries are aroused the fact that I can't buy Homura's glasses in pokemon sun is Extremely upsetting @mahousecretrose ok but you just wear her glasses irl!! :p @Frosty_mage @Pretzelish i'm scared @Frosty_mage @Pretzelish 🍪  🎀  𝐹𝒰𝒞𝒦  🎀  🍪 @NatRoze I would Love some, I want to make pokemons :p @NatRoze I'll check out my pattern and get back to you!! ^^ @mahousecretrose you deserve to!! its an injustice that u cant. fuckin transphobes gambler bookies fuck America, pls watch my latest asmr video! it's just me screaming "vaganías" for 3 hours @NatRoze so i need pink, black, and green if you have! owo @NatRoze this sounds like a homestuck thing Boy vs. Girl https://t.co/OPftv7SI4n Day 14, (reframing this bc I don't want to marry) a song that reminds me of a rly close friend: The Unknown by Foxes https://t.co/IcspTBV2EA How to Be Desirable https://t.co/7c2B39mlmR the furries are lubing .@starla4444 https://t.co/5KobCMksFr you can tell I've got a really bad headache because I was just outside and I wasn't wearing headphones It's v excited for me (fuck being a boy though) https://t.co/r3vuQBVhMB .@Psynklyskys named my rival (I named his "Stalin") https://t.co/Mw06ic1ZsL Nobody will be able to tell the difference! https://t.co/Q8OMlEBb9l I panicked, https://t.co/jla57pIEir Not even the slightest bit ashamed of this one https://t.co/pnEMK5RijO @HexManiacWingy @mahoushoujorose yep!! its v cool I haven't received a confirmation email yet and it makes me feel violated. YO REMEMBER WHEN ASH KETCHUM STRAIGHT UP DIES IN THE FIRST POKEMONE MOVIE WAS THAT FUCKED UP OR WHAT HAHAHAHAHAAHA Today on "I thought I had akathisia but it was just gas" @saiseinomiko unconfirmed but Hopefully anyway Today @cmukgb the iceberg was flipped. https://t.co/2SJVMwrVvD Horse Fef @GrinningKobold yeah i remember that one too!! i think it was before,,,, the third or fourth movie i can't remember, Pichu was there right? Day 15, a song that is a cover: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by Birdy, originally by The Postal Service https://t.co/VT6A2JBe8V I got most of my prescriptions filled at once niiiiiiiiiiiiiice Valentine's Day? oh, you mean the fictional holiday in the Spongebob episode of the same name in which a crowd of scallops are enslaved? i love conversation hearts, the candy this means "I'm not eating a knife" https://t.co/q4cbQ7EKhg i don't really ever intend on being in a relationship but valentine's day doesn't really bother me, i'm barely aware enough to realize it plus like. it's chalk candy day. why wouldn't i love it? every year i will retweet one titty Titty? I am so EXCITE heh, YEAH, studying. the only thing they were studying was math. https://t.co/OH3kOfRTd1 C++11 😍 My first day in D.C? Absolutely horrible. BTW, happy Valentine's day i'm so romantic 😍 today i spent $125 on medication for myself 💌💊🌺 i'm so thoughtful @shirAdrenaline it's owo day 𝒲ℋ𝒴 millennial valentine's day "dearest bi8tch!11, let me snapchat you a love story called "[object retain"]"; Love vs. Hate https://t.co/LEqJ360KzK .@starla4444 https://t.co/7NyhKB30AN @ebalke93 bc I'm a horse 🐴 @cymreal how could this happen to me (birdy is v important to me tho especially this particular cover) How to Get Filled With Your Hammer https://t.co/285aNnIQQm Cleanness vs. Dirtiness https://t.co/vQjvLn9sHl home alone on valentines day? why not celebrate with the best valentine of all, the collective ace hivemind Roses are red, violets are blue Honey is sweet, not as sweet as u This is a song, Aqua wrote for u It was their 1st, Barbie Girl would outdo Roses are red Horses wear horseshoes If you're a horse Then you wear horseshoes @cymreal not very well I'm afraid @cymreal it does @Rawr_Ebooks hi miku. guess who it is. gay people. @Rawr_Ebooks are you ok Nooooooooooo. Is this what moe means. How to Be Respectable https://t.co/eGsBnxSUx7 Google Chrome keeps telling me that my SSRI certificate is invalid, and because of this, my mood may be insecure @tedgarb uh is it?? I requested a new cert for ALLIES today but that should go to me @tedgarb owo just unpledged someone on Patreon and Patreon sends me an email saying "Wow! Thanks! What you just did is awesome!" Haha. Memes. https://t.co/8AEjEv8xY0 Le Depression 👌 i <3 SSRI memes but haven't been on an SSRI for 6 months, which in accordance with the Geneva Convention dictates immediate public execution foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my bluetooth keyboard disconnected in the middle of making that shitpost, golly Haha you sure can't tell Anything about ur friends based on whether they're on Prozac or Zoloft Well you can tell what archetype of psychiatrist they go to "Zoloft, Lexapro, Effexor, Wellbutrin" --Marina & the Diamonds, The Archetypes @sogayvenclaw gosh sure wish I could signal boost this by retweeting it but that's cultural appropriation and I must be respectful Yes I know one of those is an SNRI and one of them is an NDRI, and two of them aren't Prozac, and the fluoxetine squad is just Jealous The ugly years of MAOIs, ain't drugs meant to be beautiful? Queen of no serotonin, I always feel like doing nothing, a living death Oh yeah, SDRIs, Sandstorm by DaRude Inhibitors I don't believe in the second generation antidepressants; I only recognize the original 151. Ok I counted and including discontinued drugs, drugs under development, and some combination therapies, there are 148 antidepressants Found the furry https://t.co/jOAVvPj4mP Не могла переводить твит Oh I'm on gay Reddit https://t.co/GZc088Rl48 how study for combi @bbbbbbbbbbbaka the fuck @epstmlgy all you missed was SSRI memes Day 16, idk what a classical song is so here's one of my fav soundtrack songs: Penance from The Binding of Isaac https://t.co/1dzE0Nwdof Relevant to last tweet: golly here's a really cool Synthesia rendition of Penance https://t.co/5A3YAa9Mnp How to Be Cruel https://t.co/msbS6vjZwX who will guard the guards? who will write units tests for the unit tests? Is this where the 420 is https://t.co/c3WXceVhCl @Rawr_Ebooks same @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is bad my mom loves me, the President of CMU ALLIES, uwu https://t.co/5AJEuRHbfv @cymreal I did part 1, next step is to get it into Sun which will take a while ^_^ @cymreal also yeah! In Sun I have a Drifloon named uwu and Mimikyu named owo @bbbbbbbbbbbaka fuck off The No-Thyroid Horse Tasteful vs. Tasteless https://t.co/7WOMvQ0xfL Day 17, a song I'd duet at karaoke (with @Pretzelish :P): I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry https://t.co/3bBUPNI2eG with the last tweet: wow that video is such a cop-out!! she's hangin with all these ladies and at the end she wakes up in a bed with a dude sometimes i get confused mid-word between russian letters and the equivalent english letters and end up reading "диск" as "dick" "This Elevator Has People In It" i holler at assholes who don't look before entering transport before clipping through the floor uselessly Trello Makes Working In A Team Fun & Easy! https://t.co/HKY8J8xJpt haha fuck my extra time for the 451 exam today intersects with Russian class the furries are impregnating oh thank God https://t.co/Wp4otag7Ps i exclusively write C++ that thinks it's SML Uhh what is it then. Is it weed. https://t.co/F8yIOSdtWb Hello, old friend. (Actually as a kid I never got 'M, I always got MissingNo) https://t.co/mOTN7KCwq6 Bruh get off the roof https://t.co/AOO1nCoStI Hahahaha im rich https://t.co/Y38jClhHlw Oh there we go!! Hi friend https://t.co/S24MEXoSf6 OwO Ghost form MissingNo, I've never experienced this either https://t.co/f8xjwTJzUZ Fuck fuck fuck fuck https://t.co/FIbUsq8KIR @Seglegs missingno doesn't cause that, i fucked up exploiting a different glitch but luckily i saved before starting @shirAdrenaline oh I know it exists! I just never before had a name that facilitated its existence :p I did it right!! Here's the arbitrary code execution vector! Now just to write the code! Except I'm tired goodnight https://t.co/rxBQGKA2NT @cymreal omg i noticed it just as your tweet popped up @Rawr_Ebooks owo /@ebalke93 btw that 'M was level 0 but the MissingNo were level ~264 and kept pounding my ass, plus a level 163 Rattata kept showing up :p Day 18 is uninteresting, so how about a song that I love that no one else likes: Friday by Rebecca Black https://t.co/hV6expqdfQ note about the last tweet: the video i linked is the one with the creepy rapper middle eight, which even I think sucks "There are I'm sure lots of crinkly crackly noises when i was a sophomore but things aren't Too bad as long as you BUY MY ALBUM. it's free a yall: horses me, an intellectual: heese KEEP IT G RATED PLEASE https://t.co/Q1y4lvVkN4 Whoa Fluttershy do you work out? https://t.co/6J3lmZXoDa Time to run some arbitrary code... hope it works! https://t.co/hMECthlUlD Hmm... something's different! https://t.co/dnTSshpByO @mahousecretrose that is indeed what's different!! Oh, that's what's different! https://t.co/SuYJ8bI2US Transferring it removed the nickname unfortunately but!! It's a Mew!! https://t.co/4DGy1aNebf @Seglegs this is my gen 1 Mew! I transferred it over to Pokemon Sun @Seglegs I'm not sure what you're asking I totally intend on completing my dex in Pokemon Red (and then transferring a bunch of pkmn over to Sun to help with my dex there) but!! I'm also not gonna pretend that doing this wasn't a huge reason for me playing Pokemon Red :p @mahousecretrose i'm gonna write up a thing on how i did it, but basically it involves a few major pkmn red glitches, plus the Pokemon Bank @Seglegs Ah I see. I needed 8F to change Mew's OT and Trainer ID otherwise Sun rejects it; see the Mew post-8F: https://t.co/LE9J33JiQF @Seglegs you can also 8F to make Mew shiny but I didn't opt for that @mahousecretrose yuppers!! all the good ol' fashioned glitches we know and love plus it's on the 3ds!! i love my 3ds @mahousecretrose being a girl AND having a mew 👏 [Suigintou voice] poopie [Suigintou voice] Hey what up everybody it's Cr1tikal and this time I'm playing The Alice Game let's do this shit Uncut vs. Cut https://t.co/nbacBH3uLp @differencebot AWFUL huh, @howtodoesthing isn't tweeting because it's having trouble accessing ImageNet, but somehow @differencebot /is/ still tweeting? @mahoushoujorose from Utena?? @mahoushoujorose shes a cat girl [Satoshi voice] I like men @GrinningKobold @mahoushoujorose Oh noes I sure hope they release Gold and Silver for 3DS Virtual Console, that'd be swell, actually Crystal would be even better thanks @epstmlgy IS THIS THE EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS LAB @KbLogQ is tonight ctfws?? Shout out to the suffering. This goes to readers choice @GrinningKobold good content op [SPORCLE QUIZ] how many pokemon are Gay @cymreal oh wait ctfws is next week nvm @cymreal it's just a list of pkmn names and for each of them you type infinity @fefisms oh my god @Rawr_Ebooks hi Yolando!!!! wait this isn't what it sounds like https://t.co/xhj5ghfHcw @bbbbbbbbbbbaka THAT'S HELL FRAT FURRY: fuckin awoo bro i was just suiting at a party yeah and this stud was yiffing me to the moon and back i mean no homowo but fuck Hateful vs. Lovable https://t.co/85271orDLO how much money for charity would I make if I did a 17 hour livestream of me just petting my Mew in Pokemon Sun @nex3 https://t.co/sSSuOodJVc how do people find out about Nintendo distributing event pokemon, and how do i get on that mailing list?? i yell, foam flaking from the corners of my mouth, furious and gay, forgetting i literally have a Mew i'm Needy and i want a Celebi and to a lesser extent an Arceus and to a lesser extent a Jirachi, and also like 50 more Mew LET ME CONSUME THE PLANET @Seglegs I refuse to use a cheating device :/ @Seglegs I don't think of 8F, or Trainer-Fly, or MissingNo as cheating because I'm just playing the game, not using a device to edit memory Had a dream I was playing Gen IV Pokémon; this fixation cannot be stopped The poor thing gets cluster headaches!! :( https://t.co/WbeWpyzwUI Geez warmth is nice but it should Not be 11 degrees out (with a high of 18!) in February I wore my winter coat to go to Starbucks and now I'm sweating and feeling sunburnt @Seglegs plus like it's actually not possible to use a method like that to get Celebi bc while Gen II does have its glitches, @Seglegs it's not currently possible to transfer any pokemon out of Gen II to a later generation @Seglegs I also don't know of any major glitches in Gen III games that would allow me to get Jirachi but maybe I just haven't researched it @Seglegs I do know of an extremely complicated glitch that allows you to get Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus in Diamond/Pearl so I may try that @sogayvenclaw if hitting the pipes with a wrench somehow dyes my hair imma do it You wouldn't receive a weed @tedgarb @ebalke93 @CMYKGenet as a new yorker, @ebalke93 @tedgarb @CMYKGenet *pathetically tosses some cashmere yarn at you* it's Amusing that "cashmere" has "cash" as a substring; "that wasn't very cashmere money of you" hi friends welcome to my room! please listen to this my little pony vaporwave @ebalke93 @Frosty_mage @tedgarb @CMYKGenet "first of all how dare you" @ebalke93 @drquuxum @Frosty_mage @tedgarb @CMYKGenet in ny we eat pizza all day. "mom i'm sick of pizza" a child cries. but it's all we have I'm a magical girl btw https://t.co/nhiaPgCXR7 Day 19, a song that makes me think about life: Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve https://t.co/uhvweCBZQK Yknow, just like All men https://t.co/fFhpgyAqOJ Shiny Mew! https://t.co/ktZbLeaP6F Another Night Spent Thinking About Pokemon Distribution Events bruh what if Pikachu killed a guy, would that be fucked up or what, i'm just saying i feel Haunted by the aesthetic of Pokemon Crystal, please bury me with a copy, and then, unbury me please because I won't be dead, ever, @mahousecretrose Good Idea who Wouldn't want this as their desktop background https://t.co/E0s9ptQbVn for real though check out the new desktop background i made from a piece of the Johto map! https://t.co/TNm5GTCuNs i say made because i filled in a lot of the places in between areas, and also i enlarged the Ruins of Alph because their dimensions Lie @highway2helliot JOHTO IS THE RREEAALLEESSTT SSHHIITT if anyone would like it, here's a dropbox link! it's 2560x1440 https://t.co/NZJNS4y35i @Rawr_Ebooks i'm!! um!! help!! @PrimPocalypsewa <3 @PrimPocalypsewa sure i guess! "how did you type that lowercase 3" it's not moe, it's mœ what happened https://t.co/Di02CUsdbR @PrimPocalypsewa https://t.co/ViuFtlO4sI @PrimPocalypsewa ℇℵℸ℈ℕⅆⅇⅅ ℁ℂℹⅈ ℃ℌÅ℞℀ℸℰℝß @PrimPocalypsewa i worked really hard on this the furries are Catholic Look how sad this pop tart is! https://t.co/orIu4odQiq My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (288), The Gates Of Sleep (13), St. Teresa's Secondary School (8) #lastfm yo for anyone who liked my Johto wallpaper, I made a few changes to it, including fixing the tree colors! https://t.co/NZJNS4y35i whelp it's lame but i'm not sorry, here's my new bot, @fatherpuns, that will occasionally make dad jokes at you if you follow it it would've been really great if it made a dad joke at that tweet but alas, i'm So Upset about random number generation @starla4444 Hi So Upset, I'm Dad. thanks @natroze for the idea, and @DialMforMacbeth for having a soul I could steal and put into a computer program! Cultivated Plant vs. Weed https://t.co/gF9lk0gk9l Day 20, a song that has many meanings to me: Teen Idle by Marina & the Diamonds https://t.co/P8Hp1CqxEE @differencebot White https://t.co/lButosTewG I saw Goody Proctor with the devil! https://t.co/64Af5Erff5 the popular idealogical view, Marxism-Llammaism i see your point BUT in the well known anime, Pokemon, the protagonist Ash, a Role model, throws a rock at a Spearow, this is a subtweet "Natural Depression vs Man-Made Depression" oh definitely the second, all of my depression is because of men I sure like my theme naming https://t.co/sTa7d0a3N2 at the 8 snail-fuckers out there who are leaving kudos on my highly acclai,med fanfiction im afraid to say you Need to get off my lawn the word Eldritch is ableist because it demonizes the elderly, and turns them into tentacle monsters, please use it often Jail probably?? https://t.co/y2bgv3Grt3 @cymreal unfortunately this cannot be undone It has no mouth and it must scream https://t.co/04W0kPeZHW PSA that if u have Sun/Moon & beat the Elite Four, u can scan an event QR code to get the Mythical Pokemon Magearna! https://t.co/YAc62zpRoa Yeah you heard me. FFAATTEEFFUULL EENNCCOOUUNNTTEERR!!!! After days of me whining about event Pokémon, https://t.co/23UDtduQCz I'm okay, probably, i love pokemon, owo, i'm slightly worried because thus far @fatherpuns has only replied to me? i tweeted all of that and then remembered that it doesn't reply to tweets with an @ at the beginning lol i'm smart @fatherpuns FUCKIN @tamasys have you tried turning it off and on again remember, 60% of what i say is angry feminist but like 40% of it is also concern for correct characterization of magical horse girls pinkie pie is an intersectional feminist, everyone can fuck off if you look at what's going on inside my brain it's basically just all screaming all the time not even like angry screaming, just like dopamine screaming How to Be Veiled https://t.co/L6H3mPYZdq @howtodoesthing HE'S DOING A REALLY BAD JOB AT IT @tedgarb @howtodoesthing i only see one buzzwole is disgusting don't @ me He Deserves Better https://t.co/BA3U8kKX7U why does DNA do the double helix thing?? note: if you know the answer don't tell me bc i'm a computer science major Бузвол некрасив, не говорите со мной the misrepresentation of defibrillation in pop media is the major reason why hospitals close; it's "Clear" that Americans don't have hearts please text 1-KINK-BINGO with what kink you think this is https://t.co/GmNCEalWHX @DialMforMacbeth yeah the original games were really grindy @DialMforMacbeth sure firered/leafgreen were remakes but i don't think they did a good enough job making them not slow @DialMforMacbeth i will apologize for pokemon all day, My children @fatherpuns and @Rawr_Ebooks being friends! https://t.co/CxhF7wX3pL me when i'm ignorign someone https://t.co/9QQqu0Npgx Day 21, a favorite song with someone's name in the title: Fluttershy's Lament by All Levels At Once https://t.co/FalZ6D5DqA the informal imperative form of "to give" in Russian is "дай" which is pronounced "die" Let's Go Back https://t.co/B4HHLIBZHQ same https://t.co/9sZ4NyvUkP It's my Party And I'll Cry If I should take this personally. Unregistered vs. Registered https://t.co/jiVH7vJqMr @thefurriesare prinsbly Loopin, however, was to be gay, but being gay At Home. @Rawr_Ebooks I'm cackling in public @cymreal @howtodoesthing there's more than one thing that's not in English!! how can I get at-ed/messaged/notified whenever there's a pokemon distribution event I'm probably not referencing the Mirai you think I am https://t.co/aw40ASO5p7 i like knowing things about things!! i Really love this video of someone using the Azure Flute to encounter Arceus in Pokemon Platinum, it, ahhh https://t.co/nd6lbCTFXH sure the Flute was literally impossible to obtain legitimately because they never distributed it but BLUH i want it, i love this whole scene the music is ominous and the camerawork is 👌, you've got excellent directing for a deleted scene, Pokemon Arceus's cry is super neat, i want to own God some things are just really nice to think about!! i've gone over this before i suppose. like the words "Homura" and "chalk" yknow? right now i'm really fixated on Pokemon and i want to play Gen IV again anyway, i have good yet distant memories of it i'm 22 and i love my little pony & pokemon, all that's changed is that now i can go to distribution events without my parents 🙌 my constant discourse is that boring adults are boring because they're boring not because they're adults hence why i changed my name and dyed my hair and started wearing pony ears everywhere and watch Arceus videos all day Arceus is probably the only pokemon I could justify using a Master Ball on lol. it's actually god. Idk if I could even use it on Celebi don't get me wrong Celebi is my favorite Mythical Pokemon but you don't encounter it at level 80 and it's not literally god meanwhile this peep reset their game 11,000 times so they could get a shiny Arceus in the Hall of Origin, Wowie https://t.co/JGlsrWM8vQ they're complaining that the catch rate is so low but!! they haven't even done any damage to it!! this is what false swipe is for!! i guess with a shiny you can't take any chances I was really proud of catching Solgaleo in a Luxury Ball before reading that Solgaleo and Lunala have high catch rates bc they're mascots that person said they wouldn't cheat to get Arceus into Gen VI, but they literally had to cheat to get into the Hall of Origin like I know you can tweak to get there and then do Pal Park Retire to trigger the script but only in Diamond/Pearl and this was Platinum why are some things so fascinating, why can't i study "ominous event Pokemon I never got as a child" instead of combinatorics Enjoy a unicorn made out of music notes https://t.co/f4oMZDa50b pic 1: hmm neat pic 2: nope https://t.co/8Hfx7Zyomt i dont think i'm expressing enough how low-level my concept comfort is here, i think "Hall of Origin" and go ahHHhhHh those are some nice. @cymreal gotta catch them all, because they're awful THE NOSTALGIA, is amusing bc is it even nostalgia? this is just the same fascination I had in 8th grade, when i Also didn't have Arceus i'm screaming https://t.co/PfuwHOm8Ec *goes on deviantart looking for pictures of Articuno* why are all of these Shit It was really awkward at my high school prom when the slow dance, "Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart" by Hall & Oates, came on. @Pretzelish pretzelish Yeah. What did I miss. Well, I guess I'll never be sorry,,, New season of My Little Pony porn. ok i just don't know . @Rawr_Ebooks YOU SHOULD BE SORRY my Favorite anime, Red vs Blue, having fixations and fascinations with things like chalk and Pokemon is something that always makes me feel special and I have no idea why Day 22, a song that moves me forward: Can't Fight The Wicked by The Gates Of Sleep https://t.co/Et9uTtIug4 100 plays on last.fm for Transgender by Crystal Castles! I'm finally a real transgirl~ 100 plays, and it's my 20th most listened Crystal Castles song, lol, it's still behind the Entirety of Crystal Castles II :p i love that album so much I've even listened to my least favorite track from it 110 times my music challenge playlist that I've been making is currently almost an hour and a half long, nice Mimikyu is like my best friend Mimikyu is really good for chaining Hakamo-o because the latter literally has no moves that can actually damage it I've been in this chain battle for around an hour I think and Mimikyu is still in its Disguise Form Adrenaline Orb is 👌. Having 400+ Sitrus and Leppa berries is 👌. Mimkyu is 👌. Another pokemon knowing False Swipe is 👌. I'm not even doing this to get a shiny, I'm trying to chain into Kommo-o so I can get a Razor Claw so I can evolve Smeargle lol Just as I tweeted this, a Kommo-o appeared!!!! i really hope it has a Razor Claw bc it's 50% and this has been a While i said evolve Smeargle but I meant evolve Sneasel lel @JhoiraArtificer gen IV is good!! it wasn't my first but i remember rly enjoying it and i think it's the gen I haven't played in the longest GOD DAMN IT the Kommo-o didn't have a Razor Claw, time to do this all again oh this is what I teach a Pokemon Thief for isn't it omg Sleator said he couldn't stop looking at me because of my hair, which just sounds very creepy even though I know it wasn't lol @howtodoesthing that's really uplifting Mimikyu plushies in March!!!! https://t.co/M1pZCSbbNz i'm setting like 17 reminders on my computer to buy one when it comes out jeepers i'm getting quite flustered over here https://t.co/6xXHw5s0ny watch out, i'm about to get Political: donald trump is a poopie and someone should put ladybugs in his ass @JhoiraArtificer whoa like, why do you think theyre called ladybugs, this is unrelated except for the fact that it's about ladybugs, im like me trying to hang with all my talented and famous mutuals https://t.co/PmyLooXjMt No opinion is bad enough that nobody has it. @starla4444 wow......... so much for le """Toleramt Left"""..... nobody ever offered to put adorable tiny buggos in MY Ass...... Sexy vs. Unsexy https://t.co/POdaUGD3B0 capitalism is why stupid wasteful hindering shit like planned obsolescence exists how many depressive episodes have you had today like 5 or 6 my dude you are like a little baby watch this i wanna live in a world where ppl make things bc they're passionate, not bc they are struggling to stay alive and need money you can tell she's a girl because she's pink and she has a bow and eyelashes and starfish titties https://t.co/dmk5qzgiuu oh good they're siblings, and she's not just the arbitrary girlfriend for the male-by-default main character At least she's a feminist https://t.co/06Fv5SUfVx @ebalke93 i love these stock photos omg some fantastic realism in this episode of spongebob: the writers have picked up on the fact that a box on the side of the road is garbage spongebob is scared, mr krabs. you shouldn't be doing this to him. https://t.co/DcZIaw1VzY i'm so curious as to what the mechanics of this are. why are there soap bubbles. what is that little device plugged… https://t.co/AwzyoOFFqI *points at my party* here's where i would put my Arceus, IF I HAD ONE yknow spongebob is a great show with a lot of merit in its humor; they really didn't need to resort to panty shots https://t.co/NTOAR1JCQ2 @GrinningKobold what is soap, but a cavity in the existence of filth --Emily Dickinson you can tell boy non-human cartoon character from girl non-human cartoon character because he's bald and has no dick and is 90% of the non-h @GrinningKobold :OOOO this summer's gonna be different!!!! @GrinningKobold ; Leeward vs. Windward https://t.co/MsibtkHX8p @highway2helliot stairs transition goals https://t.co/k8ap2BCAS5 Артикуно или Артикюно? lol okay thanks https://t.co/LJID7XrdI7 i always said Artiкюno but recently I heard Lan say Artiкуno and I was like whoa that's weird JESUS CHRIST THOUGH IT'S 100% THE TITTY LIZARD, IT'S EVEN MAKING BEDROOM EYES https://t.co/IRFXO5EH0q @bbbbbbbbbbbaka or why he's so obsessed with my hair! @Rawr_Ebooks can't believe they trapped rarity's soul in the catacombs of Canterlot @cymreal you mean nintendo, coiner of the meme "my body is ready", this is what i get for applying for housing at midnight, https://t.co/akjj8cn4HX *notices ur copy of Pokemon Crystal* Johtowo whats this..? ahh sure am excited for a nice night's sleep! to get ready for bed, i think it's time to watch that Azure Flute / Arceus video again *vibrating* AARRCCEEUUSS i'm gonna get an Arceus someday it's gonna happen, idk how but RAWR in "One Krab's Trash", mr krabs says the hat makes him look like a girl and he's like "Am I a pretty girl? :3333" the bullies on th eplaygroudn laught out "hwhere's your thyorud fef" haha ok this weekt xit z i'm still have asleep i'm Fef!! FUCKLE!!!! depression memes who wants to torrent and watch the 12th pokemon movie together,, it's the one with Arceus who wants to get laid by a giant cup of fried rice @Frosty_mage i'm asleep owo pokemon sex joke knock knock who's there you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what if you Could breed legendary/mythical pokemon with Ditto, but you always got a Geodude out of it who wants to OWN me. do i mean in a pet way or in a fuckin DUNK ON ME way,, only you can find out the answer!! download the companion app it's easy to get pwn'd playing videosgames, but it's a little known secret that getting dunked on turns you into a horse, bc pwn'd=pone'd @PrimPocalypse :3 Brocifer, the dudebro version of Satan Are There More Than 2 People On The Internet? Click the link and give us your credit card details to find out! how, how can I get eaten by Michael Cera, HOW!!... this is the question being asked by millinos of youths across America today Day 23, a song I think everyone should listen to: Go Hard (https://t.co/VbdGpJseES) by Kreayshawn https://t.co/BMJv7sh3Kq i think rawr ebooks may have accidentally composed a tweet starting with "d u " https://t.co/FIINHqPR5q Kantowo Johtowo Howoenn Sinnowoh Kalowos Unowova Alowola the Replacing Thing Cowomittee approves collecting ribbons for my pokemon is fun!! Probably to my phone background https://t.co/yYbNR5JiWB Look it's like a sword!! How cute https://t.co/MPRjVvjWQ5 ok the weather needs to get colder again because i'm already sick of wearing a bra maybe i just need a new bra or something bc the two that i have are from three years ago and are Old and Painful with all of my homestuck friends, there's always some point at which I learn that they used to ship Erisol. is this my fault. @cymreal yeah!! i want them to feel special the furries are privileged This isn't how cats work https://t.co/iTFXeMDsxw @cymreal oh it's the Worst How to Be Unhappy https://t.co/DMCdEh5sQl everyone's always like "stop saying t̯͓͎̳w̷͙͎̤͓i̩̮̗̙̙̮ṇ̛̭ḳ̹ṣ͈̞̪̟̲̭͞ so much, we're in church, grandma is cryi on one hand, i really want me some Mythical pokemon. on the other, it's possible that once I have them, they won't be interesting anymore. yo like the event thing is so Frustrating bc if I went to something and they gave me an Arceus, i'd love to have it but like, it's not Nearly as satisfying as getting the Azure Flute and encountering/catching it myself like trading for one wouldn't feel as fulfilling as the thing that feels like actually playing the game like there's a few parts of the game that are just intentionally locked away that i'm never allowed to play, esPecially the Hall of Origin because as i've said a million times, the Azure Flute was never distributed i don't like cheating and i don't feel good about using a cheating device so i won't do it but it feels Unfair cheating implies that i'm gaining an unfair advantage over someone else in some sort of competition i don't pokemon competitively and you're not even allowed to use mythical pokemon in competitive play anyway for "Actually Playing The Full Game" to be considered cheating really sucks it's sucks that they made lore that fascinates me and yet made it impossible for me to interact with it in any sort of fulfilling manner I get that Mythical Pokemon are supposed to be Extras thanking people for being Super involved, & they aren't needed for completing the dex but did they have to make the lore so fascinating?? such that i feel cheated for not being able to be super involved this is a really foolish problem to have. it's very likely that they're only so fascinating because i've never been able to have one. I have a Magearna, which is v cool, but I haven't been bathed in the myths about it, so it's not As cool. I think Johto and Sinnoh are super cool because they're so rich with myths and legends; they make the lore really fascinating. and so of course I'm gonna pine after Celebi and Arceus lol Ok BUT that's literally canon. Sexy ~magical girl tulpas, i need to shove skittles up my nails. Windows 95 tips is my favorite holiday. Traded for a Phione!! Probably wasn't too difficult bc it's breedable But still it's cool https://t.co/h0dK3uJa25 Sent out a Castform and got a Rowlet in a beast ball?? how does that even happen?? lol phione knows about water sports frustrated about the lack of national dex in sun/moon How to Organize A Furniture With A Battering Ram https://t.co/sO5xf8px1H explorations probes misinformations info wassup m'twink i like that Pokerus exists, it's a neat easter egg, that's so rare that most people won't ever encounter it, owo i think my pokemon got Pokerus once in gen 3, but it was long ago. i wonder if i've still got that game lying around somewhere. probably not @DataErase learning about secret things is fun!! :D I caught all the Tapu!! Catching Tapu Fini was the hardest because friggen Aqua Ring means it even heals in its sleep what I ended up doing was, on a whim, Sketching its Nature's Madness, which helped keep its health pretty low! i've had that Sketch just sitting there for ages and ages so it's good to have found a use for it here's what i would use to stimulate my thyroid... IF I HAD ONE https://t.co/h8N8R872R9 i'm realizing i could generate more shiny Mews because i have that power and trade them to people for mythical pkmn but that feels... bad. @eps_tvaughan nice!! oh my God, Trubbish is so cute and so RELATABLE i'm marrying Shrek and no ones gonna stop me IT'S FEBRUARY AND I HAVE HYPOTHYROIDISM AND I'M TURNING ON THE FAN IN MY ROOM BECAUSE I'M WARM Unfortunately https://t.co/4BSDh6xvNz @GrinningKobold that's what i'm saying @tedgarb @ebalke93 owo @bbbbbbbbbbbaka I HATE THIS, THIS IS THE WORST THIGN< DELETE THIS BOT< CALLING THE COPS, i wish the twitter name field was wide enough for my name to be "crippling anxiety" su open rp PEARL: literally 420 physician: that's an interesting response to "do you do drugs" @bbbbbbbbbbbaka bad you can tell girl hormones from boy hormones bc it has a bow and eyelashes and hormones titties @bbbbbbbbbbbaka yes that's what hormones does @cymreal the first line, is that the one where she says "i love men"? the hipbone is connected to the, headphone dear nintendo: please add some sort of event to a current or future pokemon game that lets me catch Arceus bc i want to use my master ball. @Frosty_mage I do really like this glitch, but unfortunately I have Platinum and they patched tweaking in Platinum owo shampoo' and conditioned my hair today, hope it's still gonna be colorful when it dries! Dysphoric vs. Euphoric https://t.co/kl1EQHnFnQ @Rawr_Ebooks did u know that I have a rishadan port Day 24, a song by a band I wish were still together: Я сошла с ума by t.A.T.u (also called All The Things She Said) https://t.co/4ZjCWPYVIR last tweet: That Song With The Teenage Russian Girls Kissing, it's So Good ohoho and at the end it turns out it's actually the homophobes that are behind the barb wire fence, and t.A.T.u is free to pretend to be gay i fuckin love t.A.T.u I didn't like 30 минут until I did, and now I like it, and have it stuck in my head often as in every time we say the word каждый in Russian class, which is a lot, because it means "every" Transferred a Ponyta over from Red!! https://t.co/9AByvBIguQ Aww the cute name I gave it carried over! Also my trainer name :3 https://t.co/LWUjNrpz24 Extremely relatable https://t.co/5MohDC6bvE I tried petting its head and it burned my hand :O. The developers thought of everything! Tempted to replace my starter in my party with Ponyta,, problem is that Ponyta is single type Fire, while Incineroar is Fire/Dark, and also knows a Fighting type move which is v helpful although, Mimikyu knows a Dark move and Delibird knows a Fighting move... i'm making a party of really good pokemons!! Right now it's Smeargle, Incineroar, Raichu, Delibird, Mimikyu, and Nihilego. they're my friends!! Incineroar is really bara though Ponyta can also learn Solar Beam by TM which would be useful bc none of my pokemons know any Grass type moves... I wonder if I should put Mew in my party; learning any TM is v useful, and its exclusive Z version of Psychic is Very strong I think I probably can't use Mew in things like Battle Tree though Still will be fun to train up my Mew and beat the Elite Four with it so it can get a shiny ribbon! not actually a Shiny ribbon, i don't think that's a thing, i just meant, you know, whatever :p can't wait to catch Articuno in Red!! it's my favorite of the legendary birds okay i fuckin hate TweetDeck, i will be typing a tweet and halfway through the pane will vanish and my keystrokes will trigger random shit can't wait to get ribbons for all of my good friend pokemons!! @ebalke93 me @ebalke93 fuck wait @ebalke93 not me @ebalke93 regine @ebalke93 :D @cymreal @howtodoesthing it uses "common" verbs more often, so that tells you something How to Be Tall https://t.co/dAYEblHZvV LOUD girls? Low blood pressure. Together these combine to make amphetamine. How to Chortle Perfectly https://t.co/5AAXLWxuwg @tedgarb @drquuxum oh thanks that reminded me that there was some stuff I wanted to teach @bbbbbbbbbbbaka In my middle school emo phase, I listened to Jimmy Jones a lot, especially "That's When I Cried". Uhh idk Lapras why are you asking me this?? https://t.co/ln30sIdS4L Somehow I gave my Smeargle an Icium Z without it knowing any ice type moves https://t.co/ur9cBEflT5 PLEASE, I'M PLAYING POKÉMON TO ESCAPE THIS DISCOURSE https://t.co/6zr5xfPdXB computer is doing the thing again where it keeps disconnecting the bluetooth input devices, and i'm going to scream and cry simultaneously fucking dudebros down the hall with their door open literally screaming and stomping their feet i asked them to be quiet and stuff whatever, i know i can do that, but i'm mad because they woke me up. Drake & Josh today's music challenge is a song by an artist no longer living and i don't think i listen to any music like that???? maybe i'll just do "An Old Song" by which I mean a song older than 1990 because i'm a dirty millennial ^_^ Day 25, I don't like the prompt, so, one of my favorite 80s songs: Hounds of Love by Kate Bush https://t.co/h6ZPHrzoJM and now my iPad is doing the thing where it won't play more than 10 seconds of one Crystal Castles song. why does my technology fight me *thinks about Satoshi* *nosebleed* Are you a good ally? Do you want to show ur complete & total support? Check out my new bot, @rtyoursupport! #botALLY https://t.co/iWYsi50Dtc this is probably the tweet that inspired it, which itself was inspired by another tweet: https://t.co/ewu3hXDKfq I believe this is what originally inspired the idea: https://t.co/xrLPQ91GlB Yes, I'm unable to stop making Twitter bots. This is the fourth this month. Help me. @howtodoesthing That's A Lot Of Water J.R.R. Tolkien committed a crime by not putting any vocals in "Eine unvorhergesehene Gesellschaft, Teil 6"! RT if you ARE future, if you SUPPORT futures, or if you LIKE TO complain about a SEARCH warrant @bbbbbbbbbbbaka bbrruuhh @Rawr_Ebooks what the fuck @bbbbbbbbbbbaka so two people RT if you ARE barometric, if you SUPPORT barometers, or if you LIKE TO HIT A HUMANIST the furries are purchasing a pot for $20 Have you tried dopamine? It fixes your brain I promise. that feel when no Gay rights! Man vs. Woman https://t.co/Fb75ezUJLA I proposed to my partner while "Take On Me" by a-ha was playing, and now it's our song. I read the thing and am Very Upset i completely missed pantsless Tavros in underwear. Why do they keep playing Muse songs on the radio? "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist" makes me feel like I'm dying. How to Get Touched Always https://t.co/7kG3JwPMSU i think this probably has more retweets now than any other tweet i've written?? owo https://t.co/ewu3hXDKfq Incorrectness vs. Correctness https://t.co/kV3gaPjlnA @howtodoesthing being eight is Easy. but not swaying? i sure need a how to article to figure that one out. For the morning crowd: check out my new bot @rtyoursupport so that you can express how much of an ally you are!… https://t.co/lZLtEBWsVC fuzz beards Day 26, bad prompt so here's a song that reminds me of good times: Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle https://t.co/b6TVR54Bid last tweet: pinging @ebalke93, also, check out them related videos https://t.co/IJ5C9KQWhr wow i forgot how weird the video for total eclipse was we're really chaining now! https://t.co/B7rGGk8dUy Same https://t.co/Z4KAc9pgE1 @songchoicebot today's gonna be the day that I'm gonna stay on the road gender was a mistake https://t.co/67ihfOxHuh Well that's a reference https://t.co/MJzjpoHIB0 Lan and I are playing the game right https://t.co/GyOym5uDuZ TRADED SOMEONE THE SALAZZLE I NAMED "T!tty Lizard" FOR A JAPANESE PHIONE AND I FEEL REALLY GUILTY, WHAT IF IT WAS A KID It was really awkward at my high school prom when the slow dance, "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" by Samantha Fox, came on. RT if you ARE peaty, if you SUPPORT peats, or if you have UNDRESSED a snail How lascivious https://t.co/RQBjnMzfVN Haha. Titty. https://t.co/2jeM0E9CGO @rtyoursupport fling them off a cliff :O How Progressive! ✨ https://t.co/e3zdGgbpyn Good-bye, My son! https://t.co/QHkPoutWKC I really like Spinda!! I really like how they all have unique placements of spots on their heads yo nintendo should make Spinda plushes where they all have unique spot placements Spinda stories: chained 33 Spindas in an SOS Battle until I got one with 4 perfect IVs and its hidden ability! https://t.co/cKHmGukPKE i'm watching the episode where Mr Krabs gives the Krusty Krab to Spongebob and I'm tearing up, he's so happy follow for more soft grunge horses My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (188), St. Teresa's Secondary School (12), The Gates Of Sleep (10) #lastfm @Seglegs Maybe in that episode's timeline he doesn't @furrytherapist they're comfy and easy to wear mannequin supermodel Giddy up motherfuckers. Living vs. Dead https://t.co/GGx1zLiTtU I did it!! Ahhh!! https://t.co/SB8IMJGxO8 Holy crap it's a shiny https://t.co/shUgDUcWvz An appropriate name https://t.co/TXajr3xPuK @PrimSuccsDicc it's been 48 days and 128 tweets~! @PrimSuccsDicc i can't wait to play those agaiiiiin How to Get Eaten https://t.co/m22MlnX0FZ @howtodoesthing TTHHAATT VVOORREE SSHHIITT I love them, https://t.co/lkAemeoSAd @Rawr_Ebooks you're disowned. calling the cops. ????????????????? he's only had the game a week but Lan's pokemon have Pokerus hoLY CRAP i'm getting him to send me over one of the infected @howtodoesthing i already am oh my gOD i love Phione it's so cute and squishy and it makes a cute noise and it's so happy and pettable i wanna squeal and cry cool now 20 of my Phiones have Pokerus :3 @bbbbbbbbbbbaka BAD What is this, Berenstain Bears for babies? if you have a kink for Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, you didn't inherit it I love d-su, it's my friend Day 27, a song that breaks my heart: Pickpocket by Kate Nash https://t.co/2jhNrel2mG oh yeah I watched the first Pokemon movie again yesterday and unsurprisingly i cried A Lot also!! gender bullshit!! Mewtwo is referred to as male in the dub (only) of the movie, even though legendaries are canonically genderless Day 28, a song by an artist with a voice I love: Bachelorette by Björk https://t.co/j4iVVWCObP last tweet: i forgot how much I love Homogenic by Björk actually owo, it brings up a lot for me, i listened to it a lot in high school Anyway I want kids to look at me with my pony ears and magenta hair and go "i don't have to be boring when i'm an adult!!" I feel like I've been pretending to be someone else for the last two years and I'm a lot happier being pink hair pony girl there's an episode of the Pokemon anime called Hold The Phione! and i want to watch it because, there are Phiones in it,,,, RT if you ARE patronymic, if you SUPPORT patronymics, or if you LIKE TO EAT your AVOCADO I really love that Lady Gaga song "Suffering" "i love my army of sweet baby Phiones!!!! time to infect them all with a virus" i want to make an amigurumi Phione, i need to get me to a yarn store so i can get some blue yarn i actually also really want to make a Hoppip so that's like purple and green as well 猫じゃないけど https://t.co/LCYskokHL2 @Frosty_mage squealing @Rawr_Ebooks worrying is Crim3s supposed to be Crystal Castles + Grimes i'm trying to find new artists based on (iii) by Crystal Castles and last.fm is basically Just recommending Crim3s for me idk if I like Crim3s very much, it's, i'm unsure @fatherpuns bruh @howtodoesthing they;re not pets @tedgarb @howtodoesthing oh god @tedgarb @howtodoesthing oh god Nancy Drew and the Crying Holiday i suppose i don't Have to listen to a new artist next, there's still two more Grimes albums I haven't heard and another CC album probably would go Grimes next if I don't listen to a new artist i would like to have more than three artists that i'm currently really into, though @cymreal @howtodoesthing you @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this did not work @cmukgb @starla4444 "Do we have an object permanence committee?" @Frosty_mage top five uncommon white cards in the original ravnica block @Frosty_mage nice! number 1 is unsurprising and i love number 3 me: how many layers of suffering are you on you: 5 or 6 me: you are like a little baby, watch this Ahhh I'm totes crushing on someone, and I always think of "Worker Ant Uprise" by Company Flow when I see them. behavior activity nintendo please do another event where you distribute Arceus so I can get one and pet it on the head, i want to Fucking pet God let me DO IT Lan and I watched the 12th pokemon movie, Arceus And The Jewel Of Life, because of course we did, i want arceus inside of my video gayme movie was way better than the Lucario one with Mew. pros: had Arceus in it. cons: it has an extreme nerd voice. like holy crap. wwhhyy does God have a voice like someone who plays enough of The Binding of Isaac that've memorized portions of the decompiled source code @tedgarb https://t.co/zydRjPWRRS i'm also realizing that it's possible that part of the reason i like Arceus so much may be because it's fairly hors… https://t.co/kZaiwyZQ6O *looks at the Mona Lisa* how her titty stay up I bet the mosh pit is absolutely frightening when Cypress Hill plays "When the Shit Goes Down" at their concerts. @Rawr_Ebooks BUT I DONT EVER NEED IT Day 29, a song that I remember from my childhood: Happy Ending by Mika https://t.co/Ou4tLctQif last tweet: the album this song is from is a shared favorite by my family, and we basically all cry at this song. @drquuxum i'm so confused omg I was really excited bc in the movie last night I thought I saw a Phione but I went back and it was just a Manaphy *pouts* @howtodoesthing just say "how to shave" I'm exhausted. Time to put on "Hot Pants Explosion" by The B-52s and try to fall asleep. what's the name of that onion vocaloid? asking for a joke actually the amount of explanation i have to give to make this joke is more than zero so have a nice day folks it's Luka btw, Luka is the onion vocaloid yknow Luka, or Лука,, @cymreal ушу put candy in my mouth cool i Definitely didn't spend like half an hour trying to find an unopened copy of Pokemon Ranger on eBay so that I could get a Manaphy lol Phione is the best anyway! Fuck Off Corporate America!! the first person to convince me not to buy a container of vanilla frosting gets to buy me a container of vanilla frosting, go!! @cymreal i went through like the five stages of grief while reading this Hot War vs. Cold War https://t.co/E6rUl0gCUe why has CMU's wifi been so shit lately Guess who caught the legendary birbs https://t.co/My2xXLmN9Y me https://t.co/BhokJBjn93 i've got over a hundred Phione at this point btw,,, @JhoiraArtificer i don't know anything either but i know there's one named Luka :p @cymreal when you appropriate the word edgy like that, it hurts edgy people everywhere. fuck I've got 141 and I'm officially out of box space, time to start moving them to the cloud lol @GrinningKobold and I caught you! what if I buy a used copy of Pokemon Ranger, and a GameShark, and use the shark Only to restore the Ranger card to factory settings then I can play the entire game Normally and without any cheating, and acquire the Manaphy egg that way, and then transfer it to Platinum and then trade it to another copy of a gen IV game in order to hatch it because that makes it possible for it to be shiny and then soft reset literally infinity times until i get a shiny Manaphy, because I can totally not see myself being that dedicated i mean i really would do most of that. but not the shiny resetting. i get bored of things very quickly. shiny in gen iv was 1/8192. possibly even a worse idea: soft reset infinitely until i get a Manaphy with perfect IVs, and then breed an army of perfect IV Phiones it is a worse idea because the probability of perfect IVs is, i think, 32^-6, meow it's March!! happy March!! time to declare war!! Susceptibility vs. Unsusceptibility https://t.co/78kqRRQ9Ma Also Dropbox is using a new proxy and I was supposed to be in a public restroom. jesus christ why do the fuckboys on my floor open the door to the stairwell by my room so Loudly i'm literally gonna piss in their eyelids how her titty stay *looks both ways* down i literally bought all of these https://t.co/F3hPTJvOUD what!! how is this Prime shipping?? i need instant gratification thanks!! fuck!! https://t.co/ivVjOniv6F please someone recommend some weird experimental electronica for me to listen to thanks, *looks at @songchoicebot* ugh Crystal Castles is so perfect that it's ruining my experience of other music, lol, here's a fake problem, bc i'm actually half asleep does anyone know why an iOS device would randomly decide to skip a song 10 seconds in until i restart the device?? i Hate random bullshit this is like my bluetooth devices disconnecting. i can't see any reason for it and it makes me angry. more random bullshit: literally Everything TweetDeck does, including hiding the tweet input box after me typing for like 15 seconds god damn i literally hate technology, and I'm a computer science major, fucking destroy all current infrastructure and piss in my nostrils how far am I willing to go to get a Manaphy? well there's no AR code for resetting an American Pokemon Ranger, but there is for European... amazon, https://t.co/6fnqm6DyqF uhh is this really necessary???? also it's going the wrong way https://t.co/6GzzvvQRDF the fact that these adapters die so quickly (i guess it's been like 5 months) is another reason why i need wireless headphones @roller_disco_79 i'm just confused about the gold plating @roller_disco_79 are they? most of the ones i can think of are silver in color, but maybe i don't really know a lot about it lol @roller_disco_79 oh good i love electrons @roller_disco_79 my main problem is that i use it between my laptop & my headphones with a long cable that gets caught on things constantly @roller_disco_79 oh thanks actually, i knew the latter but kept forgetting what it was and i didn't know the former @roller_disco_79 it's the medieval version of audio equipment @roller_disco_79 yay verily Pittsburgh doesn't have weather anymore, good job America https://t.co/MSMzPbbIil 🚨 . :P ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 📋 . 👌 agai @bbbbbbbbbbbaka @cymrin doesn't summon Geodes me, introducing vore to a friend: and this is my friend vore, my meguca friend thats not usually how that works https://t.co/J4beLcdYbk purple pokeball https://t.co/vlXysOhTW7 shit i forgot that i'm really bad at amigurumi, maybe i should start by crocheting flat pokemons Day 30, a song that reminds me of myself: Transgender by Crystal Castles https://t.co/DBgyauKnHq Me hanging out with PokéGod https://t.co/MsMeOSNa5g @ebalke93 and karkat looking traumatized behind eridan's booty You wouldn't earn a cylinder @bbbbbbbbbbbaka delete you mean like binding? https://t.co/RVZvkZYqec *notices ur productivity* OwO whats this..? @howtodoesthing that's some really specific vore Inadvisability vs. Advisability https://t.co/keYsOcF0Qe @Rawr_Ebooks Hi Pissed, I'm Dad. i'm Awesome because i have also found a legitimate way to obtain a Jirachi!! wish noises!! @Seglegs this is indeed the way i have discovered! ^_^ @saiseinomiko SAAME i remember learning about it in middle school and being like !! wish pokemon!! star pokemon!! I don't think I ever caught Ho-Oh before college bc I think I thought that it wasn't possible to get to the top of the Bell Tower similarly I don't even think i Knew that Lugia was at the bottom of the Whirl Islands until college, and i was like OwO I hate it when they play "Ticket to Ride" by The Beatles on the radio; it just reminds me that the end is coming. Yeah, I started listening to Bonnie Tyler after I heard "Holding Out for a Hero" in a medical drama. i love cursive З, it's a Good Idea, hjearing rneo tmoeaidating the paomateiotn apssed please.... go to iHop with me........ please....... order a silver dollar and slather it with butter pecan syrup for me........ Ladies Girls mimikyu! How to Not Be Impossible https://t.co/sTSr1PnWuB true https://t.co/Msu6WWIPex What do you call a revolting gesture? A disgusting thrusting! How to Promise To A Winner That They Obtain A Fishing Boat https://t.co/j4y9MdaI1R *me babysitting for some reason* Hi Baby, it is time for goodnight, here I will sing a sleep lullaby... 🎵 I'd like to be a tree, tree, tree, This is the future that liberals want https://t.co/YcLDaUa6N1 follow my new twitter bot @pastelhearted for more soft pastel grunge goth 90s vintage aesthetic #botALLY https://t.co/p7a8s9TjPf the stages of transition https://t.co/reDHPedohq My life IS slowing down, time to read Homestuck from the start again. Start massaging my creativity. That's a good Phione 👌 https://t.co/EHgxQ9ekPK Whoa bruh this one is even better https://t.co/0HL8vveDOv pokemon event: today until unknown date, in Sun/Moon, use the Mystery Gift code "M2DESCENT" to get Mewtwonite X and Y ✝✞ follow for more soft grunge being ✞✝ https://t.co/w3PwRgPlT2 Rotom is v cute ~mystery Arceus~ https://t.co/AtfG5fAjzJ i got Halfaxa by Grimes and i'm enjoying it, it's not a banger like (iii) but it's got pretty, echoey, repetitive harmonies ok grinding in order to beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Red is actively unfun, this game is way too grindy i'm like 5 seconds away from getting too pissed off and just duplicating hundreds of Rare Candies to shove in my Pokemon's pathetic mouths please..... we have to watch Repo: The Genetic Opera........ please......... we have to listen to Zydrate Anatomy...... typedef your genitals ☥ follow for more soft grunge trouser ☥ https://t.co/I64xzeoo37 modern masters 2017 spoilers are pretty cool. they sure went all-out. too bad i'm empty on the inside The ampersand (&) was created specifically for Law & Order: SVU @GrinningKobold *big hug* @GrinningKobold that's!! purity ring!! yay!! We Know The Schmevil "My Sister Says The Saddest Things" is really good pokemon s&m, which stands for, Soup and Money Do you have Pokemon Soup or Pokemon Money @roller_disco_79 you can make them be whatever you want this way!! @roller_disco_79 Thanks ANSI C Whoa!! Where'd This Level 94 Kingdra Come From!! Weird!! yeah i'm kicking the League's ass now and i'm like, jesus, i would've had to grind each of my pokemon at least 20 levels each, Bullshit i'm excited to kick Fuckwad's ass and get to enter the Cerulean Cave so i can catch a Mewtwo and use it with my new Mewtwonites! cool so I just beat the Pokemon League essentially with a level 94 Kingdra and a level 94 Weezing, goodnight YO THE DIRECTOR OF THE GAME'S NAME IS SATOSHI, NICE, are they, gay,,? REN I WANT TO WATCH MORE HYOUKA, I MISS MY GAY SON should I use my Master Ball on Mewtwo?? It /is/ the strongest pokemon in the game, actually, catch rate calculator says, an Ultra Ball on a sleeping level 70 Mewtwo with full health has a 17% chance of success so I'm fine @Frosty_mage OwO whats this..? actually i don't know what i'm looking at my policy with the Ditto glitch is that i'm not going to use it to get Pokemon that I can catch or evolve in the game so I used it to get Mew, I used it to get the unevolved Blue-exclusive pokemon, I used it to get the other two starters I might use it to get the trade-evolve pokemon but maybe i'll just wait until Carnival so I can trade with Lan i used the Fight Safari Zone glitch to catch Kangaskahn bc the Safari Zone is Bullshit and endorses throwing rocks at poor helpless animals instead I, an intellectual, will get other animals to breathe fire on them. much better. depending on Bullshit levels i might Fight Safari Zone to get Scyther bc encounter rate is almost as low as Kangaskahn, but again maybe not I cant even use Fight Safari Zone to get Dratini bc its a fishing encounter but I don't want to Ditto for it bc encounter rate is fine (25%) it's easier to justify Fight Safari Zone bc i still have to deal with the encounter rate of the pkmn, while Ditto just lets me encounter it jesus though like the Safari Zone is Bullshit pros of Red/Blue/Yellow: lots a glitches, high catch rates cons: really grindy, Safari Zone, slow movement, no color, uninteresting story Mirtazapine is very interesting @epstmlgy @eventhenotion unfortunately the pronunciation data I have is not linked to the specific sense of a word so this happens progress report: I've hatched a Lot of Phiones today, I'm up to 286, none of them are shiny you can tell girl Miku from boy Miku bc it has a bow and eyelashes and Miku titties ALL my american sex dreams are ruined; Thank god for that. demolition ending @icouldswear THIS IS BAD probability is weird because each Phione has equal chance of being shiny, but the chance of not hatching one in X tries decreases I'm very tired and I've been hatching Phiones all day I watched Equestria Girls 3, which was good, and I hatched another 87 Phiones, none of which were shiny ✞✝☦ follow for more soft grunge bed ☦✝✞ https://t.co/C1PqjIDEQG wow, i learned So Much today about the geometric distribution, And depression https://t.co/uXUKIMCAHW ☥ follow for more soft grunge artefact ☥ https://t.co/1MW079cDH2 @EthanBeihl Wikipedia is a gold mine ✌ follow for more soft grunge fire extinguisher ✌ https://t.co/2t9wiY613p Unreliability vs. Reliability https://t.co/HvAxDRWx1M How to Not Be Political https://t.co/4oHnEWWNfu Ordered list of Pokemon I really like!! Please judge me https://t.co/llWxnQgISU @cymreal we did it, together @saiseinomiko accidentally likes this 440 times I did another row,,,, Did you know,, that I like Ice types,, https://t.co/yspCMBIxEG The ice cream cone pokemon is so cute!! Omg!! I love it!! by the way, i'm Offensive Insulted by the fact that Missingno isn't chooseable; it's Very Good and needs love too i love how i have like, five Mythical pokemon in a row, by right in front of them is good ol squishy friend ditto, i love you ditto, mythical pokemon, i say, meanwhile i have over 440 Phiones, @tamasys Hi Not Employed, I'm Dad. *notices ur raw beauty* OwO whats this..? Deplorable https://t.co/zkcGez3f8L @Pyro_451 oh ok this wasn't just me then I really like Johto and Sinnoh @Rawr_Ebooks yeah well my bot is already shitposting at a 19th grade level!! i wanted to show my mom that lesbians picture so I googled "power bottom" and it was a bad idea it's potentially lethal Ugliness vs. Beauty https://t.co/Ztz5qc7EYq @DialMforMacbeth @bbbbbbbbbbbaka I am the queen of the universe @mahoushoujorose I'm pretty sure this game exists, I can't remember what it's called tho bc I'm actually still asleep @galejklol fuck that!! @Frosty_mage horray I have been judged!! Neigh @tamasys I hate tweet deck but I hate everything else more, life is a curse 3 years ago: im supposed to put a Poptart in the microwave for 3 minutes right? me today: time to cook my Poptart by lightly breathing on it My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (96), Grimes (79), Fillypunk (12) #lastfm why do Paras and Parasect have cries that are really similar to those of Mew and Mewtwo For the morning crowd: I made a new Twitter bot @pastelhearted! It's here for the 90s, which apparently existed in… https://t.co/pKAFR96jpC someone made a Cool Bots list just for @pastelhearted and i'm rly proud ^^ https://t.co/yWIKMOpfFG I did it again, for longer, and excluding gen V and VI this time (which is why Sylveon isn't here) https://t.co/0OqrI7u3ao Don't talk to me or my 506 genderless children ever again https://t.co/0jcD4tucye this youtube video about shiny pokemon is cool but it Really bugs me that the creator uses he pronouns for a generic member of any species i started writing a rant about microagressions and then realized everyone who follows me probably understands that shit already anyway the event is that you and Arceus sit down and watch The Ring together https://t.co/oZrG0zsy6U NO IT'S NOT misandry YOU PIECE OF SHIT STONER i reaaaaaaallllyyy like that your party lead pokemon follows you around in HeartGold/SoulSilver, i'm so pumped to play it ahhhhh i'm gonna play Platinum first but still i love johto and i love gen 4 and HeartGold sounds like a match made in heav sure can't wait to have a Phione follow me around, or a Jirachi, or a Hoppip, or a Delibird, or like Anything jeeez hi i'm Fef and i'm a depressed 10 year old, please steal my lunch money you fucking nerd, i want to watch you drink my apple juice she tries her best https://t.co/PJmoISmQ37 @vincom2 I'm so conflicted in my feelings towards this @bbbbbbbbbbbaka , Look, I know that we can be gay (in the real way)? I do identify as a power bottom & assume the permenent role anf lifestyle of one except I like to fuck sex d-su and b-ka i'm wondering if the "except i like to fuck sex" meme is the origin of my fefisms concept @bbbbbbbbbbbaka because without a thyroid I can't enjoy anything finally 300%ed that game of Nightmare In Dreamland that i started like two and a half months ago yer a furry https://t.co/S5BDuZSvHK i actually can't explain why i did this, because i don't know why https://t.co/3iZ2OUkdIV How to Get Eaten Once https://t.co/O7OkpPDXxh I don't like wearing sweatpants because it's Way too SCS for me; add the unwashed hair and I look like a slob I don't waaaant to wash my hair yet, I don't want the color to fade any more but I don't have the energy to redye it yet 😏⛪🐤 god phoney this pony 🐤⛪😏 @GrinningKobold this is like eight years old but Yes they did @Rawr_Ebooks and his feet ☮☪✝ follow for more soft grunge framing ✝☪☮ https://t.co/Bw5qhRatpq It's a My Little Pony competition... that I judge! aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH this is a trip https://t.co/XgBGydXtSB @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i love how this was supposed to be screaming but it can be read as just the opening to the show AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH https://t.co/iAsfZSjmU3 Watching this documentary about sex. SHINY PHIONE https://t.co/xPlnaUGUyg @saiseinomiko IT TOOK LIKE 700 EGGS IM SO PROUD What Would thyroid Do? bye the belief that you are alone in the universe and are also an asshole? you mean Solluxism? I was hoping it'd be something Shocking like pink but this is cool too, I named it Seafoam :3 my mom loves 420 @Rawr_Ebooks @fatherpuns I love how pissed off rawr always gets when a dad joke is made Question. why? Why? why. why. Why? Why. Why. Why. @Pretzelish holy crap what @Pretzelish I'll have you know this tweet made me crave vinaigrette for an hour last night @cymreal @howtodoesthing what's wrong? @cymreal @howtodoesthing I saw ur tweet and was worried it tweeted nazi shit or something wanted to put my ears in my bag so I balanced it against a wall and accidentally activated a motion-sensitive hand soap dispenser ☥ follow for more soft grunge way ☥ https://t.co/0FZ6K1KtkB @differencebot what the FUCK @DialMforMacbeth around 700, i haven't counted exactly @starla4444 https://t.co/bsj3HGNcKT i love this and it sure would've been nice to have friends in middle school https://t.co/8bkZ4iD7WS my brother and I had Ruby and Sapphire and I don't even think we knew about this feature That picture of lil debbie definitely looks like tom cortina though. last.fm wants me to model in a tent eternally. I couldn't even find a b a lot of the features in older pokemon games that I thought were useless turned out to be because I had no friends lol e.g. Secret Bases, the Sinnoh Underground, the entire second floor of Pokemon Centers, trade evolve items, i love this page, i love all the small cute things that get customized in your world, i love Gen III https://t.co/aL9InkTOX4 i love the gen III aesthetic, and I love a lot of the cute things gen III added to the games as it rehauled everything i love ribbons!! they're, not very important, but i love them! i want to collect them! i want my pokemon to be proud of their achievements! i also cant believe I wasn't excited about pokemon contests when I was playing gen III; i know Sinnoh contests are different but I'm excited GIVE MY GLORIOUS POKEMON SOME RIBBONS Suddenly, Patrick realized that the jar containing Spongebob would look so much better on the mantle. https://t.co/XmEKiQSLbq (i thought of this because patrick says "you're gonna look good on my mantle") the start of one of the potentially greatest works of fiction ever, tragically left unfinished to this day https://t.co/QBoiLAQoOS spongebob just murdered that guy https://t.co/Cks7ZB6YTo i started eating a packet of hot chocolate powder and then was like why am i doing this @JonkJahnson well, in one timeline at least. the freezer is revisited in the season 3 episode "Nasty Patty" wherein it is completely empty @tedgarb i have to provide this variety of content in order to engage my viewers and promote interaction which is rewardable in the future @Frosty_mage depends on the listener; different people have different interpretations of it, and i tend to avoid it to be safe. @Frosty_mage it also varies with context: "sup my dude" can be construed as gender neutral while "that dude over there" is usually not @Rawr_Ebooks A Song Dedicated To The Memery Of Stormy The Rabbit @thefurriesare when shib is involved no one wins @tedgarb unconscionably false, as my latest 400-video youtube series, in which I exploit buffer overflows in TTS programs, clearly proves @Seglegs i had no childhood how many times you get killed bro oh today we're going to the russian store or русский магазин in russian class or занятия русского языка and that's exciting or захватывающе unfollowed like 300 people because my timeline was extremely cluttered; if we interact a lot and I fucked up let me know @cambrian_era ahh I'm sorry your content is probably not bad I just don't know if I recognize you @GracieOfKalmont of course, i know you irl! :p Close, but no cigar, friend https://t.co/u2ZD25wTeZ *notices ur third stomach* OwO whats this..? so close to going home for spring break!! one last obstacle: 451 homework! after that i can fly home & steal video games from my brothers! going to the Russian store yesterday was an Experience because it was closed and there were angry Russians arguing and it was hilarious so we then just went to the giant eagle and pointed at things and said their names in Russian, and also meme'd it up Russian class memes are great. for some reason it's a meme that all I drink is спрайт. so we bought a 12 pack of it. lol. haha in-jokes. It begins. https://t.co/2BKxAp3yra over 2000 emails in my inbox, maybe it's time to try to purge it again gosh fuck it's windy out i hope that doesn't mean my flight is going to be super bumpy casually buys poke dolls of all the mythical pokemons there's a Manaphy poke doll but not a Phione one WHAT IS THIS they have Sky Forme Shaymin but not Land Forme? but Land Forme would be so much more huggable they have an Arceus and it looks more huggable than the 20th Anniversary one I have; wonder if the wheel around its waist is plush tho unfortunately the Darkrai just looks kinda silly; gosh how come they couldn't make shadows looks GOOD in plush forme the 20th Anniversary Darkari plush looks cooler but I bet it's not huggable https://t.co/VzSsFpM2R7 https://t.co/ZZJSidOO9G TAKE some meth. I don't like to share. RT: https://t.co/vczJrxuFcq Full Metal Womanhood Rightfulness vs. Wrongfulness https://t.co/bDmNKTUjaJ Unstuck vs. Stuck https://t.co/l0kG2tRo7s same https://t.co/xN2gWHGUN3 survived the 451 oral presentation yaaaaaaay @cymreal i was really nervous and i fuckied it up a bit but my teammates said i was ok so 👍 Successfully bitched my way on to the 28X!! ✝ follow for more soft grunge bathroom ✝ https://t.co/8WrXuuBuOP Jesus Christ I got annoyed enough about iOS randomly skipping mid-song that I googled it and it's a 6+ year outstanding bug???? How can Apple have not fixed a problem like this in years while unanswered complaints pile up on Apple discussion boards? It's apparently random so it's hard to reproduce. It's persistent so there's no easy fix. There's no error message so what can we do? I just don't understand how a company that supposedly prides itself on producing top-quality devices can ignore this for so long I literally rip most of my music from CD to AAC using iTunes itself. @saiseinomiko my old Andrew id feels fake Yo maybe I should have a weird gender neutral kind of name, like Fef https://t.co/ERPN4ACzTX controversial tweet: neigh uncontroversial tweet: we live in a society that fundamentally disadvantages people who aren't neurotypical able-bodied cishet white men @cymreal I only neighsay when I'm a horse @cymreal *fluttershy's lament starts playing* :( my flight got delayed two hours I don't like being in the airport just cause I'm constantly worried someone's going to steal my stuff Also flying is terrifying and I just want to get it out of the way @songchoicebot i love that song and she totally did put a lot of weird vocals in it i see no difference, love is love https://t.co/3db3Nkjv9J Shaymin's FUCKING PISSED https://t.co/0UIcHrp6Qb @cymreal jesus christ i want to retweet this Flight got cancelled, guess I'm taking the 28X twice in one day honestly not what I expected when I saw the category "Gold, Silver, and Crystal ships";; there are a lot of boats i… https://t.co/4XEdo5lF6U Who the hell designed the iOS 10 music app and did they drink a bottle of vinegar first or something *looks around* wasn't I just here lol there's no one else on the bus now fuck off wordnet https://t.co/E0mBh3k1Gd these are actually really good https://t.co/tBwiSgMXZT same https://t.co/RgrPsCYa4l damn that second clause https://t.co/4JM8BifFMh Nobody Poops But You, The Voider https://t.co/P8iH1yT29K this puts Full Metal Alchemist in a very different light https://t.co/MOiL9xSGXV You know, I'd really like to do that, but I don't have any fucking yaoi hands ✝ follow for more soft grunge kitchen utensil ✝ https://t.co/C0mf9kzMfc As we know, 73% of millennials are into vore. we also know that eating with chopsticks isn't really a special skill. Right??? this has been stuck on my screen for three days, please send help quickly https://t.co/8SxQ0DRT8c @highway2helliot how can i see into my eyes ☦ follow for more soft grunge protection ☦ https://t.co/MzaQyXg0hZ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka NO @tedgarb rebooting sounds like a good idea but why did you have to fuck it first? owo Cheap telomere enlargement pills! Unable to satisfy your lust for a longer life? Get longer telomeres in just minutes! It really works! That's a linguistic no homo if I ever saw one https://t.co/jOAkGoRBDc God,I'm like, SO HYPED FOR THE MEMES. Fuck this. Fuck that. Fuck your car. Fuck your couch. Fuck you. Fuck racists. Fuck America. Fuck snow. Fuck Boeing. Fuck diaphragms. Fuck me I love Pokémon i went into my youngest brother's room (he just left for college) and he had a tin in his room chock full of disappearing pokemon games as in, every pokemon game i've owned over the years apart from Crystal was in there. Red, Yellow, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, LeafGreen, and Pearl guess who now has a smorgsaboard of old pokemon games to love again (also he had HeartGold which i just straight up took gosh i'm excited) also my other brother had Platinum and gave it to me willingly like a non-thief brother and now I have Platinum and it's awesome wow though like I never thought I'd see my copy of Pearl again, I wonder what pokemons are on it more importantly, I wonder if I can use the tweaking glitch and get a look at New Moon Island and Flower Paradise i'm so happyexcited, i'm playing Platinum and then i'll play Ranger and then i'll play HeartGold and someday I'll play gen 5 and then gen 6 "growing up" is fake, other than the capitalist society that tries to kill you. uhhh. the "too cool for silly games" part is fake. oh no, i'm sleeping in the same room as my brother tonight, how am i going to listen to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as I fall asleep aww Pokemon Pearl has some damaged contacts on it and won't start, sad face, well I bet my brothers stole all the pokes on it anyway post mortem: Red and Pearl won't start. Gold and Crystal have dead saves. Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Diamond have boy characters and are barren of pokemon, i'm assuming all transferred to a later gen. I can tell my brothers reset the games because I wouldn't have played as a boy, no way no how unless it was earlier than Crystal Ruby has a female character named Lisa, which seems legit, and a Pokemon named Hollis, which I remember being in the same realm as Lancaster however there's like no other pokemon left in that game, also obviously pilfered by the brothers Well! I have Platinum and HeartGold to play, and I can reset Sapphire and FireRed if I so please to replay Gen 3 :) my youngest brother also had White and White 2 but i'm unsure if I should steal those i'm pretty sure yesterday I also saw Yellow but it's not there anymore; perhaps middle brother took it it has a dead save anyway, ever since youngest brother left it in a bowl of water overnight in England I remember as a kid someone told me there was a surfing Pikachu minigame in Yellow and i was like whoa!! sounds fake but whoa!! and like I really wanted to play all the way up until the point where it's available but the game was so glitchy from being left in water well turns out the surfing pikachu thing Was real but I could never have gotten it because you need an event pikachu OwO whats this..? https://t.co/gSrRLzTVUJ Who's that Pokémon!! https://t.co/SwoIZvZrB6 Poor internal battery, I hardly knew ye https://t.co/Gn5ROcLpjC Screaming https://t.co/3kLlvrcl8G It's a Jirachi!!!! It's a real, legitimate Jirachi!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me from 13 years ago is also screa… https://t.co/E25jMSLfog I'm gonna transfer this friend all the way up the generations, just you see. I'M GONNA PET THE WISH MAKER. Disobedience. GOOD IDEA! Bony and with her brightly painted, manicured fingernails, she seemed an unlikely candidate for bonding with horses. But as she set us up th when Loopin visits me in an alternate heterosexual universe. I'm wearing vaporwave. while writing that tweet i was looking at dick pill spam for inspiration and... make my penis bigger than the Moon https://t.co/yfDAhmTJ8M onion used rock smash you know those I ❤️ NY shirts. I need one of those but it says I ❤️ not being horny well, the furby wiki is terrifying https://t.co/z80xwVYiRi Did you just recommend my gender https://t.co/K5JdJzWMJx this would totally still scan right https://t.co/JldwjCOJVv yknow what's fucked up? https://t.co/OtCYu3Nhh1 @Seglegs oh neat I didn't know that; I probably did at one point because as a kid I wanted to make e-Reader cards but :P @Seglegs although it's Kinda moot because the Ruby and Sapphire I have both have the Eon Ticket already, but I Might want to replay the game Southern Island is frikken behind the text box https://t.co/vOzKanvm63 IF NINTENDO BANS ME FOR HOLLERING "PLACE THE AZURE FLUTE IN MY ASS" THEN I WILL FACE ARCEUS AND WALK BACKWARDS INTO THE MYSTERY ZONE @yung_minccino thank you! place the azure flute in my ass. because i am pony horse https://t.co/3UDxvXrjXh @bbbbbbbbbbbaka are you???? looking at a baby's neck???? My top three artists this week: Grimes (161), Crystal Castles (22), Purity Ring (21) #lastfm we were in the car and maroon 5 came on and i'm like no mom stop i don't listen to music by heterosexuals went to my grandmother's 85th birthday brunch today, had a thrilling discussion with my aunt and cousin about gender in the Pokemon canon by discussion i mean my aunt is an English teacher, my cousin was an English major, & I had a hard time convincing them that gender is shit fuck gender, fuck it right in its cheese holes then I sat back and bitterly considered how legendary pokemon are coded with regards to gender because some of them are alright Mew passes for genderless, but likely because of how animalistic and mysterious it is, probably. I think that Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, as well as Ho-Oh and Lugia, aren't really gender coded, which is nice. Nice gender-free birbs. Mewtwo is annoyingly male coded because it is serious, and angry, and antagonistic, and thus was given a male voice actor and he pronouns,,, I think the Regis safely avoided being gender coded because they're big fuckin rocks, although unfortunately that too can get male coded,, Latias is explicitly female and Latios is explicitly male and Latias is happy-looking while Latios is angry-looking, ah yes the scalene fuck Being a man is hard and serious and you have to carry heavy things all day and being a woman is easy and silly and carefree! Piss on me Latios's FUCKING PISSED Cresselia is explicitly female whilst Darkrai is genderless, which is idk? I suppose Cresselia represents the moon which is female coded Tapu Koko and Tapu Bulu are clearly male coded while Tapu Lele and Tapu Fini are clearly female coded did you know: i'm miserable all the time because i can't stop thinking about beautiful women being asked to balance drinks on their breasts 👍 thanks Deanna https://t.co/LHF7nuGKDO Apparently parrots live on average 95 years so now I want a pet parrot that can say "That nosejob is so coral" "whatcha thinkin about Fef?" "oh, just about removing men from positions of power and replacing them with pictures of Twilight Sparkle 😍" my new Google Chrome extension, Face Puncher 3, has many improvements over the earlier editions, like missing less often when it punches you i love it when men just straight up tell me what things make me unattractive to them because i'd hate to accidental… https://t.co/qjTc55JKDo "professionalism" is overrated; sure being polite in business is good but I can be polite while wearing horse ears and neighing occasionally @tedgarb i thought this was a response to the other tweet because i saw the word "mane" is there a way to make it 11am on a Saturday morning in spring, like, constantly? asking for a friend @JonkJahnson 🙃 Puella Magi "Beating The Shit Out Of Nazis" Magica I name Pokémon good things https://t.co/QC6InGN5qL @PrimSuccsDicc the amazon kindle app has some good stuff 👍 lol imagine the first person to dunk some cucumbers in brine and then get on in with them and swim around for a while laughin' and gigglin' "I Glaub No Immer an Die Freundschaft" by Schürzenjäger is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. I'm in tears right now. @PrimSuccsDicc [aria voice] owo *pretending not to like homestuck* yeah my favorite character is jade lalonde, the knight of heart, the one that gets dumped by cronut Same https://t.co/0TCQbaOwXq @cymreal it's great because it's a little kid and i'm like yeah me too Is that a picture of Hilary Clinton I see on the wall behind you, or are you just happy to see me? eleanor rugby @Frosty_mage asses are way lamer than unicorns anyway tag urself i'm me @MetroAndCharms 🐴 i don't know why you're so obsessed with horse noises! you millennials and your obsession with eating people. back in my day we ate spaghetti with real Prego pasta sauce. Prego: it's the sauciest @tedgarb fuckie @Rawr_Ebooks hey @SkyeJinx, rawr really likes what you do! i'm a fan of the size of beds that they have in college dorms because i like coziness but i'm also 6 feet tall i'm surprised anyone in my house fits into a bed. maybe we don't. maybe this suffering is not mine alone. I listen to "Human Domestication" by Milking the Goatmachine while working out because it makes me think of what I can achieve! Wow, that church hymn sounded a lot like "Courtship Dating" by Crystal Castles. I'm listening to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper a lot because it represents how I'm feeling after my breakup. I'm exhausted. Time to put on "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj and try to fall asleep. Yea vs. Nay https://t.co/iYaGD74gQx @bbbbbbbbbbbaka problems that darn carnegie mellon university keeps making all of the software that i use. everywhere i go i am haunted by tom cortina's ass lust. #lrt i tried looking into c++ midi sequencing and this became relevant again i should write blog posts about my Twitter bots, how I get inspired to make them, and what the learning process behind them are the one person on zephyr is actually just a bot that talks to zulip https://t.co/YtS2cxH0aQ @tedgarb the one furry on zephyr is actually just a bot that talks to zulip @tedgarb the one furry on zephyr is actually just a real horse that talks to zulip ok TweetDeck has now crashed thrice since I booted my computer 10 minutes ago. on the bright side i caught a Scyther and named it Cutlery tv people in my pokemon game interviewed the berry master who totally called me out on live tv about how shit I am at watering plants @cymreal what if it's true though @ebalke93 @tedgarb sounds right to me my brother's copy of Diamond is saved in Veilstone City with no bike, no Explorer's Kit, and trainers on the previous route unbattled i was Shocked momentarily but then i remembered one time in 2008 when he showed me that he had the Azure Flute :/ the only reason I'm even trying to use his game is because I want a Spiritomb and need to interact with another game in the Underground :3 all he has is a Bidoof and an unhatched Egg, and a pokemon dealt Bidoof lethal and its health went to 43/30 someone in Platinum just gave me a White Flute. IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME Thank you, Windows virtual machine, for allowing me to make A Twitter bot. what a cold, snow-stormy day! Time to wrap myself up in a warm blanket and read synopses of old Pokemon movies I've seen you can tell girl Pikachu from boy Pikachu because it has a bow and a dress and a Pikachu violin https://t.co/6TEhaLsHyz @yung_minccino look how yung it is https://t.co/3WPkUKXidX @cymrin look it's your friend!! https://t.co/6llJrHkL4s yeah i'm just looking at pokemon plushes and tweeting at people who probably like them @yung_minccino it sleepy https://t.co/YeB5mbqePS she knows that she's the coolest kid in school. i'm jealous. https://t.co/0u6hj4rjoK my to-get Poke Plush/Doll list: - Drifloon - Clefairy - Mimikyu - Arceus - Jirachi - Celebi i haven't played whatever games Meleotta, Keldeo, Victini, and Diancie are in, but they're p cute. an exciting world of pokemon ahead of me! oh my god how could life get any better than this https://t.co/cXV112S83u ah yes, everyone knows that only unicorns can set up pars & stars https://t.co/v2eTcdgoJ8 i love how pissed off @Rawr_Ebooks gets at @fatherpuns https://t.co/gouglRWeQK njdsnciuncc hbfjk dcvhxnjkmnvm,jnfdijvncm , Oh no, SORRY! My earlier tweet was an accident. Still trying to figure out how to use Twitter with these hooves. - #TwilightSparkle Caught all the Unown!!!! They're all my friends,,,! I don't even think I've ever gotten the punctuation ones before https://t.co/w5tmowFZX5 @tyrisstark they were added in FireRed/LeafGreen Gen IV has some pretty awesome exclusive features, such as ball capsules! https://t.co/wGZGxXpjPi what better start to the morning than warm pumpkin bread, a breakfast sandwich, and sugar blasted caramel starbucks decaf almost coffee! @cymrin you can hang it from your ceiling @ebalke93 in freshman year? probably calc 2 but i mostly gave up immediately :P RT if you ARE horse-drawn, if you SUPPORT horse, or if you like to fail TO BUILD your memorial for A NEPHEW IM GONNA CATCH A CHATOT AND TEACH IT TO SAY "FUCK" all of my party pokemon have the Footprint Ribbon because they all wuv me Why do they keep playing David Bowie songs on the radio? "Repetition" makes me feel like I'm dying. @songchoicebot this is Awful Being sick over spring break sucks Everyone who blows cigarette smoke in my face when I'm already having trouble breathing can drink a glass of ketchup and uncooked macaroni time to have gradable feelings about My Little Pony @furrytherapist om nom nom .@JazzyTyfighter Big Mac is into dudes. cool #unity tip, our custom tool calls the police when you encounter an error message https://t.co/5Mf7bnvfjs "In every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, some little ponies, who are apparently owned, have fun with magical friends." getting in an argument with anyone at Carnegie Mellon https://t.co/Xlo1ggIVzZ @fatherpuns "Mom, dad, i'm a metrosexual. no, i'm relationship manager." @Rawr_Ebooks thank you~ Remediable vs. Irremediable https://t.co/kbpE4LYrKK @rtyoursupport STOP IT WITH THE THYROID TAKES SOME AMERICAN: *sees french ppl talking* what a beautiful language FRENCH PERSON: *translated* i want pikachu to fuck the pokeball @Frosty_mage Yes and I intend to do so both frequently and constantly i had a dream that lillie scientifically proved that all pokemon are lesbians @epstmlgy it also means weed IT'S SO CUTE, IT'S SLEEPING, SHHHHH (it's an unown) https://t.co/lC5O7jbe90 IT'S MY FRIEND https://t.co/SLXdSGJDAj haha imagine u were some weird ancient letter with a giant eye and ur sick and lost & then you finally get to sleep on a mountain!! nice!! that hyper shit https://t.co/Skks0XG3gZ aaaaaaand there's the vore https://t.co/S8kucE5216 i fantasize constantly about getting to sit down for a three hour coffeebreak with the letter G You know what they say about the length of peoples' eyelashes! And yet you refuse to tell us what that is, which is really rude. concept video: every episode of Spongebob Squarepants concatenated together, but only the frames that have Pearl in them ah yes, the two genders https://t.co/eSGNQnzlZ4 the Sinnoh town map hedges Mt. Coronet as "one of the tallest mountains in Sinnoh" despite it being so tall that God lives there what do you think Mr. Krabs /does/ with Mrs. Puff's hair curlers https://t.co/0crBc4Ew6y RT if you ARE professional, if you SUPPORT professions, or if you have POOLED your ALCOHOLS TOGETHER #lrt i want to reiterate that i don't drink, but that tweet was funny @mapleakuma i'm fef all sex words are now illegal forever!! from now on if you want to talk about genitals you have to refer to them as "meow mix" is Miku real?? no one will tell me @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i'm waiting eagerly ahhh it's st paddy's day i want rice pudding and i want it now so what kink is this?? https://t.co/2wjrSEhQ9N @trans_waluigi good @caretcaret @mizmoose illegal!!!! shot some lasers at my face. got stronger. all in a day's work. finally saw Hidden Figures and it was fantastic!!!! "How are you? Please answer in the generation III Pokémon easy chat system" https://t.co/EnoergwnhL am i just tired or is this really funny https://t.co/8Fbmqre0qI @cymreal My soul before it was destroyed @Pretzelish good because i'm just lying in bed staring at this and laughing @cymreal Dawn's bike before it was vored @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i kind of would imagine that the lithomancer would have some sort of affinity for geodes (that's a magic the gathering joke) @pastelhearted is this a kink thing?? a picture of a draconequus in its natural habitat https://t.co/PCJ77KxpSY technically "Super Mario" is the name of the actor who plays the star of the acclaimed video game series. the character's name is Saucy Pete are waterfalls real? has anyone ever actually seen one in the wild? can you really teach a pokemon to climb up one? in this new episode of horse women, Apple Jack says that she "grows" apples, a clear reference to lab-incubated human flesh babies with fur jewelry horses bonding https://t.co/UzZ2Zeo3s1 who was the librarian before twilight moved in? did they just destroyed (like Dawn's bike)? was the library just run by chaos? wait, fufkc, "did they just destroyed like dawn's bike" @cymreal https://t.co/D6k6gow9sG @cymreal i've heard the word "obsessed" twice so far in this episode, i'll keep you posted I'm going to get destroyed in 2012 when i used tumblr there was a blog called "jojostuck" and i thought their name was Jojo and now i see how wrong i was @cymreal this is your fault https://t.co/vpJsRbc95t when did everyone start saying "bread roll" @Pretzelish fuck Madoka madoka madoka madoka. You know. I'm at the airport! So it's time to watch some spongebob there are a lot of these https://t.co/VwRSOcQRhN My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (36), Grimes (27), Marina & the Diamonds (23) #lastfm @Frosty_mage fuck that was legitimately really good @starla4444 https://t.co/59l6YVFhel is best TSA agent swabbing my luggage saw my foil Squadron Hawk and asked me if I still play I surviiiiiived the flight! Is this how her titty stay up? /@cymrin https://t.co/tK4AsU76Fd @MetroAndCharms me, Fef, the pegasus that's scared of flying owo the 28X showed up right as I stepped outside, hell yeah Ahhh I love a good 28X ride, when there's no one sitting next to me, and I can listen to Nightvale and remember my youth @choosethesky you did it!! that is the strangest filmography i can imagine https://t.co/PmzL4Xpbxq @KbLogQ is this what kink bingo is? https://t.co/fXqI0gM1el @yung_minccino @fatherpuns this is one of the best @Rawr_Ebooks what industry What is this, Amigara Fault for babies? PLACE. IT. IN. MY. ASS. https://t.co/3OMocZa2gM this could literally be true https://t.co/CSlK1VAH51 IM GAY FOR me, the President of CMU ALLIES, this is the worst thing i've ever seen https://t.co/DihfdH16g1 it happened /@cymrin https://t.co/Re3SGSedjb What do you call a grave capitalist? A severe profiteer! No. It's been destroyed. https://t.co/G7CrilpXZh @bbbbbbbbbbbaka PLEASE DON'T oh!! it's the vernal equinox!! who wants to go on a picnic with me!! i don't even want to go on a picnic with me. you can tell a girl's house from a boy's house because it's pink and has flowery adornments and house titties https://t.co/Bs6okrQjNk which one of you fuckers is my personal assistant? can you tell me how many homework assignments i'm currently forgetting? please???? i love how fingernails just keep growing, it's so exciting I'm exhausted. Time to put on "Fluorescent Adolescent" by Arctic Monkeys and try to fall asleep. hey folks, my skype account got hacked, so if you got a weird link from me, don't click it @bbbbbbbbbbbaka oh wow I hate this "You could never find out." --@icouldswear https://t.co/1tExqr6W5P i'm asexual and There is no such thing as any kind of kink art. Good night! @mahoushoujorose i'm fef @mahoushoujorose rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (girl tells me shes sick) aahh that sucks so much. you can come over & have some of my mens one a day vitamins. probably works on girls too, so long suckers! i rev up my motorcylce and create a huge cloud of smoke. when the cloud dissipates im lying completely dead on the pavement horny does'nt exist everybody wants to be the guy to write the tweet that solves racism once and for all because it would look good as hell on a resume sitting in the middle of a faraday cage for 3 hours and people won't stop throwing grappling hooks at me. those idiot's, theyll never get me My mathemantics professor tells me about a vector and he's happy bc he doesn't realize I'm only smiling bc I'm thinkin about girl werewolfs I'm Sick of saying this, i m not in favor of spending over $300 to get the experiences of being turned into a baby and throwing up on urself *Sees a 6yr old watching mine little pony* you shouldnt watch that, they killed off fluttershy and replaced her with a lookalike on season 2 Bob Ross more like Bob "Needs to except that he CANNOT!! keep living in my guest room closet if he keeps using all my orange juice as paint" At least 7 people have accused me of being "horny" in the last 2 years; i assure you the only "horny" i am is "horny for the truth" YOU: fef why are you so obsessed with pokemon, please, stop throwing rocks at us ME: Are you kink-Shaymin me?? @cymreal I'M SO PROUD OF THAT THO This is like the most cutting pokedex entry I e ever seen https://t.co/94pdHiGUWR @GrinningKobold i think it's telling you to get a new camera (hell yeah tho that's awesome) callout post for Laura from math class: got all the mythical pokemon from last year but hasn't picked them up from the pokemon center yet laura if ur not gonna love and hold your Arceus and make them feel beautiful then kindly give it to someone who will (me) oh my god FireRed crashed after i had been playing for a couple of hours without saving and now i'm really pissed, i've just wasted time holy crap this episode of spongebob starts with Patrick saying "When are you going to learn, Spongebob? No means yes!" if, by the movie, Spongebob had won Employee of the Month 374 consecutive times in a row, he'd been working at the Krusty Krab for 31 years he's so happy https://t.co/TDdqv5beEk the goofy goober rock is really good, i love being a kid, neigh i can't express enough how much i love this picture, if it was high res enough i'd make it my desktop background f-f-f-firmly grasp it https://t.co/iosBAIopeT Yikes. https://t.co/9gokuqTGSK yoooo my combinatorics exam went way better than expected, i didn't think i was going to be able to answer a single question @bbbbbbbbbbbaka .@highway2helliot @e_forney За среду! @NatRoze holy crap why does this keep happening It's been three years, what does "No, you're not the one..." mean???? @bbbbbbbbbbbaka but all you got were pictures of it before it was destroyed it took me almost three months to realize i said "warm fuzzy bathroom" here instead of "warm fuzzy bathROBE" https://t.co/MWcB2Dvifq Wait. Ho-Oh and Lugia aren't Mythical, but the only way to get them in Gen III is at Navel Rock, which is event-only. That sucks :( @PrimSuccsDicc that's cheaaaaaaating though @PrimSuccsDicc that's not true, they distributed Arceus at events, they just never distributed the azure flute @PrimSuccsDicc yeah they make me sad. but i also feel really opposed to cheating. i know someday i'll get an Arceus but it'll take forever. Orthodoxy vs. Unorthodoxy https://t.co/GCpAOZRmB7 wowie Ash's voice in the Diamond & Pearl series is SO LAME @tedgarb it's so happy omg Dawn's bike just got destroyed, rt if you cry everytime https://t.co/0MnlgWhiJ2 i got wires crossed watching pokemon while playing it; a dipwad in the show sent out Starly so i sent out Raichu (against a Magnemite lol) Everything I do is hilarious https://t.co/l8gSHwFH5N Extreme kink level achieved https://t.co/GNWLk3Xqr6 Okay sure. Place the Azure Flute in my ass. https://t.co/UlSnF1m2IJ I LOVE REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA @vincom2 correct! And then I turn into a Ponyta and shove myself into the master ball finally youtube recommendations did something right https://t.co/qQEcQ3zQxK recommendation as per always that if you've seen Utena you have to watch this AMV that @blueshiftofdeat made: https://t.co/LUazdZdZxq I proposed to my partner while "Sex and Violence" by The Exploited was playing, and now it's our song. sure sakura is cute but IM GAY FOR vaganías you: fuck sex me: ok... sounds fake but ok... wow they really fucked up roaming legendaries in FireRed/LeafGreen https://t.co/O4sy3g9WiO I love Gen 3 but: Eon Ticket should've been cooler, need MysticTicket to get Ho-Oh/Lugia, never distributed Old Sea Map, fucked up roamers i really want nintendo to go back to doing the thing where they distribute an item which lets you access a secret area with a mythical pkmn except this time i want them to: a) actually distribute all the items at some point, and b) place them in my ass. if they make Sinnoh remakes, first of all i'll start screaming bc i love Sinnoh, and second i hope they include the event items again unfortunately my twitter feed has just become me repeatedly screaming that i want the Azure Flute owo apparently the AuroraTicket and MysticTicket were distributed during "Pokemon Rocks America" which took place while I lived in the UK :D https://t.co/cn3duHUugx someone showed up at ALLIES yesterday to catalogue our library, which was great, but then he started asking me "what's it like being trans?" how do you even respond to that. jeez. it's such a pervasive part of my life that i don't even know what to say to that. Then he asked what dysphoria feels like???? Bro he asked me why there are so many labels and identities, and i'm like the existence of a multitude of labels helps ppl find community but he started making faces and saying "but I was on Tumblr and I saw someone say that their pronouns were sol/sols/solself" and i'm like Bro did you just come here to whine at me about trans stuff being weird bc you went on Tumblr Screaming I didn't realize Hoppip was in this game!!!! https://t.co/qNwcJX8dAb My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (60), Grimes (21), The Gates Of Sleep (20) #lastfm How to Be Completely Cool https://t.co/vNx8rvYwRJ had a dream that I had the Old Sea Map X_X yknow what shiny Pokemon looks really good?? Rotom!! I'M GONNA CATCH 5000 HOPPIPS "as a kid i didn't do Illegal stuff like use GameSharks, i spent my time writing homebrew software for proprietary Nintendo gaming consoles" Привет Мику, это Скарлет. i can't believe holly finally vored herself stills from Steven Universe with really pensive quotes written on top @cymreal no reason i can't make both POKEMON GEN 2 THO @mahoushoujorose rose is playing OFF!!!! roses are red violets are blue https://t.co/BNPxOrTWa9 I BOUGHT 99 ULTRA BALLS AT ONCE AND IT ONLY COST ME A FOURTH OF MY MONRY HAHAHAHAHAHA https://t.co/J7HV2JCWtg .@starla4444 https://t.co/TRMBBXuZr1 @ebalke93 same There's a cult I don't know if most horses have thyroids, but this one definitely doesn't I looked it up and horses do have thyroids!! Apparently thyroid problems are v rare in horses. Good for them. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka .@cymrin @rtyoursupport i hate this *whispers* Jirachi reminder https://t.co/tL8TbdIOKy here's where i'd use my Azure Flute,, IF I HAD ONE https://t.co/1t6JEX6DzT do any CMU ppl have a recommendation for an easy science/engineering class i could take to fill a major requirement?? @shirAdrenaline it looks like it's a mini, is that a thing i can actually do? @elenamkarras unfortunately physics for future presidents doesn't fill the requirement, but i could look into the intro classes @blueshiftofdeat @shirAdrenaline they might have just changed it https://t.co/PtsCFssTw0 has anyone taken Intro to Civil and Environmental Engineering? is it easy? what even is it @blueshiftofdeat @shirAdrenaline yeah it's the only one, also Physics of Musical Sound is gone help https://t.co/zkUZvOS4Rc today in Russian we learned how to tell people to die i saw this and ren looked at it and went "it's K-On!!!!" https://t.co/vZkPDsQetZ How to Get Patted https://t.co/dix6WrqMW3 @rtyoursupport never have, never will i'm getting very emotional over the original Pokemon anime theme song The return of Dawn's bike?? https://t.co/piLfYJaIol oh like five seconds later Dawn said their bikes were all rentals why do people on my floor not close their doors?? and why do they just stand out in the hallway and talk loudly?? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I… https://t.co/YOhCoMlMZW ok according to Bulbapedia her name in the anime is Marina and she only has cameo appearances outside of a movie but!!!! "Marina loves cute Pokémon and nicknames." extremely relatable. nothing about this sentence isn't relatable. "She also loves men in capes" sorry you lost me @saiseinomiko yes i know right!!!!! :D transition goals https://t.co/IHAHuPybmr did you know that Meowth in the dub of the Pokemon anime was voiced by a transwoman for eight seasons!! @MaddyActrice that's awesome!! you see, "brony" is a portmanteaux of "pony" and "bromine", a chemical described as a fuming toxic liquid with a choking, irritating smell "no time for laughter," my phone tells me. "We must dismantle the patriarchy." http://t.co/oCj1GB00gc did Tweetails again and guess what my biggest word is https://t.co/UcwtrQgtVl this is really relatable https://t.co/rjoWUgyoYk don't tease me bro https://t.co/0eqb4TSIzR @tunaHubris completely meat circle i'm watching Jirachi: Wish Maker and it's cute and all and i love Jirachi but THEY KEEP REFERRING TO JIRACHI AS MALE AND I'M GONNA SCREAM it's canonically genderless, and it's a STAR and it doesn't even have like a masculine voice or anything and i hate america ok i love Jirachi but this wasn't a good movie, it was unnecessarily heterosexual and wasn't very compelling its only masculine qualities were a) being powerful and b) not having titties. please delete society. @highway2helliot Spell of the Unown!!!! i love overpowered small children and i love crying I can't tell if Paras is my least favorite pokemon but I name all of my Parases things like "Disgusting", "Deplorable", "Unlovable" @cymreal it's already done?? do you like Paras or? @nex3 yo relatable i've literally had that nightmare @cymreal it actually revolts me @cymreal I wouldn't name it anything if the game didn't require me to catch one @caretcaret i know but society is shit (if it wasn't clear, those aren't masculine qualities. not sure if this is a "is she kidding or not" scenario) @Rawr_Ebooks Hi Asexual, I'm Dad. i can't handle this crossover https://t.co/pRf9giV3Pg @blessthisdoobie gay oh my god https://t.co/iLPQLFjEAL lol my knees are COVERED in bruises from loadin yesterday Oh I had a dream that Putin put me in jail for having a Fef doll and asked me if I kiss it all the time and he put it in the toilet gosh Putin you can't just ask someone if they make out with inanimate versions of themselves! @drquuxum some saltines i think It's Trans Day of Visibility!! L O O K A T M E "Why would I marry a watermelon". Is that a justin bieber song. I hate this https://t.co/6qpf742WEf Greek Sing!!!! 🎶👏🐴💻😇🔥😉🔜🍆👎🙃🔊👏📢💆😭💰🔥🔥™👌 Greek Sing was awesome!!!! the shows Did have quite a lot of heterosexuals in them though People have been telling me that the hets are at it again. As a het, I would like to assure you we never stopped. My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (71), St. Teresa's Secondary School (16), Grimes (12) #lastfm i slept for 8 and a half hours!! i'm so proud of myself for sleeping in. i'm worth it bby. french people are all into furry vore. they can't stop talking about Horse Devours I've walked all the way to the CMC and am getting a waffle and I'm still in that post-wake up haze and I love it it's Greek Sing tradition for the SM to wear cat ears & I'd been excited to carry it on by wearing Fef ears since I learned that 3yrs ago one bad part about sleeping in is that I missed breakfast block and now I can't get another meal until 4pm the Fef manager https://t.co/d4tusxfJNr completely unrelated but the Pokemon opening just changed in this episode and there's a Manaphy in it https://t.co/Z44bbDm0eb oh it didn't actually change yet, i just accidentally skipped forward a season Lol @mahousecretrose i'm fef!!!! :D before big tech events I always get really nervous and stressed and then loadin starts and everything is great I also love feeling way more competent than I did 3yrs ago at the same big event @cymreal ahh you might never speak to me again but i was kind of wanting to go to the underground @cymreal ur very intimidating and i'm constantly vying for your approval gender differences in the pokemon games https://t.co/yP2AtdDIM7 ok actually it turns out that in Crystal, Ho-Oh is unobtainable until you catch Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, which i… https://t.co/McsbLhtBe9 see, gender transition exists in Pokemon Crystal https://t.co/1wuBMy9IEp the REAL reason that Twitter sucks is that i can't change my display name to "🔥 I Hate The Loud Fuckboys That Live On My Floor 🔥" that sure is a version difference https://t.co/cd84rSgSTs I think about this tweet all the time even though it in no way even remotely fits the pace of the song https://t.co/hXfC694PyT dad............. thank you https://t.co/1GERBFMbxs Counterfeit vs. Genuine https://t.co/BQkEsfK7df @Rawr_Ebooks CALLING THE COPS I had to jackpot over 30 times to do this https://t.co/eoIsn6Yl0K Worst example of cultural appropriation ever: LGBTs stole the rainbow from Mario. It's his. He invented it. Super M… https://t.co/DfEAxzS1vJ Psychological fact: when someone tells you not to do something, secretly they really want to have a snout and go awoo LITTLE KNOWN FACT: technically, apostrophes are illegal Cool sex fact: people with slightly longer than average index fingers are statistically superior at bowling Weird science facts: there's actually only three colors, and they're all purple Gaming tip: the first person to play a shooter game was named F. P. Shoe-Ter Fun Music Facts: the Treble people of Score Island use a writing system with only 7 letters Cute relationship things: there's no I in team but there's an I in anxiety They're good and they deserve better https://t.co/LAdEM8TO7k YOU: Fef! Why do you have Pokemon named "Lament", "Faithful", and "Changeling"???? ME: 😏 exact same https://t.co/niX0qxIJ1R @PrimSuccsDicc calling the cops pwease no dominatey i fucking hate this shit. i KNOW that carnegie mellon mailbox addresses look weird but they're real addresses you p… https://t.co/qqLmd1g5o8 @furrytherapist it's inside, it's inside of me like this is really stupid software shit because what am I actually supposed to enter now that it's decided my actual address is invalid? @cymreal oh yeah it's April 4th!! A lot of things happen on April 4th good https://t.co/y5FlKJDalL fan theory Homura is my dentist @Rawr_Ebooks madoka kanye That would be funny :D. So it occurs to me that the Sun is real. Please Read A Book. Meloetta is super cute, I totally want one. when is Nintendo going to give me mythical Pokemon. @cymreal yknow what, I don't disagree @mahoushoujorose !!!! @Rawr_Ebooks yeah I thought we had something special. Curly fries. i'm going to scream because CMU's just decided that I don't need toilet paper anymore?? they just aren't giving me any anymore wtf!! i'm gonna fucking buy some on Amazon because they aren't giving me any god DAAAAAMN even amazon says toilet paper won't arrive until Saturday, i need it right fucking now, god this pisses me off so much i was going to run to Target but it's rain pouring out @saiseinomiko I ended up getting super mad and getting on a bus anyway i went to fricking Target and bought some fricking toilet paper with my own fricking money My extremely convoluted scheme to capture Raikou succeeded without a hitch! I'm gonna blog about this lol https://t.co/cpXsy7F8gI @cymreal there's a naughty nature Ash Ketchum just said "Every time I have a gym battle, I start getting sweaty and my heart starts pounding" i don't know why but this is really amusing me It's snowing!!!!!! Wait it's April, Pokémon item distribution!! Use the Mystery Gift code "INTIMIDATE" in Sun/Moon to get Mawilite, Beedrillite, Audini… https://t.co/WRAobepOKX Your friendly neighborhood Fef here to tell everyone about Pokémon shit it started today and i don't think anyone knows when it will end @cymreal ohHhhHH mYy yYyy GODdDdDD https://t.co/dWixyDUPVI @rtyoursupport FUCK NO Help! I had my eyes dilated and I'm having trouble seeing my phone and game boy advance! It's the end of the world! @mahoushoujorose i don't understand half of these words but rose!!!! ur back!! is she wearing crocs?? https://t.co/V0YBBS0piT Serebii Update: Marshadow has been officially revealed https://t.co/zFduRw0dXg https://t.co/oV6DIIA7Ub *vibrating* i'm so excited!! marshadow!! nice!! can't wait to find out more!! https://t.co/EEHMO3ODU0 you can tell boy Wobbuffet from girl Wobbuffet https://t.co/wG4ylgS9gd oh my god the lipstick on female Wobbuffet even appears in the games https://t.co/ogPrcxCSTh @tamasys boy Wobbuffet should know that its single father and I, the crazy aunt, will always support it Oh wow!! I slept for nine hours!! Nice!! i'm excited to see this movie! and to get a marshadow somehow! also i realize that the movie won't be out in the US… https://t.co/YvDVcMPheq excited neighing omg the detritus that's been on Forbes near Craig street for fucking forever has finally been removed!! how dare you accuse me of tweeting something relatable. i haven't tweeted anything relatable since the Great Gender Incident of 1987 @PrimSuccsDicc if there wasn't any lipstick then how could THE CHILDREN tell that the things that aren't people aren't HOMOS!!!!! meduka is!!!! beauty!! @PrimSuccsDicc i'm half awake rn and the word boob looks really funny haha wtf My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (75), Purity Ring (28), The Gates Of Sleep (20) #lastfm remember when last.fm was way less shit?? i wonder what i was listening to in this image https://t.co/dLjHmEuRNp now that same-sex marriage is legal we can move on to the more important legal barriers to love https://t.co/NuYWax6Dsk which lovable cartoon animal thing do you think has more money?? .@GrinningKobold https://t.co/sc1Jhzl9kg HOW DO THEY KNOW HER BLOOD TYPE https://t.co/8wXlmBVLj7 ANIME WAS A MISTAKE https://t.co/R8IrtwaBiA all of my CS classes https://t.co/3k9JhsEClP how does bismuth get away with being so cool CRYSTALWAVE https://t.co/HbTzKgYQaP @mahoushoujorose RROOSSEE @eventhenotion BAD @mahoushoujorose this is like the best thing ever @mahoushoujorose how did you manage to extract my soul into a tweet Oh, I wrote a blog post about the convoluted method by which I caught Raikou in Pokémon FireRed. Also I made a blog. https://t.co/hVrgp6kAx4 @mahoushoujorose thanks :D!! PokéPuzzles are fun ^^ you can tell the other people who live on my floor are awful bc when I type "c" in the address bar chrome suggests "cmu housing quiet hours" @cymrin @songchoicebot you did it!!!! i have sampled the song Sober by P!nk in four different tracks, three of which were on the same album I also sampled Umbrella by Rihanna in three different tracks which were all on the sample album oh, and Poker Face by Lady Gaga. i'm a silly person. it's really amusing to look at this page and see the overwhelmingly large list of songs that I sampled on this album https://t.co/TbknQDJxJ3 let me be the first to say that you and Francis will have many many beautiful babies @blueshiftofdeat 🐴🎀 @CMYKGenet relevant thread https://t.co/fYsm7Uw2da @starryskybox same omg me yesterday: oh nice the weather is actually really nice today! oh god oh god there's a bee in my russian classroom i'm gonna die tonight if (when) the dickbags on my floor are loud i have half a mind to chime in "haven't you people ever heard of cloSING A GODDAMN DOOR" i think that finding complex methods of easily catching a rare Pokémon is fun for the same reason that finding weird MTG interactions is fun and that reason is: competition in any form is extremely stressful for me, but solo solving possibly-unsolvable puzzles is challenging & fun i suppose there are some differences. MTG almost inherently can't be played non-competitively, while catching Pokémon is against an AI i don't mean competitive like the REL, I mean that a game of magic is going to involve two players who both want to win and only one can Another thing: "cool MTG combos" often forget that they start each game with 7 random cards out of 60, & getting ur combo pieces can be hard playing Pokémon by myself, I control everything, I know the opponent's deck (stats + moveset), and I choose my starting hand (Pokémon) so there's a similarity in how I get stressed out by competition in both games, but one game lends itself better to solo play than the other @blueshiftofdeat i'm not hugely interested but I think @Psynklyskys just finished part 5 so let the horses arrive there are exceptions. @GrinningKobold and I play a fun (and exhausting) variant of Judge's Tower where instead of losing, we help each other it's fun because it's about knowing the rules, which I can do, and not about thinking 15 steps ahead on the spot, which I often can't in fact it's almost like a solitaire version of MTG but we're playing it with two people wholesome family-friendly games of magic where no one loses! https://t.co/6ccfHg5iDC Cool my computer died while I was deliberating on whether to plug it in @mizmoose just the battery hmm, who thinks that tomorrow I should maintain my horrible streak of wearing a My Little Pony shirt when I meet a famous trans person? @drquuxum quuxum ur too kind !! this is one of the most potentially dangerous things that's ever been advertised to me https://t.co/gKJJnLyD3f @mahoushoujorose my fave is the buses that say "i'm in me mum's car broom broom" i'm buying coin cell batteries and Amazon says they're in the "mens" department https://t.co/6YFAkt77KZ also wow there's a lot of drama in the CR1616 battery world; i'm seeing a lot of really negative reviews of these things looking for bralettes on Amazon and here's a terrifying image https://t.co/vawgxpSVak @cymrin i'm actually laughing really hard, thanks, i'm going to die and it's all your fault my dorm room is directly adjacent to a very echoey stairwell and someone has been sitting in it screaming and crying on the phone for 30mins my RA is, as always, absolutely nowhere to be found. i don't want to just tell her to fuck off bc she sounds v upset but like. quiet hours. on TV and shit when ppl go knock on the RA's door and stuff. is that just like fake or something. real curious. oh and like, in movies and shit, when people aren't obnoxiously loud for five seconds, thats 100% hollywood right? fervently waiting for the day @songchoicebot says something like "Since my breakup, I've been listening to Pony Should Pony Pony a lot" ah yeah, a Soul-Heart, that's like, a Soul Gem right? Magearna Magica https://t.co/2D6jjb5AMG *eats a dandelion* why am i still depressed, i heard that eating a weed makes you feel better stop saying I don't have any mythical pokémon. i've got like 700. you can come over any time and look at them. they're all Phione. not all transgender people have body????? https://t.co/71ynFNK6zt When I start missing my ex really bad, I try to distract myself by listening to "Summon the Antichrist" by Akercocke. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i tapped it. i sacrificed it. i added three mana of any one color to my mana pool. and yet it's STILL HERE! parole officer says I get to say the word "vore" once a month, so i'm trying to make each letter last as long as possible. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ohmigosh look at dis mythical pokémon, its a pony https://t.co/XsRkByuwhR the poll results are in, and it looks like I'm gonna be trash! :3 I can't believe it's been a whole year since Homestuck was assassinated I should get me some ponysona art I have to make sure I eat three meals a day X_X @chanceyells local paranoia news retweeted this, do you want me to delete it Irremovable vs. Removable https://t.co/zxxQaXxLR6 in gen 5, there was an event where Arceus was distributed, and the way it worked was that it'd become encounterable in the Entree Forest which was an area that Pokémon would show up in if you transferred them from the Dream World (which was another gen 5 thing) any Poké Ball used in the Entree Forest was guaranteed to succeed. and I'm just saying. if I encountered Arceus there? I'd use a Master Ball ahhh, still starstruck, help, i'm dying @highway2helliot unless there's two webster halls in nyc, i've actually been there for a concert by what capacity does Patrick Star have a "hand"???? Asking the important questions. also I met Laverne Cox today. @cymreal fuck. i fucked up. i just talked about being trans with Laverne Cox, when I could've been asking her about Spongebob. got an email from Amazon like "Thanks for ordering using Two Day Shipping! Your estimated delivery date: April 20th" that's nOt two days @drquuxum furries @Pretzelish Anna!! You're magic!! *fefs loudly* I met Laverne Cox yesterday! She was so cool and her experiences were so relatable. It was amazing getting to talk… https://t.co/QKudkU2gOu i'm Really Good at photographs and looking in the correct direction @tedgarb Yeah, I found out after I ran that poll that it was a business casual event. I was wearing a my little pony shirt in spirit I did it! I caught Mewtwo in an Ultra Ball! Expect another blog post describing the convoluted way in which I did t… https://t.co/tpla14U4GN ICYMI: @Lavernecox (with the help of CMU students) made this short clip to cap off her visit to the Pittsburgh camp… https://t.co/nF7jLF2WoA @bbbbbbbbbbbaka .@cymreal why did you hack into my bot's account is Harambe that character from Overwatch?? @Pretzelish anna pls destroy me spent like 10 minutes ranting at my housefellow about the loud ppl on my floor, so maybe tonight'll be ok *loud frat party starts outside* hmm time for a happy show. time to watch pokemon. oh god i've read about this epiSODE IT'S REALLY SAD cool I ccried during that pokemon episode, cause i'm a nerd, its the one when Jessie releases her Dustox, so future me remembers why i'm cry i had a dream that the orange cheeto was removed from office, v disappointed to realize it was just a dream, going back to bed nini THIS EASTER WATCH OUT https://t.co/4u9NvWfKhO also Jirachi: Wish Maker was so boring in its depiction of Jirachi bc it's the Wish Maker and that doesn't become relevant at all! Oh yeah! I wrote a blog post about the complex technique I used to catch Mewtwo in Pokèmon FireRed! https://t.co/s9pSkKoiqp @Seglegs the only Pokémon worthy of a master ball is Arceus. Also it's just more fun to do silly stuff like this when you make a machine to vore yourself (@cymrin said this out loud with their mouth, let the record show) https://t.co/qmk3gK7cFG 3rd birthday wishes @KrisJennerShart! 🍹🍸🍦 #happybotday my cutie mark is the Azure Flute (it's not) but what if it was @GrinningKobold @rinmortis yuri on ice! *opens mouth, sound of the Azure Flute comes out* *person on the internet mentions Arceus* nice!! my friend!! the original one!! *person uses male pronouns for Arceus* actually fuck off just so you know, all of the Pokémon are trans. sorry, I don't make the rules, I just change them. the rules are also trans. My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (43), Purity Ring (35), The Third Vagina (14) #lastfm ME: How could I possibly be depressed when Arceus exists, and is real, YOU: Fef ME: Happy Arceus Easter. Arceus can create eggs & thus, life They shoulda made shiny Rapidash have a rainbow mane and tail Lol I beat the Elite Four in LeafGreen in 5 hours and 40 minutes. To be fair, I traded my starter to FireRed and trained it to level 70. :3 We were all on the same page with this one https://t.co/LPFBUrkkAJ @timparenti thanks!! I'm having a lot of fun with it what the dink is that noise, you sound like the Azure Flute whoose this "Alison Wonderland" i've heard so much about and what makes her so big? @CMYKGenet oh fuck they're a real person And there's Entei! The in-game clock says I've been playing for about 10 hours total :P https://t.co/pKsRwOER8B lookit all these new memes @mahoushoujorose @cymreal how do you increase affection in this game? Category: Permanent Residents of Hell it doesn't get better https://t.co/PJczztptdK We smashed the gender binary!! Well, we smashed three gender reveal piñatas Professor Gheorghiciuc is super cool, they wanted to participate but they were late for class, I love when professors are awesome @shirAdrenaline I love the, they were my matrices professor in sophomore year and I wasn't doing well and she saw m… https://t.co/XyLkNxFQSK @shirAdrenaline and like. it made me really want to try, and I ended up really loving the subject and she was a great professor. @shirAdrenaline Good Aesthetic CMU trans support group is smashing the gender binary today https://t.co/HT7Tw0gNyw https://t.co/gjclbIEWoI @Psynklyskys yes that's the correct answer fuck off last.fm???? https://t.co/h6kSdNCjCj lol my voice is still destroyed from karaoke last night what's a pleasure garden?? https://t.co/irQIZzR4tN @JonkJahnson we'll never know, because it's a red link All I'm getting out of this is that viruses are male https://t.co/ceyLcMTbe7 @_____TIFF @karissabe messenger 2, electric boogaloo *straight person looks at microscopic nonliving pathogen* it a boy. he pronouns. i love the english language. Was looking at some of the leftover candy from the trans piñata and https://t.co/lezuyFqJeo @Seglegs rip spring carnival https://t.co/GHAkjvlkTH No???? https://t.co/2Ih1ZIf7cC @shirADHDbooks @mahousecretrose I don't even know if I've ever watched a lets play bc it sounds like a thoroughly unfun experience @galejklol on monday we smashed some pink&blue question mark "gender reveal" piñatas as a belated tdov event, we we… https://t.co/v7bYEs3KOO @galejklol it was @natroze's idea! it was super cool there's a comment that says "is this crystal castles" on every electronica band or track on last.fm @mahoushoujorose *british pokemon voice* nothing here but trubbish @mahoushoujorose i got autocorrected the first time maybe if millennials would stop peeing so often they'd have time to afford houses what tweet am i going to be remembered for *spends a few minutes executing a careful tweet* phew glad thats done, i can get back to reading about how pokemon evolve in mystery dungeon ok though i'm really curious as to how ppl were supposed to discover some of the weirder methods of pokemon evolution (in the main games) stuff like the ice&moss rocks, and the special magnetic field are confusing, but holding the 3DS upside down for Inkay???? is really awesome it sounds fake like "fly away from a trainer that's about to battle you + then u can catch mew" sounds fake @cymreal fuck capitalism. fuck it right in its cheese holes. @cymreal i, don't even know what your reasoning for this would be. it'd make sense if it was "is this miku" but?? @highway2helliot *stares at a melting ice cream cone* how fucked up is this @highway2helliot unrelated but i love how an event regigigas in platinum can let you catch the other regis, which t… https://t.co/MBj7Da6SRA @highway2helliot jeez i already knew this factoid but the more i think about it the more confused i get This Rubik's cube is trans /@Psynklyskys https://t.co/RNzHPEzgTe yknow i'm almost sure that everyone pronounced Regice as Regi-ice but now that i look at it, it's just,,,, Regice @GrinningKobold i love crying tho @Pretzelish anna!!!! come take a combinatorics exam with me @highway2helliot it was super cool @cymreal i'm screaming @highway2helliot the hets are at it again probably bad. if this textbook proves that the bound on m(k) is any good at all, then i guess there's at least one… https://t.co/UBAiiDbedt @Pretzelish anna you're like. literally too late. i already finished the exam. what is this. @Pretzelish come to my russian class for some reason My alarm clock plays "[unknown]" by Marilyn Manson to wake me up; it's a great way to start the day! @bbbbbbbbbbbaka .@saiseinomiko ear? You mean pomegranate! @thefurriesare I HATE THIS Yo, I replaced the internal battery of a Pokémon Emerald cartridge all by myself! I'm v proud, can't wait to grow some frickin berries @furrytherapist i hate javascript @PrimSuccsDicc getting the prongs off the dead battery was v hard, and I dropped the screw on the floor but I found it!! It was cool! Literally I randomly looked at my watch and https://t.co/6Zek7rgFFg @mahoushoujorose 🅱️-ne @mahoushoujorose my friends, 🅱️en, 🅱️ose, and 🅱️ance geez, i think culinart put something red that wasn't ketchup on my burger, it tastes disgusting @cymreal 🅱️ is literally a blood type do you mean gay like nya 💖 or gay like nya 💖 https://t.co/qQ3efVIjng My bathroom is haunted... if you look closely in the reflection in the mirror, you can see a ghost! 👻 RT to save a… https://t.co/5IcNUSWSI0 Nintendo https://t.co/2MDqAUcKo3 the crusaders of the lost mark soundtrack is so good *watches Crusaders of the Lost Mark* bernie can still win this thing @mahoushoujorose why do they look so bored though @GrinningKobold what does it mean?? i dont even know if any of us know what it means remember in Whateley Academy when someone asked Tennyo how her titty stay up and it turned out her breasts had their own gravitational field Anaphrodisia vs. Aphrodisia https://t.co/lf2PqA3aQG @mahoushoujorose literally fuck 251 @mahoushoujorose holy shit i hate number theory so much antidepressants medicaments "If you can't handle me at my snake you don't deserve me at my capybara" - Some teenager in His Dark Materials world, probably @GrinningKobold there should be a queer magical C++ girls club where ppl can teach each other cool stuff that The System is unable to :p i cant believe Apple Jack's parents are canonically dead @mahoushoujorose goooooood same https://t.co/AfdqkMjgru *looks in mirror* don't you think she looks tired Looks like @starla4444 made a bot! https://t.co/gJmZXUT9de I hate Tumblr. I'm so tempted to use the word "bi8tch!11"! did Kirby die https://t.co/gmJwTltg5n Hey There Cool Kidz. Accidentally fucked myself. #4444 Don't wanna do it: My hair is too long? Now that the selfies are here, have some fun with cotton candy! @cymrin https://t.co/XJKnq3tNfk By the way, today is my alternate birthday!! I'm alternately 10 years old, owo @PrimSuccsDicc it's like, a day I identify with more than my actual birthday Yeah, I started listening to Cristian Varela after I heard "Fuck Me" in a medical drama. @Rawr_Ebooks w My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (33), My Little Pony (24), Crim3s (22) #lastfm Shes in pain https://t.co/Oz9CcsfB2F That hyper shit https://t.co/2W22I9jolb Cadence look out!! https://t.co/fBxzFuB3E7 @Frosty_mage ok so I'm not learnèd on kinks I don't even know how to caption this fortune cookie because it's basically the Essence of male entitlement & medio… https://t.co/mi9lWLKph5 I'm so mad, I had an 8:30 registration time, and I slept through it >:( the furries are human Not A Number Theory Liker @cymreal it's bad @bbbbbbbbbbbaka NO one of the worst things this bot has ever tweeted https://t.co/EhQI3dpzqO Becky injected one whole marijuana and died instantly. don't be like Becky. https://t.co/loD5XpVPhU that's about as canon as you can get https://t.co/tky19dBaSn munchlax is pretty hot https://t.co/aKUxTUstvv @chanceyells !!!! i'm actually really good at multitasking, bc i can hold up a conversation pretty well even though i'm really thinking about the Azure Flute oooooooooh we're comin up on ONiB and DS ahhhhhhh what a good time!! i'm , happy bc a choreographer emailed me personally asking if i could light their senior duet @tedgarb david! @tedgarb use me we will not be rebels and freedom seekers no more. @bbbbbbbbbbbaka why are you kicking Monica?? Kofuku Nat not want grimy naans desire shiawase desire Katrina gimmick designed to @cymreal a beautiful piece of autocorrect work I want to make a bot that hyperautocorrects foreign language things these hets were standing on a sandbar and were really upset that i started attacking them with small animals https://t.co/HVVTX4gz2B @starla4444 leave it to hets to get mad when you attack them with small animals Look at their faces. Anna and Elsa want you to "vor" them. https://t.co/OekJIHDN2l I'm so happy there's a picture of Utena as a pony, and I didn't even have to commission it because it's from the ac… https://t.co/GMAgQNwbWz .@Rawr_Ebooks text posts on Pokémon https://t.co/RlPY5bbtQj I'm cool and smooth https://t.co/IkS5lwiVOW OwO whats this event item that I acquired legitimately https://t.co/QIblOvzQEL @highway2helliot I was gonna complain but my name is Fef and I'm wearing a homestuck shirt @highway2helliot I s2g I'm not named after her tho omg Writing female charas Female author: I'm a level 7 wizard with a stat boost to lockpicking. Male author: 3 suns could fit between my breasts At this point my life has become Satan. girl ladies @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is really bad gladion is a good boy BRUH I got an A on the third combinatorics exam!! @cymreal b-uh at this point when annoying ppl are talking to me I just hear the sound of the Azure Flute instead of whatever they're saying @GrinningKobold bruh I actually think at this point I'd rewrite the first sentence as "Я хочу стать деревом." This is important. https://t.co/U4e8I5wUhs I can't believe @cymrin wrote my Russian textbook https://t.co/nhUvkQrHx7 "A collection of tulpas is a graph, but not all graphs are collections of tulpas." --@epstmlgy @GrinningKobold @epstmlgy yey my Tropius knows Fly, Rock Smash, Strength, and Secret Power, which are all field moves @Psynklyskys i'll replace whatever i like!! Open mic night was a success https://t.co/jcPNJDpdUw I love Rarity!!!! She's a good @Frosty_mage I havent started catching up yet, I was just thinking about how great Rarity is :3. Also she makes some pretty hilarious noises @Frosty_mage how will I live?? 100% of my "In Case You Missed It" is @bbbbbbbbbbbaka @starla4444 https://t.co/A6enBqp6ie I'm super tired but I was half falling asleep at ONiB loading last year too so lol it'll be all good @drquuxum @nex3 and bridges @mopbsycho @differencebot frick that is pretty frightening, thanks for alerting me to it *looks around* why don't I have an Arceus yet of course https://t.co/XLJFrhj7U7 @caretcaret it's a good friend!! https://t.co/8OU9m5SUmV good morning!! nine hours of sleep last night!! hopefully that means I'll be good and awake for ONiB rehearsals tonight ^_^ via @aerozine50: Common gender-related surgical procedures: Top Surgery Bottom Surgery Up Surgery Down Surgery Charm Surgery Strange Surgery squidward! you're even more handsome! свой своя своё свои своём своей своих своим своими своему своего свою after strenuous and life threatening research, I have results to share: - s1-s3 of spongebob is pure&perfect - s4 is bad but some eps are ok - s5 is worse; it has one memorable ep (the sexy squidward one) but even that is bad. eps are becoming more and more torture porn. -@Psynklyskys made me watch an ep of s10 and I felt physically ill; literally contained no traces of humor but rather streaks of primal fear the next day, rotting sponges started manifesting in my house stay tuned for my 15 season YouTube series Lets Play where I rigorously deconstruct the overwhelming failures of the show staff past s3 @mapleakuma is this how corporate America is preparing children for the dystopian future we are approaching seriously though in 9th grade I wrote up a paper about how s4&5 were bad, but I've almost certainly lost it in a hard drive crash me in 2008: why does every popular show have a gender swap/cross dress episode, I hate it me now: literally everything is transmisogynist including the fact that my iPad thinks that the word transmisogynist is a typo 📲🗑 the creator of SpongeBob has ALS and Nickelodeon disrespects him every day I was talking to someone about this the other day and we came up with the theory that he rejoined the show in S10 to destroy it from inside Apparently SpongeBob literally still wins awards. I don't understand. Maybe it's just because the competition is equally as bad or something Very upset bc there's a large bug on the window near me and I'm trapped in this classroom until class is over, I'm going blind watching it @ebalke93 omg tag urself I'm "gender" https://t.co/u2GTOQy9sT "What is your name? PLEASE just answer Yes or No!" https://t.co/cc6PdQZt3l Yikes. https://t.co/I4GrDfcvHT @bbbbbbbbbbbaka god check out my new twitter bot, hell Simulator Hey, you got your lesbians in my Kirby! Hey, you got your Kirby in my lesbians! WHY do I NAME ALL OF MY emotions. @vincom2 it's a fry and laurie reference, i'm sorry Weird to think this is my last ONiB @tedgarb in December @tedgarb yeah @highway2helliot !!!! Yeah! At first I hated piano lessons but then I got my dad to print off sheet music for songs from Kirby games i remember reading something about how seniors in high school bully the freshmen, so the freshmen carry it on once they become seniors while it's in their power to break the cycle, it wouldn't be "fair" bc they had to get bullied. it kinda feels like ppl in general do this. actually i was gonna thread but i'm so tired from working all day, tldr young adults are still adults & aren't wrong just bc they're young i almost immediately turn off to whatever someone is saying when they use the term "PC culture" or talk about political correctness first off there's the obvious problem that that taunt is just how hateful ppl justify being hateful without accepting that they're hateful but also like. the term "political correctness" implies behavior that politicians need to adhere to lest they lose all public support. this is very obviously not a real thing. look at the head of government in the US. he's hateful and ppl elected him anyway. pwease no drinky a whole bottle of soy saucey pwease no getty paid by a ghost to murder each othery (in a haunted housey) me: hey i respect myself and i want to throw up, time to watch an season 6 episode of spongebob squarepants plankton tore all of his skin off within seconds of this episode starting, i rest my fucking case plankton is selling chum sticks and somehow that's making me crave golden gaytimes. please..... we have to eat golden gaytimes......... plea Yikes. https://t.co/Y1f6tACrdl all i want is a golden gaytime, but i think target might have gotten the wrong idea. https://t.co/ghPY66mmWw Ordinary People vs Creative People taking a shit My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (40), My Little Pony (29), Purity Ring (6) #lastfm squealing I did it!!!! Thanks to my good friend @DialMforMacbeth for playing FireRed/LeafGreen with me! Our next st… https://t.co/sqv2JtcCfR I like January, February, May, June, and December, because they feel like "rare" months to me, as if they happen less often than the others @cymreal huh interesting. I also think it might be related to New Years Day, my birthday, and Christmas I love arbitrary significance @songchoicebot wHaT tHe FuCk How to Ask Your Friend https://t.co/B7tjrfA5al pwease no kinky! .@KbLogQ read my tarot with ALLIES Against Humanity cards; the center bottom one is "who I am" :3 https://t.co/xEPKyXImxT @kathiedart what? It's @cymrin's hometown! https://t.co/XNctI4ADeA How to Fail To Kill Your Fraud https://t.co/jAPUjKVQA5 pwease no sexy cool I now forever have photo evidence that i trapped someone under a marley dance floor slurp is a bad word it's may!!!! this is a "rare" month! happy may day everybody https://t.co/Jfff0ccyQQ i love reality warpers!!!! haruhi!!!! when u get a bad Garry ending while playing Ib and u just regret ur entire life https://t.co/6DUQmgT2bd the absolutely worst thing on earth. You find yourself trembling and sobbing into my cranberry juice. when you're real scrawny but you've got really good legs and also you're from the past https://t.co/e9tofwsmvH this is an unedited screenshot https://t.co/utr52NjW2n this spongebob episode mentioned eyelash wishing which i was unfamiliar with so i googled it and remembered how much i like wishing i like how many ways there are to do it and how there are a lot of arbitrary rules involved, and it's fun even though it's not real particularly i often think about wishing at 11:11 am/pm, wishing on a dandelion weed, and wishing on a wish chip Dr. Sigmund Freud drops in three days after Miguelina returns to the door and COMES. OFF REVEALING BRAH AND PANTS. I hope I don't die. I want to LEARN the names of dozens of victims of hate crime . Do you even know how many ppl i became. TWILIGHT never thought she would be attracted to VRISKA BECAUSE GENDERBENT BOY VRISKA IS HOT. Every time I SEE him. Somehow I doubt anyone's Suddenly, Fef realized that the Azure Flute would sound so much better if she played it at the Spear Pillar. I woke up this morning in a mood wherein I'm just marveling at all of the small wonderous things and significances in life Yesterday it was drizzling slightly with the sun shining beautifully and it reminded me how happy sunshowers make me Beds are cool; I love the concept of safety objects; one's bed is often a safe, comforting place; blankets & stuffed animals are very loving We collect sounds together and give them a name and a meaning, as a song, and then collect those together in an album, and are proud of it I was talking yesterday about how much I like wishing; come to think of it, I think that's part of why I like Jirachi so much I had another splitting headache yesterday, so I was out of commission for most of the day, like, couldn't even look at computer screens I got to a point where I could look at a dim iPad in my room with all the lights off, so I entertained myself with Pokémon Sporcle quizzes I think I did a pretty good job on this one! Much better than when I tried the same quiz a few months ago. https://t.co/3edcXGsiFf ok @rawr_ebooks has a really good response to this https://t.co/NEWQKnvRn0 @saiseinomiko dandelion wishes are really important!!!! 11:11 wishes are the most important to me i think but dande… https://t.co/Uxp2xQZsax @Psynklyskys the way this is worded is a reference to the yandere Animal Crossing fic; also, the Spear Pillar is wh… https://t.co/a4WTBl1AZk @Psynklyskys it's just, such a good line, i love it https://t.co/zOBbFzYKSD I had a dream last night that I suddenly appeared at a CVS and I was so excited because I could finally buy sunblock i should've known you were trans since you like kinkshaming please.... we have to eat vaganías.... please........ we have to eat vaganías........... @bbbbbbbbbbbaka .@cymreal @tedgarb I'M SO UNHAPPY please @ me in all of your animal crossing subtweets, i Know ur out there,if you don't you will find my on ur kitchen table 24 hours later I keep falling into the sun https://t.co/jEx5WMxLgX speaking of sunshowers, like, i was so ecstatically happy when this happened, it was raining So Hard but it was sun… https://t.co/2JfEMgLweC cool I just wrote what is probably my last email as an officer of ALLIES and i'm emotions this club means so much to me and i hope i've made a lasting, positive impact on it throwback to sophomore year when I decided to revolutionize the club from the inside https://t.co/4CNpMiMTxE fucking FUCK macOS randomly mounted the partition on my SD card while I was fsck-ing it in a Linux VM and the VM crashed ok so I tried again & fsck eventually completed and i was like hmm!! and tried mounting it, and somehow the VM's filesystem is fucked up now gosh I forgot about how much Freud liked yanderes https://t.co/JMz3Yr3J0p @NatRoze I'm gonna miss you Narcoleptic Nat! :3 @Rawr_Ebooks you used to be so confident @Rawr_Ebooks today is my cousin's birthday @howtodoesthing obviously @cymrin yesterday Lan asked me if @bbbbbbbbbbbaka was a yandere, without seeing it's bio or knowing who d-ne is selection bias, otherwise known as "Monica bias" https://t.co/e6ldhcE0KW @bbbbbbbbbbbaka the Azure Flute corn @caretcaret @cymreal you're jirachi!! The door sensor is fixed! @ViricideFilly *looks* yep its a door mmmm electric/bug maybe?? https://t.co/v6rNqRITzZ this page has fake "cheats" for pokemon games and some of them are really good https://t.co/oHGG8yEnSl this is my favorite thing so far. as if all transgender people have body... https://t.co/iIdEN42Xwb this one doesn't actually require you to be male, so you can be gay and date sinnoh's trainer number 1, gosh https://t.co/VP1MxC4v4T tfw you have a baby and it's John Locke @mahoushoujorose yeah this is how i feel about gens I and II, but gen III+ i don't really have a problem with slowness Check out my guide to catching Marshadow in Pokémon Emerald! https://t.co/DXccTz5t26 Rise vs. Fall https://t.co/OmYUHFMRxF @Seglegs .@Rawr_Ebooks literally is on my resume How to Be Difficult https://t.co/uetlvTSjMJ usually the best parts of any work of fiction I write are the sentences beginning with the word "suddenly" @Seglegs i'm choking on my water I essentially made all of my albums ungoogleable by naming them with four words taken from a famous quote i would've thought that, of my songs, this one would've had a unique enough name?? https://t.co/DqRLGDcTwg fuck, apparently there's a character in My Little Pony named Snowheart, lolollo leawos fo lo lo ldosfoawfoo l ol o lo LSDFLS that's not even how long the song is https://t.co/LGvZIKggsf Working on a poem with The IT Crowd paused in the background, it suddenly occurs to me how much like porn this looks http://t.co/H5v1KsOyKV Arf arf sempai~ (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) http://t.co/8MMyP2P3Lp i googled the word "blue" https://t.co/enx8rMlUtU happy birthday tho @Psynklyskys @Psynklyskys you're very welcome I'm actually not interested in doing anything but shitposting anymore. Literally get out of my way. https://t.co/65zvSUOdY9 @yung_minccino fanon wikis are all racist bc every1 headcanons pearl from spongebob as 18 when LITERALLY she is obliviously 17 i have shooting pains in my side and i'm wondering if this is punishment for the garbage fic i just wrote worship me, for i have said "garbagio" so many times that even people i don't know are saying it check out my new depressioncore song, "death slug." it's all about pretty ladies. god i miss the 90s. rocco's modern life was the shit. gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay none of you are free from the gay *pointing at gay peoeple* some of my best content comes from the serene smell of flowers being shoved into someone's nose to paralyze their brain with nectar poison @drquuxum i don't know what this means but it's probsablby gay @KbLogQ @cymreal @DialMforMacbeth i'm studying a thing at 7ish but probably will be done by 9 probably so i can com… https://t.co/XTZzpt6MMC @saiseinomiko @KbLogQ @cymreal @DialMforMacbeth it's bad "you may go". They hurried out of my vagina. (edna mode voice) NO KINKS this is the worst thing i've ever seen???? https://t.co/BLI2frnuaU @CMYKGenet our entire society is a giant ponzi scheme, profiting only when others are suffering @CMYKGenet or, a pyramid scheme? i actually don't know what the difference is. *me laughing at myself* what a LOSER she doesnt know the difference btwn a ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme, even tho she lived in roslyn [to the tune of Blue by Eiffel 65] eyeballs, яблоко яблока, яблоко яблока, яблоко яблока, eyeballs, яблоко яблока, яблоко яблока, яблоко ябл everyone's always like "stop saying sex so much, we're in church, grandma is crying" @Seglegs i'm so tired that i misparsed this as "health care is a human, right?" @WizardRobo https://t.co/gu5iOEDemQ which one a you fuckers https://t.co/L5e7pG28D1 good day so far!! 451 presentation went really well, and DS programming was v fun i care about my friends and that's why i force them to listen to my shitposts ABTech! ABTech! ABTech! ABTech! https://t.co/UBTlVhmIdI Whoa I never noticed it before but Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina all have the same face structure as Arceus https://t.co/qSgGWAe9mU this is dangerous https://t.co/1JYCQGPPrr welcome to 2048. vore died when the queen was eaten by a hamster, and now everyone's into detonating nuclear devices within their orifices. tens of thousands of DeviantArts are dedicated alone to the subkink focusing on the resultant decades dealing with radiation poisoning there is Fierce discourse on the Neopets forums as to whether detonating non-nuclear devices actually counts as "radi", or if that's vanilla the older generation finds "hard radi", where the explosion is really gory, to be repugnant, and lots of post-millennials laugh at them @bbbbbbbbbbbaka fist you self! Not enough people in this day and age are talking about Cam Jansen, and that's an issue. a shitlord: I hate this PC culture me: ikr it's gross how ppl lose insurance for "Pre-existing Conditions" shit: I just wanna say the t word @howtodoesthing what the everloving shit How to Sleep https://t.co/EJWPmxB9TG I'm told that no one has talked to me. Intensely relatable, I just woke up at like 10am https://t.co/TZd6OR9hWS I did not think I would enjoy the Hoenn Battle Frontier but so far it's rather fun. I've tried the Battle Pike and the Battle Arena 👍 I'm trying out the Battle Palace now, which also seems cool. The Arena is defs my favorite so far though! The Palace seems cool bc you'd want to specifically engineer Pokémon to have a certain Nature and certain moves In comparison, the Alolan Battle Tree is extremely boring, and also has way too high a difficulty curve. How to Be Awful https://t.co/oVVlNGeHKj [rich white person voice] haha... i love dying... but only when other people do it... @JonkJahnson nice avatar me before every tech event this year: i'm v anxy about this bc thyroid cryptid me during the event: Hell Yeah *watches my own lighting design* needs more trash @arielleighrose https://t.co/oNwSwgruPY @KbLogQ yalls are still in soho?? i should've said hi before going to bed me: how bullshit is it that korea & japan get cool mythical pokés and US is getting lycanroc nintendo: do you not want it me: PLEASE GIVE ME time to play "is my hair bleeding or am I bleeding" jesus fuck, my watch says last night i lay awake in bed for 3 hours before finally falling asleep, WHY been teaching people about the difference between "garbage" and "garbagio", it's important Может быть, я умерла пока я спала вчера вечером, и никто сказал мне. This is how I know I've written a good fanfic https://t.co/Z8E9xT7dw7 @tedgarb @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i want to say 3.5 years Monica's FUCKING PISSED i love dancer's symposium, ahhh, it's very important this song from one of the dances is very good and also it was making me emotional https://t.co/6wzmuci3pu @Psynklyskys this isn't a question pls imagine that it's not about hets [me every five seconds] not a het liker abtech is v good @Psynklyskys i'd accept them probably my favorite DS meme this semester was The Howler, a girl who sat behind SM the whole show and just screamed & howled encouragement @KbLogQ but i hate disenlightenment! @KbLogQ antidisenlightenmentterrianism at first it was annoying, you know, because she was really loud (people in the balcony could hear her over the music sometimes) but yknow, she grew on me, she's so pure, she cares about her friends, she's friends with all the dancers, she wants them to do well @Psynklyskys d-su isn't a person, Lan. please. can't believe ur just imagining everything to be het. *looks at most lists of electronica producers* wow look at all these man names, where'd they even find all of these men @Psynklyskys that's the worst thing [izumi voice] what is this, transmutation for babies? https://t.co/rHU5VaPaw5 @Psynklyskys @DialMforMacbeth lan go to bed @Psynklyskys @DialMforMacbeth close ur eyes gosh, everyone in ABTech thinks i'm gay, just because i like, keep saying i'm gay, @Psynklyskys @DialMforMacbeth close them again and keep them closed for eight hours @Psynklyskys @DialMforMacbeth help me sonia My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (60), Grimes (15), Purity Ring (8) #lastfm weird dream that I had this habit of eating safety pin buttons like they were candy, and Ren was like Go To The Hospital and then this lady tried to run me over in the street and then gave me a court summons for annoying shit I did in high school which included things like "not having any friends" and "getting good grades" and "having Tourette's" who lives in a pineapple under the sea https://t.co/cGDHELOnFz someone vector this so that it can be my desktop background, or my avatar, or something, please.... we have to be p… https://t.co/bjtdf8IqE4 me whenever @cymrin talks about shuuenpro https://t.co/tWJm7SacP0 ah yes the two genders, men and everything else DOUBLE DAB! watch me escape slowly https://t.co/RL9OP3901K this is a super throwback for me omg https://t.co/XL4IyAOsky i love how colorful I am compared to everyone else, I'm a cartoon character https://t.co/YP6reHc5ta it's after 1pm, maybe i should get out of bed?? CMU ALLIES hair braiding circle /@DialMforMacbeth https://t.co/pTNt9DlaE8 @Seglegs i'm an anime character confirmed @flurythecat holy crap you are Amazing @starla4444 I have vectored for you https://t.co/psxIIjEZm1 there's so much vore in Spongebob get ready to dance. oh yeah. nice. https://t.co/c0uvRsS43m what actually is a nightcap, they look cute. [my own voice] gosh, i only tweeted 409 times last month, a new low, @cymreal sorry i don't speak japanese @Psynklyskys 39 times @Frosty_mage @DialMforMacbeth wait damnit i meant to say chain not circle @Psynklyskys that's, bad, i hate this @Psynklyskys look at this angry old person wearing a sleepy hat https://t.co/u9RYVk25qL @cymreal they were so good, and also fit down my throat really easily without chewing, and my mom prepared a big bu… https://t.co/zIJNSfLXXu i hate everything https://t.co/GB7AUKBxNo "don't mess with me" https://t.co/LVwczjv1Tr you: what does a trigger feel like me: https://t.co/KRCYkbfdRN thinkin' about dust bunnies, that's some good nomenclature, i love it squidward tentacles, professor of fart @shirAdrenaline ABTech classy family photo from day 1 of Dancer's Symposium, a semesterly tradition!~ well, this photo is just the seniors i wonder what playing with a pogo stick is like! THINKIN ABOUT HOW CRAZY LIGHTNING IS, LIKE WHOA, IT'S JUST, SKY ELECTRICITY @elenamkarras @NoTw1tterPinson those two should choreograph a dance for DS and it'd just be this apparently there's a person who was struck by lightning 7 times in their life & survived it all. this is really wild https://t.co/wpyKkrGX0M list of bearable season 4 Spongebob Episodes: 1a 2a 2b 3 5a 8a 9a 9b 10a 10b 11a 11b 12b 13a 14a 16b 17b 18a 18b 19a 19b 20a i'm not sure why i capitalized Episodes public account vs private account https://t.co/Fpod0liAmX Ren: don't you know any other Stephen King books?? Me: I only know misery @KbLogQ which one?? @KbLogQ that's oscar! i'm gonna grill him about this for no reason when someone asks me if i like a tragic anime character https://t.co/fTz6RSrR0E avg person takes 17 aspirin a year factoid just statistical error. Pains Georg, who takes 328 million aspirin pills… https://t.co/r2nOUTZxWU https://t.co/EDPt1Hmqba the word "mankind" implies that men are kind. the word "gentleman" implies that men are gentle. the word "mandating" implies men are dating. all the things that i like are bad @Psynklyskys ok but so is spongebob and homestuck and pokemon and procedural generation me in middle school: it's really boring how most songs on the radio are about love me now: it's really boring how most songs are about love ahh fuckie i forgot to request extra time on my finals can i request extra time to request extra time for my finals It took me until today to realize that "Baby needs a new pair of shoes!" isn't about buying footwear for infants @DialMforMacbeth i think it's about wanting to be able to buy one's wife (baby) some new shoes (the only thing women care about) @DialMforMacbeth too soon i'm really amused at how convinced my "obnoxious CS student" brain is that the pronunciation of the word "latex" is always "la-tech" i think i have used the word "latex" to refer to not the typesetting system a total of twice on twitter well.... that sure is One way to introduce people to LaTeX https://t.co/tBRH88pHDF i love cartoons!!!! anything can happen. i know this for a fact, because a pony told me!!!! wait it suddenly occurs to me how large a range 50 to 120 billion pills is @UsersArentReal LeL good morning fuck fuck fuck fuck i slept through my exam fuck fuck fuck fuck Is this you @starla4444 https://t.co/kgcasjuNdm @ebalke93 i have done three of these things, but i'm always trying to improve upon myself goD i need a pokemon that knows Spore, which in Hoenn is only Shroomish, which learns it at level 54, and is in the Fluctuating exp group i may have a PhD by the time this thing learns Spore @highway2helliot please.... we have to stop hiccuping....... please..................... we have to stop hiccuping.… https://t.co/hvGPiL7wJV .@epstmlgy did you forgive me https://t.co/WjVPZoYr1p the concept of a midnight snack is rly cute & i rly want to wake up at midnight & have a peanut butter sandwich!! i gotta sleep earlier tho @bbbbbbbbbbbaka this is just true?? ah yes, the two angles: right angle and wrong angle @Seglegs actually the episode that made me think about it is the one where SB gets the suds bc he left the fridge o… https://t.co/Pw9Rqq0fJ0 at least we don't live in a society where people are randomly dichotomized at birth into two roles that dictate how you're allowed to live i can't quite remember because i've fallen asleep a lot today but i think I had a dream that Nintendo was going to distribute Keldeo Do you ever wish you could crawl into one of those PokeBalls just for the free healthcare? https://t.co/c0KPZ1bhMd "you can't teach children about homosexuality, because it's so sexual in nature!" ah yes, unlike heterosexuality, @nex3 i worked at a dance show this weekend & 1 dance featured lots of het thrusting & there were three small child… https://t.co/2GHkaDJeX7 @nex3 actually a lot of the dances involved a lot of het thrusting but i thought of that one in particular @nex3 and yet they keep doing it @chanceyells nope, not enough Descriptive linguistics vs. Prescriptive linguistics https://t.co/S2rbML5qD8 i did it again, oh my god https://t.co/9tWSyep2On pet peeve: fanmade "adult" variations on kids media where characters are depressed & cynical & alcoholic. it's lame and cynical in itself. a marizpan truck sounds way better than an ice cream truck!! https://t.co/XoaQmiwQ5O the natural progression of curiosity https://t.co/R49RzJYBir also sarcasm is boring probably and i want to be sarcastic less often @fewerror i was so close to saying it, too @cymreal i blame hets 100% thyroid-less Fef everywhere Professor Von Ahn went, people pointed and gazed open mouthed as owl after owl sped overhead. Most of his childhood zooming aroun i'm sure there's some chrome extension that calculates the website/page you're on most often, and for me it'd be https://t.co/5PUQEl1Yxu @KbLogQ Saturday Good morning, I have an 8:30 exam! But first, let's talk about feminism in bee colonies, @ViricideFilly I saw a picture of bee dick last night and I'm v upset, good night @KbLogQ prolly an hour into my exam this morning, the proctor comes up to me and says "we gave you the wrong version of the exam, start over." @NatRoze you did it!! I s2g I'll crochet an ABTech scarf @cymrin THIS MAKES IT SOUND LIKE I'M IN A KINKY RELATIONSHIP !!!! another Fun trip to see Sapphire Shores..... They stared in horror as I walked away hand-in-hand with my GAL PAL; JUST US GALS BEING PLS. @Rawr_Ebooks please.... we have to listen to my little pony..... please........... @Rawr_Ebooks oh. i don't want to listen to it then? @lichlike I know you meant "help out" LGBT people, but it looks like "help" "out" LGBT people this day in history https://t.co/Zm2OOZONbY one year later hey i haven't done anything about this yet thanks to debilitating hypothyroidism! haha. would be rea… https://t.co/pNCvlBQpdf I don’t know what this is but there’s a Lot to be said about it https://t.co/AtCOLXb1wc have i mentioned recently that dancer's symposium is like the best thing i'm really surprised that this is over a year and a half ago i guess?? thyroid cryptid destroys my sense of time https://t.co/AqEUjwxilD it's Extremely strange being the sempai, when i first started DS everything was scary and intimidating but now i've got a lot of knowledge it's also weird to me that I've SMed DS 6 times now, but I'm also constantly telling freshmen stories about old DSes. golly. gotta spend some time soon rewatching old DSes! it's v cool to think about how in a lot of them, i'm backstage just out of sight actually just read this in Twilight Sparkle's voice https://t.co/djcFPForKM @highway2helliot ah yes i love the yugioh theme, i especially love it, when they say "gotta catch em all", yes, i want to say that i was the one who started playing the airhorn during DS curtain call? pedro did it at 2015 Greek Sing and i was like Nice i actually seem to recall Not Telling Most People i was going to do it the first time, in fall 2015, bc lol these days I don't even play it anymore; the sound board literally has an airhorn button and FoH does it i will Never stop reminiscing about dancer's symposium, although hopefully next time i'll have fewer hypothyroidisms? my monitor hasn't worked since ONiB literally why am i doing this (i'm translating "How to get Marshadow in Pokémon Emerald" into Russian) https://t.co/W8YsE79Zs2 bleh in 2015, i barely knew what a thyroid even was Preparing for Russian exam by listening to t.A.T.u Cool I'm done with this shitty semester! https://t.co/2zp99eNu2a @reno0228 @Frosty_mage she did it! ✌ follow for more soft grunge artifact ✌ https://t.co/DSB7p68x0j @Seglegs @furrytherapist it's a mystery *thinks about pokemon* oh my god the poor thing https://t.co/OsWTroufsi somehow this is all very relatable https://t.co/Wm9AyejKyP this is so extra https://t.co/B0GFPLSji5 ordinary people vs creative people https://t.co/7AIpMiXG1V @Rawr_Ebooks apparently there's a correlation between height and living objective C? @howtodoesthing nothing's right, I'm https://t.co/MQJScxAOuZ haha whoa the concept of the Moon is pretty weird, also i'm tired but, Whoa, there's , a big space rock that we all think is important, @GrinningKobold ни пути ни пера! https://t.co/Pk3mYGdYnV https://t.co/PG4NylhP9R actually wrong?? https://t.co/bR1UGD9qNz Serebii Update: Shared code for Steelixite & Pidgeotite released. Also gives Heracronite & Houndoominite Code: AZUL… https://t.co/dd2W4Pmhdv got a C in Combinatorics!!!! that's a passing grade, yes it is!! despite me not doing like literally over half of the homeworks! i'm expecting an A in Russian, and I've already passed Pass-tel Horses, so that's nice. I'm still going to get an R in 451 though. so i mean, the good news is that I don't think I'll be on academic probation. which is good. i'll still have to retake 451, but not Combi! the horses.... they're so pastel...... please....... we have to pastel the horses.................. please....................... we have to @Psynklyskys please don't whoa ok in Russian жениться (which contains жена, meaning wife) refers to a man, or a couple, getting married. there's a diff term for women which is "выходить замуж" which specifically means to take a husband. where's the gay. where is it. yaoi is heteronormative because it exhibits falsely a very feminine guy (Spongebob) being a handmaiden of Patrick (… https://t.co/5CBehN7WGj apparently "конец", the word for "the end", or "death", also colloquially means "dick". *points at a dick* death. @tedgarb is this why everyone wants to graduate? https://t.co/fRo6BSwQBe Here's a nice example of something they might say https://t.co/fgrGlqedXC 15 Hot Tulpa Moms You Can't Unsee (and they're all just... going back to school) https://t.co/WCTG0UdNhx (zettai unmei mokushiroku) https://t.co/IvWckckr6Y zettai unmei mokushiroku......... https://t.co/FKxYmIhMxO Make the mikus 🆉🅾🅾🅼. How to Get Eaten https://t.co/hZFQwKKUO0 charlie reading my masterpieces "So What Is Emo Stuff Happening?" and "This Is Really Good" was great bc they actually know the characters 🅱️aby 🅱️ottle 🅱️op @tedgarb asking for your girlfriend?? so proud of Eyerok, the popular boss from the Shifting Sand Land level of Super Mario 64, for accepting their true… https://t.co/Yn1AtRscfu @DialMforMacbeth Every Day Is PON @highway2helliot PWEASE NO SEXY @highway2helliot Yes Feffy Legalize Feffy @Psynklyskys No!!!! @drquuxum @Psynklyskys D-D-D-DROP THE HORSE NOISES "Мы с тобой", which means "you and I", sounds like "Mister Boy" Sandy Cheeks is good bc she's continuously proven to be the strongest creature in Bikini Bottom, and she's a girl that wears a flower always @ViricideFilly Muscle Me Now also she kicks Spongebob's ass because she detected from far away that Spongebob said something sexist if you ever say the words "come out" or "transition" My good friends @KbLogQ, @DialMforMacbeth, and @sogayvenclaw made me a surprise cheesecake for being Queen of the Q… https://t.co/UpyBOEBySP .@KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth @sogayvenclaw i love being surprised, im really happy!! .@KbLogQ @DialMforMacbeth @sogayvenclaw the inside is Funfetti, so it's even Gayer than it looks ah yes, the tough CMU SCS classes, 15-Mew, 15-Celebi, and 15-Skorupi someone come to my room and coil my mic cable, i'm striking my room lol What if I just go to tech room and steal some tieline anime boys are so cute https://t.co/dccOWV6i7t @yung_minccino The Great Snail Race @GrinningKobold they are desu /@cymrin, @mahoushoujorose https://t.co/aU6zWRjTmd @mahoushoujorose @cymrin maybe the ras pi webstore, maybe amazon? It's actually not one cable, it's a bunch of jumpers that you can peel off All-day E.T. marathon! Can't wait to not watch it PEJORATIVE ASSHOLE: I hope you enjoy living inside your narrative bubble ME: Actually I do thanks!! 💝 @mahoushoujorose @cymrin like, I don't quite remember bc I bought them when I made the door sensor, in fall 2015 Also I hate everything that I hate @yung_minccino don't fuck them my fursona is TurboTax 2009 Home Edition https://t.co/vzR8UnWeF2 There's someone next door who refuses to stop sneezing Sunchyme will be 20 years old on September 15th Where's the plugin that automatically scrobbles Sunchyme whenever I do a tech event? @tedgarb YeAh @tedgarb probably something with the Sunchyme button on the soundboard and querying Tracker about whether I'm on run crew @tedgarb we're clearly tech-ing wrong if our soundboard isn't a Windows 95 virtual machine that's teeming with viruses @tedgarb Hey Kenny, about that money,,,, @Psynklyskys @tedgarb Uhh @tedgarb my brand Windows XP is over 600 years old and its power is only increasing @DialMforMacbeth yay!!!! And you have a Jirachi!!!! Pamela's! @warnedya I tweeted this, and I don't understand it @tedgarb squirrel hill @tedgarb golly My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (12), Purity Ring (10), t.A.T.u. (9) #lastfm @Frosty_mage are you gonna be New York or are you going elsewhere after graduation? @Frosty_mage Pittsburgh is cool!! I'm on the road back to NY right now tho Mom. @Rawr_Ebooks @starla4444 happy Mother's Day! @Rawr_Ebooks @sogayvenclaw yeah Mother's Day can be pretty hetero Jail probably. Unfortunately this cannot be undone. YOU have been accepted at Hogwarts School of WITCHCRAFT and wizardry in the world. Nobody cares. @Rawr_Ebooks hets @Rawr_Ebooks oh my god, NYC, not Nyx, we're not in Theros It's sunshowering, but with hail; I shouldn't be this ecstatic but I love sunshowers I'm ace Bleh got called sir for the first time in a while, I hate this *Discourse 👌 noises* anyway I hate gender Doesn't that just equal N though https://t.co/uNZxcZ8go8 How to Be Homicidal https://t.co/9LQsolOQNh I'm screaming, @alliex 's album is finally happening and it's coming out June 9th!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this for a year and a half! Meanwhile, Sky Ferreira's album is still not out after four years, @blindskywatcher @yung_minccino shooting chasers sounds like a good idae ahh i made it back to new york from pittsburgh after a 90 minute traffic hell that was that last two miles of new jersey was wondering at how exhausty and tourettey i am, given that i didn't even drive or anything, but exhaustion is a symptom of motion sickness i certainly expected to feel crappy but i never really understood why before, i guess it's weird i guess to think about motion sickness manifesting in ways other than nausea bc i never thought there would be any other symptoms @shirADHDbooks i got this too omg @Rawr_Ebooks NO @bbbbbbbbbbbaka shut up i don't even know what to say about this https://t.co/RSKLEnjnmP @Rawr_Ebooks me too thanks let me save you a click: no https://t.co/nIo5wVvjLx @JonkJahnson cool, i'm a horse do carwashes still exist?? sitting in the car going through one of those was pretty fun as i remember from the very past! this isn't your ordinary everyday depression. this is ADVANCED DEPRESSION "wow! i love symposia!" what if i just convert my room to polar coordinates, maybe it'd be less boring then «The Homo» i'm a millennial. what does that mean? it means i'm a million gay kids sharing a single beautiful human body opened the faculty course evaluations website. i haven't done any of them yet. https://t.co/AF0zEr4lFe Fuck Apple: didn't notice that my lightning-to-1/8" adapter popped off at the train station and I had to search around on the ground for it Luckily I found it (lying literally in the middle of the road) but jeez I hate this adapter, it was a terrible idea Definitely not; a kid is a goat child https://t.co/wLbKOvVfce super anxiety walking into a GameStop, asking for something free, and leaving, but I did it and survived, so! I'm going to die of second-hand smoke just from walking through the streets of NYC Mew is dead & was replaced by a lookalike: a conspiracy theory thread https://t.co/ueELt8jTwT [lying exhausted and half asleep in an endocrinologist's desk] az... azure flute... @cymrin gay stuff @vincom2 yep!! Yay I have an event Pokémon! https://t.co/nW2grjwmLz How to Not Be Trustworthy https://t.co/d6WdXBz2YM behold princess twilight in russian, golly https://t.co/gQNxowAa3k if i don't go to hell when i die i might go to hell Tangy is dead & was replaced by a lookalike: a conspiracy theory thread https://t.co/hcP8ykdF1n this is the most niche of meme tweets. go retweet the Mew one i did. do it now. *flashes a sinister smile* https://t.co/WyHyUeIWXr @songchoicebot sorry this is legit good advice? i've been trained by "The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing" to parse any pictures of Animal Crossing: Wild World as extremely creepy wow, the Obsession fandom is getting Rowdy this video of t.A.T.u at the MTV Music Awards is extremely important https://t.co/vIIWyDHx3B @GrinningKobold gosh it's so garbage, but it's better than anything else out there i love t.A.T.u, golly Лена Катина is a good person (i'm in a really t.A.T.u-appreciatey mood rn...) @fatherpuns eh, that didn't really work ahhh i really want to keep working on my Russian @Psynklyskys ahh the problem with that is that the pony songs are largely rewritten in Russian to get the meter of the song right She's In Pain https://t.co/9BTmdxYD2O i literally make this expression a lot, fuck tic disorders https://t.co/Pqai8y4X63 "мы встречаем" was hard to pronounce bc "встр" is four consonants in a row, BUT, you split it up like "мыв" "стречаем" and then!! golly!! (it means "we are meeting X person", something like that, "принцессу мы встречаем" is like, we are meeting the new princess) this is all yalls fault https://t.co/6hYYzoJAcX The Legend of Zelda: Princess Twilight wow apparently there's also a new Katy Perry album happening on June 9th. Allie X's album definitely takes precedence though. ah yes, Katy Perry really knows her target audience. she, like a lot of others, has picked up on the fact that 73%… https://t.co/VcxTElREPj @GayGlitchGirl golly :( @GayGlitchGirl yknow what Feffy does when LGBT club officers are shitty? Overthrow Them If you steal my sunchyme just like with vore, people can distinguish between hard loft vs soft loft https://t.co/jQq2lCn7cd I did something today! I made a page on the ALLIES website that serves as a record of all past exec boards I know of https://t.co/lZIONDnKoV I think that dedication to running a queer org is an honorable thing, so I'd like to remember their names, even if I've never met them. I had to dig deep into the mailing list archives to get any names from before 2013! I managed to grok a lot of data back to 2006! I'm guessing that the ALLIES AFS space might have some history even further back than 2006, so I might dig around there. Maybe not today! Also poke poke past presidents I know (@galejklol and @KbLogQ) if they know any ALLIES history I haven't included @galejklol @KbLogQ in particular, I'm wondering if you two know who the treasurer was the first time that Colin was… https://t.co/75XnKRP2hX .@Seglegs pointed out that maybe some old execs I've never met might be uncomfy with being listed, so I've disallowed search engine indexy @PrimSuccsDicc yeah, i'm aware (thanks tho!); i heckied up in march and accidentally destroyed the VM the site was… https://t.co/ElJnz877d7 *stares at old cmu bboards for a while* what the Hell is this also I poked through the ALLIES AFS space and i didn't have permission to see a bunch of the subfolders? which is odd, i dont recall that rlidwka is a fun word that i haven't heard in a long time though @mahoushoujorose wonton fence @tenuous i'm fef why does my computer crash whenever I listen to The Greatest by Sia that was fast https://t.co/9QG2iUPq4l @birbhorse it's https://t.co/dy9uM23goA 's version of the Twitter fail whale @birbhorse i logged in for a second bc i remembered it existed and got the fail whale within 10 page loads i think lol, idk gosh I sure love the taste of gabapentin in the morning, although it's actually, rather tasteless, it's just a capsule, you bastard, @roller_disco_79 for some reason i can't actually picture this, even though i've been taking gabapentin for 2 years i think about this every time i move in and out of rooms https://t.co/WmgqcBR6hV @galejklol @KbLogQ ahh alright! that would explain some of the,, questionable budgety things that apparently happened that year :p 2015 me: https://t.co/R7apFxSVos 2016 me: https://t.co/hntAkTvDYb now that's what I call character development Schrödinger's fuckboy @GayGlitchGirl yay ^^ i love the term "middle eight" and i will defend it until the end of my days using the term "bridge" to describe the different part of a pop song before the final chorus isn't incorrect bc a middle eight is a bridge but "middle eight" is more specific and also i just love it, for some reason the term tickles me, ahh, i'm ticklish, brleahsf @fatherpuns this sounds like something a dad absolutely would say to their kids CHOOSE YOUR DICTION BABE, THEN YOU'LL STOP THIS SHIT https://t.co/H1u7IaRtNN itchin' to make more vaporwave gosh i could've sworn there was something recent that I said I had wanted to sample in a song, but I've forgotten it now, blah I'm Dimmadone https://t.co/2foTGCx76i dual wielding GBA SPs for efficient Pokedex completion i'll train Pokémon to evolve them with one hand, and defeat the Elite Four with the other. I'll take a Leppa Berry, AND EAT IT the transmisogynist humor in Futurama regarding "Hermaphrobot" is doubly garbage bc a robot isn't confined by a biological body? the idea that robots had to be gendered, and apparently that assigned gender is permanently discernible, is so stupid there's also the fact that there's the obligatory episode where Bender temporarily transitions and apparently he can pass but not this bot? not even getting into the details of that transmisogynist episode bc it's so hackneyed and ubiquitous in media created by cishets oh god i also forgot about the "Neutopia" episode which is "I betya can't make it more heteronormative!" condensed into 21 minutes of stupid Futurama is a generally enjoyable show, but it's increasingly evident that almost any show I enjoy is going to be "generally" enjoyable Spongebob did this. Fairly Odd Parents did this. MLP:FiM did this. The IT Crowd subtly did this. Miranda did this. Fry & Laurie did this. the only pure show I can think of is Steven Universe and that's bc Steven Universe is like Explicitly Queer. @PrimordiaHelios I think I see what you mean, but to me the things like "That's no lady!" and the concept of needin… https://t.co/rny4iTLmjE @GayGlitchGirl i need to invest in some bralets, i've heard theyre more comfortable for ppl with smaller breasts @PrimordiaHelios it's pretty up to interpretation, like i get you, but i think like, what makes it transphobic is t… https://t.co/wq5FuxxKJo @PrimordiaHelios like, i always saw a casual observer as interpreting her comebacks as like a caricature of a queer… https://t.co/kAykLcBWAP @PrimordiaHelios i dont pretend to like Know how an avg prsn would parse it, but i tend to think of transphobia in… https://t.co/hM2vIMXt1F @Psynklyskys the entire show @Psynklyskys Pearl is literally gay & the gems are non-binary. in a subtler sense, the show is queer in that it doe… https://t.co/MmOUT0pRxK @PrimordiaHelios ahh im sorry @Psynklyskys like, the role model characters use she/her pronouns, and Steven & Greg aren't huge masculinity carica… https://t.co/uKTDp0wAwb @KbLogQ metro community health clinic, in south braddock surprised I haven't just locked myself in my room yet bc of all the problems in the outside world actually, i'm not surprised, my bedroom door in my parents house (where i am now) doesn't have a lock @cymreal it's my friend!!!! super dislike Pinterest, especially in Google search results, bc it's just content from other websites? pls just give me the actual content? *looks briefly at my tumblr from five years ago* holy shit who is she *looks at some embroidery floss* this doesn't, actually say what color the floss is, on the label, it looks black but my eyes are bad today @highway2helliot trains move really fast @Rawr_Ebooks relatable hey i've got an idea! what if things were good the magnemite is So Cute https://t.co/eGSB4wHTdc OH MY GOD I PASSED 451 heckie wait, this means i'm probably actually going to graduate in December, which is, terrifying, help huh there's a lot more transmisogyny in this show than i remembered, innocence is bliss https://t.co/Fn5caAJIZT "is it illegal.... Is it illegal. Is it illegal???? Is it illegal???? Is it illegal. Is it illegal! You two are coming with me". "RUN". oh my god it doesn't stop https://t.co/F8E5nziuyx *looks around nervously* https://t.co/TSbz6PDynI I want to BE. Why can I think about you when God touches me. Sorta cute #B612 https://t.co/p7iY8rEkVz OwO this has more likes than when I passed 251, which honestly I think was a bigger barrier https://t.co/TiD1Gch8p7 https://t.co/e7tbmhE1Bt I'm pink hair Homura she's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE https://t.co/x2i5WnFpdv @tedgarb hmm I can't remember, the past is but a blur ahh the filter makes my hair look better than it is :< awesome, tried to buy a bottle of water in Penn Station & got misgendered twice, & someone ran into me and told me to watch where I'm going @NatRoze I'm Fef https://t.co/7P2pJ8AOl6 @Vronos @yung_minccino wait wtf @yung_minccino @Vronos I'm on my phone so I haven't checked what it did for me yet but like Wtf is this even for How the hell does Twitter decide if a tweet is masculine or feminine, this is Utter garbagio. I think my phone just sneezed!! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck off twitter you piece of shit, i sure love being misgendered https://t.co/15xrEAITJ9 i did it https://t.co/hLggEzwIbx how the hell did it decide all of this, is it because Bing is Really awful at decoding my young person colloquialis… https://t.co/KYGaiiqz2T @elenamkarras i'm assuming it's so that they can show you ads based on what they assume your gender is into, which is, garbage @highway2helliot *looks at Twitter* did you just assume my gender? well it got one thing right https://t.co/tcRvpWDN1E on the other hand it got a lot of things wrong https://t.co/r4rg34AOLP ah yes, the two genders: Music and Music https://t.co/c41p3DjkEt yknow what, i'm happy Twitter doesn't actually have any useful or real data on me. i don't even know what this one… https://t.co/8CvR1dReuh @Seglegs https://t.co/urKgzFB4Qy The problem with "logic" is that it makes things out to be nothing but simple dualities. Proponents of logic want u… https://t.co/raOIhwNGTu @Seglegs Broseph! also i'm pretty happy i use TweetDeck and, like, Don't See Ads @Seglegs I've been too busy shredding waves and eating corndogs i'm worried that this joke is too obscure lol bender just said до свидания камрад and i get it, awesome, it means, goodbye comrade, oh god what an important day in my life, @riglow ace life!! @KbLogQ Have you ever asked yourself why men have nipples? No, don't you dare. As though she is about to . is this someone else he abducted. aesthetic: shitposting in exactly 140 characters. which means i have a few more to go here. hmm. what should I talk about for now? obamacare you can tell girl Obama from boy Obama bc it has a bow and eyelashes and Obama titties @Seglegs it's a Good EP "Obsession", a work of abstract expressionist art by an unknown artist. https://t.co/WJgbFkEdex @cymrin i'm unnecessarily proud of this, Julia was telling me about a way to glitch up images and i was like hmm wh… https://t.co/ki08CWfIhM @Seglegs i'm, not nearly in the same league of coolness, this is my highest MLP song https://t.co/Ro1xES6tzl ponies, have hoofs, Golly,,,, Crystal Castles is by far my most listened to artist on last.fm and yet they only have 1 song in my top 10 most listened to songs cool dream where i had a false awakening and was so peaceful i didnt want to open my eyes, and yet i knew what everyone was saying (online) i have adopted "What is with these tears? They won't stop flowing!" into my meme dictionary, thanks JoJo friends so is this the real Avril or the fake one? https://t.co/t2DfJPkC5y SpongeBob SquarePants, as in the show, not the character, is dead & was replaced by a lookalike: this one is just true and not a conspiracy @NightieTime @birbhorse wow that's such a nice plushie!! It's Always Been Wankershim @Psynklyskys i have false awakenings a Lot well this blew up https://t.co/aXfdNAuL7K @KbLogQ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka vance why this fembot is explicitly not nearly as strong as Bender, a manbot, which makes No sense; was she only created to b… https://t.co/uBlDkdgwtK @GrinningKobold @KbLogQ @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i came out to be seven tulpa and honestly i'm feeling so attacked right now @Seglegs I can't stop thinking about this tulpae? tulpas? heck @Rawr_Ebooks this was close, but it worried me, and I made sure to remove every instance of the T word from the cor… https://t.co/42KIPrHjPH Uncomfy feel; getting some laser hair removal & dr starts talking about how I'll need to start wearing makeup to look presentable at work phew! 42 people made this set of 1024 tiles together — without knowing what anyone else was doing. now i have to… https://t.co/G3tFMX0kmd like i didnt parse it as her calling me ugly or anything, i'm upset bc it's a gender-specific expectation and i'm Uncomfy with that i know they're cosmetic dermatologists and they make money from promoting standards of beauty but i was unhappy at more being thrown at me laser hair removal I am fine with because it's something I can do to maintain some transition-y self esteem; but makeup is a daily bullshit. my brother bought Fruit Gushers, so for the first time ever I get to experience Mixed Berry Social Anxiety Disorder my god, i'm eating build grist @highway2helliot #Relatable *gets up to the Futurama episode that's about surgery regret* nope, nope, noooooooooope cool the next episode is about the insane asylum for robots; why the Hell would mental illness exist in robots, & why would there be asylums i don't like asking "why did they do this unreasonable thing" re cartoons often bc sometimes thats just the magic of it, but this is shit there's a difference between "why is Spongebob's union so bad" and "why can robots have mental illness" i'm sure that's the joke, that robots having mental illness makes no sense, so it's absurdist humor. it's still making fun of mental illness i'm rewatching this show bc i'm bored and I used to enjoy it a lot but Golly i'm finding so much problematic shit in it; i've grown jaded. hiding from the world bc illness and mostly spending lots of time w/other super queer ppl have made me see things differently. also I mostly consume media intended for children or for queers so I've been ignoring cishet media for ages. the real world's gonna be tough @Psynklyskys i'm not actually sure what you're saying here @Psynklyskys They're shown to not be sentient, though, in S08E09 (Free Will Hunting); they're confined by programmi… https://t.co/MIU0IY7MeB @Psynklyskys and that's like, not really the problem. in general the overarching absurdist humor Is that the robots… https://t.co/HvKgSv1JHc @Psynklyskys they like to take that concept and go places with it, and show off all the human things that real robo… https://t.co/7n1B7EG2gV @Psynklyskys and what i'm saying is that in this instance, the absurdism is mental illness bc real robots wouldn't have mental illness. @Psynklyskys so i'm not really asking "how does this make sense in-universe?", i'm asking "why did they think this… https://t.co/solY2PppX5 @Psynklyskys and they quite literally know that Satan exists, and where hell is; by god they even programmed a literal purgatory @Psynklyskys it's all absurdism and absurdism can be great, but they Really make fun of mental illness and exaggerate the hell out of it. @TimInTheIce yeah that's a tough one, they really portray him as whiny and annoying, it's not as intense as Futurama but it's still icky @Psynklyskys idk if you've seen S03E12 recently but all of the humor is at the expense of mentally ill ppl. all of… https://t.co/VR3ZrSdaHb @Psynklyskys when i think of media being problematic, i try to think of the impression that an average, uninformed… https://t.co/6NHtFzodCp @Psynklyskys and with this episode my guess is that the impression is just a reinforcement of the stigmas and stereotypes re mental illness @TimInTheIce analyzing problematic content is hard bc there are a lot of angles. i think there Is a problem with hu… https://t.co/6vk2XiUXJG @TimInTheIce (even though he isn't really written like a person with depression, and he laments this fault in his d… https://t.co/u7NxeRgjnu @TimInTheIce media that devalues the word "depression" itself which I think contributes to ppl not understanding ho… https://t.co/HZpchKHtA5 Me, Fef, at the Discourse 👌 again @TimInTheIce ah yeah, i wouldn't be surprised. it sucks looking back on stuff one used to enjoy and like, reacting… https://t.co/kJH9edT2Nu I have cheesy pretzels, yay, i love the opiate of the masses god, not only is this episode making fun of mental illness, it's also transmisogynist (the robot is saying "i'm a p… https://t.co/nsi53d7iqP OH COOL, HOW COULD I FORGET, IT'S A MENTAL ASYLUM SO /OBVIOUSLY/ THERE'S GONNA BE JOKES ABOUT PPL WITH DID @Psynklyskys i literally don't know, make me stop pls @Psynklyskys Ok the next episode is when Bender gets physically disabled; again it's absurdist bc robots can body jump, but this feels different from before this time the episode is actually about being able to still lead a full life, and even achieve great success, while physically disabled i'm not saying that this episode is a wholesome PSA, but at least it's not as over-the-top as the previous episode, idk i can't really talk about physical disability bc i am not physically disabled; i don't know how this episode might make ppl feel. *transgirls loudly* obviously I shouldn't be looking for wholesome idealism in a show like Futurama. i just have a problem with when humor contributes to stigma help, i can't enjoy anything, i just keep finding problems in them and then complaining about them, i think this is what being cynical is actually the really problematic thing about this episode is that Bender dropped his mic, that shit is expensive, every techie is screaming same for when i'm 420 years old https://t.co/5KxJpyds6r @mahoushoujorose sext: i create our group of friends, including myself, as well as our guardians, twice @Seglegs same like, I've loved Futurama for ages, and it's only on rewatching for the past couple of weeks that i'm… https://t.co/HRbYqS5Uo4 @Seglegs i watched it as a kid but I don't remember a lot; I remember vaguely the Equal Fights episode that Lauren wrote and it was strange @Seglegs I remember reading that Lauren Faust regretted that episode, but also I think she later wrote another simi… https://t.co/wC7OfN586A @Seglegs actually the later episode was written by Amy Keating Rodgers, i just looked it up @Seglegs also I don't Really remember enough to make a judgment on how this was portrayed, but I remember the villa… https://t.co/m7fWagJdmm @nex3 @mahoushoujorose i dunno, Oprah?? @wehpudicabok i have a feeling this is why ppl don't retweet my stuff lol @Seglegs I should watch the show again, it's probably worth it. I guess what I'm worried about is crossdressing bei… https://t.co/LwjrztM43m @wehpudicabok yay i'm good! and yeah I wasn't at all denying your logic, bc there Are a lot of bad ones (hashtag Not All Pony Avatars lol) @wehpudicabok i've heard ppl say they thought Rainbow Dash was male bc she doesn't act "girly" so i could see probl… https://t.co/wtx82qyKt4 @Seglegs crossdressing is not a bad thing, as long as it's not done for laughs or for queercoding. im looking at th… https://t.co/aZK8BsGe1J @Seglegs while a lot of what they say seems great, the whole section on crossdressing Really worries me; again I ha… https://t.co/kcArM6LdVG @Seglegs crossdressing in media can be hard to decode, bc it Can be shown as liberating and progressive, but it's s… https://t.co/y0YcWDWpTq @Seglegs yeah me too. i'll check it out again at some point. at any rate it's Gotta be better than the reboot lol for some reason you can't type emojis in the main TweetDeck textbox so when I need one for a tweet I just type it e… https://t.co/GSn9mGVBuH @birbhorse whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat @everyfullmetal this is doubleplus ungood at least I enjoy Pokémon pretty wholly without constantly being upset at it! Although I do complain about the Azure Flute every day... @thepinkstink i understand this, but it's really not the actual point of this thread; see https://t.co/i4x2OekGDF @thepinkstink @Psynklyskys the thread is pretty non-linear and I discussed that too somewhere. the problem is that they're clearly playing @thepinkstink @Psynklyskys it as a joke; the representations are overexaggerated & show negative, unreal stereotypes of mental illness @thepinkstink @Psynklyskys Like the problem is that I don't think it's a commentary at all; it's just humor at other ppls expense. @thepinkstink @Psynklyskys representation totally matters & i'd love to see positive representation of mental illness in media. @thepinkstink @Psynklyskys well wait, not "positive" as in glorification, but positive as in realistic and tending to progressive discourse👌 cool I used all my activist buzzwords for the day, time to talk about Pokémon. So, Arceus is number 493 in the National Pokédex, and the las It's 3am and i'm talking about ahhh. @16kbps ah yes but your reign will be very short bc the next person is going to do that as well; this was an episode of Futurama :p blocked 63 bot accounts bc i was sick of them inflating my follower count, also @differencebot has more followers than me now, owo https://t.co/mGr5mgFn6i the furries are unproblematic @drquuxum uhh that's not my bot @Seglegs giddy up partner @drquuxum that's fair @dangeredwolf @birbhorse you are the only exception @spacedrugs @lichlike https://t.co/rptGIPAI6o @tinysubversions @riglow has science gone too far? My mom was making me a grilled cheese sandwich, accidentally dropped it on the floor, and was astounded when I didn't want to eat it Yay embroidery floss https://t.co/YhijIkk4uT @furrytherapist @Psynklyskys this is Awful @KbLogQ @mahoushoujorose @cymreal i'm @Seglegs [asmr] i drop a grilled cheese sandwich on the floor https://t.co/9Tuq6VlzpV what's this everyone's talking about im🍑ment @erisaxiomlylat https://t.co/xacVAW9EGx @JMN @KbLogQ нас не догонят @Rawr_Ebooks oh?? please tell me about it new reaction image tho https://t.co/Pu2R7gcsp6 @bbbbbbbbbbbaka hmm? @cymrin @cymrin friend,, Everything about her is problematic noticed this "set track as current obsession" thing while deleting scrobbles; googling it is actually useless, what… https://t.co/nGTyKpq52M oh gosh I wonder what gender Twitter thinks each of my bots are well, it thinks @pastelhearted is female, @Rawr_Ebooks is unknown (nice), it thinks @differencebot is male, and @bbbbbbbbbbbaka is unknown @cymreal as soon as you liked that tweet i s2g, she should've sang the p!nk song https://t.co/IaUgarbZZl FRIEND: horses die really easily because they're afraid of everything ME: i have an anxiety disorder @Rawr_Ebooks same do you use these to brush the teeth between your Other Labia? https://t.co/VFozzoZXuM when im in a room w/ppl playing cards & someone is revealing their hand, I want to say "ur bleeding" but then I realize why thats a bad idea @rdmarsh2 you win did you know that the current pope used to work as a nightclub bouncer cool, advertising is disgusting @highway2helliot i just went from 0 to fully awake in negative 10 seconds you know when certain things DO hate foots if you like men, the best way to get them to talk to you is to add "men, don't @ me" somewhere in ur profile hiding under my covers listening to weird space abduction music and playing pokemon firered My top three artists this week: Crystal Castles (49), Allie X (26), Marina & the Diamonds (24) #lastfm @PrimordiaHelios unfortunately it does not blahhh Apple discontinued the monitor that I have and just recommends buying an LG monitor which sucks, this is garbagio @bbbbbbbbbbbaka i can assure you that the opposite is true gosh like I think Crystal Castles has been in my top three artists every week since I started listening to them wow. I said here that The IT Crowd was subtly transphobic, because I completely forgot about "The Speech", which wa… https://t.co/qiSid6tUgG i've been on the phone with @Psynklyskys for days just doing Arceus-related art projects and having gender discourse @volsairine almost certainly they think that tourettes is an excuse to swear at people *starbucks orientation* please do not fuck the coffee. please do not fuck into the coffee. please do not let the coffee fuck you. pwease no frick-y @cymrin ren is very close to saying @cymrin correct.... but you were Close @mapleakuma wat. this wasn't Chrystal, was it? 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇮🇪🇦🇺🇪🇸🇫🇷🇮🇹🇬🇷🇩🇪🇻🇦🇦🇹🇧🇪🇹🇳🇳🇿 https://t.co/nVq42rxlZ0 @mapleakuma oh ok thats good @mapleakuma well. yeah. @roller_disco_79 i think "Ng" is a super common last name pokemon yellow lavender town palette https://t.co/GEeTcmc4PP [orb voice] pwease no glowy maybe it's just Everyone in Animal Crossing who has the uncanny ability to withstand extreme lengths of time, and i… https://t.co/2ft2O7icrF @wilkieii well a forward slash is a fanfic centered on a gay pairing that is progressive, a backward slash is one that is problematic i'd photoshop the Zuran Orb into that picture of trxmp with the glowing orb, but I don't want to make my followers look at him. ok but like have you considered how weird it is that humans think they can /own/ stars. "you see that fiery death orb in the sky? it's MINE" gosh there are actually a lot of orbs in the Magic: the Gathering lore. someone should probably look into that. @PrimordiaHelios Spongebob S04E15b "That's No Lady" has Patrick dress up as a girl & have to deal with Krabs and Squidward drooling over him @PrimordiaHelios (on top of the standard stuff like making a point of him burping and shit frequently to be like "obvs he not a girl") @PrimordiaHelios Fairly Odd Parents S02E12 "The Boy Who Would Be Queen" has Timmy get wished into being a girl & Cosmo and Wanda get swapped @PrimordiaHelios i haven't seen it as recently so I don't remember the details but at the very least it's Fairly gender binary-y HITOMI SHIZUKI: girls can't love girl! girls can't love girls! HAYLEY KIYOKO: excuse me orthography is the ultimate proof technique. example, if you consider the analgesic "Ben-Gay", you'll see that, incontrovertibly, Ben is Gay who will transcode the transcoders https://t.co/4jLX3IuXVH Suddenly I Thought It Would Look So Much Better On My Mantle https://t.co/a1wT4kFReO there are two People in the world who haven't seen Spongebob & they're now fighting in a big hole while snakes slither all over their thighs sext: i change my fursona every three years, out of spite if almost 7 years of learning and growing have taught me anything, it's not to say "lol" in all-caps https://t.co/fOX6lRNWIC REGINA SPEKTOR IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHE HAS SUCH AN AMAZING VOICE AND SHE'S SO TALENTED THOUGH OMG WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE TO BE MARRIED TO HER @mahoushoujorose the four emotions https://t.co/467XxBB2yK [Crystal voice] https://t.co/TfVPMPaPgO When I start missing my ex really bad, I try to distract myself by listening to "I'm not straight" by 菅野よう子. i see Twitter's updated its privacy policy https://t.co/i6mUDnvcG7 i got another one of those emails As I Was Tweeting This. no i don't have enough twitter bots what are you saying. @tamasys disagree @tamasys my apologies, good sir @rpearl https://t.co/gcXVi1K2hC sext: i remove your house from every map why is it so hard to find a good experimental electronica band with a female vocalist i love Lena Katina but i don't know if her solo stuff is exactly my taste and also why is none of it in Russian reminder that t.A.T.u. is extremely important gosh she has a Spanish version of her album but not a Russian version?? @Rawr_Ebooks ????????????? are you being commissioned to create a bunch of tulpas?? it'd be really nice if https://t.co/SdPOWMvBqV didn't scrobble me listening to iTunes song previews also it's really annoying how I have to click on a dropdown to delete a scrobble now, instead of just clicking a nice X right there this makes bulk scrobble deletion very annoying bleh I just want some music to tide me over until Allie X's album comes out, maybe i'll buy that Tegan & Sara album after all i Hate advertisements https://t.co/T3EG7BTdtm pon pon way way way Emilie Autumn Stop Trying To Get Me To Join Your Fanclub, You Haven't Released An Album For Five Years How do i find new music @Seglegs that means i have to use spotify though did the lighting just flicker, or did my vision just flash? D: @Seglegs i deserve free knowledge what a funny meme! it's important though to talk about the politics behind it *5 seconds later* Prepare for the new cryptocurrency, Orbcoin, @Rawr_Ebooks please chill, Sonia did nothing to deserve this @TheLemonJester nightvale isn't particularly spooky to any new follower I get ever: sorry that my friends & I are always making jokes about this one Animal Crossing fanfic that no one has read ahh I don't like finding out that I've been blocked by someone I've never interacted with, makes me worry that I'm on a block list every year I get a little sadder and my content gets a little better don't touch me or my gender actually https://t.co/MQRsbJldYg @Seglegs rip There are a lot of baby boomer jokes to make here https://t.co/uB5tNsgxvv This is like, the worst keyboard layout I've ever seen?? https://t.co/ZDUTXqekgC Me too thanks https://t.co/sLvqLX7Qi9 @tenuous yeah i'm enjoying it!! never played it as a kid, and i want a manaphy :p. sure hope i dont destroy my touch screen @16kbps no one's life is better for this existing what if i sell cross stitched pokemon pixel art wait that's almost definitely illegal @Psynklyskys i'm pretty sure it's illegal to make money in any way using work copyrighted by others @GrinningKobold i'd love to not get sued is there a unit of measure for caffeine in drinks?? Fuck this. I'm going to replace trash with trash replacer @SemicolonTravel i kind of figured, but was having difficulty finding such a value on like the nutrition facts thing,, thanks though! how did this not take off more, i was so proud of it https://t.co/S54sNBhi1d @tedgarb @Psynklyskys i thought stuff like free fan games were fine? @Psynklyskys it's so #relatable @Psynklyskys they're all in jail now. we remember their names annually. @tedgarb @Psynklyskys but people write fanfics all the time @tedgarb @Psynklyskys do ppl who write homestuck fanfic get in trouble?? @lichlike sky ferreira!!!! Ppppppppoor Sweetie Bellllllllllllllllle Prognosticator is the best song i've ever made and i should just stop trying to top it lol Of course I'd have a thick endometrium?? @bbbbbbbbbbbaka antipsychotics would do Anything Please avert your eyes to my new for-profit religious order called " Throat Sitters, LLC" our motto is "putting the Ass in Asphyxiation", *notices ur queerness* OwO whats this..? [edward elric voice] i see no difference https://t.co/xgpdSQMXAH @roller_disco_79 main character of the anime Full Metal Alchemist, i was referencing this extremely obscure meme https://t.co/tIIoGkulfS @CMYKGenet people who don't know that already will be confused, also if they've made a change, having to do :wq or :q! can be confusing i like vim and i wanted to start using it more but when i use the auto complete plugin it Hella slows my system down someday i'm going to write the perfect bad post, and it's going to be so easy i won't even realize i've done it, (this isn't it btw) i've been using a chrome plugin to invert the colors of all webpages i visit for like a week now & i'm slowly getting used to this new world lol As If i know who governor cuomo is, what are they like, the new pokemon movie sidekick ok brosephs you have Gotta check out this new lifehack i just discovered, first 1) put your hand over ur ear. now you can't hear so well. computer graphics is a fundamentally queer field because everyone in it is using Open Girls' Love oh mY GOD https://t.co/Eza6BdspjB @GrinningKobold well it's not excruciating like yesterday but ehh @cymreal wait did i accidentally a meme, why are you saying this @cymreal oh ok. pain and light sensitivity in one eye, for like a week now. i shall NOW SING A song about love. "Never Gonna Give me ANXIETY." EVERYONE IN MY HOUSE: wow i'm , in this house, even if i was just in boston or something, hey lets call this person some name thats not fef @lkc_ebooks ah yes that's the problem, thanks Linus you think it's tough getting broken up with by phone? my ex dumped me by CAPTCHA https://t.co/vd5PflvHqq I made this comic like, four years ago and sometimes people still like it. That's pretty much all you need to know… https://t.co/Ehf4BZfwoT @Rawr_Ebooks all these people keep saying rawr wouldn't have a thick endometrium. well they're wrong. rawr would definitely have a thick end nightclub honkytonk things don't have intrinsic meaning, it's up to you to give them meaning and enjoy that! also make a blanket fort, with string lights!! Taiwan has ruled the ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional, in a landmark decision for LGBT rights in Asia https://t.co/m5Zo3dfm84 @GayGlitchGirl god this is in the vein of "i'm depressed" "that's dumb, why don't you just be happy?" @bbbbbbbbbbbaka no, i hate this, stop getting arrested How to Get Kissed For Instance https://t.co/7d1CeH7dXv this is also a good reaction image https://t.co/sBnewmdnlJ someone described trxmp's behavior as "moral ADHD" & the responses were like "haha so true" and,, pls neurotypicals stop talking about ADHD geez why is twitter refusing to upload this picture of a horse inside of a ghost @yung_minccino yeah like. one of the comments was like "lol he's psychotic" and im like... pwease no stigma-y i can hear my brother playing Super Mario 64 music on the grand piano HERE IS THE LONG AWAITED HORSE//GHOST PHOTO https://t.co/pDJ2Vf0Ap3 ghosts like, the white blobby kind of ghosts with the black cutout eyes and mouth like that are So Cute i swear that this ghost hasn't paid anyone to murder anyone at the diner this morning my uncle was like "the generic names of drugs are designed to be hard to remember" and i'm like Try Me, Buster cool i just tested myself and out of 29 medications i've taken, the only generic names i couldn't remember were those of Seroquel and Ativan and to be fair, i haven't taken Ativan (which is lorazepam, yknow, by the way) since 2013 i also remember an obscene number of generic names for drugs that i've literally never taken at all ever (mostly psychiatric ones tho) the drug facts pony friend girl person pokemon master... friend, @CMYKGenet there are these people called furries, and some of them like to make or buy expensive heavy clothing called fursuits which look l orbs suck now. i'm gonna have to throw out all my fucking Mesmeric Orbs, of which i definitely have more than 0, just throw em in the trash, the new movie about me in freshman year https://t.co/ZpM0QoXvLJ "biological sex" is fake, and that's why so many biologists are asexual, @GrinningKobold practicing my deep breathing, letting out the bad chi, and letting in the lamotrigine @Minty_Root @birbhorse rt to save a life weird to think about how much i used to be into homestuck in 2012 another reason i hate having a queen sized bed is that it's almost a square, but not, so i spend years figuring out the bedsheet orientation like every day i like to make my bed. with a twin bed, yo, easy. with a queen, i put the comforter on, it looks wrong, i try again, ahh help @pnh @riglow https://t.co/JTlT7Wcxh8 @GrinningKobold simethicone sext: i tell you your public ip address ME AT A ZOO: this isn't very feminist TOUR GUIDE: uh ME: what are these like, fuckin animals, wow TOUR GUIDE: uh ME: i'm literally miserable grandfather asked if we knew what country owned Easter Island, to which i immediately answered Papua New Guinea, and i think he shed a tear @cymreal ahh yeah there's a tag but i never know if it's supposed to be at the bottom bottom or at the side bottom how many of my cousins know that i'm a furry .@cymrin look at this actually amazing poem inspired by ur tweets https://t.co/mjfl55qns9 @cymrin i'm! yeah!! in honor of all the modern medicine in Taiwan today https://t.co/aNYsSnvgvp the following day, horses started manifesting in my house physically https://t.co/iYKt2272OF last.fm kind of just becomes a play count game, and it's pretty much pure profit. @Rawr_Ebooks this is the untruest thing bc last.fm is hemorrhaging money i pulled no stops on the discourse at the dinner table tonight, no-sir-ee, wait, how the hell do you represent that saying orthographically i managed to miss my eye twice while putting in prescription eyedrops tonight, thanks obamacare jeeEEEEZ the new Lorde album is coming out a week after the new Allie X album, why is this happening tbh i'm more excited about the Allie X album though @cymrin @mahoushoujorose happy birthday friends!! i hope you two have really good days and like, miku miku, and the nurse person! yay~ [Madoka voice, then Homura voice] https://t.co/uQlO5QabgQ Congratulations?? You'd be a terrible doctor https://t.co/hOZU1MOR3G wow in FireRed/LeafGreen, you can't open the Help overlay while saving the game! what if i get lost and scared during those 5 seconds?? @birbhorse all according to the RFC margarine? more like margarOUT that looks like something that @cymrin would not sell https://t.co/6GbNc8V0ta @efortmanteau @tunaHubris mwahaha yes, this is perfect, i can sell it to @cymrin! @Pretzelish i have the opposite goal, because i want to make journalists so low as to put a picture of a pony into print *me every single year when birthday season comes around* ok wait, is age zero-indexed or one-indexed? @highway2helliot HEART GOLD HELL YEAH i'm gonna play it for the first time sometime soon, gotta finish my dex in emerald first though I'm already bad at this game https://t.co/EAtYIZg663 I love getting mail https://t.co/OnD4BJTcNa i feel like good, fast cell data is not ubiquitous or affordable enough yet for tech companies to be so excited about moving to the cloud there's literally no point in using streaming as my primary source of music if it's going to crap out when i'm on the 5 train ok here's the real big question: why is Futurama ambiguously Christian @cymrin @mahoushoujorose !!!! im happy!! it's ok that all of your other friends are now inferior to it @pastelhearted yknow i thought this was something else ghost friends oh no, my current age is the highest of my three favorite numbers, so starting on my birthday, i'll never be favorite-number-aged ever again unless my set of favorite numbers changes, which'd be cool @Seglegs it's less the obvious joke things and more the subtler, v casual references that you often see in american popular culture @Seglegs like "if heaven is above us then all of the universe is god's sewers", the joke is the strange reasoning, not the invocation of god @Seglegs the professor frequently says subtly catholic things, everyone cares about the space pope, i'm reading too much into this, @DialMforMacbeth nice!!!! @Seglegs if they knew what i wanted before i did, they'd be some sort of, i don't know, prognosticator [Homura watching Rebellion] this is the worst slander *Madoka comes on screen* meduka.... is.... beauty! @Seglegs also Robotology and Robot Hell are unambiguously Christian, Oprahism/Voodoo are throwaway gags, and Xmas is complex @highway2helliot after i watched rebellion i sobbed for 30 minutes @highway2helliot i intensely related to Homura throughout watching the anime and that's why Rebellion really upset me can confirm this is legit, but it's not this year bc today's not saturday https://t.co/LPyJC3M2U4 @highway2helliot it's cool we can both agree that Rebellion upsetting actually the only time i can think of in recent memory when I cried for longer than after Rebellion was at the last ALLIES exec meeting just feffy facts!!!! i love crying @vincom2 wow that must be extremely confusing when interacting with almost any other culture @highway2helliot @mahoushoujorose her turning so explicitly bad upset me bc since i related to her i was worried i could suddenly become bad whats anime https://t.co/2MMehItfBz psa that estrogen is literally Magic: the Gathering Magic: the Gathering ruined estrogen last two retweets: what i don't think Homura is sexually/romantically attracted to Madoka, platonic attractions can be just as intense as romantic ones, dont @ me @NoraReed @transscribe CIS PERSON: yknow, that big surgery, with the hormones.. ME: ah yes, my thyroidectomy, actually it was removed twice, @highway2helliot @mahoushoujorose ahh if i wanted a guide for what not to do i'd just go look at some cishets ahhhh oh m u y god oh my god jobs i looked at this, tried for a minute to figure out what "nayadkoyae" meant, and then was disgusted at past me for i… https://t.co/BNcTmAubaE New game! Players, select your serotonin reuptake inhibitors! why isn't the Pokemon Center selling big huggable Phione plushies, plEASE *notices ur superior labial vein* OwO whats this..? @furrytherapist why yes, my labial vein is superior! i do know that's not what this means! literally don't understand why so many people don't think that @Rawr_Ebooks would have a thick endometrium. of COURSE it would have a thick "rose. Are you telling me ppl dont just buy magic cards and shower." Fuck, you and your big motherfucking shoes. @caretcaret heck @cymrin two ghosts in one photo!! what a treat for us all! ^_^ 💝 @cymrin @KbLogQ im very close to saying F🐈CK!!!! @cymrin @bbbbbbbbbbbaka maybe the internet shit Is sayaka grief seed, and they're just in agreement @cymrin also im really happy you like it and i hope you had a really nice birthday !!!! ^^ cool, they're distributing Victini in Japan. please give us Americans something!! well, i guess not that we deserve anything. @Rawr_Ebooks i'm screaming @JonkJahnson @Seglegs Sergeant Dick Sergeant i think if you'll pay closer to all of these charts and graphs i've arranged melodically on the wall, you'll see that pony SHOULD pony pony @probzz @tamasys lamintonne!! ?? 2 days in a row have I randomly encountered roaming Latios without looking for it, this has Never happened before https://t.co/ZdQpSV2NO8 usually I hella prepare & then spend ages looking for a roamer, whilst today Latios shows up and i'm like shoo i'm looking for a Magikarp!!! this isn't even an exaggeration, i legit didn't have a Magikarp yet and somehow managed to find a roaming legendary Pokémon first Teaching someone to notice cisheteronormativity is like teaching them to recognize poor kerning, except it's more ubiquitous and painful I feel no shame for what I have done. why have I been getting sir'd so much since coming back to NY @Rawr_Ebooks i hate this @GrinningKobold :( @PrimordiaHelios whoa!! it's cool to realize that ppl you interact with online exist somewhat near you /@GrinningKobold @TheLemonJester mm that's true, i was mostly commenting bc i taught a non-cishet friend to notice it recently and he's been suffering @GrinningKobold @Rawr_Ebooks ahh only if ur a transgirl *meeting my brother's girlfriend* ME, AWKWARDLY: so.......... uhh....... i tweet about the Azure Flute almost every day @birbhorse what about: horse briefly mistook this heartworm medication ad at the vet's office for some kind of bizarre anti-dog propaganda https://t.co/SGKrjT1xk2 @nex3 i just remembered i never started watching Korra i'm a millennial and i sure do love changin' my gender @highway2helliot i steal gender from the rich and give it to the needy @TheLemonJester uhh idk i don't really like avocado i don't think crossover: Dawn's bike was destroyed because it didn't think @Rawr_Ebooks would have a thick endometrium